Starr to donate Super Bowl I ring

Ice Bowl ring on display at Packers HOF

Mike Clemens
October 24, 2017 - 3:31 pm

Press-Gazette/USA TODAY Sports


Green Bay, WI - Bart Starr, 83, was smiling, but looked frail. 

Two years after suffering a pair of strokes, and a heart attack, the legendary Packers quarterback had to be helped by his son Bart Jr. to wave to 78,000 fans at Lambeau Field in the rain during the first half Sunday as the Packers battled the New Orleans Saints. 

It was a final goodbye. 

Bart's wife and best friend of 60 plus years, Cherry Starr, told reporters this was probably their last trip back to Green Bay. The travel is too much for Bart. But she left with gifts - straight from the heart. 

Earlier this year Cherry said she gasped when there was a news report Bart's treasured 1967 NFL Championship ring, the one from the Ice Bowl sesaon, was up for sale on E-Bay for $100,000. Cherry said she ran to the family safe worried the report was true, that someone had perhaps broken into their home and stolen the prized ring. 

But the ring was OK, and in the family safe. Cherry said she decided at that moment that Bart would not wear the ring again. Instead, they would donate it to be on display in the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. READ MORE

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