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Starling Marte returns from 80 game PED suspension

Sparky: "It's amazing to me..."

Steve "Sparky" Fifer
July 18, 2017 - 2:50 pm

It's amazing to me how players claim they don't know how they failed a drug/ped test. After thinking about it, maybe that should have been Braun's reasoning the first time he got caught versus doing what he did.

I chuckled watching him and Cervelli of the Pirates sharing a laugh during the game last night. Both of them essentially got away with it! They're still playing and getting paid just like Marte will be starting tonight. Why wouldn't a player cheat to make more money? 

Check out the story:  Starling Marte insists he still isn't sure exactly how the banned steroid that cost the Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder an 80-game suspension got into his system...... READ MORE


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