11/18/17: Final Inspection Show Hour 2

Final Inspection
Saturday, November 18th
Steve Zautke takes you around the world of racing one final time in 2017. Hear from David Hobbs and others in this final hour!

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Milwaukee. Start your engines. I'm Dan talk all things racing NASCAR. Trucks and Formula One. This is the final inspections show was Steve's talking Dennis Michelson and Lori Monroe from race talk radio dot com. Presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in union. Now from the David Hobbs Honda studios in its final inspection on 1057. Peers Steelers socking. And welcome back to the final inspections show where if you religion or greatly straight place in union growth. Make future come out and greatly extra Wrigley dot com. Other friends at David outside and a the core 6100 mirth Green Bay avenue they can be found on the web at David comes under attack come and join and us an agreement West Bank outlined it is Tony disease you know. Tony welcome back to the show. Yeah I think. So a lot of after after the break after inside. Doctor like mark church will be on this. And it's it silly season. So. In the in the world of IndyCar. And a chorus what's more silly and then now. A Michael Andretti Ryan hunter rate and water ball. It is a quickly becoming a Thanksgiving traditions where there's no use go world IndyCar here waiting for a couple. There's always the joy in random Tuesday or Wednesday November when you get the Andretti came up with butterball for circulate and be audited the it's a good cause but you know. I'll a lot of local food banks and the Indianapolis trying to on the red butterball great teams get together to donate but I think. You know wanted to get these value because of what happens when they're not in don't want audit that there's only a little shop police get out of it just. You can never helped one of the more quirky off the wall in our Parker. Programs that we hear for yourself it's kind of pick out of an in joke and highlight that team put together. Now I'd like to think that to myself as beyond the somewhat of an IndyCar and senator ambiance. I spend more time in Indianapolis than they do and probably downtown Milwaukee. And end this I hear this thing. Report proposed national bill race dumped in advance and thinking. Leo they're gonna run that deal although again wrong the tub tell you about this. Yet though earlier this summer. There is aid proposal package does not believe she'd been involved with. The pocono track it and couple kind of he'd. IndyCar track design officials totally content in these kind of overseas. Number attract non he looked at ball or personnel a couple of their. They got together with his Nashville. But together this those. Track. Year or round he. Tennessee Titans football stadium in east on stadium. They're looking to put to get together they were between nineteen. However there are a lot of which is what pitfalls that come which is on fire at want to see you will be scheduled few titles orchard there for three aid. Actual. Track that doesn't look like in the Q now. Course it. Eight stadium you know it's like I was around with a medal it happens but I don't remember anyone waxing poetic banks you know would be awesome and battle inside track. Or like even when they ran he's in a few years ago on the parking lot. That wasn't. What that race one that was one of the most miserable experience that I'd like yourself. Ultimately this week the local papers that as he would put out. State officials local social we did make this thing work so it's rocketed off the ground. I'm of the opinion. You're better off going back to places that are actually extracted the crime and start out the current it to really hard. Well to get our commitment going because of all the cost you have to build infrastructure. In. Dealing with CDs your local government to shift its such a nice night there. The last straight at the last treatment is that started that it was Baltimore we saw quickly that fell off or was it disaster a couple of years ago. And really where IndyCar successes in the last 23 years has been going back to permanent abilities. A good idea that will fortunately it is not response for the dust that history ordering off the ground. Well okay now that leaves right an in my question we have Scott panic the president of Chicago land speedway. On and with the NASCAR date moving. Back to July instead of in September he said that he's remained in contact with IndyCar officials any age you know gonna try to bring back. IndyCar to Chicago land speedway now I know that they've had two or three of the top five closest finish is. In IndyCar history. It seems like a perfect match and all the Milwaukee fans it's very close. There are a lot of positives you Chicago. Speed may return. I would put with a cab yacht about the course finishes that the aero package. Our prayer. In the 2001. Roughly 2008. Fourth date they added. Corn Walt it is very ideal foursome well Porsche powered site. He had a lot of close packs there was fueled one bunch pretty closely which is in part what helped contribute to that close finishes. IndyCar I think will be looking toward a significant schedule shake up between nineteen heated if it was to go in that. Elmer window you'd have to look at a need an Iowa or water old war that Ohio is losing. That are pretty entrenched within their state what would make a ton assent hypothetically. If it was like early July. Head of those road America those