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Bart's Bets: Week 3

Bart Winkler
September 21, 2017 - 9:18 pm

Last Week: 7-9

Season to Date: 12-18-1

Okay, I did a little better last week, but I am the co-host on a sports talk radio show... I should be at least a little better than this, shouldn't I? The answer is yes. I'm also doing terrible in my fantasy football leagues. But at least I still have my "Packers win the NFC North Guarantee" to fall back on. Actually, we'll get to that...

Los Angeles Rams (-3.0) over SAN FRANCISCO

It's expected now that the Thursday Night games are going to be ugly. Short rest, divisional opponents that know each other, you can't expect much from this one. Thankfully we've got baseball to watch instead. If I was doing a confidence pool, this game would have my lowest amount of confidence. In this column they all count the same and I'll go with the visiting Rams. UPDATE THEY ALL COUNT THE SAME AND IM PLAYING AGAINST TODD GURLEY WHY WHY WHY 

Jacksonville (+3.5) over Baltimore

Neither team is playing at home but the Jags are technically the home team. As in, they are the team giving up a home game for this to be played in London. Yahoo has the streaming rights, and I have to be honest I don't like the way this is trending. I'll write a column or do a podcast on the whole cutting of the cord phenomenon, but I don't like it. This over the top stuff is not really that hard to access but until it's as easy and as reliable as regular TV, I'm not going to get too excited about it. Soon, I'm sure, Amazon or Google or Yahoo or whoever will bid and win the rights to some sort of full season NFL TV package. I don't want to have to buy Amazon Prime to watch Monday Night Football. But, I'll get up on Sunday for this one, pull this one up on my phone and watch football on a tiny screen while I sit on the couch with my wife watching CBS Sunday Morning.

BUFFALO (+3.0) over Denver

The logical pick is Denver but I'm going to go against logical picks this week. Something has to change, right? Buffalo is usually good for at least one game at home where they beat a team they aren't supposed to (remember the Packers loss to Kyle Orton in 2014?), and with a lot of love being given to the Broncos this week I'll take the upset here.

Pittsburgh (-7.5) over CHICAGO

I think Chicago will keep this close for awhile, despite how bad they looked last week, but I do like Pittsburgh to eek out a cover. I also think this is the week Le'Veon Bell looks like Le'Veon Bell again.

Atlanta (-3.0) over DETROIT

Here's a question for Packers fans - who do we root for? Since I have guaranteed the Packers to win the North, I think I'm pulling for Detroit. Come December, I think we're going to be paying more attention to the Falcons than the Lions. Although, the Lions have looked better than expected these first couple of weeks. So much so that there are Lions fans seriously thinking their team will go no worse than 13-3 in my Twitter mentions. Not sure how they found me, but they are there. I know things seem a little rough early with the injuries, but I'm still confident enough that the North has already been won by Green Bay that I'll be pulling for Detroit here. Except I don't think they will win.

Cleveland (-1.5) over INDIANAPOLIS

Cleveland is favored! They will probably lose this game, but as long as they are favored I am going to ride them, why not. Strong confidence here!

Tampa Bay (no line) over MINNESOTA

No line as of this posting because of the Vikings QB situation, but I'd be taking the Bucs here with confidence as long as the line is 7 or under. I like this Tampa team offensively and defensively and I'm not impressed with Minnesota. Detroit will be the team for the Packers to watch in the division, not the Vikings.

Houston (+13.5) over NEW ENGLAND

The spread is just too high for my liking. New England will win by 13. And if the spread drops to 12.5, they'll win by 12. Houston barely covers a game that will never really be in question for the Patriots. They'll be my team in any Survivor contests this week.

Miami (-6.5) over NEW YORK JETS

I like both of the Florida teams impacted by Hurricane Irma to have good seasons, and I like it to continue this week. Plus, the Jets are terrible.

New York Giants (+6.0) over PHILADELPHIA

One thing about the NFL is that when something seems so obvious, you have to go the other way. I feel that way here. People are complaining about the Giants on TV all the time, there is a lot of attention on Eli, and there's a lot of focus that they haven't scored 20 points in game in about a half of a season. I don't know if they'll win here, but I like them to cover.

CAROLINA (-5.5) over New Orleans

The Panthers offense is struggling. The Saints offense can turn it on at anytime. It's hard for me to take the Saints not to cover here but I like the Panthers to get it rolling this week.

TENNESSEE (-2.5) over Seattle

Seattle might not be that good, especially on offense. This game will be a big test for them. The Titans already lost one game at home to a West Coast team week one against the Raiders, I like them to protect their home turf this Sunday.

GREEN BAY (-9.0) over Cincinnati

Nine points is a lot for a team as banged up as the Packers. I know the Bengals haven't scored a touchdown yet this season and I don't expect that to be a trend to continue. And the Bengals defense is actually pretty good! But I've been talking big about the Packers this week despite their troubles so let's put your money where my mouth is.

Kansas City (-3.0) over SAN DIEGO

Look at that, I didn't even notice until proofreading that I wrote San Diego. This is going to be hard to get used to. I'm gonna keep it like that though.

Oakland (-3.0) over WASHINGTON

Sunday Night home crowd and West Coast team heading East are a couple of things that favor Washington here, but I think there is something special about this Oakland team. They could go all the way and win the Lombardi in one of these final seasons before they ditch out on the Bay Area. Fascinating story to watch and I think they stay undefeated this weekend.

ARIZONA (+3.0) over Dallas

I want Dallas to keep losing so that tickets get cheaper for when I go down to Texas to watch their week five matchup. And Arizona needs to figure it out to live up to the NFC Championship pick I made with them. So let's do that.

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