11/18/17: Final Inspection Show Hour 1

Final Inspection
Saturday, November 18th
Steve Zautke takes you around the world of racing one final time in 2017. Hear from Dennis Michelsen and Lori Munro as well as Tony DiZinno in this hour!

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Milwaukee. Start your engines. It's time to talk all things racing NASCAR. IndyCar trucks and Formula One. This is the final inspections show was Steve's talking Dennis Michelson and Lori Monroe from race talk radio dot com. Presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in union. Now from the David Hobbs konduz studios its final inspection on 1057 and peers Steve's talking. And welcome to the final inspection show where if you read the legendary. Greatly straight weigh in union grove along with her friends and David Hobbs conduct. It's the little bit under the weather Steve's he join Newt today. If field. Little scratchy throat but live in a Wisconsin don't we all. Understand there of course joining me Jennifer lost she woke news show hey thanks for having me again then Jeff you're such an important part of the show you were able to come on the show on Saturday so we're actually pre TP in this. On Wednesday that's why will won't be telling you. We won't be given you any truck news from what happened a last night's. Don and homestead so sorry about that but how we wanted to get Jeff's Tate can Phoenix and whatnot so. Jeff you know day. Your your your your Mr. Big today could cut but I appreciate it fairly commitments and Saturdays so I'd think guys thank you for for being flexible. You know Phoenix what stands out to me most is chase Elliott got his payback now learning and that includes all. It's. But you know I love you get credit he got it man I love it and good for him and I love the fact that in the post race interview. He said. I will raise you how you know he's me and so now the slate between those two right should be wiped clean yet. So and then you know. Hopefully now you obviously know way why arrival rebuild what does that tell you two weeks ago that he was gonna dump them. No law that he does ruined his chance to win a championship. Well because you don't threw 85% of that race Hamlin was good though it may well here is that today. He was in position to rule yes he was at a Blake. Dummy. Stick it why are you trying to pass some. You're not raise seem. Chase Elliott erasing Brad Kozlowski. Wreck. It didn't am I missing something here no you're not mean there there's kinda. You know people you know there is the whispers between the drivers. Aren't done an Amazon Smart risk. I. Here we hear those who is cursing us as well that's what I'm wondering Joseph Gibbs mr. colts this guy I mean the guy took. A team. Had by Mark Richt didn't think it had to win a super wal Ab out DES big key code run tell immediate stay key Smart enough to say hey. Big dot in the eleventh you're marries in the twenty far you're rescinded to. Put your turn signal on pull away all of her absence I'd let him pass and then get on it I get this. Airways thought I'd love to go to like there was such a such a horrendous gaffe by their team like as we you know like you said with Gibbs got a ball on a crew chief. It you know it's that was a team wide failure. I give the least amount of blame on that to Denny Hamlin because he's in the heat of battle right there rays in you know try and to make sure it's secure his spot. So I can understand that you know in the heat of the moment. He wasn't thinking well maybe I should just let chased go because I'm not racing chased. You know so I I kinda give Denny impasse but he should have known better as well loses at a complete team failure. I discussed. At duke he just shake your head but OK so. So we've got our final four and house. And you know me and you know I love chaos. If you okay yeah true X who you know has been dominant all season long. And then you've got the three year that you want in you know love chaos right you know and the funny thing is is that you know you got Brad. Yeah act Kyle any Harvick. And then Truex. Oh goes for your Truex in my opinion pretty much deserves a championship would the of the year he's had how well he's wrong. Bush he would probably be. The worst. Possible. You know outcome as far as NASCAR has a hole. You've got booed Truex yeah. Because you've got Kyle Busch who's such a you know he's set to do you saw polarizing and yet so polarizing you love them you Tatum. You know and it's about 10% love him in 90% Hayden. Yet I Kevin Harvick who will be you know has no problem telling you what's on these old school easily easily become a throwback old school guy he speaks his mind going for his second championship yet. You know you got Kyle Busch whose arms are you got Brad Keselowski former champion as well. Who has no problems speaking his mind and he's super active on social media so it would