of course that the last week it is cute and he'd be able to get kind of in a road course oval double bet on the not saying now happened but I'm just trying to plan out where he could it was. Fulmer on one bit aware that this atrocious. It would make a lot of sense sure turned their IndyCar and many ovals they can get to that the challenge there are funny as ever. Accommodations at the altar and really that's the biggest thing is the optics of it because with the cream stand out they use any particularly yet. Point 530000 now might you get number but it works about it it's 75 weed out he'd facility. Well Tony it's the end of another year and now we certainly appreciate you coming on the show look forward two and begin the next year. It's been fun here minutes appreciate you and Jeff. Main mainly Jaffe. And I I. The add data royalist I. Yeah they we analyzed at times this year that road America were one down in Indianapolis and I'll look forward to a million next year. So Tony. We'll talk to you again look forward a chat with you again in February. All right thank you Tony disease you know join announced an agreement West Bank outlined you're listening to the final stretch and sure what you buy it greatly straight win David I'm signed speaking of which coming up next. Formula One expert David cops. Welcome back to the final inspections show rescue by the legendary Great Lakes straight weigh in union grove along with their friends at David Hobbs Honda in Glendale. And speaking of which I'm the great midwest Bangkok lines speaking to us now is from NBC sports David house walk into the showed David. Thank you have a state. Thank you great and implement BC sports but not much longer it. Ron fortunately the that's that soft. Something I don't even wanna talk about it is. I think the cook but I wasn't gonna bring it up like that and not let it out there. And of course we appreciate the appreciate your support throughout the year. Of the show from David Hobson Honda and of course you can find them at 6100. Norris Green Bay road and I am not Internet at David Hobbs Honda dec com. Where you have EU wide variety of new and used cars is neck correct. That is very correct we have an extremely wide variety all the way. To beat it it's. Just like little puppies. And it equipment or. Well last week we had one of my favorite. Grand Prix is on my fears tracks in that discourse in Grand Prix of Brazil. And you know what David I think Lewis Hamilton should crash out every qualifying session. But says it's it lives in the doubt that it. And it brought a number of disparity is an issues. I mean vessel started. The front morality teammate. Opted processed. Hold it. And those out and so out of Elaine. In the end. You know there's Townsend came at all just missed the podium but I mean that in five seconds behind the leader. And only about three seconds behind these teammates who South Pole position. So a lot of people have been making them. So much disparaging comments about about a processes performances late. Publicly accessible most of these let vessel that Bryant alignment of the sort of again. And secondly you know how what you know to give a more cap himself. The fact is that quote in bowl is that we get on Friday. In both practice. Practice concepts the morning then quote on the times on the top forward all. Incredibly. I mean really I wouldn't. Through it and that so folded like what 400%. Wednesday so. It was a close race but it just really demonstrate the most amazing jump out of it applied to the soon now. And immediate it's plus. I mean the pressure is off Hamilton used up her event. That goes far is the fondest he had been a race a long time pressures off he's RE champion let's go up there have some fun. And now let's is winning it. What he certainly did a negotiated. All these guys he said there's not you know that'll make you so well. So much money. They seem to live these sacred resigns which they do. It really. Most well most of the moderate it's because they really light yen driving boxes and racing in the competition. Them if they've come to the perfect. Platforms and hinted display in his heels. On they were able to make some justice in the top. Cop to qualify. And which other people weren't good but it qualified. You're in part bang you know Tokyo and major he can make very minor changes the and it goes out to be doing those stuff like that that's changing engine agent union to change the the a couple of older Italians. And I think it is some paid him innocent error changes in the costs Obama and other. It has a very different got what it give nonsense but by the same good. I used up at nine you don't get Andy. You know this sort of formation lap runs. So yeah the first lap that was is that let me. So they do it very calculated guess and and whatever they didn't work extremely well. Well even evil at the Tyre warmer CNET I mean. By him since not a pit lane I mean those are part of the coldest the tires have been all week and worked and. Yet it would have been. Now I happen make warmed up pretty quick because the track is it significantly so than The Beatles week and is so embraced it. Which we thought might lead system. Tire degradation. Specimens sit yourself which on the Friday in dozens of amazing in the long run well. This is sending in awhile so race. And at LA yes I mean but in the end it did did not. They actually did not send a more degradation. Helps stop Obama so as soon so. The source ram very deep into Israel. That was able to Ronald sit so at