04/14/18: Varsity Blitz High School Baseball Coaches Show Hour 2

Varsity Blitz
Saturday, April 14th
Mike McGivern is joined in studio this week by Pete Schwichtenberg Head Baseball Coach of Tosa East, and Dean Mlachnik Head Baseball Coach from West Allis Central.

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So you always this week's student athlete of the week was making a difference in their community and their classroom and on the court listening to pick and save high school student athlete of brought you by your local Pickens say are stars Wear Wisconsin saves on groceries. Tick to pick and save CNET who week we have to him today. At first one ever and a bar Rian from west Alice Central Bank could kid. Mom was sick and then she did greatly seeded ball where to meet with him mud this week the handoff that plaque are second. Pick and save student death to the week he is Jeff Mason from two posts it east wallets cosic east. Your motivation for being such a good student athlete worth that come from. Arm well I think as far as just being a student first of all I've always just wanted to learn I've found. A lot of joy just trying to learn as much as I can and every subject and just trying to do my best. And then on the field. My main players that I'm west and my coaches are told limit my biggest motivation for sure. So you understand that it's a privilege to play bass oh for sure it's not a right. No you don't get the right to play you give the New York earnest it's a great opportunity and I'm so glad that had the chance to be hard steel for years its assistance that's an experience. Very seldom does that don't mean you know it's not so it's so that's really cool. Rest your wife ye get married have kids and you tell you Sonny yeah I played varsity for years now so let's go anxious for it and you should. Because it's not it's not something that. You know lot of kids have their opportunity at thirteen fourteen years old there's not a lot of kids that mentally can handle that. So that's that's really cool and I love the fact that you find joy in learning what what's gonna go into what's gonna happen next here do you know. On next year I haven't decided which which calls are going to but I'm going to be going to a private college somewhere com and antegents. Probably English really yeah. You wanna teach. May be at an early now okay. Army did you have options did you wanna throw some of the options out there have you been accepted at places yeah yeah I've. I've been accepted at Roosevelt University Wisconsin with three and written and Lawrence though there's school you got four great options were Roosevelt results in Chicago ran hard. That's can be hard. A young man down in her Chicago. You room a lot sixty descent and a coach go through that's. Look I I personally and through the show Kazaa Milwaukee guy. I would look she's status it was not sneak in played baseball if that's which one do go to college. But man Roosevelt I've not been on the campus but. There's there's a five down in Chicago that ties are to Pete have you been on the campus I have I went down there for all believed OK and traffic was not that of course is known. About that but easier to get to Wisconsin looted you know the coach Scott Simpson right now who c'mon we giver. Forget ripping his hook my and the giver of what was the other on Lakeland Lawrence smarts. It's pretty cool area I've been on that campus school. Yeah and could look weak it look I'm a 100% Irish and my final decision and everything is always maybe. So good luck reconnect decision I'll see that's not how you doing with this being his last year you do all right. I'm looking forward to it a thing of the fund Washington played discuss like he says he's confident and I think he's got you know good people behind them so it's going to be disease and and like this snapshots of implants are being should for a death. Is that he says you get the camera out and they could for your plan to be out there and haven't the crowd gets in new attitude so there's a lot of a lot of parent involvement which helps. Do you think he'd be the same if those in spring launch. I don't. I've missed that summer experience it's gonna be it's going to be a huge change dismiss and that that's how I feel I think that the crowd like we said before you immigrants in effect some things Jeff could jewel played out and in that annul late at what level you why are so I. But there's opportunities some kids are not playing for their high school team user plane for traveling team or they're going to a club and I. I think that. That this tinted kid played you with your high school teammates your classmates again as you grow up what. There's something special about that ethnic ADT have you had the opportunity to play an answer travel teams and stuff. I've never religiously searched out the outlook for child team practice being with the people. School that's been like the greatest thing for me just playing with those people waiting to know the batters people. Size and literally just wanted to. Yeah a child human voice as one to be with the people and I'll keep played the next level if you wants to negotiate indefinitely. Yes the next level and I think his what do you say to that experience that they have. This group. Always has been really close together. We're gonna targeted to coach watching about that to win come when we are talking about baseball is he agrees with us. And there are some been some guys over the years during the show that is