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Thursday, December 7th

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Disease Larry how stepped carried on with the going to be back front. I won't say I think it's crazy or pretty optimistic two weeks and it is what would get violent protest prop so right before Christmas. Rather fortunate on gators boys. Hopefully by Christmas Day. Well it's no turmoil among them Iran. But boy your boy yeah it was his one boy yet the rest those guys aren't a cure but this went when you have a team like aren't like you guys having Golden State as deep as it is does that give me use some leniency to shoot to maybe let a guy rest longer than. He might need to otherwise and as an injury like this. I don't know consumers I think the biggest thing it's somebody's. You know it's stealing a week or whatever any kind of interethnic. We're gonna be a little more cautious and we've had been in the past so it stepped needs an extra day or two and that's what he wants an excellent. I like truly a last night against Charlotte got hit again on his left shoulder he felt discomfort he's out Patrick McCaw. Gold group. Concussion protocol. Would grow because in the right elbow to they had. The other very he's gonna step you know two or three more days longer so I got here so yes that guitar player wanna come back ready to play that will put tobacco. I just certain the other day that NBA ratings are up in a big across the board I wanna say ESP NS of X 32% or something insane like that TNT is up. All platforms are up what what would you attribute that to why the NBA's doing so well early on in the season even with the NFL still gonna. Well Sparky you know even follow along kind of I I really think there are a lot of good young players but more importantly. Boston New York. And LA screens and ball whether they're playing well and obviously Boston New Yorkers surprise LA not playing well obviously they wanna be. But goes markets era which I think really drives our viewership is well when both east and West Coast of gains. I think the intrigue. You know Kyra going to Boston and Cleveland was down and now they've went thirteen grosso a editors and then you take you know like Milwaukee got congress. You know Carl Anthony Carroll. There's a lot of young player there everybody you know Devin Booker. You know Philadelphia you know again another East Coast and there's a lot of intrigue and a lot of different now not just the warriors and out and I think that that's probably. Bright and viewership and to be honest with you Gary knows better than anyone probably in that. In that room there is the fact that the an appellate belt so much. That people are just you know particular attention more to edit and I think we're getting a little bit more viewership with the lack of interest in the Larry. And I I know obviously you've been involved in the NBA for how many years is it now sixty or seventy years. Along tore up our standard thirty day here yeah longtime. I was big circus today it for the for the most part. Did you ever come across helicopter parents. In the NBA at that level of the Proehl all mean I'm nobody obviously is at the level of Lamar balls bars go in the media but. Do you run across that in the NBA behind the scenes with. As they can calls you or whatever the case may be about the kids playing time. Even at that level. Never. I I can tea. There are more looked horrible and Stanley in college and then everybody knows about. The characters are out of that that larger just aren't outspoken often barred there's a lot. It happened every airline these high school kids. There are more Lavar ball aired in high school age you and dictate where they go to college or think there's a pro level I never heard the court thirty. I I I've heard of one other player in the NBA. On that used to get the Milwaukee Bucks who had a helicopter father. That used to bother the NBA if Bucs front office from time to talk about sauce blankets it was that are there now. No but it's I I know I I know what happens by disorder how often it happens that's good to hear that you never had to deal with that no positive. No not at all not at all you know and again. Rarely now the NBA players take so much apparent with them on the cheaply there are closest red high school either Alex. They're college rent that they take care of their parent that their parent or drive in the narrative like obviously mixed signal or call off the charts. The door it feels like Larry though the landscape of the MBA and then orange and you know and downplay this but. It feels like you landscape of the UMBAs guys trying to come together trying to former team. To be Golden State your case you've hysteria where some people who were Oklahoma City. Has been able to do to try to put team together at the citrus course in port. How you feel about Oklahoma City in these are the teams are gonna crop up like Oklahoma City and Boston out east. Well I mean again we we were very fortunate to kick cabinet. Certainly in well documented how we're able to secure him I mean. I think more gates are pouring it that may be our style play. Is is more what people are like watching it viewership Archie. Were very popular on the road actual very popular homework or popular all over the world but that take not only our style of play but our players and you know the accessibility each one of them that happens as greater players and they are so I think. They each unit in a different seat. You know each accused in Oklahoma City Boston they wanna go for Cleveland they wanna go work in her other chief like Chicago it. Atlanta Sacramento you know Phoenix they're building so I think I don't know so much that people are trying to get the super teams but I think they're trying to. Acquire players that can compete at a level where our four best players are that when we get into the playoffs and you know work the kennel where you're out which are seen yet to decide we've got to rebuild and you take the east and west