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Tiger is back...but do you care?

Joe Zenzola
October 31, 2017 - 3:25 pm

I care about Tiger Woods.

Yeah, call me a sucker for paying attention to a guy who will never be at the top of his game again. 

Tiger announced recently that he will return to play at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas at the end of November. Woods, who has not played since pulling out of the Dubai Desert Classic last February, has been recovering from his fourth back surgery…Let me repeat…HIS FOURTH BACK SURGERY. (And here is a list of ALL of his injuries, which include knee and Achilles problems, dating back through his entire career!)

Back problems are detrimental to any athlete in any sport. Nothing would surprise me if we see the same old, same old from Tiger…He starts to play a couple of tournaments, misses the cut in those tourneys, and then withdraws or cancels an upcoming event because of another injury. Watching some of the videos he’s put on his Twitter account recently, I was not encouraged by his swing; it looks the same as last year - relaxed back-swing, less club-head speed, lacking explosiveness when making contact. Will it ever be explosive? Nope. His body continues to break down with age; I’m convinced he’ll never be able to bomb it the same way again.

Bottom line, it’s a steep, uphill climb for Tiger…Here are his challenges…

A lack of explosiveness in his swing means a lack in distance, which he means he needs to be more accurate from tee to green. Missing fairways on ‘Tiger-proofed’ golf courses will kill his confidence and his game. We know his history off the tee...it's never been good...

Speaking of confidence, Tiger needs to play a full season of golf without pulling out for health reasons. That’s critical.

Thus, playing more tournaments means finding a feel for your game. Is Tiger going to improve in his putting, which has been a staple to a large chunk of his career wins? There’s always a chance, but he can’t have 25-35 foot looks for birdie. Again, his approach shot accuracy will have to improve for better opportunities to go low.

A lot needs to go right for Tiger just to win a tournament, not just a Major. I’m not confident he can do that, especially in an era where there is so much talent, and so much parity. Can an aging Tiger match the likes of Spieth, Thomas, DJ, Rory, etc.? Good luck with that…

Nonetheless, I’ll still watch Tiger. Why? Because I’m a fan, despite all of his off-course flaws. I’m always holding out a sliver of hope that the magic he once had returns in a smaller form.

Hell, give me just four solid rounds in the 60s, even if that doesn’t mean he’s holding up the trophy…

In a perfect world, give me a ‘Jack in ’86 moment’ at The Masters, where he shocks everybody…

But that’s like asking the Packers to win a Super Bowl without Aaron Rodgers…

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