Wisconsin's Playoff Chances - 11/13/17

Bart Winkler
Monday, November 13th
Where will the Badgers be ranked when the lastest College Football Playoff Rankings come out? Bart Winkler, Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid, and Radio Joe Zenzola break down how they think the Top 4 will shake out. Plus, what chance to the Badgers truly have at going undefeated? And if they do win out, could they still miss out of the playoff?

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Our regular Joes and Zola maybe tell us bill Schmidt college football playoff rankings come out again. Tuesday night after 6 o'clock in the big question boys is will the badgers be in the top four Joseph I saw you had some concern it. Over the weekend if all burn it. Could be a team that jumps the badgers with two losses. How do you think this is gonna shake out at the top and where do you think. The badgers will fall. I think the badge is gonna come in. Five I I think. I don't see him being in the top four because again they only beaten one. Top 25 team now that's Iowa and they did make a statement. I I think maybe they get into the top 25 had Alex sort of Brooke not made almost gaffes relieve the offense in general not making gaps. Through their game Protestant like fifty to nothing. But I think Wisconsin is gonna react just on the outside looking in again. If I'm doing my top four bars. Ominously bam 01. You agree ability demo on death can clear cut number so I won't do our own little committee here. We're gonna put banner on there for sure Joseph to two woman to say Oklahoma eaten. Miami Miami Caspian number two. I'm OK with either. I think you'd do plate. I think the committees taking a lot of heat for aware they initially put Miami or Wisconsin so they could put Miami it too just to say okay we get it. Undefeated is good. One once November continues to kick along being undefeated. Carries a lot more weight and I feel like that is going to to LeapFrog Miami quickly. Into that 22 spot Oklahoma's don't July I agree should be right Brian man number three if not number two is they're winners and then there's anger football team. And we've they ever A colleagues so many teams on the schedule like that bank and if they come did problem like this in the final week it doesn't matter. Who will play three sold whether it's two or three Miami and Oklahoma are two interior guess vice Versa and then full war. This is where the badgers can get in at number four if they're getting it and you guys think Clemson Auburn and Georgia. Economic claim for number four so Joseph where would you go for. It's either between George or Clemson and I would not be surprised that the committee decides to still keep to SEC teams. In the top four. Range and in Georgia it's. A loss Auburn and if you look at Auburn strength of schedule it's been pretty darn good considering they're two loss team. But then again Clemson I think we have the edge because Clemson beat Auburn. And so of Auburn keeps winning bets can add strength to Clemson even more. In the Syracuse Los it is what it is but Clemson has really done everything else right so I guess if I'm gonna go between those two teams in the clubs. So Clemson have for Billy same clubs and for yet when you when you lose one game and it's at hostile environment like Syracuse with a backup quarterback correct you do is you deserve to have that respect but let's he's gonna have to lose these two title games. Right that's where. Things gave good and we'll get today in a moment. Five would be the badgers for you Joseph and he's still Auburn or Georgia you know what. And I think about it. Georgia had a Wisconsin. George Scott won't how and if you're talking about the best team in the country right now that's their first loss nobody you're talking Joseph the team that got blown out two days ago they run up and down the field they did not look good at all and it you'll get the team right now. You can't put a team that just got blown out on the road in front of a team that hasn't lost to a tenth ranked Auburn get. 10-Q. You got at least put on hold of the Georgia if Auburn just drew Georgia. Auburn six Georgia seven Wisconsin slates are in their five spot and they are sitting in the best position they've been all year so you like Wisconsin fine idea. To me and okay so. It's got to come down between Auburn that a Georgia they just beat him so it's Wisconsin or Auburn an Auburn does have two losses. Clemson right. Hands. LSU team which aren't bad at all soul. But still it's two losses. I think if you put Auburn had a Wisconsin you wait until this week when they have Alabama. This this is definitely not exactly are they gonna garbage always get a bye week yet this first of all this is the SEC garbage week. Went over celebrities Saddam are as yet yet it didn't they play Alabama so that's when you would put them ahead of Wisconsin which. We can debate the merits of that I. I think a two loss Auburn team that's beaten Georgia and Alabama. I don't know because once you beat Georgia and amp that laws mean you like help yourself by beating them but now they have a lot and it's are less impressive. I get the conversation search for this week I can't put it to laws team lower right and but look I can't you guys looking forward. It couldn't have set up better for Wisconsin at this point somebody's got to lose the arguable. If Alabama wins that they're the clear cut number one odious EC championship games get a win and you're gonna have blood on twelve and all Alabama team number one. Is is anyone while he was at that situation job but what if we've got Georgia and Alabama let's say Alabama beats Auburn but he still got Georgia and Alabama going in the SEC championship. And in Georgia beat Alabama Serbia mammoth Georgia beat Alabama by like three points. Look at it right now Georgia is still slated to go to the SEC championship game in the east right in the west. Auburn and Alabama is with a Alabama. So Auburn has a lot to play for in this ambles well. When the first rankings