Toy Drive Preview - Carrie Sgarlata

Bart Winkler
Monday, November 20th
The Annual WSSP Toy Drive is nearly underway! Where do all the toys go? Bart and Chuck chat with Carrie Sgarlata about how the toy drive benefits foster homes throughout the Milwaukee area.

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Borrowing cooler chuck Freeman RW SSP toy drive is coming up on November 27. And blames farm and fleet six and Ross and in Oak Creek or live out there are twelve hours plus each day all the shows on the fan I'd chuck we're live on their one of the best. Weeks of the year for us because not only do we get to meet listeners vote we get to. We to help on a good cause in the Children's Hospital I know you've been doing this a little longer than I have and it's been. I again one of the best weeks of the year beaver. Most of the time that the toy drive for most viewers we've done this. So while we 6 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday rope there and ticket toys and taking donations we are just so Paris liberty just some all of that. So it's over for a week but it's all for good cause because were. Raising money and we were delivering toys to children's health. If you make donations 1057 FM the fan dot com I've given you can see S out there that's the part. That we love if you don't have a toy that's why were at blames firemen flee or you can buy a toy in the toyland and and come in and drop it off and and we get to me chin tucked in and hear your story here why it's so important and we do that a lot we collect all these toys throw a lot of truck them. We never see. We ever see we never really see who would elves and who it benefits and that's why we brining carries Carolina today was somebody that is benefited. From these toys. Now you are a your Foster parent. Yes I am and you get some of the toys because a lot of the times and people. Have the image in there and it goes the kids in the hospital which he does an innings a huge difference but because now generous there birdies then. We you know a lot of toys and so is Children's Hospital. Is constantly looking for more ways to help benefit more people and they have a community services program and that's where they find view. How how how did you get in contact. How do they know that you have a home that you know for these Foster kids and action toys convenient. Well it turns hospital is connected to the children's communities manner and salad they aren't the largest provider of Foster care in Milwaukee Tony. And because they are not only helping children in the hospital they are also helping children that are in Foster care at the time. We are able to have a little bit of Schering now out with some of these guests that are generously donated by the community can explain what Foster tears for people who may not know what day exactly what that means absolutely. Foster care is at an opportunity for children that are not in a safe place in our area. To receive eighty app placement and allow mean home as safe home and sell mounting data our families can gets. I am and there are fears and order and I welcome their children back to their home in a cease and laughing manner were just there to provide that bit of respite care. At that time for healing of a family if they're going through a difficult time no matter what that might be. With all kinds of problems that we know people face these days so Foster homes and their two. Open their homes and their hearts of the children our community that really area need of a safe loving place to be a lot their families heal until they can get back created by the their families. You and your husband have three kids of your own who messy debt and so that's a lot. And yet you decided you would like more kids and how what how did that come about with the union has been saying okay. Now we've got three kids we want we want more in the house to. Well I aim at teacher and am and that its child act during my college years that really inspired me. To wanna help at some point in time me and my husband and I now without that we were already announced five children a little bit older. Has our children are clearly partners and that's where we can not do that without our children and they love these children that come into our home. We just thought that our CME was able to give financially emotionally. And provide supports to these kid knows until they can get back home because they really do believe it reunification we want these families to be together. And it's just something that we just really felt strongly about doing and we thought that we had a responsibility to commute to the community to do it. It's Crist was timely for Foster kids. I think Foster kids during Christmas time it's a mix of emotions depending on their aides. The little ones and often times have not experienced. The joy of Stanton coming to their house so it can be really exciting time for them in a very magical time for them. Some of the children that are older I'm in Foster care how little bit harder time with that because they understand that they're not with their families at this time of the year they understand that that's difficult. There's some mixed emotions famous their families and yet they know their been. Welcomed by a family that's showering them with gifts and love during the season so it's a range of emotions. Emotions are kids in and we have to be really sensitive to that as Foster parents and and understand that while it's a happy time for many of us it's it's sometimes complicated for these kids in care. To seeing out of the of the family I notice Foster kids seeing. Thinking