Bart and Chuck's Golf Challenge

Play with The FAN on August 15th!

Bart Winkler
July 29, 2017 - 3:07 pm

We've been talking a lot of golf on Chuck & Winkler this summer, from Chuck's vacations where he'd do nothing but hit the links, to Bart's quest to self teach himself how to play the game. And because everything we talk about has to turn into a bet of some kind, the challenge for an 18 hole round was set, with one major stipulation. It would be Bart vs Chuck, 18 holes, but Bart got to play every shot twice. Essentially it was a regular round from Chuck Freimund against a Bart Winkler two ball scramble. Fifty dollars was the prize, but bragging rights were on the line more than anything. 

We did some live broadcasts throughout the round, which you can follow by checking out the videos below. Make sure to pay extra attention to some of the holes and scenery. The guys played at The River Club of Mequon, home of our 11th Annual Perkins Charity Golf Outing to benefit Give Kids the World! We're holding it on August 15th, please make sure to grab some of your golf buddies, sign up for the outing HERE, and join us to raise money for this great cause! Be warned, this course is challenging! But it adds to the fun.







In the end, Bart was the victor, shooting a 90 to Chuck's 97. Think you can do better? Join us for our 11th Annual Golf Outing on August 15th!


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