Reischel: Cornerbacks will be tested Sunday

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, December 7th
12/07/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW - Rob Reischel of joins the boys preveiwing Packers and Browns.

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It's rob reichel hello rob how are this afternoon. I'm great are you boy well are you Christmas music got robbery one of those people who's annoyed by Christmas music as soon as a correspondent. It already. I can pick it up about now and goalie street week in and close strong right I can't start listening to burst respectively in November. An and and try to carried it through for the better part of two months that that that just too much or that. But right about now it is perfect in it might do it they're pretty all all it though. It got to fund secretly through the eyes and not out at eleven year old kid out though. For me if they don't wanna hear pre Thanksgiving. That's all just wait till after that let's enjoy Thanksgiving and gimme all liquors of music you want I'm good with that. And I I heard I heard you earlier era either top topics that are are artists that date it. John Denver and there. Now there was no John Denver Christmas monetary hat in the ring with OK out. Rob reichel once they John Denver Christmas okay thank you rob let's all around. What's caught up with the with the Packers secondary are they in Evan if cornerbacks to it to feel the team this Sunday. Well they're like dancing brought optically London and brought 36 back of a man. In maybe and maybe mole on safety to corner yeah I know it is happy rob. That they don't eat. Made it with a little bit surprised that anyone might look heartbeat that that that shot. Odds that I really thought it gonna have to play him 1520. Op from scrimmage in in addition to the quirky and not special obviously it put in and I are yesterday. Halted in the early stages. I mean in the recap group you know that that that to street prop that. The course of the week copper for the guys that sit out early practice this week to make eagle but it. Get ready on it is how and you goal and latent heat beat up well with debt. With debt sold are so nice a look at how the Randall at. And caught in that you know out if Clinton can't go right there apple a bit deeper. You only let a guy like that at all brown owner like debt but it. You know it it's a little bit being injured guys that mean because not everybody realized. How good Josh ward was. Be Horry went away for a few years with a off the off field troubles when we're talking about a guy. I don't think you'd agree. In the discussed and probably old too old maybe your AG. Player but he's just that not all that night. I've done it if people at a state greener data you eat it culpable for Ole Ole. And it certainly certainly featured him last week EU gonna be 101214. Target got it. It didn't get it in the rookie tight end has come and was pretty good player it got another guy out there. Or org Coleman. Good player. The problem that we needed it that absolutely awful order it at. All that the Utley but he somehow find a way to do it on Sunday acted it's gonna be an incredible jail. Here. No really will be out and move over to the Packers were quicker and really about Eric Jones and Jamal Williams or Jamal Williams now seems to. Rounding into work at least I saw him doing training Carroll or what he could be. Is is this something that did the Green Bay Packers can lean on Jamal Williams and Erin Jones when other teams know that they're gonna be run full. I have to take that approach area. Just bought you all up all the marquee one when Mike McCarthy tried. Predicted. Take the training wheels completely off a Brett partly after apple. That early. The next game 23 nothing eating at. Our at our offense each whole body art again. I'd were gonna be outside in the number thirty or 35 quarterback in the national football. I'm old guy now that certain ought to absolutely illegal thirty I'd eat. But just thirty or 35 at that. That happened to apps will write the ID. That are in the league they're all come Sunday so don't eat your data on your right right I e-book and really the runner up and eat better. They're allowing 3.3 yards per carry which is incredible it all. Think it got to throw it away with. It. That's all I. At that right out there. Willing to jolt the genetically that's what what coming guide and not let. Brett hotly potentially. This scheme you bought all our. Budget that that that that plan to act and McCarthy learned a lot but. I don't think he can go back the debt. Again even bought strike that strength and that could look pretty bad on the back and eat that I sit there opportunity that they are Utley. To go out Il the teacher at the bit. In the tapping but that might just be too risky for cart it away at. Bat like he did in the tip they. Rob reichel of bombing in football dichotomy here on the Wendy's big shows we do each and every week at this time. A Robin do you if there's anything to. Extra motivation in little more fired up up for the Cleveland Browns for two different reasons number one. The general managers got fired a today got the coaching gets extending Jackson threw. 2018. But is there is that and then there's another thing of you don't wanna be a winless team all year so. Each game is even bigger for you and kind of like your little Super Bowl every time you think you have a chance wonderful ball. Yep but if you look at at Sparky nodded and got extremely hard gain alt support Pittsburgh. And then there actually Cotton Bowl where did you know apple yet treat or fight off. You could certainly make it our debt that this is the most lap. On Cleveland's scheduled. Able to battle won all sixteen team that yet felt like that. At sixteen games died and 78. Ballot Detroit. In what looked at 08. I'll win one Detroit a final chance to winning game at Lambeau Field that evil. I eat street that. Rodgers. Even you're likely would need a second on guys. And actually it remarkable. Just. The second seen in the last forty all year the start the ball well. Abbott paid it back next year or engineer I mean it it's art Wall Street all. Year. There won't want Robert G access the ball. And it's there at all. Apple had eaten up the air that I want but. Also the Albany buddy stole all. Our rightful. It'll be taught to all but only 34 are now all of it shut lap I thought the ball. That hole. It up a break right now I mature equally. Fired up. I alt alt. Serbian hit it straight I want it but I'll call the packer offense. Got out that the other audible. Find his work get Bob McGinn football dot com and on Twitter at rob reichel and every Thursday. Right here on the Wendy's big show males appreciate it rob thank you very much to throb reichel joining us on the great midwest bank hotline tucked in next week. And great midwest bank has been committed to personalized common sense lending since 1935. 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