back to my childhood when I had a mom and dad and three Brothers and we grew up and it was one I want policy don't know that there's. Families that aren't like you and tell little later on seeing. These kids and talking to these kids and like 654. Boy what what they know about the world. Like of some of the bad stuff what did what they know assist. It's it's shocking in a way so to have some sort of program. The Foster care for sure and then and in the toys to give them some sense of of normalcy I guess say it's it's it's good it's it's very good. It is really a fun thing to do and we had to Foster children with us on Christmas morning. And that's been really a magical time for all kinds of reasons and it really has taken the focus off of our family. And what really matters at that time of year and really putting the focus and energy into the Foster children that are in our home at that time. And helping them make a memory and to stealing Nat to have really special time on Christmas morning of fining presents under the tree and and all of those things that often times they haven't experienced in May not experience again in the future. Are lesser Stewart reach up I know you're coming out there was talk of a ball on all the surplus of toys that we get all the donations. And you guys Israel although benefit with the the Foster kittens. Absolutely and so many other families are benefiting as well they. Do you I'm a lot of sorting through the Robin's nest which is a center over at the community to his community area act and where they sort through a lot of the toys Robin's nest collects a lot of gently used items for kids in Foster care. And it's to make sure that when children are taken into placement there is a bag of clothing for them has often times ceased a dream come into our homes with. Simply the clothes on their back and so Robin's nest is a great partner. I in all of this to help distribute the toy use and get them to the families in need. We're talking with carries Carolina borrowing their chuck Freeman won a 57. FM the fan dot com is redefine more information about our toy drive we will be lied and blames farm and fleet. Six and Ross and an Oak Creek every day every shell. 1057 FM the fan 12:50 AM we're gonna be out their lives collecting. Toys the involvement in the Children's Hospital. For you guys. With the you've been so you've eights they had eight different placements of the last three years a K how much interaction have you had in all forms with with the children's. We can't quite a bit of an hour action actually some of the children that have come into our care it had some major health concerns. We've had some dental issues I am oral surgery needed to take place at Children's Hospital. The child we currently have and care needs has councils in this add knowing it's out to which shall be happening next week. And that's all gonna take place at children's hospital and I cannot speak highly enough about to care. The nurses that actors everybody that helps at the hospital to take care of these kids. In Milwaukee Tony whether they're in Foster care or not is just really an admirable thing and we're very lucky to happen in our backyard. For someone who's ever been the Children's Hospital we see the building. Just going up into the sky maturity of this guy who whatever met on the grounds what's the lake over there. It's a warm welcoming place. It's a kid friendly place kids mannered kid focused. And really just taking care of the family as a whole not just a child it making sure that every question is answered every need a smacked. Again I just cannot speak piling up about the follow up calls that we received after the the surgeries that are children have had in the past and and we had to take a different roster talented. Everything was style and the most professional kind caring manner it again we're so grateful we're so blessed to have a break here and in route to a source Hansen. I've never I've been inside the grounds and whenever we talk about kids getting toys for Christmas. I always have this picture in my head on the kid. On loan hooked up to something in a dark room and then a toy comes and a hazard sever ties comment and then like the room shines. Is that kind of the environment that you see at children's. Absolutely I ate again I just think about the nurses the doctors and the staff over there that we've encountered. And it's not even toy isn't even necessary to make it's China it's just the warm and the generosity in the knowledge in the hearing that these professionals have to. Displaced such spine care and all of the kids there is really really truly amazing considering the vests. To those hospitals in the United States that absolutely absolutely so there really partners with the community on so many fronts and which happens in the Foster care we are contacted immediately as Foster parents by. And the eye care for kids coordinators and they make sure that all of the health needs IMAX immunization records are followed. I they need to get a while check exam within thirty days dental care this is you know. Secured so they really wanna make sure that these kids are getting their health needs Matt. Now people will be again the toy drive coming up its November 27 through. Thursday December we will be at blames. Firemen fleet in Oak Creek six and Ross and and we are collecting money obviously to benefit programs like this. And we are collecting just mounds and mounds of toys I'd already people are sending us pictures showing us that they're collecting toys. Now some groups get together. On for a word came just get a bunch of toys some people. Maybe