PODCAST: Baseball and the White House

Bart Winkler
June 13, 2018 - 11:57 am

Former speechwriter for George H.W. Bush as well as one-time Milwaukee radio host Curt Smith talks about his new book "The President and the Pastime" (begins 4:59 mark) Ignoring the cries to #StickToSports, Bart and Curt talk about the connection that baseball has had with the White House throughout America's history. Plus, the line he wrote for Bush 41 that still resonates with Bart to this day as well as his thoughts on championship teams declining invitations to Washington, D.C.. And with the World Cup upon us and the Americans at home, who should we root for? Bart's brother Brock Winkler has narrowed down the list and the two come up with the team they will support (begins 30:11 mark). 


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