WWE Extreme Rules Podcast

Bart Winkler
June 05, 2017 - 2:55 pm

Bart Winkler, Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid, and Cody Grant recap the WWE Raw pay-per-view Extreme Rules. Is Samoa Joe the right choice to take on Brock Lesnar? Why can't WWE get the Bayley character to work as well as she did in NXT? And it is time, already, to break up the Hardy Boyz? Plus, the benefits of having Jinder Mahal as the WWE Champion.

Thanks to Billy and Cody for spending some time breaking down the latest wrestling pay-per-view. This serves as the unofficial FAN debut for Cody, the new producer of Chuck & Winkler. Hear his on-air debut this Wednesday at 7:50 during "Ask Chuck & Winkler Anything"!



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