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Admirals Extend Predators Affiliation Through '21-'22

Bart Winkler
April 14, 2017 - 9:03 pm

A few years ago I wanted to make a good effort to get into the NHL and struggled with what team to follow. Long story short, I ended up riding the Buffalo Sabres. They made the playoffs that season, and have yet to be back. It hasn't been the most passionate of followings on my behalf.

On Thursday night of this week, once the Brewers game had ended, I flipped on the end of the Blackhawks/Predators game and quickly got sucked in. Watching the Predators, I was watching the guys that were just in Milwaukee playing for the Admirals when I had produced their radio broadcasts a few years ago. Colton Sissons. Viktor Arvidsson. Pekka Rinne. The opportunity to see these guys take down the Blackhawks (a team I am NOT fond of!) was great. An allegiance switch might be in order.

That connection between NHL team and the city of Milwaukee will extend at least through the 2021-2022 season as the two clubs announced an extension of their affiliaton on Friday

For now, I like the Sabres. You may like the Blackhawks. Or the Wild. Or the Kings, Rangers, Stars. Whoever. But if you are like me, wanting to root passionately for an NHL team and not sure where to start, the Nashville Predators seems like the obvious answer to me. 

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