is completely different in east is. Trying to get as good as Boston is this cleat and I think Milwaukee on its way try Arnold thinks they're they're not sure they're there yet all their taxes like out of its mind. Yeah it can't keep up you know we you've got a team like. Out in the in the west we've got Minnesota who you know acquire good players but your point I got almost forty minutes and not. You know how can have 82 acre. But it what are their bubble sent. I stay quiet I was ordered a three and twenty. Yet the bulls won the bulls are are are terrible franchise Larry they're not they're not a good franchise top to bottom that is a a band band franchises. Or it's awful I. Story Sharon to bear with Iraq I mean yeah they're they're they they both have three wins and were in mid dissent and and forever in December I understand Larry I know why no why I cheer for bad teams. Get hammered in that room I don't quietly. It's much harder and boardroom and mark are. How often do that to argue that this may be tired never do that to you guys from a gracious host of we're you know that actually that leads me that leads me to the next question I had for Larry. OK go. Question so backwards or silent partner there must be nutrients or a total rebuilt she's just want to make sure yes don't. You know what there. A multi view and ball for a total rebuild. And that was be the south but I'm not into you in the face like Baltimore. The total rebuild I just don't trust the guys doing it out of like packs and I'd like form and we need in your brain trust there I'm all for the rebuilt. But that does lead me to the next question I can't remember in all the years but I've been watching the NBA. This many teens doing what the bulls are doing right now what the box did a couple of years ago that complete hair down. Rebuild the model that that so many teams are trying right now that the sixers. Are finally seeing the fruits of have you ever seen this many teams just suggest giving up and and say we'll look to the future in the NBA Larry. Well I I think more more portly not kidding obviously I liked it on about eight gold Gary weir yeah you know the relationship he has with LeBron. Well you should there joked that they are a laughing stock and people should be at the bulls but I I will say this I I think what's more surprising than anything it's. I don't actually started at. I'm Ike I cannot believe in Sparky would know exactly what elective. I can't believe so many owners. And and and as far as the scale based step. And that means you gotta get the draft right every year you basically know what's gonna come and play your creative side here until you gotta start somewhere. To build a law. You just look at look at Milwaukee right now just which are looking at development working out right now incredible year probably can't argue in the top five. Of air leaky boats right now today. And what each ticket from the time they got it took to the and yet they're thirteen ten and are on the right and I think they're going to continue to get better. But just how long of a process that is that so many owners and candidates are saying let's do that like that immediate arguably. It's a mean way and it unless you're a large market. And I I guess you're normally a large marketing Goldstein. Unless you're a large market to get three SARS accomplish together so very tough proposition so you really are in a position on the NBA. We had a really out to do it through the draft or through trading get lucky that somebody missed their analysis a book young player and then you hit it. I'm doing right I think of the pistons back with Chauncey Billups and at some of those guys where. I'll Ben Wallace those guys weren't drafted by them they were all acquired in deals and then ready made it all worked so you can do without white org you can swing for the fences like John Hammond it would not as. And hope you hit a home run and John Hammond said when he got him no we're not going to be able to sign LeBron James so the only way we're gonna superstars we swing for the fences and hope we get one. And they get one. And now they have somebody to build from another key is going to be can they continue to put talent around him now getting Eric Bledsoe was a step towards that obviously going forward. But again you have a new arena. You're already near new practice facility I think there's definitely pressure on the Bucs organization right now to compete in the east may not you'll win the east necessarily this year. But deftly compete and he should be right there with Boston and Cleveland. Yup all around LK the other thing to add to that is that not only today content in owners to to do this you know wait through the draft and be patient. But they've also sold the fact that look we're not going to be Cleveland or Boston. Toronto. Washington a great turnaround and I think they will want to jump ball back. They're all look at those fourteen and look. Why do we want him to get the eight heater in the seventh. We got no chance to beat those guys so much weight to LeBron retire and let's wait till Boston. You know who knows what maybe Horford. You know is a good player is three years now and then will compete so. They're buying into that thing and what we find out in India and fortunately it shelled good on paper for one or two years and then they're tired of losing. And fans are turning additional revenue in the garner like you know we don't like this. They scrapped and we go at it just become an endless cycle and it is a dangerous thing because you know looting and continually losing it develops at. And I don't think those are good. Group for the team and I don't think it's good put the fan base to recruit a lot of money. Behind this product in its in its six or seven your window before you're going to be in good it's it's hard to deal. Talking with former Bucs GM and now director of player personnel for the world champion Golden State Warriors Larry Harris here on the Wendy's big joke. I don't think you're