decided. To. Now play for their high school team their senior years her junior affect a couple of my new software you people came back. And said look I'm sort they apologizes team said he sorry. We out Mavis sake we come back and play with you guys. And so I love the fact that that was important view an early age she's are all guys you grow up with. Via these in these guys don't go to war with you know basically yeah. And like that. But Marquette how the how that your view this year do you have any idea or they're always a good team and an accurate but in a good fight and 330 fives 500 boys choose from right and I know we are seeing that we don't appear to match. He you know especially into coastal west to get them at all. They just moved into our conference that SO and twice this year. You know the coach over there. Death penalty if Monroe. Is Steve Mason could be your number one he's our he's very he's going to be so he looks at the calendar in the schedule he knows. OK we play Marquette as care known throw on there you go thrown there. You but if you head back to back key East Coast west to Marquette and he's it take the ball for one of them we take no for. All. I don't know that's a tough question I might I might just to toast the west because that's the game that all of our fans like. Really in it for us the game that's most important between players and I think we're always gonna have a chance to beat market later conflict playoff time it right. So it might be better says save save that for off for a post season. You go to west Seles hail west hello central and we'll talk to watch sick of it ever was still here. Debt for them to. Is became he's just want to be able to walk down the street while we're toaster in the summertime ago would you look at that. We just Picchu eleven enough and don't say anything to me right exactly yeah and almost those guys. Not a lot of them actually but I'd do at Ford's face like his that are close to us love our team it's pretty wells for play. Do you anything different would you play against the mark Snyder to in your for you to those words that just for our conference's. So crazy with. With all hooked with the creek with mark at those that. We get up for its running game so we know that we have competition coming every. As we know it's tough conference. It's. Right this is start though creek and mark it's is at oak Oak Creek America that are. Oak tree Marquette falls Franklin was once it it's it's tough every every day effort and about falls vision forget about it walls they're tough end. Yeah we had to retire whenever it. Envoy that community you're so lucky that could throw a little bit and I got to be in by him to doha I bet you don't well I got in the helmet. It's still are picked it's a student that week and you have to get here you know where you are and everything that's good. He his father a big fan of his debt and in a period came in studio and yet using views on it was fun to watch a chance watch him throw bull that last year Illinois can see I think he would get through the Friday. That pitcher when he is a big deal and in here of really good year right that conference is its toughness Franklin's. There. Had always used that same goes all the way there I was still there yet. He was on the warrior and oh really video. I I late talkative and he's forgotten more about baseball the most about whatsoever now and I'm he runs a route your program that's for short. If this time your what do you Jeff what do you do indeed to see share pre thrown a couple times a week or what do you do. Yeah I'm we have open gyms on Mondays and then we have this for school stuff on Wednesday's sun always thrown for those and on those other days sometimes going to the weight room running if I can just getting ready for that season especially now. He we head down there's a guy right we did a baseball shall years ago and it was all guys that are you know my age still play it. It is a cat that Tennessee's John Arnold. And he's I don't know if John's seventy now but he's still like he they've they fly him. Our brother plays alive 354555. 64 still catch it but John Arnold is a big time pitcher in the east thanks. And they said you did you ice after. He said never. A sweet he said. I go lift weights at ever after I pitch that's what I do. Never had a look at problems with any decent I've done it for years he said I get done throw on. Boys going to have a bureau whatever they do is an older guys and are they can do you can't that they can't. And then he goes right through weight room and he gets a lift that and he said I'm telling you that's what were worked for me. A no no shoulder problems no bowel problems on that. No I think sophomore year maybe. I just got little run down seasons. I've never had like any pain any sort it is a tossup. Then we'll keep it keep them loose what's the English are what do you. Had no Hollywood who I'm not going to be working for you then one day but. What shall what do you do with an English major that's that you wanna be owned. Well I just I love writing and saliva I've just been looking for something akin put that right in part into and so more of a conflict journalism. And smokers involvement marketing that sort of thing got so I'm not exactly sure I'm doing after college yet. But if I could incorporate something with reading bickering and be awesome get a prom date why senior Baltimore. And a who's gonna pay but I mean we go with Alison Alison so I guess a few nice girl out good yeah we have a newspaper