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Bart's Bets: Week 1

Bart Winkler
September 06, 2018 - 4:22 pm

Lines are taken from scoresandodds.com on Thursday, September 6th.

PHILADELPHIA (PK) over Atlanta 

The NFL is back and I am pumped up. The Brewers have been hot and it's taken a lot of the attention away from the Packers and the start of the NFL season here in Milwaukee, but with the Crew off on Thursday I think people will focus their eyeballs on the season opener and it will finally hit us that football is here. Super Bowl Champions typically do well in their first game back and I like the Eagles at home. Daily fantasy sleeper is the rookie tight end Dallas Goedert for Philadelphia.

Pittsburgh (-4) over CLEVELAND 

There is a lot of buzz over the Browns coming off their Hard Knocks campaign and there is a lot of mystery around the Steelers regarding the Bell contract. I like the Browns to win anywhere from 4-8 games this season, but that first win of 2018 won't come this week.

MINNESOTA (-6.5) over San Francisco

I am making a living ragging on the Vikings and I will continue to do so. I think they are overrated in every facet. They'll look good in week one though, knocking off a team that I think is a bit overrated as well. The Niners are on the right path but I still think they fall short of the playoffs this season. 

INDIANAPOLIS (-2.5) over Cincinnati 

Andrew Luck is back and I think the Colts will be better than expected because of it. I actually really like the AFC South this season. In our Chuck & Winkler predictions, I took three teams to make the playoffs in the South with the Colts being the lone exception. And I think this is the year that Marvin Lewis finally is let go from Cincinnati.

BALTIMORE (-7.5) over Buffalo

I still don't know why the Bills hated Tyrod Taylor. It's like how the Brewers hated Jonathan Villar. Both players were more than adequate but the clubs each wanted something more. So the Bills drafted Josh Allen, although he will be on the bench to watch the guy the Bills inexplicably do love in Nathan Peterman helm the offense. Ravens in this one, and big.

Jacksonville (-3) over NEW YORK GIANTS

The Giants will either finish 6-10 or win the whole thing. I'm going to say the former is more likely and their first loss will come to a hungry Jaguars team who is eager to earn the trip to the Super Bowl that was stolen from them a year ago.

Tampa Bay (+10) over NEW ORLEANS

The Saints seem to be the popular pick in survivor pools and they'll probably win this game, I just think Ryan FitzMagic is going to be a little better than expected when filling in for - and possibly keeping the starting job away from - Jameis Winston.

NEW ENGLAND (-6) over Houston

There are two games where I can see the home team really taking it to the woodshed against a team from Texas despite the excitement surrounding their young quarterback. This is one of them...

Tennessee (-1) over MIAMI

The Dolphins are the team I am doing a Madden franchise with. I am happy to report that I'm worse at this version of the game than any version ever. I can never punch it in the end zone! And if you are the Dolphins, be wise. Cameron Wake retired on me after one season! What the hell. Anyway, I think the Titans - who won a playoff game last season - are underrated. Road win for Tennessee.

Kansas City (+3.5) over LOS ANGELES CHARGERS

This is more because of how strong the Kansas City offense is rather than the play of the quarterback Patrick Mahomes. I don't know how good he is going to be. I don't know how good he has to be. I like the Chiefs to make the AFC Championship Game and it starts with an upset win in Carson City. 

DENVER (-3) over Seattle

This is the game I feel really good about if only because how bad Pete Carroll's teams have started seasons on the road. First 2 weeks of season: 1-9 All other weeks: 31-22-1. That's a trend, folks! Plus Denver is typically strong at home in September. I'm riding the trends.

CAROLINA (-3) over Dallas

.... and this is the other.

Washington (+1.5) over ARIZONA

I think I like Washington this season! I am an Alex Smith truther though.

GREEN BAY (-7) over Chicago

Chicago is a team that I was very high on before the Khalil Mack trade. They are on the right path and are trying to follow the blueprint set by the Rams a season ago. Young quarterback, good defense, new coach. How good Mitch Trubisky will be is ultimately what is going to make or break the Bears season. But in this game, I think the Packers roll. I like their quiet confidence and I think the Bears are talking a little too much. A little reality check for Chicago before they start winning games. Packers win and cover.

DETROIT (-6.5) over New York Jets

If Detroit loses this game, a home Monday Nighter against a rookie quarterback on the road, they will finish last in the division.

Los Angeles Rams (-4) over OAKLAND

I feel for Oakland fans. Your team is moving but before they do they are going to take their sweet time and make as many dumb decisions as possible. Hard not to feel for Jordy Nelson here.


We'll see how I did next week!

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