acknowledges being the biggest rivalry council the first Israelis came on and they started talking about Auburn right away. At that a crap that they'd this that this is a very. Possible scenario were on burn could jumping you want to see you what one of those three teams to be dominant. Yeah so we need Alabama to run the table right. Now now now are we had a point Doerr of Wisconsin. Runs the table. Therein are we at that point now consolidating the setup georgians out right. A couple of weeks ago I was Reagan people I said. Did you not control their own destiny artillery teams in front of them. And you can't enjoy your own destiny when people are making it as a committee there's no light. There's there's no a and then beat ball where it is now I don't see anyway anyway. Where they go undefeated. They're not in. I mean you have to get you have to get bogged down Alabama would need to one loss to Georgia. Who ends up with a one loss. And then Miami are Clemson and then Oklahoma I guess there's a way. Don't have to master the stretch but it if it plays out like it is right now somebody's gonna have to win the SEC and it looks like it's gonna be Alabama. Although they looked very very vulnerable against Mississippi State. Is that we agree on that they'll look yeah they looked as vulnerable as they have all season. That looks very beatable in that game but they go in twelve and well they're gonna be the number one team somebody's gonna have to lose that ACC game. And a two loss Clinton team is not gonna get in the college football playoff so. Or reads the reality they are waging a blasts. Southern Georgia would take down Auburn right. And well then that's not as but then do you put a one loss damage team that didn't make their conference title. See I see that that's just like last year it's the same situation with Penn State Wisconsin being in the Big Ten championship game while Ohio State. Got to sit out play with the fingers and again and that way which way it was which is just load of crap. Which was last year though there was no team with a common denominator having your losses in that in that conversation with Ohio State and stayed in discounts right but I think it's an argument would have been made for the badgers had they beaten Penn State had been up moment when one point lead. That they could have gotten in their final four with two losses because of their strong schedule because of the teams that they played against and the fact that they really stated it. Against pretty much ever won even in the two losses against who Ohio State and die in Michigan. So. I there. I think it's very possible guys that we could see 82 loss team whoever it's. Whether it's an Auburn if it's a two loss to Georgia team I mean depending on how everything plays out. Bear could be a situation here will receive a two loss team get in in the final four this year and the committee can look at it and just go by strength of schedule. And and and say that I mean look at a team like arbor it's not like they lost solid third two losses have come against chump teams. But in the process with Datsyuk as we continue to get down the stretch Wisconsin's record is gonna start looking better as of Northwestern's turn it around they're going to be. Possibly in the top 25 in the next two weeks. The mission a Michigan team that's. Coming off a win and they're constantly teams aren't an opportunity to be a ring team when you play them at camp Randall he just beat Iowa will be the week's awful Iowa State that we four. And then you're gonna get probably a top ten. Possibly top eight Ohio State in Indianapolis. Michigan came on nineteen and that AP at least. I think Michigan cracks the top Tony 50 yeah they well for sheer yup and that helps the badgers and acting big cannon through Iowa blown by putting them up. The Wisconsin a bone to put Iowa up the money. OK with Scott the login Tony here's an opponent Wisconsin took care of business. All the way you look at how Wisconsin's played football guys they benefit. Despite outcomes are score differential is still outstanding and Joseph you off all the stats today on the program after David's as the number one defense in the country. It's hard to argue when you have while you're a freshman running back that. Despite a lot of great candidates should probably be on Heisman top five finalist and a number one ranked defense in football it's hard to keep that out of the spotlight. Well I've most of the summit Twitter account over the weekend at reviewed sports ugly arm. Mean the committee has the look at this badger defense and say. What are you guys love to see dispatchers the go up against say. Baker mayfield and Oklahoma you know or Alabama spew. That we talked about all the time it's in football right. I mean you see how Oklahoma State. You know has zero defense when they go up against Oklahoma I mean you're seeing some of these ridiculous shootouts are seen Oklahoma put up points. Wouldn't she want to see is badger. On Saturday that was the most Wallace performance I have ever seen covering this team in the warriors have been doing it's that's him much but. I can't think of another. Just. Absolutely. Perfect performance you can get. Out of that badgered 66 yards. How much of guys come down to developing the players yet Joseph you've set for years recovery team that entire defensive fronts. Alex James state guys and they are now for five years she weighs about the same thing. Spiders these batteries developed in the program. He's he's been hurt though but. And they continually are wringing their own guys so frontier to the same thing that I'll force on the outside or inside linebackers. Older guys in when you continually have been able to develop your younger players getting outs like how. There's a short for the next few years that you get a chance to be in the eligible player this year. That's what sets you up with the name recognition we talk about to get in in years to come. We've done these conversations we've had these arguments over the last couple weeks and they're all under the pretense that. Yeah they're going to go undefeated. We're having these conversations now because they're still undefeated at once daily news you know this is. This is offered nothing but have they shown you now both that you guys. I'd Joseph you first. That they can go undefeated you have to beat Michigan Minnesota who I've for the whole year I've had his visions of PG flak. Not a team I don't think you're gonna vote but I just pulls it lacked. So Minnesota Michigan and vice Versa there are the other way the next two weeks and in the Big Ten championship game mobile wants state. Most likely. They can win those three is that is that of 70% chance. 