Yelich is incredible to be around

Milwaukee Brewers Coach Pat Murphy on The Fan

Wendy's Big Show
April 17, 2020 - 5:11 pm
© Rick Scuteri | 2020 Mar 8

© Rick Scuteri | 2020 Mar 8

Milwaukee Brewers Bench Coach Pat Murphy join The Wendy's Big Show on Friday. He covered a wide-range of topics with LeRoy Butler, Gary Ellerson, and Steve "Sparky" Fifer:

  • How excited are you that Yelich is returning to Milwaukee?
  • What exactly do you do as a bench coach?
  • How long will the players need to get back? 
  • What will it be like to playe without fans?
  • Do you feel like the team is being productive right now?

Listen to the whole interview below!

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