you know if Kozlowski was another title. It's great for the promotion of NASCAR is Ole and then your Truex is you know the the good guy that everybody route. Four there yet bush of course who wonder should championship and fifteen. As Harvick. Harvick and fourteen men to solve ski laureate and twelve or 35 years ago doesn't seem that long ago I know them into Rex is still and will see a far. You know NASCAR will let him win the championship that he deserves because he has been the most dominating driver of the year and should be the champion book. We'll see what happens if it added yeah we're talking about this we buried the lead. Matt Kenseth won the race absolutely congratulations. To Matt Kansas so I access Al was it was off some deceit. You know it's no one else things that it's awesome receive a kind of sad to know because you like on TCO. Now. He might take a sabbatical. You know he's got no plans. Is the nothing's changed who knows. You know. One of these guys did go while. Meehan all go studio audience face of the live pretty the of their race car drivers they do pretty well things. One of these guys when these jokers could be on the Aspen. In January break their leg or something it's replaces. Him be out of you are racing for six months Julio. Who's who lure you in golf were substitute. Then there's also a gift that's you know a team that you know one of the teenage car's current team because Garcia you're gonna caught Kansas off. I mean. You could see him yen. A car next year but then he says I'll keep my options for nineteen but. You know and and he's also another year older so beautiful year away it's it's related talk about it literally days in. But I'll tell me you know. If we knew when I look back at the NASCAR season as a whole. Victory Lane at Phoenix. Which is the sheer emotion. Oil out at Kansas showdown. You know debt is and I'm not you know I I like Mac Kansas I don't actively root for my don't scream in my TV forum. But I I was really really happy for on this government how to get one of the highlights of the season for me yeah I really was and is great to see. And now law ill effect will will talk more about this with. A Tony's zero common up. We'll talk to Tony in the next segmenting get his stake in the world of NASCAR. And we'll talk Obama homestead what's coming up of homestead because the screen need the year had the truck race of course will will take place last night. And then you have the extremities series today and the cup series on Sunday and you know. Say what you want but usually the homestead races work up pretty well since they reconfigured track long time ago book it did its. I still see that. The Stewart Stewart Jon Stewart Johnson. In the once Stewart won his last championship was one of them the fantastic battles. As. Well Stewart and Edwards win in October when they are Edwards and Stewart had the tiebreaker those who were remembered yeah. Yeah that was also Dow was an awesome race. And I mean there's been some good ones who do battles throughout the years so yeah absolutely you know let them Carl Edwards discussed that mathematicians think extra stick no wonder recent scrutiny walked away but they could do dental commercials. But you know three days. Three championships. Three trophies you know. All lot of hung over crew members the next day it's fantastic it really is it's NASCAR. What it should be Ed at dead as it's raw honest woods it when he come about when you cut. The of the long time and the longtime fans look that's when delivered the most well it's edits Ross. Is takeaways. Peel away all the stuff some analysts skipped on the racy. You know at that that's that see the best car win. And this is the sheer emotion. Pure. Although I wanna think Chevrolet is guys Howard bush when he in his 806. Indy race here you know it's you peel the backing you get down like you you wanna see a guy who really worked hard worked his bought off and really really appreciates being in Victory Lane absolutely. Absolutely I can't wait components you're listening to the final inspection joke right Cuba a legendary. At least straight win of course David Hawpe signed up and we got a full show today just Orlovsky. Course yet Tony does you know coming up. Our necks and there were gonna have Dennison Lori course at the bottom of the hour after who's the sports splashed. And an hour to we got David dobbs from NBC sports. And then actually Tony dizzy you know. Will be come you're doing two segments with Tony so that you Tony leads off our two within the jobs. And then Brett cinco author of the Harry liquid book king of the midget. It's going to be entry interest in chat with them and then Tim process. Speed ways online dot com we'll be talking about an event that's coming up down in Indy next month and kind of what's going on behind the scenes in the world motor sports. You listen to the final destruction show