Baseball could be back this summer!

Bob Nightengale details on The Bart Winkler Show

The Bart Winkler Show
April 29, 2020 - 11:30 am

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Since the sports world shut down in mid March due to COVID-19, a ton of plans have been teased about potentially bringing baseball back.

The most recent report, curtsey of USA Today's Bob Nightengale, would see the 30 teams split into three divisions of 10 teams, based on geographical location: East, West and Central divisions. The teams would only play the teams within their division, and would be able to play in their home stadiums - without fans in attendance. 

Are you a fan of the idea?

Bob Nightengale joined The Bart Winkler Show to talk about the proposals, and what the next steps woudl be:

- Is this a deal the players are more likely to agree to?

- What would this proposal do to the minor league season?

- When would we see this idea come into place, and games start up?

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Listen to the full interview below!

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