the end which goes gave me more bucks. There what did you think about the third team members that were held up in Brazil and you'd think the FIA should take action. Well. About India today. It was very difficult to the FIA to take action in the jurisdiction succeed but it would mean that the lord for people. They could maybe supply team buses of some so. That is up to the city itself and eight dismayed to see the man on Monday bones about this is no worse a lot about us it is. I mean I've never seen you know people. I mean it was naughty then held up all weekend. You know them of Mercedes bus was there a couple of the downpour and yes by a bust the guy column if I take it was sold out at gunpoint. And the government that he tapped on the window the gun but it turned out if the FA cup. I bulletproof windows. It. Thought what is it cavalier manner. That shout out to say that this is an analyst and also the places you know this is significantly worsened lots of other places that putt on Sunday night. The Pirelli people held up may have been good to run tests on Monday and then they count and all they know when I'm. It's not good and I'm not quite sure what the play can do about it yet again they can do about it I'll see Satan city. Shop ballot that would account and room. But it took to estimate that should be. Well this is saying to me in Somalia together between them and the government. Well the good news for the David Hobbs trends in the Milwaukee area and those those Nina on the Internet he's not going away. He will be February 2 in Chicago. For the mark but dinner mark was the metal dale international. Ruled Greece scene and now it's midwest licensee. They have a dinner we'll be yourself and Johnny Rutherford. Hosted by our friend Linda Darrell and I will post hope post that information on the the FaceBook excited on the I saw my. Excellent and looking forward he'd shouldn't seeing you up there. In a couple months and it also. Since mid February this but you have a book coming up next here. Our ability is gonna take me about eleven years sir but I've had a lot of help but I'll see a lot markers always beat by a scene that I get this written. And I stuck with the robots. And dumped at. This is the familiar with the assault brought us sport. And he and I kind of race itself and is being published at least speech. In Britain. By Ambrose and it will be out of these loans sit dia me here on in Concord debt adults in the injectable drug that. On the the the weekend of march 11 so. Yes so little to go to that. Not to begin a bit of a book to that of the go to road America and then. For the IndyCar race and obviously for the big race in July. Also to other and is. In the midwest. All of the safe side to comp sales. It was so probably Manny is maybe twenty to thirty people. Well this is our last show of the year and we'll will be returning. For worry seventeenth of next year. So looking forward India and new year hero's welcome on the show so hopefully you know won't let me in next year. Yeah so I don't know yes. The eyes and ears of David dobbs clauses that. And I am left won so we appreciate it. All right David Hobbs and agree medalist Bangkok line we looked appreciate you coming on the year and when we come back. We will be talking in west we can hold lineup I guess your chest but. Will be will be target of one of our guests probably author. I'm bred the tingle who wrote a book on. Hairy McQuay no doubt great midwest midget driver who will be chatted with him next on the finals direction Joseph Brett you buy Greek league straight oriented course. David Hobbs Honda. This is finally especially with Steve sake presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag way. On 157 FM the fan. And welcome back to the final inspection show where if you buy the legendary Great Lakes straight weigh in union grow longer and our friends at David Hobbs Honda. On the web at the David Hobbs Honda dot com join in us and agree midwest being cut line of course it is Brett tickle. Used to written a book. Perry but Quinn came to the midget it's dirt track sprint car midget racer airplane pilot and race official welcome ms. show Brad. I can. Appreciate you will get me wrong. I you know if it's if it's old old time crazy guy M let's fan this is the former historian at the home at The Milwaukee Mile and occurs here Eamon Quinn had a lot of spent a lot of time about the depth at the more lucky mile. As a driver and also leader has an official. And it is eerie McQuay in the of course they should have you tried to his background but from from the Chicago and there's always been a strong. I was a strong. What's the word I'm looking for tie between Chicago and Milwaukee drivers especially when he came to the old triple A use sex midget in the dirt trachsel wasn't there. I'm an entity but it seems especially during his time. Why he would rate in there are a little bit about that collects you know you're part of this Chicago gang here you sir work. Even. At a course where when you see that Chicago gang you think of guys that course like -- Quinn but also not only that but. Tony patent house and cannot do Nalen and those guys. And that the and Paul Rousseau course was another one. And and midget race scene. Really start off and on the west course of course and initially. Blood in the midwest. Believe the first midget race was held. Eddie Greyhound track in Brookfield Wisconsin across from were were true square. Is a located now I believe in 1934. But they did lottery seen op Ed at the