giving yourself. And and that organization you work for their enough credit when talking about. Why so many teams are going with the tanked and and rebuild model because I think a lot of people are looking at what you guys have built their home state. And going if if we don't have LeBron James. We really don't have a shot at a championship. For the next three or four years against Golden State so we might as well try to win championships for five years from now you don't think that's true or. Are you know what I just. Again we got very fortunate that you know we we don't grabbed it stepped Currie. And after three years we thought you know what this guy could be the real deal and then clay tile and develop we got you know draft we're in the sack around you get great mongering. But will it count all came together that when those streaks started developing getting better it was acquisition of both it would acquisition of big dollar and created in the trade. Then obviously. Witness you know put us over the target to eighty but in the draft pick develop much beyond week that what we can ever imagine I mean I'm not. Kid needed it we knew that we knew clay and we knew dreaded month we'd like him we thought it could be really really good players to think that level all three of them. When we Grafton note note but. And but I think the other thing that we get missed and all this is its acquisition of the it would dollar commercial livid that group Bogota that. Negating not up actually I mean guys want to come play with a soak. It's that there are a lot of going to have to go right in the draft but there are a lot of things. Acquisition and export it but couldn't getting those kind of players in a creation and so by that what's applicable state couldn't remember prior to that. I think we bought you know twenty years in a row rather than one year when they had you know and Arab League beat Dallas at an eight and then that. There weren't durable a lot of lean years their gold. Are you guys sure come a long ways and you have my own trio of stolen. It hit a. Here and we weren't thinking that tree that broke that helped him but. I think we can do to help Larry yeah. Real quick well real quick facts about bulls or hurt you gotta be your president Ari market in the all right I can looks good and click about a future in this league. Well and again I think it. I was a kid and I'd love making fun of your butt of the news that you look at we got that they have and that's where they're gonna have to shell out you know. A little McCain is not played these standards so people out of sight out of mind. Very declare. Then market looks like he's going to be good just got to get stronger really yard kick and then darted. They think he can be those three guys there you go now you're gonna go get a cop three. Four pick in the number of names that are out there at all yarn. The port cricket match Ramallah but all you are and they're gonna be good players. And there are indications aren't so I don't think Chicago is really got the picture without being on the floor done a full year of where they actually could be had and made the course and works out of normal outlet ordered a couple of they've got some pieces that are OK it's just needs look at reed twenty and you're a player in your in the middle Adidas you're just December. I can't imagine what that gore is going to be like me that that is brutal it's a brutal stretch and then she that there haven't what's gonna transpire that a long long. That is Larry Harris a former Bucs GM now director of player personnel for the world champion Golden State Warriors are good friend and frequent guest here. On the Wendy's big show and a star back Thursday nominee is a Bing Crosby Christmas all's appreciate it Larry thank you so much for the better. Or question your thumb your your keep it league right. Probably LeBron James. Is partly helping the market opened. The funny thing about this as a family well you were thirteen thirteen and her only problem Brian just came out and said that he faced people are taking for granted because he seeing. These polls are what have running Internet site and it's tiring Irving and James Harden and Dan Le Brock and for most of these deal and I. I personally disagree LeBron I think people probably aren't taking for granted in the numbers he puts. Yeah you know what and I and that's why ask Eric that nearly a year. But obviously Harden are being nursed their record and what they're doing. But I Boyce said whether Michael Jordan whether it was Kobe Bryant. And whether LeBron james' biggest need a motor and that's all the music you are beginning go into electric Irene says okay I'm I got corporate or. What is it pains me to say the Cleveland coming out. I'm time right now. That Brad Stephens will out coach Chiron Lou and call around him in circles little this happens if if and if obviously you know they stay healthy Horford got to be their carries got to be there if there or did they don't go out and they don't lose another grass players wins. Yeah he's an. He's a lighter note. I I agree that it it'll be it'll be really it'll be good series of right and what's what stated they are because federal way he played LT I keep a player he has. I'd never bet against LeBron out I don't care who bought the NATO at. 33 Bret Stephens over there on the bench Graco that the coaches they beat mayor it and the Jesus. Lugar the Lugar a miracle that in a seven game series on bet and. I'm Bret I'm gonna bad Bret Stephens all that we'll see what happens well we get employed you know I candles I've done all of them are well. How fatherhood just one last question we're all following is good Maddon yelled yeah yeah you'll sleep a lot daycare brings home a lot of germs that ring get sick off of that's great it's good stuff actually. Yeah ironic that Bill Ayers and fix everything got better. Appreciate it simulator. Later stressed it's not that great bit weird a catalog it's bared down great midwest beggars I. It took and the worst.