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What's the best Bucks win of your lifetime?

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Bart Winkler
April 25, 2017 - 6:08 pm

The question came up on Chuck & Winkler this morning, What's the Best Bucks Win You've Seen in Your Life? Sadly, that's a hard question to answer for a guy born in 1984. Being born when I was, I missed out obviously on all the good times in the 70's and was too young to know what was going on in the 80's. The 1990s were a ghost town and I was in middle school around the time they started making the playoffs again. The 2001-2002 run was my senior year in high school, in which I was definitely a Bucks fan but not to the level of passion I hold now. And since then, not a single playoff series win for the franchise. 

So what I do go with? A win in the Eastern Conference Playoffs seems like an obvious choice, but I'd rather go with the Game 7 win against Charlotte to get into that series. If I want to go more recent, what do I pick? The Giannis game winner in New York this season? The night Brandon Jennings scored 55 points? The win over the then 24-0 Warriors? Some other random January game I've been at in the last ten years? 

The choices are not great.

So honestly, I'll go with Game 3. First Round. Eastern Conference Playoffs against the Raptors. As in the game that happened less than one week ago. I was there, it was electric, I had fun, it showed me the promise of this team for years to come. Fans of other teams may have a more meaningful game to pick, but I've gotta take Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Playoffs, first round. 

But hey, if things go well, maybe it will be Game 6 of this series that can carry that mantle. Or maybe even Game 7. We'll know soon enough.

In the meantime, we're sending to you Game 6 at the BMO Harris Bradley Center and hopefully that can become your favorite game!

Our Chuck & Winkler contest will be the morning of Wednesday, April 26th... check out the details in the video below!


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