virtue Gregory weeks straight way. And David Hobbs on. Yeah yeah yeah. And welcome back to the final inspection chill. Presented by legendary. Greatly straight Wayne Newton drove along with reference to even have signed up. Joining us an agreement was pink highlighted it is still a need to zeal for men BC sports star Kyle welcome news showed Tony. They deem it. And I can't believe we're at the end of the season are ready but the of that settlement charm ought to have on its the oil a year. You know I act I hate to I hate to do the siren off the Tampa and I now a little bit of playing piano. NBC sports now. It's the NASCAR certainly not the motor sports are excited so you know I'm not blaming you but you know if if I am. If I'm Martin Truex junior I'm going to pay what did idea of a CD diesel video. Yet diesel videos here amendment and then of course he got little controls with them and says. Is hard vick's team peaking at the right time while Campbell good question worrying rounding out find. Grant case ability to strategize makes him dangerous although okay Aaron. Bush is talent help so within withstand the pressure compared. And the trucks can Truex performance and biggest NASCAR sticky it's not hard to say hey come and but I understand you know he's he's only one without a championship but I just of those coming interest in. It's has the dilemma I think in the very it's kids aren't true elections the year is yet it's been it's gonna feel like a football team and it goes. It's gonna be the closest NASCAR equivalent of the patriots putting yeah undefeated regular sees it. That they don't get that championship it's gonna be healed completely overlooked completely forgotten and let's be honest I mean. Yeah eight as stated that true that is really only the third world war storyline comes in this week has got. The drama coming out of Phoenix you know at the Denny in when she's silly saying you got to deal achieve your final start that. The emotions attend the wedding at Phoenix he got in the other guys in the tree and should sell. I get par for the course rate and the entry exit down there. That is the best tracks story all year and yet it is never got adjusted your that's probably warranted. Is have been bogged down and all the other ancillary topics are. No penalties or what have you that the kind of taking the shine off that which is really unfortunate. Kind of I think we were kind of internal hope that. He can get the one championship just because you don't know how many shots you gonna get out at thirty bit in this article for foreign. As a long shot you know you think he's kind of the favorite but. Its its gonna be bad news there for them on. Yup and here here's 22 scenarios in which are relieved own. A don't. I hope they don't happen but concealing happening scenario number one. Truex is dominating. With Kyle Busch in second place. And went about twenty laps to go the engine just detonates. It Kyle Busch who runs easily to victory. In scenario number two is. You know Martin Truex is leave very comfortably in any you know anybody else is in second place. And NASCAR throws levels phantom cautions 48 re started out. I fear I feared going to be one of those like 33 at thirty says police driver you're rated BK racing or premium motorsports car you know you're Michael McDowell I. Situations like last year cautioned what. And parallel laps to go replica got to be kidding me yet and it all comes down to getting snookered on one restart your own things up. It knowing knowing the career Martin Truex junior if there's if there's a wait for a arts union goal. All lot of the guys that are. There week in Phoenix this week they'll actually transported belt you. He mine in and strike it on in we're talking you know there are actually loud noises coming over my head. And I'm thinking boy if these this storm clouds gathering for true action at that. Grueling it to me say that your bunch and carpet where he conspire against. You know there's a good chance. Dollars and wins this thing. Because he's got horse trade the end apps I mean it's incredible. And they're gonna be like. It's that that's that's ever find in this list and it does lead and on hang out and who knows what happens. Not to mention that attracted bill Larson traditionally runs really well that they've they've usually been in contention or are they happen. Or it's really around the highlight well he's got caught in the leading candidate she shipped. And what sort also factored you're driving a Chevrolet Chevrolet did not have a chance to win the cheap chip this year. But surely in play spoiler to where they can knock either clear or work from the top of the state do that so. It says he's either definite wildcard this weekend and did you know in get a result after as you mentioned. This kind of abnormal on as outlook you know. All right let's talk about peaks in the east side OK that's