marquis mile. Outside on a cinder track. It and then of course there's a lot of tracks and people you know alzheimer's may remember this put Chicago was full. A short Tra expect in the thirties and forties wasn't at. Candidate then they need to about the small cars and they were running energies on small track so people order. I'm converting to our tracks they were using. Track that high school and county fairs. Old horse track in center. You know just about every county could really you know how they don't midget race. Had checked out. I was by it would receive or elect. In overseen. As ended. It's long it's been a school it's been their since the thirties I told somebody who I was with the said. You know they they held a major worker racecar. Cortese is there and her leg really Ed did know that though. Yeah I aid debt that is quite shoe a key give us slugs quick thumbnail sketch on theory McEwan. How long term Akron my great great grandfather he. I he. He started dark dirt track racing once at the time in the early 1920s. And early again how a lot of successful independent and the times. And a lot of which financial challenges that the stock market in senator. I'm when he IR didn't come into his own and there early thirties. In the dirt track. You know growing up around Indianapolis area everybody's sort of I mean you put 500 you know what what are we gonna get a chance senator Graham there and the so he'd get his first in 1934 about it. You know the 500 it's you know wants once a year or so he he was looking for runaways and these are to keep that Brad on the table. And that's what images came and so he got very interest in an agency in IndyCar at Atlantis. Racetracks popping up everywhere. It would company he could do multiple times. During his season and hopefully they are flatly he's started being booted out of the dirt track and before turning it into the engines. After his great career her away ended after wards you. He continued we are sort of the rink you're mentioning. He can't and a great official and so he began that in 1949. On the return thinking. At least 68 and I'm not sure there was something one. Yet I see that eight your book bread is is self publish how did that come about. And besides appearing on the final inspections show what inspired you to write the book. Well I'm aren't as well publication. My wife used to work in marketing and what kind of been a dead end job and she thought she'd start background in that part out Saddam challenges and I checked a point where you don't want to her dream was probably some children's stories. And she's very intelligent vibrant. Cheap sound waves to rule. Start to do that. You know what marketing you bring in several different players together arts and graphics and and now she's started polishing. I'm you know it was like opening I kept my business and she kept hers. I have a background in Madison in there at the point where she's. Why don't you write about why aren't you do you can I had written a lot of content for. Web sites and publications in the center. That took our first convention to gather they're writing and here the reason why we ended up doing it. What is simply because. My son acrid ankle started and indoor. Golf carts. I'm here in the Chicago area. And got very much interest at any rate seen in probably had a lot of interest before that. Increasingly distant have opportunities for him wouldn't Indiana. And so we got a pier and then there is these small cars about the kind of go cards or call many cops and they did. Essentially. That you Britain's scandal of the NASCAR and stock car. And so he's been guarding those last four years in their opinions of late model that in the very first year we were at a track. In irony here in Illinois. You know base how all things being. Every Labor Day weekend. And they're into small chat at a at a county fair and they had these pictures. Post at all through there and I knew my grandfather had raised. I'm by growing up in the shadows out of Akron and right now you know Lowell the line is that is he raced in that I've printed and and that was about it and I didn't know too much about it career outside of that. And then. To my surprise I saw his picture there having raised at him is on speed ball which was sort of the precursor group that would have been made I'm mentioning Grammy winning. And so you know he got me thinking thank. Is Marc-Andre CNET out of their tracks in the Chicago. Or the midwest where maybe my great grandfather again. 08 it got me started to looking. And it liquor ads and flows as you can imagine. What really took off was the fact that digital newspapers are coming on line. And so I was able to find information about him and packaging and third fourth hand stories from family in if you newspaper clippings in India and in the cultural problem and actually newspaper clippings for reasons that are. Wherever he was that might be it marking my outlook for the maintenance people should. Chicago armory and number different tracks so. It got to be a point where I could. In town and good chunk of his racing career in the end. I kinda get more for interest. You know our people an appeared. Instantly is sort of our publishing was one of those elections go ahead and put it out there. More credit and we make it gives. Capturing history and in need an affair that I'm here salad and many other places lot of our racing history. And it's one of those things that we've done it a lot of books do. You can see him and other people what they're keeping