"Rodgers doesn't need to help Love"

Ron Jaworski on The Wendy's Big Show

Dan Plocher
April 24, 2020 - 6:56 pm

Former NFL QB Ron Jaworski from the NFL Network joined The Wendy's Big Show to discuss the Packers selection of Jordan Love. Here are a couple questions that LeRoy Butler, Gary Ellerson, and Sparky asked him:

  • How do you explain the Packers drafting a QB?
  • What should Rodgers do now that the Packers drafted his successor?
  • Should fans be upset the Packers have only won 2 Super Bowls in t he runs with Favre and Rodgers?
  • Should players be consulted for draft picks?
  • Do you think Rodgers has an obligation to help the Jordan Love?
  • How good do you think Jordan Love will be?

Listen to the whole interview below!

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