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Bart's Bets: Week 15

NFL Picks Against the Spread

Bart Winkler
December 14, 2018 - 3:04 pm

Season to Date: 99-100-8


KANSAS CITY (-3.5) over Los Angeles Chargers - Staring off the week with a loss. That damn Hunter Henry will get you every time you least expect him to. 

HOUSTON (-7) over New York Jets - Houston hosting a game on a Saturday afternoon? Don't we usually save this routine for Wild Card Weekend?

Cleveland (+2.5) over DENVER - Give me all the Baker Mayfield in primetime shares that your company is comfortable selling.

MINNESOTA (-7.5) over Miami - Kirk Cousins is that sales guy in your office that only seems to make sales right before he's about to get fired. He'll bounce back this week only to suck again the next week.

CINCINNATI (-3) over Oakland - Not going with Jeff Driskel last week cost me hundreds of dollars in my big money fantasy league, I'm not about to go against him agin. 

Tampa Bay (-7) over BALTIMORE - Tampa's season trend has been to go down big in games early only to fight back and cover at the end, let's play that song one more time.

INDIANAPOLIS (-3) over Dallas - With two teams who turn on you as soon as you start to believe, I'll side with the team playing on their home field.

BUFFALO (-2.5) over Detroit - Matt Stafford is the guy I played instead of Driskel, which seemed like a no brainer, but I had the changed queued up I just couldn't pull the trigger. Curse you Matt Stafford and your continually underperforming Lions franchise.

CHICAGO (-5.5) over Green Bay - I am trying to reverse jinx my favorite team.

NEW YORK (+1.5) over Tennessee - Odell Beckham's injury was worth a 3 1/2 point swing to make the Giants the underdogs but I'll still ride with them at home as long as Barkley is good to go.

JACKSONVILLE (-7.5) over Washington - For as disappointing as Jacksonville has been, they should be outraged they aren't higher favorite against this dreadful Redskins team. They should be at least 30 point favorites against Washington. Everyone should. Even you.

ATLANTA (-10) over Arizona - "Sat Here For Five Minutes And Couldn't Even Think Of One Worthwhile Thing To Say About Game Of The Week"

SEATTLE (-4) over San Francisco - Seems like Vegas wants you to get suckered into Seattle here, which I clearly am going go to do.

New England (-3) over PITTSBURGH - I would think that the odds, however low they may be, of a McCarthy/Tomlin Green Bay/Pittsburgh coaching swap are still higher than we think they are.

Philadelphia (+12.5) over LOS ANGELES - I'll probably lose this one, Rams seem primed for a get home and get right kind of game.

CAROLINA (+6.5) over New Orleans - Just a hunch


Week 1: 10-5-1 
Week 2: 7-9 
Week 3: 7-9 
Week 4: 6-6-3 
Week 5: 6-8-1
Week 6: 6-7-2
Week 7: 7-7
Week 8: 7-7
Week 9: 8-5
Week 10: 5-8-1
Week 11: 6-6-1
Week 12: 10-5
Week 13: 7-9
Week 14: 7-9

Season to Date: 99-100-8

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