they can't spend a hundred dollars for the toys but they wanna make sure that they get a toy that will be impact fault or is there a kind of toy like got. I stuffed animal or certain toy that you definitely know these kids these are the toys economy and shine. Well the teacher in me always ties together those developmentally appropriate toys. And I think we sometimes sink this tiny bells and whistles are the things that really help our kids grow kids grow but really. I would encourage people to get the board books books puzzles blocks shape sorters. Number work those are the things that a lot of the children need developmentally to growl and to really thrive. Of course I am you know little girls and little boys love dolls and super super heroes are really popular right now. Cars and remote control cars things like that. And I'm also seen some of the older kids whining things like you know and nice pair of gloves and ice pack and typically take postings are granted. But I am kids you know wanna wanna sweatshirt that looks kinda cool and it's and it's what exactly yeah absolutely excellent. I think of kids and only the ninth general but there's teenagers and there's been asked absolutely. And I often times our older kids and kids that are in the teenage years that are very close to. Possibly eighteen out of Foster care system really have a rough road about I had a famine so. We want to make sure that they are treated just as well and the holidays at holiday times. Not just a little ones. I would. I would just by a bunch of kids WWE wrestling yeah yeah I don't know they love those electronic video games escalate electronic. Quarterback can still there's a guy and a building that just gallon for his thirtieth birthday and I've never seen Eric Dyson have been so if he's happy for that time they us you won't. As well but I would think like. Something something like. They can have some sentimental value to. Absolutely and I also think things like Lego is really popular because it allows children to build some pain and and feel a sense of accomplishment and something that's their own. Those are really asked fun gift says well. So when you became off Foster parent carrying it was that. Was a relatively. Easy for your how did you know. How did you know what to do. How did you know where like I'm gonna be a Foster parent where you go. Well I aide I actually went on mine and I just Google Foster parenting in Milwaukee and Children's Hospital is the first thing they came up and so we went to out. Information a class and I'm my husband and I went to that and then we made the decision that we let's move forward and you go to the license seem. Protocols which are pretty pretty intense which is good because you wanna make sure that these children are being placed in safe homes. And and so that was probably about the three a six month process of becoming my tense and then. You wait for that first phone call how would you personally if they audible to acknowledge their three kids yeah apple won't would you say somebody who's suitable. Let's say hey I would really given a chance it is a very big commitment and you really have to be ready to. They completely selfless because you are doing it to help a child. Dad really is coming from a pretty rough situation usually so you wanna make sure you get your questions answered make sure that it's the right time in your life to do this work but. I am really confident that there are a lot more people out there that could be spot streaming giving giving a lot of love to children in our community and there's a great need for Foster parents so. I encourage anyone who asks me if there ever thinking about it. Again to reach out to Children's Hospital reach out to the community services and get the information go to the sessions. See if it's at that time in your life to do that and am get to questions answer sick can make some decisions swimming far. I think it speaks to ride children's hospital and they're involved in this assists me before tot CO. We didn't know much about it and you see you know a driver on EC Children's Hospital the one who chooses guy. But UCL a he's on a light. Not pop up stores I've seen one on our side in Milwaukee and over on the east side and there's these different locations today it's clear. That day. Want to be more than just hospital revisit when you you know pass to me wanna be a part of their community and that's what we're seeing today. Slowly making their goal Estes to help as many children as they can. And as many ways since they can't land there is a great need in our community for that with a faster Foster care any final thoughts regarding this sort of risk is the time with the toy donations. I would just encourage people to come out and I wanted to thank them for their generosity and for supporting the children of want to Tony. We really really appreciated this as the children's hospital and the Foster care services as well. RW SSP toy drive in November Tony seventh through December 1 sixth and Ross and will be at the Billings farm and fleet in Oak Creek. We're gonna be their starting Monday morning at six A amateur. Taking donations and every time we do that there's always it's either the fire department or somebody's there in the donations coming comments so. We've got slimy attack and that the whole station will be out there you can come at. And benefit kids in the hospital kids in Foster programs kids that. You know it's it you you're gonna dump your toy and our box it will go. Somewhere to go home like like Kerry and in a Foster kids carry appreciated thank you so much we salute you so much for having me.