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How Far can the Bucks Go?

Chuck & Winkler Preview the NBA Playoffs with Special Guests

April 12, 2019 - 9:01 am

The Bucks will open up their 2019 playoff run on Sunday at 6:00 when they host the #8 seeded Pistons. Friday morning Chuck &Winkler previewed the upcoming series with Pistons reporter Rod Beard from DetroitNews.com

- Will Blake Griffin play in this series after suffering a knee injury?

- Do the Pistons have a legit shot to upset the Bucks

- Will former Buck - Thon Maker play a role in the series?

We get answers to these questions and more! 


Chuck and Bart would also get national perspective from Brian Windhorst from ESPN

- Do the Bucks have a shot at beating Boston/ Philly/Toronto? 

- Should they pay Middleton the Max? 

- Is Giannis the next face of the league? 

Listen to those answers and more with Brian! 



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