2020 NFL Divisional Round: Matchups, TV Info and 3 Things to Know

January 06, 2020 - 1:36 pm

An exciting Wild Card weekend highlighted by notable upsets in both conferences has set the stage for an intriguing Divisional Round.

Longtime postseason fixtures Drew Brees of the Saints and Tom Brady of the Patriots, vanquished by the Vikings and Titans, respectively, head into the offseason on the wrong side of 40 with much more road behind them than ahead. Their futures will be sorted in due time, but in the meantime a fascinating mix of faces both fresh and familiar will take center stage in pursuit of the Lombardi Trophy.

Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill may lack Brady’s star power, but it was NFL rushing champion Derrick Henry who led the Titans’ upset of New England, rumbling his way to 182 yards on 34 carries in New England. The Titans’ next test is even more formidable -- the top-seeded Ravens and first-team All-Pro quarterback Lamar Jackson in Baltimore.

Brees, meanwhile, was bested by Minnesota’s Kirk Cousins, a solid veteran looking to shed the label that he’s good enough to start but not quite good enough to take his team all the way. Cousins will get another shot at dispelling that notion against the top-ranked 49ers in San Francisco.

And, oh yeah, there’s two other Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks remaining in the playoff picture – and they’re set to face off in what could be the weekend’s best game.

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