Winks Thinks Podcast

Bart and friends talk awful airlines, O.J.'s "confession", and the NCAA Tournament

Bart Winkler
March 12, 2018 - 6:55 pm


Bart is back from vacation and eager to get the podcast up and running! Guests include Riggs from 103.7 Kiss FM, Producer Dave from 99.1 The Mix, and Chuck & Winkler producer Cody Grant

2:18 Which airliner is the worst?

8:30 Mentioning Trump on the radio

10:31 Why does Dave show up to work so early?

14:52 OJ Simpson "confesses" to murder

26:22 Conspiracy theories

34:14 College Basketball vs The NBA

37:58 How many college basketball players can Bart name?

41:21 Who do you got in your bracket?

44:55 Nathan Graham cameo

48:17 Braun Strowman visit recap

49:29 Wrestlemania match for John Cena?

50:34 More NCAA Predictions

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