5030. They won't that they finish this undefeated. I think it's possible. I think we're all just kind of assuming it where's Lorena going to be may get worse resuming are going to be Minnesota. And then they've got Ohio State and we're gonna assume. There I don't wanna go into that game again assume you're going to be in the lose to the united zero. Mark which is Hampton and look. I'm not confident I am not fully confident guys that the badgers go thirteen now because I feel like they will slip up somewhere because. Is badgers team isn't perfect. A defense saved them in the lot in the in the Iowa game there was no reason for it to be as calls is that once. Alice garner Brock is going to determine. How far these guys wanna go apart plain and simple. Alex harbor campy make him bonehead mistakes as much as I defend him as much to talk about how much you know he's a sophomore and he still trying to strikes trying to develop. We're at the point on the season where there needs to be a little bit more progress there has to be less mistakes. I'm just worried that when your in some of these close game situations with some of these better teams. Is how it sort of broke ready for crunch time. Is he going to try and minimize those of us that we're seeing crunch time we have. So I'm I'm steaks come early right I'm just worried. That the badgers will find a way to slip up. I think they're gonna win the Minnesota game that that's the one game were honestly in all some people feel like that's the trip game. They're going to be and so I'm not I I think of Minnesota at the same way I think of Illinois right now the same way I think of Indiana I just don't. And Minnesota could make it interesting but I think. The badgers. But you know Michigan. Is going to be really tough you've got to the top defense is in the country now going up against one another and that Michigan. Really good their offense is an experience they've got some time to develop at their defense is something of fear and if it comes down to. You know a very low scoring game here. Is this Michigan DDB forcing turnovers are vegan meal to find ways to get the corner over because it didn't get the order Brock. That's going to be a big concern so I'm just. And look I thought last year's Big Ten championship game. With as good as the badgers defense was last year they found a whisker and I thought that he was over when they erupt. It just shows how much how much football was electrically but right what I think what one thing that you're you're saying it is a really good point. This Michigan team of the badgers. I hear each other their carbon copies of what what are Lamar right incredibly inexperienced offenses. So our quarterbacks I think outs or we're definitely has the edge over whatever missions in the field. It's who's gonna make of the fewest mistakes and when you're at home. That's an incredibly winnable game. That despite whatever you courtesy of a trap game ready this is the game that people have circled. The badgers and and talked about for months that once you get to Michigan you'll see what you happens to war. Fired up that game. Yup absolutely and I I just think I think to what we saw from the badgered deed this past week. You mean obviously you can't expect performance like that. Every single week from from that you just can't there's going to be situations where the badgers V is just not economic it's going to get touched a good doesn't want it is gonna give up forty points I don't see that out of inspectors the united expect. I wanna put 55 on on the same way. But the thing is the badgers DA is not always gonna be able to Billy lot like he did and at Iowa I disagree I think that defense is that although I. I agree I think is good but the thing is you cannot expect them. Every single time to bail out bad offense and all the silly mistakes all the silly turnovers at him he's you can expect Alex were to continue to make the same mistakes you would and I'd I said he. You like to think he can take a step forward. And make less mistakes and make better decisions with the football. Just look bottom line bark. Bottom line. Would not be surprised at the badgers slip up either against Michigan or they get to the Big Ten championship games but it would not surprise. I think when you look at the rankings at a come on Tuesday night's com. Every team with two loss outside of Auburn is. This is barring pure pure chaos. And every coming up with a theory over there even quieter and everything with two losses as outs barring. Just as a disaster so your your top four the end of the season is going to be. One of Miami or Clemson in new ACC champion. The SEC champion okay what are Clemson beats Miami by just a few points rank as a Miami could get an. You would expect one SEC team for sure. Possibly to. Somehow maybe theory. Mean that's very slim that. Oklahoma then if they win now Orton. So you want them to lose. And the badgers will be fighting first spot rarely. Win at Miami if daily news. Hands. Auburn slash Georgia. I think it's pretty simple EG cheered for three teams. And you're gonna capitalize on the one that slips up. You're cheered for Alabama you're cheered from Miami in your cheer for Oklahoma. If chaos stay on how not caring for Oklahoma. Beat those top three now because well here's the AC out and lose the huge majority does that at all