enough for just. Levin did you get retired so it's off. OK so Tony what I'm rooting for here is a rooting for a late restart. With all four of the championship contenders. In the front. And just. Chaos like eight a late race devolution under re. And whoever can drag their batted bid ended up car of Florida's wins the title. In my alone. I think there's so much toxic potential between these war between the old Kyle Busch and Brad Kozlowski kind of heating each other at an Arctic. In a general. Calling this word. They keep this and I say that he feels that he's. Such. Yet just like you know he's he's Happy Gilmore. Is that your adapt the car. I don't know I mean this there's there's something there's something generally likable. Really really good. And then true action (%expletive) you know gonna get the beauty innocent or inside guy who could get. Any sort of thing up until very Pacifica potential yet because I think Carl Edwards on. Last year he was nearly as matters because have been after he got sick I think wouldn't it be worth it. Film accident happened there's gonna be there there could be fireworks potential under the lights. Prime time. You know each is a team picture for an easy guy to be expected and they all wanna get that second championship with a except Truex go first. I'm excited there didn't actually. Per year that sealed the birdies on track more offered they're actually able a lot of really good on track potential for the actress. I guess we should ashy brighter predictions now yeah yeah and of course we are pre taping this before so we we we can't. We can't see into the future by the we will do what a truck prediction and then. He's the listener can neither of cool. Words snicker it's a low budget idiots think they because. Finally I and every week that's true so the the trucks. What what Suzie Tony. You know what I'm gonna go with my boy again. So bulldozer himself Austin cinder it to. All the blanks now Johnston. Been Johnny Sauter world the last couple races like. I think the bracket loud he's seen the final truck race before they go walking away in the former truck teams. Hendrick had his belt. Golden where she's during the colts' playoff where you really didn't expect to be in the final four in house money. You go up against three guys that are you know the favorite otherwise between daughter's wish them well. And I think. You'll get a guy like him and you know is guaranteed to be wrong potentially but you know what I've gotten no calls taking its. You know what else what else is yet to lose at this. Oh well I'm gonna go with bill. And the only caveat is that nice I would hope that. Couldn't pitch coming down on the last lap so injured bulldozers amount of the way and steals away and but barring that our current switch to I don't think we've seen this year you know since it's been you know surgically. I'm gonna take bill. OK now I go to sauter. Solders just continues to bulldoze the field. I'm. I can take incendiary because this decease under win. But your belt to. I am but. You Celtics honor. And I aren't extremities the four guy is four who are competing for the championship. At homestead is William Byron. Elliott Sadler just an all there and Daniel Hambrecht. Tony with. Oh. Boy you can just hear the excitement yeah. I will go with you lifetime achievement award Furl it or they aren't probably batter had a better year all things considered for sure and it that you're. I dislike travelers got a better. Where we can. Well since death is not an option and who cares winds is an either I'll take camera because Wanda. Aren't our lemon go with those blue William buyer and you re knees don't. Yeah absolutely I also put these under the on the fees for vision on Twitter. OK here is a question I got free utility is his NASCAR does NASA is NASCAR excited. To PI closed doors with this. Analyst Elliott Sadler wins. Are they excited. Are or the going are they going to you know we we released late deceived by an hour. I embarked. On the ever and it publicly golf course I don't think they're I think the whole buyer. Ship that agencies. The correctly are wrongfully deported or car next year with what the number changing. On the cup side. So poll numbers walked with chase so little that the nine in defied becoming its fortunes. It's bizarre I mean it's just the performance you know suffer any like five car suck. I think they'd be warts seen on the young guy for the future rather than the guy he's been doing this point five years. They'll finally would be achieved good shouldn't get too much nobody Tucker when he may be one race all season. Arian and they've won the cup series. Who this this this exciting you know I mean I think that I think Truex animal picked colonel to the supplemental that was very often on the regular ET Al bush. Cool. I want to take everybody's hero the nicest guy in the world. My personal favorite driver