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Could Bucks wait to hire GM until AFTER the draft???

Bart Winkler
June 10, 2017 - 5:42 pm

The rumors are running rampant as to who the Bucks next general manager will be, and there are a lot of assumptions taking place as well. First, we all assumed it would be the assistant GM Justin Zanik that would earn the promotion, but as of now he's just got the interim GM title and is a "finalist" for the gig. Personally, I don't like how long this process is taking and it makes me feel like maybe the John Hammond departure is something the Bucks brass wasn't ready for (despite the writing on the wall that Hammond may not be here long term, I'm not sure they expected him to leave when he did). 

The situation might have become a bit more murky on Saturday afternoon when Bucks President Peter Feigin wouldn't commit to the team having their next GM in place before the draft on June 22nd. Huh?

Here's the readout of the Q&A reporters had with Feigin on Saturday, which we'll talk about more on Chuck & Winkler - this Monday from 6a-10a on 105.7 FM The FAN (1250 AM):


Q: Without having a GM the last couple of weeks, does that change how you guys have handled draft preparations?

Feigin: No, what's good is that we have an infrastructure of an entire basketball operation, so Justin Zanik's been orchestrating, spearheading the pre-draft, the camps, the questions, I feel like we all feel we're in very good shape for the draft, so I think it's actually been seamless.

Q: Where are things with the search?

Feigin: They're in progress. We've seen candidates over the last ten days and I think ownership will get together and probably make a decision in the next couple of weeks.

Q: Safe to say that you want someone in place before the draft...

Feigin: ... I don't think we've made that decision. So we don't know.



Your guess is as good as mine. - Bart 



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