Fire Chryst? What a crock!

Tom Oates joins The Big Show

Wendy's Big Show
November 05, 2019 - 6:02 pm

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Back-to-back losses for the Badgers have some fans calling for a change atop the football program. Is it fair to blame head coach Paul Chryst? Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal and, who has covered the Badgers for decades, joined The Wendy's Big Show.

"Just two years ago, this was a team that was actually knocking on the door (of a College Football Playoff berth)," Oates said. "Now all of a sudden, I hear (Chryst) should be fired because Wisconsin can never hope to win a national championship.

"That's just a crock. And I don't know how anybody could look at that and say it isn't."

Oates discussed with former Badgers running back Gary Ellerson, Sparky Fifer and Bill Schmid on The Wendy's Big Show. The guys also touched on what truly stands between the Badgers and a CFP appearance, what the identity of the this year's two-loss squad is and more. Listen to the interview and check out Oates' column below.

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