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Bart's Bets: Week 3

Road Woes for Packers?

Bart Winkler
September 20, 2018 - 5:46 pm

Week 1: 10-5-1
Week 2: 7-9

Total: 17-14-1


CLEVELAND (-3) over New York Jets

Self fulfilling prophecy last week as I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to sustain the success I had in Week 1. I don't know, I just always think the second week is actually tougher than the first because having a small sample size might be worse than having none. I also don't feel good about this week though, although let's see if I can get started off on the right foot. I'm taking the Browns! A three point favorite at home in a game where waaaaay too many people seem to like the Browns tonight. But I'm 2-0 on Thursdays so far this season, let's get those Browns a victory tonight.


PHILADELPHIA (-6.5) over Indianapolis

I'm always 2-0 against the Eagles so far this season. I just felt like the Foles rub would wear off against Tampa Bay and they'd realize they need Carson Wentz back if they are going to win in 2019. Now Wentz is back and the Super Bowl champions will look like Super Bowl champions again.


CAROLINA (-3) over Cincinnati 

The Bengals come in at 2-0 but I like Carolina at home possibly more than I like any other team when they are at home. I'll ride with Cam.


JACKSONVILLE (no line) over Tennessee

Questions over Mariota's availability keep the line off the board as I write this on Thursday. Marcus or no, I'll take the Jaguars. With Mariota I'll take them as high as -7, without him I'll go as high as -13.


New Orleans (+3) over ATLANTA

Packers fans should certainly hope the Saints keep losing as we have their first round pick next season, but I think they knock off Atlanta and get back on track. 


BALTIMORE (-5) over Denver

I want to take Denver again for a good ol' fashioned Denver Double Down (listen to our picks segment on Friday morning at 9am to get the details on that) but I'm 0-1-1 on them this season. Thought they'd win both games, both also thought they'd cover both games and they weren't able to. I might change this one by Sunday but I'll take the Ravens at home.


HOUSTON (-6) over New York Giants

Could be a long year for the Giants after how they looked Sunday night. Houston gets their home opener in week three and those of us that took Deshaun Watson in half the fantasy leagues they are in hope to get his first monster performance of the season.


Oakland (+3) over MIAMI

Upset alert! This Jon Gruden is a terrible coach storyline will be dealt a blow this week as the 0-2 Raiders knock off the 2-0 Dolphins in a game where all signs point to the Dolphins winning. That's why I'm going contrarian. The NFL is a crazy league and this is my pick to reflect that this week. However, please note that I do think Gruden is a terrible coach. The old Gruden was an overrated coach. The 2018 Gruden is bad. Raiders win in spite of him.


Green Bay (-3) over WASHINGTON

I guess I could talk myself in to being worried about Rodgers knee or maybe get worried because it's the Packers first road game of the season, but Green Bay is the better football team so Green Bay gets the win.


MINNESOTA (-16.5) over Buffalo



SAN FRANCISCO (+6.5) over Kansas City

Maybe it's because of Joe Montana or maybe it's because they both wear red but I've always looked at these teams as like sister teams in the NFC and AFC. That non-sequitur was brought to you by a lack of analysis. Chiefs win, Niners cover.


LOS ANGELES RAMS (-7) over Los Angeles Chargers

Alright now here's where it gets really messy. For this game and the four to follow, I actually first wrote out the opposite of what I am eventually publishing. I took the Chargers and then changed it, and I did that same thing with four more games after that. Week 3 sucks too! But the Rams have shown their ability to win big more than the Chargers have so far and maybe the Chargers get a little too over confident after cruising past a bad Bills team. I'll take the Rams to win the We Both Moved Here Even Though There Was No Demand For Either Of Us Bowl.


Chicago (-5.5) over ARIZONA

If the Bears got good pressure on Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, imagine what they'll do against a team that starts a mannequin under center.


SEATTLE (-1.5) over Dallas

Speaking of Russell Wilson, I hate this game. I think Dallas is better but are the Seahawks really gonna start 0-3? Actually probably, they are a shell of their former selves. But I'm gonna chalk this one up to the 12's or whatever they call themselves. Seems like a game where the fans will a great performance out of Wilson. Reluctantly, very reluctantly, I'll take Seattle.


New England (-6.5) over DETROIT

Typically I like teams to rally for their new coach against his old team but it doesn't seem like Patricia is a guy this team is ready to rally for. I'll take New England with limited confidence.


Pittsburgh (-1) over TAMPA BAY

I want to take Tampa Bay. I think a lot of people do. But I feel like we've seen this movie before out of Ryan Fitzpatrick. He'll have two or three games where he looks like he's the best quarterback in the league and the other shoe drops. So I'm going to bet against my heart and my narrative that he'll start more games than Winston this season and take the Steelers. Actually I might have talked myself back into FitzMagic while writing this. No Bart! Don't fall under the spell! Hit publish and log off!

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