put together. At top and your news computer club up and yeah multi sport athlete not just just the baseball and then you're part of noose river flow out on. Well I do film club a compliment my favorite club is yet via its it's not an area that's not a big club or school but it's definitely the most fun. These kids you know what I love and again to guide before you haven't really involved. It taken full advantage of the high school experience. And he's had he's deeds that's perfect right in in miniature unique urged him. To get involved in the high school. Raised condemn busy and you know kids can spend a lot of time and accounted Allman he's he's trying to keep busy at school. Tom's brother sisters I have a brother who goes to UW green OK was he baseball players while now he is totally opposite of me really yet he doesn't do any sort of sports it's definitely swimming but he does that like recreational. Ties though a good student. It's really Smart cook for him. They do you every Green Bay at school campus. And underneath another. He have you been there with two good. So you never have to walk outside when it's cold. Yeah I know that I've been there but I've never gone through the tunnel system yeah I think that's the it's actually four of which give have to step outside that gets kicked you don't want to. He is Jeff Mason four year starter at associate east he's their number one pitcher so if you give you listen me from Marquette or to coast so west. Understand. It's projects probably knew you throw fastball. Pitcher you would jump pitcher order I mean the sick with a fastball slider curve balls and I got a changeup over the offseason finally itself. You know if the weather was nice Rico play strike that out teach you how deep now I'm just kidding I came here softball anymore. He Jeff viable context here this week and probably will meet at the metro market at the new metro market on State Street. And double figure out even networks you next week and the following week. Whatever works for you guys and other afforded to him this plaque off to you we highlight on celebrate. Good did you do in the classroom. On the field in your your community. You when I ask your coach to bring me QB good ambassador. For this whole the whole wallets host's school district in and dissect that they got. So Jeff Mason congratulations thank you very much pat thank you for that yet you that's that's nice to meet you as media you Berry get trooper got to set tiebreak I swear retired baseball. Two women had to wait team a lot sick right away I'm going to wait team alive stick. And pizza sweetened its what Edberg and close doesn't baritone seized. Sweat because that threat that's a judgment call that real conflict should Wear it that's so much easier to. This is the Pella windows and doors in Wisconsin. High school baseball coaches show presented by a local pick N save stores are sports 31057. App from the band. And I news. News. Oh welcome back to the Pella windows and doors Wisconsin high school baseball coach shall presented. As always by your local pick and save stores on sports heard one of my 7UP from the fans. I'm Mike we giver and we've kicked everybody but the coaches out. That was fun though that was really fun I really appreciate you guys help would be out with a conceived student athletes of the week. Paris or comment because they elect beat around their kids which are really like. In studio you're right now deem a lot check head baseball coach at west L essential and peach would convert. From toast east and that's that's that's pretty good short short on. Guys let's talk baseball now. We just touched on the fact that that summer's going away and I wanted to kind of talk dig a little bit deeper into this thing. Your concerns and M and dean let's start with you your concerns. And any changes you're gonna have to make next year to per what you been doing is what. Well the biggest concern for us I guess right now is that. Palin cents on each three teams who get six teams to figure out games on two fields. In also the city west Alice scrambling right now under Gannett try to get at least one more field. If that a second choose a comedy dollar gains in order a softball has. Freshman and Abner excuse me to university and javy so. They have fourteens portal between the two schools playing on four feel sort of makes it very simple so. The biggest concern for us is going to be practicing and a baseball field instead of in the gym walls spring. And then investor concern for us. Kosher by U. After us since. The lower levels is the ones that you're concerned about wheat bread though we have we have turf which really helps some word sure that we're gonna get a lot of our games and if that's not. Like it is right now right let. Being able get their games and we're off their canceled somewhere usually what happens is varsity moves are games to the fields of being able. I feels find ways that we vehicles lower levels to play all of their games well Joseph a freshman and she gave me a freshman JV two's. Yes first managing while how many kids your program. That you order it'll vary from year to year. I try to keep. Everybody if you can but you know it's summer between forty and fifty and were all the same yeah 45 so healthy. You know it's because a lot of but when you talk and it football. And I can talk basketball. You very seldom on the basketball team GC team that has. 5678. Seniors because so it's those kids that are. You can beat twelfth through or ten through fifteen