history alive. We're talking with Doug Brecht ankle author of the book cared to Quinn king of the digits an agreement with speaker outlines and just look at Google book. Brett had a fantastic book a lot of great photos to and a lot of old Paloma with area know the leader card midget. Which is a local. Local team's starter let's start off by. How will key early on and in in the thirties and forties and continues on today. With the grandsons and great grandson Chris and what does it lie against those these leads the big question is how does someone. Old as a fan I get this book. Aren't they Ali Bucs are available on Amazon even now we can't publish it. That is still take a lot four victory here in retail stores that. We were put it Amazon student to produce these books. And just got to search either by the powder made quite an order by me in the locker. Okay practical author of the book here in the Quinn kingdom the midget. Available on Amazon.com me choose Chicago law also. Put a post on the FaceBook those final spec should FaceBook page TO side the final inspection chill on FaceBook cannot put the information on there. When we come back. We will be talking to. Amanda against. The man behind the scenes kind of Timothy frost who's kind of a mover and shaker if you want in the world motor sports Kana. Is is a is more or not. More of a fan what goes on behind the curtain against them in front of itself only come back we'll talk to Timothy frost on the final inspections show. This this final inspection it was Steve softkey presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in. 011057. FM the fan. Welcome back to the final selection show brought to you by the legendary great lake straightaway in new negro longer friends at David Opsound in the joining me. The great midwest bringing outlined. It is Timothy frost from the national speedway directory and now a whole bunch of other stuff in. You have a big event coming up at the PRI show here I of course students for a former threes in an industry show. Which is in the second week. In December believe this year on in Indianapolis and it's one of the coolest places to go if you work or. M around our Parise in the world motor sports in. Timothy you'll foresaw walking the show appreciate come and I'm. Thank you Dolly great to be with all of your listeners there. And it tells about the year your big event coming up here. And you and I think I think he got a guy named Dennis also involved with the president. Yet we do we have guys. In early December during a race industry we guy in Indianapolis Indiana now on in conjunction with the performance racing industry PRI show as you mentioned we will be hosting the sixth annual racetrack isn't. Conference. Which brings together leaders from all across different forms box. Motorsports stable look at the business issues. Our industry on and off the track. Courses Wednesday December 6. And the Eads. You know when Dennis mentioned this couple weeks ago I was pretty impressed. The headliner that you god is Indy cars that Jay fry is going to be. Headlining the event. We are we're very fortunate to get this at. Poured out by any more Indianapolis. Based entities and obviously Indy car being one of the largest one at bat. And Jay fry is it's been reputation. In all forms of motor sports obviously. Most recently with IndyCar and prior to that down in NASCAR country with that several different teams and he will be going addressing. Our luncheon. Speakers are luncheon guests. Along with dot com what's going on on the whole Indy car stunt because they obviously got a few things there are so we're very fortunate to have that he will follow up. On other notable that we. Include pumping the other. Charlie Whiting at play deadbolt and area packaging and we're very excited to have. Eight cycle enjoyed. That's pretty call. And lose some of the other people will be done at at the conference. Well he's got. Quite a broad line out ball people that'll be there we Bob. Lori ever apart from law Apollo sport and one of the top ball leading now attorneys in the industry. We have a gentleman by the name of Ryan. Marcher from dom dom sport which will be talking about. Artificial intelligence and use that I'd data analytics and in sponsorship. An evaluation. And then we've got other notables Egypt. Which will include Bob progress from ESPN and have been notable. Ralph shaking in my speech sports so we got a wide variety of analysts that'll be jordin. Along with so many people from around the globe. That will be attending for the sixth annual event. Talking to Tim frost motor sports incinerator an agreement with spinning top line and speaking of us see USC was one of those shows. A fortunate never bend to his SuSE scheduling conflict so what now this held on Las Vegas. And it's it's primarily a why guess a starter off as more as a after market. Should you know town chilled but it's evolved and got kind of a little bit of everything and in includes everything including some motor sports and involvement of what not not to tell the friends and stands listening in on the radio a lot a little bit about that show. Well I can't pretty special to be equipment on manufacturers association. And they're based in. Southern California and this was the 33 year at the scene that show how the law they get now or them in the most recent past that that a band over four days attracts over 170000. And he covers. Over one million square he dies at the convention tenor and several other venues around man and eat or