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Bart's Bets: Week 7

Bart Winkler
October 18, 2018 - 4:57 pm

Week 1: 10-5-1 
Week 2: 7-9 
Week 3: 7-9 
Week 4: 6-6-3 
Week 5: 6-8-1
Week 6: 6-7-2

Total: 42-44-6


Denver (-1) over ARIZONA

Rocky week again last week largely thanks to the nosedive I took with the late games. And I really thought the Packers were going to beat a team by 10 points... what was I thinking! This week I put my TNF record of 5-0-1 on the line once again as I'm going with Denver even though my brain says to take the Cardinals. I have desire to always take Denver for some reason and it's costing me. I should have you know that this is the first TNF pick I'm officially laying money down on ($50 with Chuck), so if there is going to be a roadblock to my streak, my money is going to be it. Bet with extreme caution.


Tennesse (+6.5) over LOS ANGELES CHARGERS

This is a really really hard week, but I am going to take the Titans here. Every time this season that I think the Chargers at home, I think of when the Chiefs routed them in front of 29,000 fans in red in a 27,000 seat stadium. And I know the Titans got crushed last week but that almost makes me like them more here, so I'll go with Tennessee making the West Coast trip. OH WAIT THIS GAME IS IN LONDON!!!!!! I forgot!!! Not sure if that makes me feel any better though. Go Titans?


New England (-2.5) over CHICAGO

Surprised how tight this is actually, I'll take Belichick over a first year coach whenever I can get it.


TAMPA BAY (-3.5) over Cleveland

It's about 40 degrees all over the country but it's still 130 degrees in Florida for some reason, I'll take the team more prepared for the heat in the Buccaneers. 


Detroit (-3) over MIAMI

Not in love with this one and actually wrote Miami to win first, but I'll take Detroit to do what the Bears couldn't last week, beat Brock Osweiler! 


PHILADELPHIA (-5) over Carolina

Actually threw up making this pick it disgusts me so much, but alas.


Buffalo (+7.5) over INDIANAPOLIS

Rally around Derek Anderson!


Minnesota (-3.5) over NEW YORK JETS

Your weekly reminder that the Vikings defense has been overrated during the entire Mike Zimmer tenure.


JACKSONVILLE (-5) over Houston

The Jaguars need a feel good win in the worst way, I'll give it to them here.


BALTIMORE (-2.5) over New Orleans

I'm actually sinking way too much fantasy stock in Joe Flacco this week so this is more wishful thinking than anything, I will admit.


WASHINGTON (-1.5) over Dallas

Dallas on the road, pass. 


Los Angeles Rams (-9.5) over SAN FRANCISCO

The Rams will do what the Packers couldn't.


KANSAS CITY (-6) over Cincinnati

Flexed to the Sunday Night game which means we see the Chiefs in primetime for two weeks in a row. Thought about the Bengals here but I can see the Bengals falling on their face in primetime more than I can see the Chiefs playing a tight one at home. 


ATLANTA (-4.5) over New York Giants

Who's the backup QB in New York? My real bet is that we'll know by the end of this game.

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