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Chuck's Q&A with Joe Buck

Chuck Freimund
June 15, 2017 - 5:49 pm

Earlier this week, Chuck Freimund had the chance to talk with Fox Sports' Joe Buck about the U.S. Open, his book Lucky Bastardand of course his perceived hatred of the Green Bay Packers. Technical issues prevented the interview from airing on Chuck & Winkler, but the interview has been transcribed below (you can also listen to the interview at the end of this article, but the audio quality is low. If you prefer that way, be sure to listen with headphones). 


Chuck Freimund: The lead announcer for Fox Sports, Joe Buck. First of all Joe, welcome to Wisconsin. I know you always like coming back here.

Joe Buck: I do but I don't hate the Packers so why'd you even bring that up? 

CF: (laughs)

Joe Buck: Oh wait maybe you didn't bring that up...

CF: Well, that's gonna be like question number nine I have for you

JB: Okay good, I can't wait for the first eight.

CF: The first one is your book, I love your book, Lucky Bastard, my girlfriend loves the title of it. The only problem is that it's been sitting on my coffee table since March Madness... You know how you get into a book, you read the first four chapters, (but then) something distracts you from your life, but, I'm loving the first four chapters of this book.

JB: Well that's good, my Dad used to joke when he wrote a book, he described it as "once you put it down you can't pick up again", and hopefully that's not the kind of book I've written. It's been fun, I'm glad I did it, there's a lot of you know really I think honest moments in it, and I didn't hold anything back. For that reason I'm happy that I did what I did.

CF: You know what I love is that starting off you talked about an experience at Milwaukee County Stadium, one of my favorite places.

JB: Yeah, yeah... I had the honor of doing the last Packers game there, you know better than I but they were doing at least one game a year there at County Stadium. And I was in the press box. And had a lot of water.... the booth that I was in was nowhere near a restroom, and I had to make do as the game went on....

CF: I'm waiting for the remaining chapters, and I love how blunt you were because we don't see that personality on TV really from you.

JB: Yeah, and that's really why I did it. I feel like, I've done a bunch of World Series and a bunch of Super Bowls, I've been to Green Bay seemingly 15,000 times, and people think they know you. It's hard to get somebody's personality between ball one, strike two, second down and third down. Because of that I thought, well, let's get it out there. I've been at this long enough. Let's show who I am. 

CF: I almost feel like you're the official voice of the Packers because for the last ten years it seems like every week you're doing a Packer game.

JB: You know whenever people ask me outside of the state of Wisconsin, "Where do you want to go to watch a football game?", the answer is Lambeau. Baseball game? Old Yankee Stadium. But in my career, going to that place, having brought my daughters there when they were little, and walking the bleachers and being down on the field, and letting them get a sense of history, and what that place means.... And then, to see it now and how it's evolved even since I started. It's a 365 day a year venue. It's probably our favorite place to go. It's very raw, and real, and fans care. And that's all we're looking for as broadcasters. 

CF: And when we announce on our show that you're doing the game, you and Troy Aikman the first reaction is "Joe Buck doesn't like the Packers and Troy Aikman hates the Packers because he used to kill the Packers back in the 90's." 

JB: Right. I think part of that is because of Troy's success against Brett and against that team. You know and then we get lumped together and that's fine. He and I laugh about it because I swear to you, if you hooked me up to a lie detector test and said, "What team are you probably the most positive about?" The answer would be, I would say, the Green Bay Packers and I think I'd pass. Mainly because I consider Aaron a friend, I've always liked Brett, and Mike McCarthy has always been one of the most open coaches with us. And that's really how we judge life in the NFL. You know you do a Patriots game, and Bill Belichick will barely tell you if Brady is playing let alone anything else about the game. And you do a Packer game and Mike trusts us. And so we go in with a lot good information and that makes our telecast better, so we love going there.

CF: What do you get? What kind of response do you get? Do you get stuff on Twitter or emails, or anything else from Packer fans? 

JB: Certainly, but I don't really go digging around for that. I purposely try to distance myself from the fan reaction sometimes because it's emotional. And I know how I feel - I'm a huge Blues hockey fan. So the hard thing is you want to hear the announcers do it the way that you feel. So when I watch the Blues go to the Conference Finals two years ago, I want to hear (the announcers) that I've listened to all year doing it. (But in the playoffs) you've got announcers that are doing it for the other side. And they are saying that our goaltender is not that good this week. Or whatever it might be. You know, fans care. But like I said before. I would much rather (have) that than people a) not know we're there and b) not care! Thankfully they do know we are there, and we have called (the Packers) winning a Super Bowl and I'm proud of saying - like every other broadcaster when they won it - "the Lombardi Trophy is coming home." 

CF: Alright Joe you're in our state for a different reason, and golf is new to you as a broadcaster. How do you feel about coming to Erin Hills and what have you learned about this course so far?

JB: Well I learned it is friggin' tough. We played here maybe three weeks ago? It was about 49 (degrees) and (the wind was) blowing. 

CF: How'd you shoot?

JB: Uh.... a million. 

CF: (laughs)

JB: We played from the back because we wanted to see the whole thing, and I was playing with Brad Faxon and a couple of other people from our crew. I had some good holes. I had some pick it up (holes). But I love the place. We got to stay out here. I think it's a great destination spot for golf. And I swear to you, every tour player that I've talked to this week loves it. From the European guys, I walked with Rory two days ago, to Pat Perez, to Ryan Palmer to Jordan Spieth, these guys really enjoy the golf course. I think that's cool and a good sign. 

CF: When people say that the course is too tough, how do you guys respond to that? 

JB: It's supposed to be. If Kevin Na is going to do a thing on Instagram or Twitter or whatever, and he's gonna moan and groan about the fescue, then don't hit it in there. I mean if it was a lake, nobody would say anything. But, you know, it's long grass. So the response I have is to hit it in the fairway. That's what this Championship is about. 


AUDIO - Chuck's interview with Joe Buck

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