Kevin Harvick paths. Out although it to Rex just because no matter how. How hard NASCAR will try to not let win championships. You'll overcome. The officials. The weather. The winds of Florida everything India when the championship. You don't think you'll his car appeal out on orange peels and then and now I think it's he asked them and listen. I could see him getting crushed by Denver mattress. Yes shots just through her. Or the blue bowl crash onto his cards take amount sun's gonna happen. There if there is away hypocritical. Stayed there on the planet world. Dario liked Iowa let's stand by for a sport slash and now when we return I should say yes sports slashed. And when we return we'll hear from Dennis Michael civil Lori Monroe from race talk radio and in the top of the hour will once again rejoin the Tony Xena from NBC sports. Let's talk a little open wheel racing and at the top of the hour you're listening to the final inspection show brought to you by ledger greatly straightaway. In union grow longer order of friends that David Hobbs signed. Now it's time for NASCAR checks with Dennis Michael Sim and Lori. Enrolled from race talk radio dot com. This is final inspection. 1057 FM. Welcome back that up vital organs back jet went 05 examined have found them man. This is dead spots along with the lovely and talented Valerie and grow from race talk radio back count. That means it's to go in that the world of NASCAR racing and Lori Munro. Unless you lacked a soul. Everybody. Tuning in that race that watched Matt Kenseth win. At Phoenix they had apiece island. Well you would sure hope so because if that wasn't one of the nicest things to see one of the best feel good stories of the year I don't know what was. To see Matt Kenseth. Out of those sort of struggle for the last few weeks with his future and we don't know what he's doing. And you think it's this guy ever get a race again what's gonna happen. When was his last win and here he goes ahead any wins I just. I just thought it was an idealist than another thing that I thought was so cool seat. Which chase sell it come up and shake hands with him in Victory Lane as well there was just so much. Cool stuff go on on it Phoenix you know Matt crying like my god when you see Matt Kenseth cry this guy. You know it's just. She doesn't cry. What do what do fantasy was beautiful. Definitely does not get choked up. Definitely does not too big celebratory. Thing Whitney Williams. Extract and I think it's raced his butt for that ran. Yes you know earned that win through and through it was just it was a thing of beauty that would be Matt Kenseth. That you followed as a Matt Kenseth fan. From beginning and what a way to what a way to finish out career as a Charlotte wreck that's what's happening. It might be the end of the career and what better way to do it then winning you're next to last race. Get did do a polish victory lap to salute your fellow Wisconsin night Ellen awake yet the the track where he first did that polish victory lap that crazy. This might beat the total end to an era in the sport as well. This is that guy along with Robbie Reiser. Who basically went all leave them. Spent every dime that they had basically to get to Daytona. To race so many years ago as an independent. And went on to beat one of the best drivers this era the sport is leprosy. Yeah now it's sad to see this come to a man there's just so much there's so much coming to an end this year. And you've got somebody like Matt Kenseth who he admittedly kind of thought that he. He might have had something come up for next year's as late as a few weeks ago any sort of came to realize himself that this this could really be the end. You know you've got him going a way to get killed junior who's basically been on a farewell tour almost all year eke it doubles college that. And then just quietly met cancer well what about Danica Patrick as well. Even see in a damn thing about her the got a lot of stuff coming to an end this year just it just makes you feel old. It is weird to be able to be sitting here and say. Met cans that Dale Junior. Danica Patrick. That they're retiring from the sport maybe not retiring. But. Dare I say stepping away from us dollar barrack. But it's weird because they don't steam. Like they lost it yet is especially cams that he is as political race are now. As he was that very first date that he came in did for him not to be in high demand. From one of the top teams. What does that say about our sport has gone. Well it's all about money and what I don't understand as a fierce sponsor like I'm assuming this is the spot should a sponsor issues. You know wanting to have your Jones in the twenty car. It doesn't really seem completely like Joseph Gibbs racing deal that they think they need money and they got to make the sponsors happy. And why don't sponsors realize that you know met ice like Matt Kenseth