of them need anybody of Oklahoma's got a second laws that they're done. Big twelve is done. DC they're done it if that's their only all now so is Oklahoma U do root for Oklahoma lose. Get them out of there about twelve on the B. We're like the only the only conference that we know. Is is could put right now is the pac twelve that beds that they're done. Done and why here and Washington just lost two aiming to other Washington's out. Mean they're they were the nights or Sunday turning for the weekend and how are you screw USC I I don't know no known Ono. The pac twelve. They can enjoy the pinstripe bowl got their act Allen and Luke and Notre Dame has done earnings Don you stick a fork in Ohio State if they beat the badgers in the Big Ten title game could they get it and we don't care about that that means we lose correct so it's. It would have to be. It would sell two weeks ago but they weren't gonna get in and everyone out it would be. Okay well this schedule but now all the way that it's played out if they go undefeated and still get an. Not now that is a scenario I just cannot force exactly two weeks ago we thought they were a lot of people are going to get my house that they went undefeated they defeated the way things have shuck out. The last couple weeks they are. Do we can all agree well at Notre Dame loss was monster for exactly so was Joseph put Washington that was a huge huge loss. Yeah. That was ordered him a certain degree they blew it again I just I think you're down to seven teams drama Miami a non partisan national lifer for awhile. While I don't they're don't deserve this Alec when they're gonna name recognition that they get and they. Schedule. And it's a schedule every year. And he are generally seven and fighting for. I don't get them this alt national championship loved and it's an ordered while I don't his. Last ten year but had Notre Dame just taking care business and had beaten Miami and just want out there there in their end there and has advised its. And a story and they then held a resident of the charitable Ohio State for a while dating get that second loss to Ohio State team is is really not good guys in and strength that team. Is going to be their defensive front seven. And that's a huge strength of the badgers as well as their offensive line. OK so you're an opportunity. You you brought up the the 59 point shellacking they gave him in the retention image of him bigger problem out like that. Right now I look at that game that's big and she image of game Wisconsin should win that game by ten points. Seoul for Tuesday we think they'll come in around five. Possibly say that. I you know what nothing would surprise me if they if the committee looks and says. Yeah we understand what was Scott's and that against Iowa but still their strength of schedule still not good enough compared to. What some of these other teams have so they they should be ahead of Auburn I'll say that they date should be ahead of a two loss Auburn despite what Auburn's done. The badgers still should be out of them but I would not be surprised of Georgia still stays above Wisconsin. Sina that would be one that I would feels more egregious that you all arbor is that it was Johnson is week I would understand it more. You can now it's just got embarrassed on national and you can't put Georgia had a chance but what's that thing is though. It's only Georgia lost one on ranked teen choice act that Auburn came Auburn can get and so I just. Yes that's very valid but. You can look at everything else Georgia's done and say thanks have a hell or I mean they were number one for a reason. By Notre Dame loss that hurt them right. You'd Auburn just beat up on Georgie you can't eat out errors Georgia had to hire them and that's I was gonna shake out. So either Wisconsin is six UB put Auburn five with Scott is gonna be six behind Georgia. Or they're gonna be six and in Georgia's Sen. Or let's just say that's what would be the absolute guys now with Wisconsin fire for you think for. The absolute highs a committee would put them is for. Ahead of Clemson. Sincere and violence program. It's. And I don't I couldn't see it but that would that I don't I would wait that would have to I don't play any money and they're not five. If they are six right behind Auburn I guess I understand but what what is sold to was jolt. When this first came out we're going to rank the best football teams. This week. This is that these are the best mobile teams of your lining him up on Saturday he's the best teams in football right now. You can't put a team that just got up on national television right. I mean you would not let the committee as it acts spots like. You could still put them outside the top foreign have meant by that was counts and you could still. Yeah. I'm not a huge. And I think a lot of badger fans would still nothing would surprise me from the committee as I learned. Just a couple of weeks ago in the first set of rankings came out guys 61 loss teams are ahead of the badgers. That just goes to show what they're looking for that there are now you know what it doesn't matter if you had an easy schedule. That it's not gonna give you if you're. You're not beating your opponent's on you're easy schedule salad that's gonna be the ticket. That hey you went under Peter regardless of who you beat. So that's why you should go to the final four burnout look at Ed just that anymore the thing is the badgers haven't steam rolled a lot of these lesser teams. And and and maybe that would have helped them more handedly done. But the committee are looking for -- some of the best teams that you beat on the schedule course on the top teams and says that that that was the message and they're probably stay consistent what I would expect the music and system. Soul who was free around 3 o'clock on Saturday because if they lose the Michigan one of us needs delete this from the website. That's going to be and you are gal take care of that for sure our boys radio joke baby teeth Bartz. I'm Wisconsin on Wisconsin. Sure.