06/06/20: Pick N' Save WFCA Coaches Show Hour 2

Varsity Blitz
Saturday, June 6th
Mike McGivern and co-hosts Tom Swittel, former WFCA President and current associate head coach at Arrowhead and Doug Sarver, the WFCA All Star Game Chairman and AD at St. Francis. Hear from coaches from the recently canceled WFCA All-Star Game throughout the show. 

First segment: Dennis Goettl - Head coach at Marshfield/North Large coach WFCA All-Star Game

Second segment: Jim Kenesie - Head coach at Kenosha Indian Trail/South Large coach WFCA All-Star Game

Third segment: Matt Schoeneman - Head coach at Mercer/Butternut and North 8-Man coach WFCA All-Star Game

Fourth segment: Brandon Wiese - Head coach at Belmont and South 8-man coach WFCA All-Star Game