can still drive the wheels off a cart I take. I take half of Matt Kenseth any day over and air jones' who's still a great driver but you know you've gotten Matt Kenseth. I I just don't get it it's like the I don't know it's like the clowns run in the circus you know they bring a lot of money it's a wonderful thing. And I guess now the gut drivers' meeting to take pay cuts and everything it's just. There's so much has changed a lot going on and all of it is driven by money your lack thereof it's just crazy. There was a great article. I don't remember who wrote it but it was shattered by one of the great Milwaukee. Sports writers covers motor sports state common. Talking about that. That whole buildup. To the big cat race the first race in NASCAR for for Matt can't zip them everybody's get together at lunch time too deep pit. Wrote practice in this know basically. And get Wisconsin before they packed up to head on down for Daytona. Anna Anna in how these guys were rivals on the track before they teamed up. And look. All of their careers at all. You don't Robbie Reiser turning into this big you know executive. Now over at Roush Fenway racing Matt Kenseth. Who arguably. I would say. Certainly in the top five drivers of this generation. Gotta be darn close Harden up there by looks hard to argue. With that that he would be one of the top five drivers of this century against the way to put it. You know this is the guy I not only won a championship. But in doing so changed the way the sport is run. Opt for the rest combined time. Yeah I guess we can blame Matt Kenseth for that is well put you know he I hate it to bring up the age thing. But when you do eat typically talked about drivers that sort of start fallen off their game in Matt Kenseth just has not we don't know how long Matt Kenseth could go. With it being a competitive driver because now it seems we're not gonna get the opportunity it's it's just it's not fair Michael's not. It's it's not like. It was what we can't Darrell Waltrip out here you know needing a past champion provision yeah house everywhere and make sure our. I Dale Jarrett just it. You know hanging on to lead lap or whatever. This is it's just a guy who. Is it's not all all walking away on its own terms like a Rusty Wallace either this guy but he's got lower left in the tank. But what I've really gratified to see is he's not gonna be one of these guys that is going to seek a lesser ride. Just hang around and make cup million a year right around in the back at a packed. Because that is painful. To watch these guys get out of top equipment. And that they have to be racing for twentieth place every week with one of the field filler teams. I'm just so glad that met Kansas. Realizes that he's worth more than that unlike other drivers that are. Going leaving Hendrick motor sport and going on to a race with anyone give the heat check this state spore. Yeah but anyone who's given a paycheck just to stay in the sport is still young I younger man as well so and I know you're talking about Kasey Kahne. You know he still younger guy in their could still be some opportunity in the next couple years for Kasey Kahne could be some mass exodus were. All the young guys leave and they go out run and sprint cars or something who the heck knows and and a guy like Kasey Kahne will be sitting pretty. Get better ride to just don't know one and Matt Kenseth just can't afford that time he can't. He can't just wheel around in the back of the pack nor nor should he. You know nor should he so. You know everybody has their reasons for leaving and staying as well and I just wish Matt Kansas reason for leaving just wasn't wasn't happening. What I love about this story though winning in his next the last race. Is this was also eight to her rip thick race from start to finish this was like he'd locked in to win. This wasn't IQ is a boring race with the rate. Last restart. And in the him graphic though we had. This was a fabulous race from start to finish with so many story lines. Going yen to the race and going in all the way through the race. But also such a great race itself there was actual pass it. On the track there was actual Hoff racing side by side crossover moves it was just about everything. And met him that came out on top that's what I think made this will be even more sweet our guys. Well it just. Totally groups that appeared driver you can get it done. On the right track in the red equipment steel. And I think he could get the whim. This week coming up at homestead Miami and that act crazy. Yeah Ed what do cool paint scheme is going to run for his final race. It's his rookie hate scheme with that wall that he ran way back when. When he started out in cup it is gonna be so cool to see those two Walt colors because that's what you think up. When you know Matt cams. That's that Kansas identity in when you see. Dale Earnhardt junior's car at