here's senior enough and I can play anti amendment that the next time. Kind of time and sweat equity so for for programs like yours where you've got. YouTube cut by the way we do we do have that's OK yeah so you've got enough kids and that that is competitive. You know that's that's good sign most teams your conference or freshman JV and vote yes everybody everybody in parts Basra and think. Well we move the woodland this year and right I believe everybody because they haven't looked that far. You know if every team does our producers and you know I asked. Evidence and I asked actually asked Jeff. To coastal west or Marquette. It's what if for you it's west tale for your poise right. Absolutely. I always start off season and on asked the kids when we are no agreement to conference and I said would you days prefer to go. 228. Or Tony and to. Lose the hill toys go between to become champions are going to and 28 but be hailed twice tea and a lot of kids who responded radical tune when he. If so more important for them in next game drives me crazy sports. Did you know that come and and absolutely not and no idea we we've asked and authors and it lights that do and that's Siler reporter for the high school football game of the week. We asked the first couple years we went to Wes Allison said way give us that team. West does central west Alice hill. And they wouldn't this week a move that offer Friday. She you can play that came out of Tuesday morning that nine. No clock and you would be packed his and they said so we haven't gone back you we just a couple of times two or three years to roll. They turned us down. That is made for TV and I don't care if both teams have one win or whatever. Because everybody's at that team and these kids are playing their backside top because it wanna lose to hail and hailed as well lose central. That's perfect for what we do want Thursday at lights and soul who severed in charge over there if you know them. Say why would you let them do that I think he'd those kids deserve that team deserves a Thursday night game. But now we've moved down we have a call them last couple years is because they've they turned us down and nobody really turns down anymore. Which which is you know or their word and for. Who I think has to be a game a week and should be violated because it is of you'd need everybody comes out of the woodwork with cellist that they could they wanna see their game hey I did I do it segment for a on the quarter chime McCarron I do sports segment. And we're in west Alice. And we did it in we ate it felt perfect where it was baseball. Did baseball west south central West Coast now. And I had a west Alice. Hale Jersey and to keeping HEV medium thank you much noise. Adults eat that ad and they good news for coach Riley was coach of football there he'd be a central jacket that fit. So I'm walking in with a central jacket but I got it hailed sure not a and that's what we did this segment out. I stayed watched part of camp it was amazing to meet the energy level that high school baseball. Absolutely I mean I I can't leave the energy level for the baseball games as well and my brother is the head coach for best bowler was so essential and he said it drives them nuts that we did a whole school as an uproar in order week building up to the hill central game. You know if we can get those kids to play at that level. Every week. You know would we be decent. To get via an I don't know how to do that either. You know if we knew how to do that. We I guess who we coaching. So Murrow or something and get a whole lot of why no they pay you really well it's at qwest center but have you guys are historic and it's easy there are over there we don't get paid that effect active bill. Changes you've seen over the years do you deduce a long time and and and peace you know if three years doing this but. You know I've coached a long time. A change you've seen in high school baseball over the last. Twenty years. Well would you say. I guess the biggest change is there's more opportunities for kids play. You know I think Gardner family used to run perfect game USA it was a would badly there was in the spring and fall. I wish there was still around it was a phenomenal league for the kids do extra baseball. And and get noticed. Is you know own eyes on plastic club teams now. A really pulling in parents. Saying that you gotta go here here here you know travel all over the country if you want you can to get noticed. And I disprove that because of the fact that. If you got a kid you know everybody labels always. And I really believe that the deal would accuse or do you want that to get drafted. The only either go spend that you know 1020000. Dollars a year traveling because there it looked anyways. We got a areas don't herta king junior did I gave army caused and he had just played told ceased to get a kid throwing mediate the ninety's the lefties six. Three guess what he's going to be a two game that it's gonna get all of that right. Just my opinion and that. And then the kids that and we had this conversation and I agree here but when when somebody says him given baseball scholarship. You don't get a full ride your did you get a partial partial and so for the parents suspend the kind of money. If in. Look I agree with you a lot when you said look if they're gonna spend a little bit of money. Go to a place like next level Coco go somewhere in there get bigger stronger faster yes. But to spend that kind of money that you're spending. To to travel