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Bart's Bets: Week 8

Bart Winkler
October 27, 2018 - 7:50 pm

Week 1: 10-5-1 
Week 2: 7-9 
Week 3: 7-9 
Week 4: 6-6-3 
Week 5: 6-8-1
Week 6: 6-7-2
Week 7: 7-7

Total: 49-51-6


HOUSTON (-7) over Miami

It me, the most average picker of games in all of sports. Another week where I go .500 or as close to it as possible, but at least I have one thing going for me and that is my incredible 7-0-1 record on Thursday nights! 


JACKSONVILLE (+3.5) over Philadelphia

My trend this week is that I seem to like the teams that are being doubted the most. Jacksonville is one of those teams and while I think these teams are actually pretty even, Jacksonville is the team with decade long punchline Blake Bortles and the public will look at that more than anything else when betting this game. I'd like them if this game was in the States, but the fact that this a trip they make on an annual basis and it's more of a routine to them makes me give the Jags the complete edge here.


PITTSBURGH (-8) over Cleveland

I've been predicting Cleveland to cover here all week because of their track record of playing games close. Four overtime games already for the Browns this year but I'm gonna realize last second that Pittsburgh, at home, off a bye, is the team that I'd rather put my money on.


Denver (+10) over KANSAS CITY

Give me the Chiefs by nine. Big spreads usually scare me unless I think the outcome is a for sure thing. Kansas City is to play what seems like their 8th home game already this week but Denver will give them a good divisional challenge.


New York Jets (+8) over CHICAGO

Chicago is a good team, just scared off by the spread again here.


NEW YORK GIANTS (+1) over Washington

The Giants are a mess! But Washington is doing that thing they do where they trick people into thinking they are good. They aren't! Give me the Giants at home.


Seattle (+3) over DETROIT

Seattle is on their way to becoming the worst 9-7 team in history while Detroit is on their way to becoming the best 7-9 team in history. Or vice versa.


CINCINNATI (-3.5) over Tampa Bay

The line is moving toward Tampa and this is a winnable matchup for them but I like the Bengals to quietly get another win and quietly stay near the top of the AFC North.


CAROLINA (+3) over Baltimore

Baltimore is a good team and it would be pretty hard to believe if they dropped to 4-4 but I don't pick against the Panthers at home especially when they are the underdog.


OAKLAND (+3) over Indianapolis

Hey another team that is a mess! Let's put money on them!!!


San Francisco (-1) over ARIZONA

San Fran to return the favor of the Cardinals beating them at home a few weeks ago. 


Green Bay (+9) over LOS ANGELES RAMS

Green Bay is probably going to win this game. They should have no chance but it's sort of Rodgers' thing to win when the chips are down, especially in the middle of a season like this. I do think the Rams will win, my prediction was 34-29 LA, but I'll take the Packers to at least cover. We'll see.


MINNESOTA (pick) over New Orleans

Would have taken whoever was at home in this one honestly. Geaux Saints though.


New England (-13) over BUFFALO

Bucks play the Raptors on Monday night. Watch that instead.

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