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April 26, 2017 - 7:34 am

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By: Brenden Schulz

“Own the future!”

When did Milwaukee forget the one motto that brought the fans together, the one thing that made all of the trying times exponentially better? Bucks lose another nationally televised game…own the future. Jabari Parker goes down with yet another torn ACL…own the future. Get your asses kicked by Denver in the beginning of March…own the future!

Throughout it all, the fans of the Bucks have taken pride in the fact that the team is finally on the right track. There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, something to legitimately look forward to.

Own. The. Future.

It was a situation that any fan base would succumb to. The Bucks came back from Toronto having stolen game one of their first round matchup with the Raptors. Then the Bucks added fuel to the fire by dominating game three, a game in which the Raptors never stood a chance. Great memories of times gone by at the soon-to-be extinct Bradley Center danced through the fans’ heads. The place was electric all night. This is the atmosphere where fans got a taste. A taste not only of what was to come, but what could possibly be. Did we completely underestimate this team? Can the Bucks ACTUALLY win this series? Through all of these questions a new mentality entered the minds of the Bucks faithful. Rather it was a self-deprecating rallying cry for Bucks diehards, the ones who showed their love through thick and thin, but one that the majority of fans adopted as their own.

“Bucks in six!”

Putting aside the fact that the motto implies that the team will at least lose two games in the series, it brushes aside the goal of this season: make the playoffs! A goal that was achieved even after hitting rock bottom in that Nuggets loss in March following Parker’s injury. This team battled back from that clunker of a game, the one which made fans join the dreaded “done club”, and accomplished their mission.

This is where your focus should be for game six. Focus on the fight that this team showed this season. Focus on them bringing you back from the doldrums you entered after that Nuggets game. Focus on the fight they showed in game two in Toronto, answering every one of the Raptor’s runs with their own and hanging on to the very end. The Bucks are a group of scrappy players that fight until the end. How many times have we been able to say that as a fan base?

The playoff experience that was essential for this young team is being gained. The grind of preparing for a playoff game is being felt. The tempo, intensity, and effort of the NBA playoffs is being experienced. These are the lessons we wanted from this season. This organization is still trending upward and on the right path. The Bucks are right where they need to be and the NBA has taken notice.

Remember this when you are watching game six on Thursday. Remember this if you are lucky enough to experience the playoff atmosphere at the Bradley Center before it closes. Remember what we came to do this season…

Own. The. Future.

Oh yeah, and Bucks in seven!

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