all over the country. To get a partial at eight to you know division Chu to reason three it's better be academic you're not getting anything correct. You're doing it for these kids to have the experience OK but don't want to would think and we're doing this were betting on the come might. Receive we get all this money. Or you said that Jeff Mason they're you know undated it's really true is. The parents that choose to do that they take. The opportunity with their child playing with her high school classmates to older people there a C 51015 years on the road at the reunions and schools are guys you grow up with and you see every day in school. In the you know take that away from them I had you know I'm not a fan of you know everybody to do what they want but I'm just not a fan of it you know and I have. Nephew to play for us last year I think you thought it was the players hurt and watched it and you know he never did any of the EU stuff for anything he played high school baseball. Played basketball he felt a little football is great athlete in here is you know got a partial scholars scholarship but at the two school as you know universal's fast apartheid last year so. It worked offer him. Really well for exactly if he got good kit that. Competitor competitor with a much inserts in the blood line. Coach round and ask you these same questions on the other side of break. Could you come from a different angle you know look younger young gun debt and I wanna get Shura feeling on travel teams and stuff like that will do that. Coach wake from tocchet east team a lot checked. From west Al central by special guests will get these guys. Again on the other side this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin high school baseball coaches show presented by your local ticket save stores. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You Aaron and so. Walked back to the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin high school baseball coach show presented prior local pick and save stores. That's portrait of 1057 FM the fan. I'm Mike the giver alongside two coaches too high school baseball coaches. Peach Witten short Hamburg for toast east team watch that from west Dallas central. He compete let's get back to what were talking about travel teams. You know stuff like that what what's your. Feeling on this you played it was announced Luther College. On the so we do when you're in high school which wasn't that long ago. This stuff and all star crow yeah a little bit yeah did you have the opportunity to do some of that. All mainly just since rear spring we played with Claire regular season and then we were in we've had legion ball all of that was that's what what we had during the summer so us here. These what we your post eighteen which we played here. On an and we traveled around like he played we can turn immense as a candidate here in legion ball around the seeds used it is and we. We would always not keep our senior so we're Ellis like the young young group always going through real and a. So as those ideas for that around the corner we're up and I only remember. But the and that's what we talked what was your legion this guy coached their high school team and their legion team and they won a national championship two years ago. And he said look legion ball. Since you guys can never get it big you want to be a perfect day but it when you go up north it's. It's crazy it's the thing that'd reap return and it's an apples and analysts teams worked. Nearly ready yeah so I assume that's what you did come in the indicates that your your your coach and some of these kids have a chance in any you know we talked to our opinions save us to death in the week Jeff Mason he said look I. I never really pursued because I was wanna play my high school team how would you. How would you talk to kids about the have you watched any kids. We've we've lost one or two throughout these last couple years. On and I think just the thing that we talk about is just kind of like what Jeff was saying with. Experience I think is huge honor our program we've been really the kids have been really close since I've been there via. And I think just playing on that team where you're gonna play baseball slugger playing with but bicycle team you're there with guys that you grew up with late dissent and you can see the closeness that are guys have they love being around each other they'd. For summer ball we get up to the field. We start BP had to and there's guys that are getting out there at 136. Out hanging out their hit into and stuff and just hang around and laugh and with each other in all after. Let's think that that look I don't know enough I know and alive but AU basketball. I don't know enough about but I don't think that happens with some of those travel teams I don't think that's a room for each other the root against each other on their team right. I would sell don't think your plane and did try to move up in college then trying to grow with the guys that you've been with forever. Indeed you know what team this is more question I think there for you the PP you think you find any interest in show that if you call faith in his own had a coach John from. Of football coach from their mission eastern Michigan I think was. And and I asked him eight kids have changed over the years don't think. And I just fully expected him to go yet you know he's had no I don't think so I think we've changed and that's who remain. He said look when I first started as head coach