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Bart's Bets: Week 6

Bart Winkler
October 11, 2018 - 9:58 pm

Week 1: 10-5-1 
Week 2: 7-9 
Week 3: 7-9 
Week 4: 6-6-3 
Week 5: 6-8-1

Total: 36-37-4


Philadelphia (-2) over NEW YORK GIANTS

Well I've now officially dipped under .500 which means you are now officially better off doing the opposite of what I say! Should stay undefeated on Thursday Nights though as the Eagles are cruising as I'm writing this on Thursday night (5-0-1). It's clear that a change of QB is needed for the Giants. With Barkley and OBJ (even though he walked into the locker room before halftime, not a good luck), their offense could be very good! Eli just doesn't have it anymore. Retire now so we can debate whether he should be in the Hall of Fame for the next five seasons (I'm gonna say no). 


MINNESOTA (-10) over Arizona

Fitzgerald storyline notwithstanding, there is little interesting about this game. I still don't like the Vikings to make the playoffs, however that could change if every time Kirk Cousins gets hit a flag is thrown. But they'll roll here.


Los Angeles Chargers (pick) over CLEVELAND

I want to pick the Browns but I still believe in the Chargers. The Browns are not a bad team but I think they're still a little short of stacking success, as their future head coach Mike McCarthy would say.


MIAMI (+3.5) over Chicago

Almost took the Bears here and I wouldn't be shocked if they won but I'm gonna ride the points.


Carolina (+1) over WASHINGTON

Washington is a 1 point favorite? I know they are at home but what am I missing in this one? I'll ride the Panthers.


Indianapolis (+2.5) over NEW YORK JETS

When you stare at a blank page for ten minutes trying to think of just one sentence to write about one game, you move on.


Pittsburgh (+2.5) over CINCINNATI

A few road underdogs in a role here. Can you see the Bengals starting 5-1? I guess, but not against the Steelers, a team who I think has rebounded from a pretty dreadful start to the season.


ATLANTA (-3) over Tampa Bay

I'm going Matt Ryan over Deshaun Watson as my QB play in DFS this week. I think Watson will have a big week but I'm gonna risk it on Ryan in a game where nearly everyone thinks a shootout will be waiting to break out. I like the Falcons regardless.


Seattle (-2.5) over OAKLAND

Seattle is gonna be that team that isn't good but wins enough games to be competitive until the end of the season.


HOUSTON (-10) over Buffalo

Initially I wrote Buffalo in here as covering but their season has started to take on a Jekyll and Hyde approach, and this is a loss week. How about the Jekyll and Hyde reference though? It's one we all made but who among us has even ever read the book?


Los Angeles Rams (-7) over DENVER

I want to take Denver at home as I'm prone to do but the Rams are just too good, they remain undefeated and stay the league's lone undefeated team after the week is through.


Jacksonville (-3) over DALLAS

I watched on Periscope somehow the unveiling of the Jaguars jersey's this week. They do a lot of color schemes which they are able to do without the lack of a real jersey history. You wouldn't see the Packers unveiling, for example, that they are wearing green pants with yellow jerseys this week, but that's what Jacksonville does every week. This week, it's black jerseys and teal pants. And it will look great! That got me hype enough to take them here.


TENNESSEE (+3) over Baltimore

I'll take the Titans as a home dog. I have bought into the Ravens but I do think the Titans may be the better overall team.


NEW ENGLAND (-3) over Kansas City

I went against the Chiefs against an AFC Championship representative last weekend, I was wrong. I'll try that strategy again.


GREEN BAY (-9.5) over San Francisco

I LOVE the Packers this week. Probably a bad sign but I do. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Wish me luck.

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