The Golf Blog: Good, Bad, & Ugly from Erin Hills

Joe Zenzola
May 18, 2017 - 1:31 am

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I'm wiped out...

Chuck Freimund and I 'survived' Erin Hills. I wish I could use the word 'conquered', but that does not apply to the rounds we had. 

For me, this was one of the toughest golf courses I have ever played. It also doesn't help my situation when you've played just one round of golf since mid-March. The first couple holes were a real struggle, starting on the Par 5 18th, which can play over 600s for the pros. 

Here's how bad I played the 18th...A pathetic 80 yard tee shot, duffed my second, skulled my third, hit a solid 5 iron for my fourth (At this point, I'm still 200 from the flag). I hit another perfect 5 iron which ended up just right of the green. Choosing to putt it, I tapped it too hard and the ball went over the green and down the hill into a collecting area. My seventh shot barely got to the top of the green. Then, I three-putted for a 10 on the card....sheesh.

Luckily, things would get better, expecially off the tee. I hit multiple fairways (accomplished that goal of hitting at least one), made three pars (accomplished that goal of making at least one par), and I didn't lose all of my balls! (Pretty sure I lost just two).

Unfortunately, our scorecards were incomplete. Play was halted after 16 holes; there were some nasty storms coming in from the reason to take any chances.

I'll have more pictures and videos of the actual round to come...

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