just twenty years shall. I was single I was on the cool guys. He's now I'm 44 merit at three kids and on whose get up cracks go home with some kids they haven't changed I changed. He said it like they get into a little trouble different ways there's two there's less social media involved. And stuff that they could do. He's about and they're still not cool yet but in that same way I was when I was that age he's I've changed I'm not too cool young guy anymore. And and I ask you do you think kids of the pitcher coach and they changed a lot over the years. I don't think soy united I sort of won almost won me. I got married young so. After clinical leader of the palace they got married whatever and I don't think because chains that I agree with his statement we have changed in on. I got my coaching staff it's essential as these we family. You know made up of like my son David was called geo and less than Dino. But subtle Krista even in my nephew David elastic. They all coach with me they are now the cool young guys on this kind of an old guy that they put up with who I am. Some lucky to have them around there a lot of baseball knowledge they're so. I agree with that statement from the guy from Michigan it's we have chains is people because we are older we have different views on life but right I think kids are seen. Say same question. Can be excused your holding you with Communist author who are you really did. OK you know you don't know Amazon's digital what are you gonna. Your thoughts to us. Yeah yeah night a thirty to view the anyway the kicking somebody suggested that a lot to users can read me you permit carrot out there but Pete Agassi question. But it I don't think that they've changed at all and I don't look at it like how he was talking about his staff and I'm an actuarial it as a must have looked that had. My high schoolers that have graduated have been may wanna be a part of the program one abuse CC. That they have that want to get things better and we have. That's the thing that's another thing pelican in the spring that low moments a little bit is having those guys be able to come back as much glued to your systems are right now we have a Spencer meticulous inflated. For us two years ago. Our Ricky Serrano played with us last year. I know him Bryant Denny and javy was an assistant he played for us two years ago Johnson who played two years ago so this meant you were undone and her Arizona and then from Kosher is via other system that retired I. Regular minutes with a steal yeah that was sort of the old guys. From. Our own s's question you can say no comment will move but. Did he go for that job. Oh no he didn't he did not know regulate and where he was that me as I stated yes yes and you did want. Is it open it up yes yup and then realize that you know what the best candidate sit right here in front of us. Of you remember that they got that call. Yeah I pretty good dip yeah I was driving home and got to read as appalled and got the calls those pretty excited about that and just wanted to keep. He sounded right away instantly said no and I mean were you gonna work and you don't teach in the building. I teach at same Lucas which isn't if you okay it's long commute yes. Yeah that'll be. In spring what what your grandma fifth grade okay and I'm our athletic director too good for you. He could school yet we do good work group yeah it would would subject to teach everything also yes so alike have been there. On this is my first you first you don't fifth grade I was the fire a teacher today for a while they look very. On super studio fifty davis' mind. If you're there'll in in the school single married married yet what is your wife sent a Stacy she listened yeah if Stacey. Thanks for listening and he's doing a good job. He's a nice man any kids artsy kids really of two year old named Stella and then six month old Clio compact at his so. Move your visit red states he's busy taste yet during the baseball season since the user group Jersey and it's. Fairly our whole family is pretty much over the field premise for every game which you really cool that is. During the summer it's your dad around pedophilia yet and so that's based on yet gotten. He coaches akin stuff he did for a little bit and with the league and we've had been brewers stick with me for those vote for and this whole show. You know that's on sly and the family stone it's a family afraid if you guys it's off the only step as you guys that's that's really got. I like that part you're dead. You talked to after games about. He should've pulled them one inning earlier. Why why would you good run that situation who understands the data we talked about stuff you see innocent yes what's his name Annette net you did good this is a nice young man. There's no doubt guys are skewed to break. Other side of the break we'll continuing in close up we go one segment left on the nets these guys for predictions in their conference. There shaking her head on your neck keep me from us as would their ticket. Well wolf find out this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin high school baseball coaches show presented. Our local pick N save stores I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And I and it. Use. Oh welcome back to Pella windows and doors Wisconsin high school baseball coaches show presented by local picnic save stores. Our sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Like we girl wants said the head coach had toast east head coach yet what's Ellis center coach