Rodgers says Davante is #1

"He's got the hot hand rolling out of bed"

Mike Clemens
October 22, 2018 - 8:41 pm

Green Bay, WI - "He's got the hot hand just rolling out of bed."

 A year ago Aaron Rodgers would have still been extolling the virtues of his most experienced and closest teammate Jordy Nelson as his #1 weapon in the Packers offense. 

Rodgers has moved on. The Packers quarterback has spent much of this season not only talking up  Davante Adams, but saying the 25-year-old receiver is his #1 target the moment he rolls out of bed in the morning. 

“I was going to come to him," said Rodgers after the Packers 33-30 close call win over the 49ers on Monday Night Football last week. " I was looking actually at the release on the backside first and then was going to obviously come to Davante. He was the hot hand. I mean, he rolls out of bed he’s the hot hand, he’s a talented guy. Tonight was how we need to play moving forward. Sixteen targets for Davante, I think nine for Jimmy (Graham.) That’s where we want to be.”

Adams has had quite the year. When Rodgers went down with a broken collar bone in 2017, Adams revealed on The Bill Michaels Show he had spent extra time offseason with back-up quarterback Brett Hundley, who struggled as a starter, but his best throws went to Adams. By the time Rodgers returned for one game against the Panthers in December, Adams had clearly become the primary receiver in the Packers offense, not Jordy Nelson. 

Adams was rewarded with a four-year contract extension worth $58 million just before Christmas, making him the eighth-highest paid wide out in the league. Nelson moved on in free agency to join the rebuilding Oakland Raiders. 

So far Adams has six TD catches and 47 receptions, making him a top 5 target. But Rodgers thinks he could do even more.

What makes Adams unique?

“His releases,” said Rodgers. "He catches the ball really well. Obviously, he’s a tough release matchup, because he’s able to mix up his releases. He’s a tough cover because he can run and threaten you down the field. He’s obviously a start-and-stop guy. He’s just so tough to guard at the line of scrimmage. He can beat you outside and get on top, or he can stick you outside and beat you inside and run away from you.”

As the Packers begin their second half of the season against tough teams on the road, including the Rams, Patriots and Seahawks, Rodgers is hoping Davante Adams is ready to go - even at the crack of dawn. 

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