larger straight trio. And all of law they get to go through. Arms and what's really interesting that you get all aspects of our culture that are there on it does both the inside exhibit all. Along with many venues that are outside and couldn't abstract and and drifting competition from that and you're really getting people. Some or all around the world to go through and and on Vietnam they get solid manufacturer support from every leaving. Our company around the world. He really ranks up there amongst. Our automotive executives along with. On Detroit Jean Yves and the Los Angeles. Our show so it's really a must attend event for people to be there late in the portion of law on the shelves but there's really just so many different. Aspects he would never continue. And mode treats only about six years ago game went and purchased. The PRI show on our net so all calmed under one wing. And what's really great about dad is there solid support within our industry. I'm from the trade show perspective to really go in hand. Keep everything gone and they've also maintained a large presence in Washington. On through their seem a pack and nine just yesterday they testified in front of congress. In regards to the RPM act which is to save our racetracks and that entity years they've proposed legislation on net to back that. Those seem really is maintained presence on and off the track in all forms of motor sports hand off road vehicles. That's pretty intercede and then of course here you have a web site speed ways online dot com. India of the national speedway directory well what what what LC have on well and. So we'd like directory which has been an assistant in 1979. We're getting ready to. The work on the 2018. Edition which many of your listeners by the used to final. In years tracked by them and also other forms. Racing that they may be interested in from the and so on we're really excited series and we'll be involved in many different specs. On the industry along strategic partnership we maintained with the people it's been four. Which is the magazine founded by the iconic actress economy actually enroute shrieking and is came down in Charlotte. Covering all forms of motorsports along with their recent acquisitions and car midget. So we get we really enjoy the industry were fortunate to be able to work and it. And you know we appreciate your show and all your backers are there because. You know more in the Allstate greats it was time to really use almost law court forms of our grassroots motorsports. While we certainly appreciate it where it's Hawes again timely Aussie mechanical couple little bit warmer in Chicago. And hopefully we'll see you February 2 David Hobson Johnny Russell Earl B. Don at the Merck at dinner one have more information and and FaceBook page common up here. In its next few weeks here. Tim if you don't know that this is our last show of the Yuba we will be returning next year Arthur worries seventeenth. The third I think it's the third Saturday. In February and but will be will we have an update so what now throughout the year and FaceBook page and Twitter accounts so. And oh we appreciate come in on the show anything else who wanna cover a quick. Now you know the racing season and just about bet there's always been Dorsey and which may be involving. Different forms of motorsports including arena across so. Ray can really get going he can't predict the chili bowl that will be held early hours. Thank you to your whole entire team rate there and we'll see somebody at racetrack. Some by in the near future. All right sounds good Timothy frosts speed ways online Dak comment on make sure you check out his stuff on that on the web and also. On Indy Indianapolis coming up next month. And light take this opportunity either of I think over since the listeners. Throughout the whole year. Of course our sponsors to that than ever hoped switches. Includes a Great Lakes stray away certainly appreciate them in a they've announced Condo came on. Later in the year to join us and all flee you told he would continue their support next year. And also road America which also is very hopeful thought deer in the amount course. Let's not forget her friends it was gusty for park where we were able do Koppel live remotes. In August. And of course of people that make to show possible. That of course is just Orlovsky. Thank you. I mean we've got a lot of fun this year it has been great they're three CHQ let me have be your show also thank you Steve it's it's it's cause of blast having you on the show and then also the people I make it hell you know that have helped out throughout the year course ideal time in India Tony dizzy you know. Appreciate him coming on the show blue really helpful. And then David Hobbs the chorus can't forget him Dennison Laurie Dennis the laureate. There's just so many him and you know the session amid a list of feel like when these guys are. On the on Oscar night you know you don't say you have moved over your nerves. But yeah I think and now of course most importantly thanks to all listeners and the boss Mandy I think the boss Ben Tom Parker. Tell us we appreciate them having the patience with me and a Sparky on the handed over the show and it's it's been a lot of fund and also summer mass cargo to the show this is it they've cheated and add the state fair that's the affairs silk. Lot of fun this year looking forward to do a million next year and we will see you. February 17. It's gonna be called. But the cars will be hot in Daytona. Thank you.