whipped. Coach we'll watch nick guys new conference for you dean. Don't know a lot about this these teams rights of fire suited to handicap that that race. It would be a tough. Pick for me because the only team that we we know we've played two teams from the would let actually threw for a sure way to. Early and a near would be at tournament and we played. Would know in the regionals and we played screened on the regional final. And so if I would go based off of what I'm hearing and I you know I know Kevin he also the great job of pies and I. Person related to order going to be are Farrar along with green you know I think. To hockey you know what I'm hearing you know. Yeah it's it's pretty some good baseball in ripping problems. Your conference to make you start with Oak Creek and work out Chrysler Oak Creek at Marquette on and then just. On the weak German towns added this year too so another tough enough on west west as an may games there. On the yesterday with a creek in Marquette Franklin Franklin falls Sussex was really young legs aren't going to be cats Broder of centro it's Malone is here and a half and I absolutely. So there I mean everybody hello I want no part of that conference. Well off beat what happened summertime that. Arts for next spring we. Franklin and Oak Creek are moving to that SEC conference. But then everybody else has maintenance or if we're excited about that is the competition we face every day when we get to the playoffs that is. Really fun because we know that we've just been through a lot of rappers seasons really tough so yeah that. He what sound how many nonconference games you guys get a much you to play coach we get the play this year eleven you have mall lined up yeah. Here you go public union we have seven as we have. With our average gave them too cumbersome as well so we is a U seven opera sermon yet how many pitchers were you have on your roster do you think. Sure I have. F four starters right now and and we have a vote bought seven or eight total you gotta have got sick and cronies to her roots while what you coach. My top seven guys back from last year on the present your set yet on the middle infield you have to look for some snide. Got a kid that's been playing for me since later freshman years his junior this year period athletes are Roush is going to be prefers its short and in and in order my. Top pitchers you'll be in number one or number two would be any honest to be also probably their second baseman. You know front runner right now right you know and nobody's guaranteeing anything until cracked on the 23 center field he good idea. He got anybody in my I do have some kids in mind though that's probably our biggest loss in Diana my nephew play out there for four years is true. He made it look really effortless. Missed ours defensively I thought he was one of the better conferences. Africa that are all dealers in the state you can't really well. So that'll be a big. Phil for a civilian and you know that you gotta be strong up the middle you know and I always had cheered that are middle infielders and then you can kind of fill in the pieces on the outside. You hi guys a little bit iffy half to yes com. Yes and speed up there absolutely are in center field and yet if summit at the garden. And write down a little but how much you coach yet we have our middle we have Tim fierce two's. A senior fluorescent played. Source suffers in the last year and he'll be playing their pretty much you do against a little bit yes evidently. On. Second base a couple of guys that would fill in there than center fielder Chris here's pretty much is a junior this year played there pretty much every demon software users who catch you you you've got yeah target us off Ortega rally and then prime main enemy or other catcher. Yeah so it's nice to have Jeff mates who smiled when he talked about both those guys must come yeah modems Arenas that feels good with those and on the lineup wise feel pretty company guys who hit the ball will put this here. You know we always look so great occasional who's going to be a player on the field and not look good Nikkei has come a product well maybe now we. I am really excited because the kids have really put a lot of extra time this year you can really see kids in the program buying into it the junior class I have there is phenomenal. Member really excited for the opportunity to play this year and I think because there haven't nice year mets' fifth. Yeah I think definitely are as everything masters we get behind a lot of games and I think. That post is Ron can help as we are able to get some weeds and this offseason in the markets on we've been going since September basically twice a week open gyms and there's they're ready to go hey if I am here if I ask. You're you'll are you let's. You two guys on any end in hill long ball you hit it run tire you a list you'll bases were aggressive we'll kind of baseball coach you off we're aggressive you know we're going to be. We're gonna be running remove and we're trying to get. To put pressure on on the other team in the same question same answer he offered us similar. Is it is that most teams are like that now are there some teams that are going stays in station. No I think everybody tries to create a little bit of torn yeah yeah if you got a catcher you've got a pitcher nick and pick somebody off. But I that's that's a huge play capsules have these games you know if they you'll. Outfielders are hidden cut off and you know that's the tough part with