homestead as well go on backed in his early collars that's. It's gonna be buried. Email call. Or you can amass the most. Of up to the east to no fault the departing drivers assuming that Danica does get a ride it. Assuming that met kids that says suddenly find it right we know dale junior's step away. Is it is it impossible. That really bail out of the state gonna miss one or the other because. This trio of drivers all bring something. To the whole equation here. Yet they do they're all they're all different girl great for the wrong reasons who what I just messes I just am upset at the fact that you've got. Guys like Kenseth and somebody like Danica Patrick. That are being forced. And not. Able to continue lawn like Dale Junior. I I I miss him the least because this is his decision. He's got something brewing on the back burner he's going to be doing. He's going to be in the Booth next year that's all well and get it that's that's great. But I just hate the fact that when you see these guys quote unquote stay with me. Never see them again. Like he needs I don't unity. At the FBI to go find Carl Edwards it's just like they're just gone it's it's just a weird feeling to me. Well folks it is time first step out take a quick break one week M back to your final. Mascara still blowing of the year. You're listening to the final inspection at not 1057 up them up bad. Welcome back to the violence budget went 057. Of them the man. Edison lower rates aren't getting Nance garner who. Though is that me. Risk. Just didn't I. Yeah. It is time for somebody to have their hands Garrett still blown up Lurie met row all look at itself. Folks them Milwaukee Wisconsin this all works. Absolutely if something has upset us or you in the week of racing where haired just blown to smithereens. And I have a still blowing this week that sort of goes back to what we've been talking about in the last few minutes. The whole Matt Kenseth retirement thing and is so upsetting enough but what. Brooke only irks me and it's great to have hindsight on this especially because he won at Phoenix I don't want to blow all that. Guy that went over the wall and made them a little bit too heavy in the number guys over the wall syndrome bucket and that's. How different would this be right now. If Kenseth hadn't been instantly eliminated. By having an extra guy over the wall it might might admit nothing we just don't know. This whole. You're done because she got when extra guy or the law is ridiculous it it should have Bim you know. Some sort of other pet tee instead of just who you don't even exist anymore that is a little bit harsh. I just don't quite I'd still sort of shake my head and in shock over that but it just makes it even. Harder the fact that cancer turns around and he wins at Phoenix. What might have bit right now could he have been the fourth guy going to homestead. It stinks it up at accidentally Democrats and especially when I didn't even touched our car. It's crazy yeah there's so many things wrong with that it's not funny that's weak too harsh a penalty. You know for anybody let alone a guy who's basically trying to right his waited said to advance to an extent. Elimination just crazy. Too often NASCAR sets up a rule without thinking of the permutations. How this might work out. And that Lou it on this one because. That's a dumb dumb rule there should beat hey if you more than seven are working on the car. Are actually touching the car. That should be the death penalty. If you've got to seventh man over the wall and you catch it you know before he touches the car it should be a one lap. Something like that that he could actually come back from so that very good still blowing Lori Munro. Might still blowing up blowing up to him what I am just. When I heard Kia. Basically. Equating. What chase Elliott did to hear that Phoenix. Weary just did little rat a tat tat and let Denny Hamlin ran out of talent hit the ball in his zone. When I hear yeah equally. To what an outlet did it chase Elliott at Martinsville Horry hit the back tires up off the wall. And shoved it right into the wall I have no faith. It Denny Hamlin has arraignment. Being a functioning. Piece of equipment in his bought. I thought that was out the dumbest thing that it could possibly say. And here's the thing caddy yelled let. Has sent a lot of double think it's in his career so he already set the bar pretty high he managed to clear. Like a freak get Olympic pole vault here so Anna Denny Hamlin is Mike choice for a still love this week. Yeah it's flaky just contradicts himself he forgets what he said the week before and yeah dot it kind of blew my mind as well and you know chase. Ice roughed up Denny Hamlin there's no two ways about it but in the end Hamlin wrecked himself you know he can. You know why not hit picture. Picture issues. There's anything could've been done here but now. Bad decision making