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Nowhere Like Wisconsin.....

Chuck Freimund
May 31, 2017 - 12:56 pm

I get teased, often, about having never lived outside of the great state of Wisconsin. Yep, been here all my life and grew up about 5 minutes from WSSP. The bottom line, I'll never leave the state and more specifically Southeastern Wisconsin. We toil thru endless blustery Fall days, cloudy and frigid Winter month, and the inconsistant up and down weather days of Spring. The payoff, the Summer days of Wisconsin., Yes these next three months from June thru August are about as good as it gets. Sure, Wisconsin takes a beating for being Siberia among those who have never lived here. These next three months are the payoff. There are so many things I want to squeeze in. It starts with golf.. Little known fact is Wisconsin has the reputation for having some of the best  golf courses in the USA even though the season isn't as extensive of Florida or Arizona. Brewers games, day or night. Is there anyplace better than sitting in the second deck at Miller Park on a beautiful June night? Door County....Mid-July in Fish Creek for a long weekend is the best. The drive there in the last 20 years isn't the hassle it once was with the expanded highway. Anywhere in Northern Wisconsin... Northern or Musky fishing anywhere North of Shawano. Casting your Mepps lure towards the shoreline near dusk and hoping to get a hit, is a thrill..Throw in Summerfest, State Fair, and all the County Fairs that invite all the 80's musical groups.. The list goes on and on as to what makes our state great. Wisconsin....the best place to be in the Summertime..  

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