with high school especially if you can a lot of time outside. You know kid these kids to learn. Baseball is a lot out of mind stuff I think you know what if you go to if you go into a baseball game all fired up. You guys just relax and play and you've got to remember were your thrown re thrown to. You know I had I hate guys it's a look I don't mind a mental error physical there it was sheriff is clear. But meant no much clears. That lineup priests forced laughed through the base disposed to throw to act up the base of both and that right now community talk I'm at second your short losing the ball it's back to pitcher who's got. You know that can step in and just communicate in in if you do that you're going to be he you'd be fine one of the other issues that that. You're looking at once once. Everything goes sprees is the lack of umpires. And EU viewed talked about Harkin an umpire a prior those guys understand that this could be an issues ball. Yeah I talked to she's our commissioner and a with a conference call fellows and he's an official himself and then he assigns all of them and that's is probably his biggest concern is. You know how we're gonna come up. With the officials for all these games in our once. What's your second rain outs noted the issue did you have as you got. Girls' softball you can get it in an hour an hour in the make more money. Then you do a high school baseball game that takes to ramp followers know which the officials I wanna blame them you know I'm a manager mr. road to a softball game. It you know quicker and make more Perot. And and illegal cross town do another one you know that kind of stuff or go do some mutant league were you doing three. And you're getting paid yet quite a bit more up and others in heaven future slate meet. And you were watching reality yeah absolutely maybe you have you know you just sit in on the oil on all the other Brothers they have pretty cool that but I. Or say that I'm over there is some brother was a scout cookie and he can get after you get out and absolutely and you want to about a basketball or a great teacher to game two or you know program program that rattle around in an option yet Erica disagreed she can't light up. He you know what in and take you for saying that because really should plug that low that that fastball rap program that they do. They are really teaching fundamentals. I there's a couple of programs out there of basketball that I'll highlight mocha that think they do the right way up in their wanna bump. And and and Erica and Scott Nancy those guys you great job with that. And I agree with you noted that it actually teach the game we're allowed a new programs this horrible and go play and try to get the best kids anybody can win with the best gives they actually teach in the game and many do all right those are the guys saying you look at these players arrival you can develop any album right thing you know you'll get a game shoes and airline ticket you can. Can you tell I'm still bitter. Do you think I forget it I get it I guess I know you get that there's there's no doubt. You're you're excited to get going on death when it already is when opening day as this 13 trounce. May fifteenth OK if radio right around the corner yeah does that give you enough time on the army these tryouts we have to. OK and so that. Hopefully we can get outside for both that's that's usually the issue and make it cuts in person we do you know every unit every player in the program a person yeah I think it's important when same dates and days for you right yes and you get two days tryouts and then. He's cute after and get after it and you know give forties and get ready for his first name to a and M here. Going after every deal yet there's not a lot of practice time after that right. Well your precious time that release earlier the BP when you order before gives you sort practice and our games and and it's. What is you vacationer and someone dollar life. That's that's the agreement that we go we haven't been able to get prolonged stay you don't Stacy Lewis or go to target the government gives you bring Edwards or take our case to rescue those two little ones you get lucky enough sleep. It up again. Yet I I envy you I and Buick Stacy and tell you it's. And you know what said he would say the same to you got a lot of creeping so forward to absolutely in the if I I missed some of that. Those three great kids across street that's that's awesome. But men or something and you're the you're gonna ever once why you mean like I can't get to that soccer practice get to a known for you don't tell miss any of that setup. Paige good to see you again they they are to come and a coach to you that you. That's good luck to both cease to let west are essential great student athletes who we you guys probably thank you for that as well can I give a shot. Do you do a great job with the high school kids in promoting it and I wish more people would listen to this and give you critical days is really is nice make those kids feel awaited did today they felt really special and that really Internet at W and we really appreciate what you do thank you very much you know you've baseball coach will be weird but that not so bad that. I think skid guys thanks so hot I appreciate the kind words on Q I really do could but this year autopsies west so essential this is the Pella. Windows and doors it was cuts in high school baseball coaches show presented. Fire local Pickens say stores hunts for treaty 1057 at them the fans.