on everybody's part in a got to admit I was actually happy to see him eliminated. But that's there. Lori Munro which still blowing gets blown up. Sorry and don't mind. I think you've got a good one there's I've been full agreement because we already beat Denny Hamlin up but not so yeah. General Mattis said that the fifth TDs the last time this. This leads that civics low use. It's alright folks it is a step that NASCAR days before a ball that day it. How bout this for a promotion Lori Munro dubbed culture peanut and spoke it. The Miami's it is vulture heat that has made his selection for the championship. Race. And that is Kyle Busch but the bulk your picks to. And most likely that you're going to crash. Now let me that you have crashed in your lane on the side of the road swelling up to the point re gonna blow up and they're gonna come eat your innards. Kyle Busch is in trouble. Ed columns that I. Yeah I think that's what it means but it I'm sure you must see in the video of sick critter picking as well it was pretty priceless I'm. It was us it was something. Anyway also at the ask produces another driver that really really is going to be driving scared at homestead Miami because the weather channel. Is on board David Reagan's art does that mean there's going to be like a picture of chip in camp Torre because that's well at least it. The wall light. Thank I'm ticket you know the weather channel show up it's fine but if Kant Tori sets foot on the property everybody street basically so I hope Kant Tori keeps away. To test you know bring the weather channel there is going to be weather down there anyway but my god to still can't Torre. Let him in the state actually if he would be. Like an honorary pit crew member they're probably be a fire. Locust and up plague. Getting the pit crew all the same time. I would say Sony probably one too many guys that walls while. Now this is very preacher overture. Also in the past garden news Bristol tickets for next year are already on sale. Act food city locations about that. It's always been a time in between so why not make it easy for people to get it you know going in yourself some Smithfield they give you free to get it. It like you stated the race if you bought our route to make. Oh. Just think about out here but. They kept the purple boats. Oh hi Ian I'm having a lot. It's pretty amazing that Bristol. Tickets here's how far we've come and a short amount of time folks. Bristol tickets used enough to win. Isn't divorce proceedings. And now you can buy them along with your toilet paper. Pet food city locations follow this. Race also and ask our it is Chris Gayle. Will be continuing as crew chief for Eric Jones next year as he moves over it and Joseph Gibbs racing. Well why not obviously do very good job this year expectation. It's for mr. Jones next year's yet chase can tender. I. Possibly. Com I ate I look at Eric Jones now a stealing Matt Kenseth stride even though it known about this forever but. I don't know idea. Thought I just don't know I I mentioned he'd probably. Could because quite frankly the way the chase is set up at this point. China now Chris butcher. Bskyb they have a better cities. Over it GGR Eric Jones answered Daniels while that's good lord. How do you pick between the two I really don't know their. I am so impressed its warrants and how far he has come none of this seems to come down to talent at the end of the day because. Well again I keep dragon this that we saw what Apple Mac density get one guy over the wall. You just basically pack your bags and go home. This is a team sport. You can be the best driver that ever taxed out of an eight. And unless you have. Everything around you completely perfect. You can end up but no like this is what I just don't get one and we'll not. One I over the wall. Any thing and you're done it just. There's some really off off. Kilter here are five L picks up the year Lori Munro who's gonna win the the race at homestead Miami edit it's not one of the top contenders. That you're picking. Who's gonna win the championship. I'm gonna one guy for both and it should be the guy who's been so dominant all year and I'm going with Martin Truex junior. This guy should should've been called champions several weeks ago and culture Rex. And I am going to pick Matt the brat Kim's two win. In back to back races to end his season and I am going to pick Martin Truex junior year. To beat the champion Lori men grow any parting words as we conclude this season here. On the final inspection. I just wanna thank everybody that spines station for putting up with that for the last several months and everybody enjoy the race this weekend. Enjoy the Turkey that follows after Merry Christmas happy new year and bring on Daytona. This is Dennis Michaels thanks for sitting at that NASCAR segment all year long. You're listening to the final inspection 1057. Have found out.