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Bart's Bets: Week 8

Bart Winkler
October 27, 2017 - 6:18 pm

LAST WEEK: 9-4-2.... my first winning week!

SEASON TO DATE: 39-47-3 


Miami (+3.0) over BALTIMORE

I'd have to look back, but other than the Packers game against Chicago I think I have been wrong on every Thursday night pick this season. Always nice to get the week's picks off to a roaring start.

CLEVELAND (-9.5) over Minnesota

Something about this game being in London has me believing it's possible that the Browns can grab their first victory. Also I'm betting with my heart here and not my head, always a mistake.

Oakland (+2.5) over BUFFALO

This turned out to be the toughest game of the week for me to pick. Ultimately it was going to come down to a coin flip but then I couldn't decide who I wanted to designate as heads and who I wanted to designate as tails. So I took the points.

CINCINNATI (-10.5) over Indianapolis

There has to be some course-correcting going on with the Colts here as they can't be as bad as they looked last weekend. But I'll take the Bengals to keep Indy down, I think the home field advantage for Cincy plays a factor (and I need their defense in fantasy as I faced the Ravens on Thursday night. Ouch)

NEW ENGLAND (-7.0) over Los Angeles Chargers

Look at the Chargers storming back from their 0-4 start. A three game win streak will come to an end however against an improving Patriots defense. If the Chargers win though, that could be quite the story brewing.

NEW ORLEANS (-9.0) over Chicago

Packers fans won't feel as bad as last weekend's loss after they see what the Saints do to Chicago on Sunday.

NEW YORK JETS (+6.0) over Atlanta

Eh, why not?

PHILADELPHIA (-12.5) over San Francisco

I guess I'm not as confident in a true rout over the Niners this weekend like I was with the Cowboys a week ago, but I think you have to ride Philly's hot hand until they cool off.

Carolina (+1.5) over TAMPA BAY

A 2-5 start to the season is never what I would have expected to see this season, but I think it happens at the hands of Carolina. The Cam Newton haters stormed out of the woodwork again this week. People sure to love to tell you how much they hate Cam, don't they? Almost like no other athlete. I like Cam to shut people up again this weekend and get Carolina back on track.

SEATTLE (-6.5) over Houston

The Texans hate their owner, I think that subconsciously plays some sort of factor on Sunday.

Dallas (-2.0) over WASHINGTON

There are only two 3pm games this weekend? Yikes.

DETROIT (+3.0) over Pittsburgh

Don't follow me on this pick. I want to take Pittsburgh. But every time they get all the hype, they lose. But Detroit isn't that good. So I want to take Pittsburgh. But I am just taking them because I want Detroit to lose? My brain doesn't know. So I'm overcompensating and taking Detroit. Again, don't follow me on this one.

KANSAS CITY (-7.0) over Denver

The Chiefs cover to avoid a three game losing streak, and hopefully my winning streak continues!

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