2PM-Are Jordy & Cobbs Falling Off? Or is it Hundley

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, December 7th
The Wendys Big Show-Gary, Sparky, and Ramie look at who is to blame for the Packers lack of offensive production 

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There is Sam Rami Maxwell along with Steve Sparky piper we got maybe how show on the other side of the glass -- get to a few between now. And 6 it's like 6 o'clock. A visit from our old friend Larry Harris. Now with the Golden State Warriors their vice president of player personnel he joins us at 235 former Bucs GM Jerry woeful. Dotson bucks with him and our Milwaukee basketball insider joins us at 348 talk some Packers with rob racial. A bomb again football back Tommy joins us at 435 and John Mack America. We'll look back at the end and I season with him yeah I or text or get mad about badger basketball. If you want to you know and you both have nothing to talk about really until rock until the hour portable gets you would you talk some football and often. Aria and also. And at 4 o'clock yummy to go to our FaceBook page because photo Beckham junior and Tom Brady same dude. Same dude in there is video evidence of its if you don't believe me it's up at FaceBook dot com. Slash 1057 FM the fan and led the discussion at four O clock out of the gates who one talks and Packers nastier do you think Jordy and Toppert dropping off. Or is it just the Brett Conley effect 414. 7991250. Entry as. At 1057. FM the fan rob a mosque if our old for a general Green Bay football insider now via beat writer for ESP end up in Green Bay. Yeah an article today talking about the drop off. For Randall Cobb and mentions Jordy Nelson in there. But attributes a lot of that not all of it Geary to having read only throwing on the ball instead of the greatest in the world Aaron Rodgers. As the drop off because of Brad held only large orient and Cobb just dropping off as players will do. As they get up later learn a thought careers 4147991250. Deliverable I think they are Randall Cobb ourselves and for her finger residents in slippers and play from Randall Cobb. And it's it's tough to be inside play in that position for a number years I mean the best opposition in unifil. There's a lot like playing and running that is really don't have Hughes guys are more. Quicker guys and are faster gonna work to middle. And those guys when they're working a little bit there'd there'd been. They're taken on in thought about it which is almost twice two's Bono because remember. Where you you know George too George from bigger and I am ray Lewis and those guys so little guys. While going to be users I mean you know and and Randall Cobb has lost some beat some quick group involving injuries. That has occurred to. I think when you look at Jordy Nelson I think he's lost a step out well maybe half a step. Since she's came back from that knee surgery. And so there's something. Today. But more importantly the big picture here is more bow hunt. Those guys have lost. But it is about Hartley is about hotly. In his ability to give these guys the four ball and read a regular basis into what it would and you bullet at a that Jordy Nelson is probably suffering the models. From not having a rod and that the thing. That connection. That bad shoulder they had the majority had anything on this island nada what would you have. Which you have been able to see these Jordy not wanted to weigh from guys anymore he can't get. After that we see every bit of that. But we're Erin Rogers you didn't necessarily have to do that air can put that ball in a spot. Where he can be competitive enough and go gated all of the quarterback's shoulder and he just make those roles they Jordy Nelson Houston it is it is the drop off to me is really. All about partly the reason why majorities not catch a ball but let's make no mistake about it injuries have taken and told. All renal Cobb pain Jordy Nelson. With Randall Cobb. Like we talked about Seth Curry before hang with me I know different sports and you're not sure where I'm going with this comparison we talk about stepped curry before and his staying power. As one of the best players in the league and NBA superstar and I said to spark in argued one of the few times and you know what it's kind of a good point. Step curry relies so much on quickness. That if he loses a half the step or is that. He's not the same dude anymore no he stops being so dangerous and I think you can say the same thing. About Randall Cobb or he relied so much on speed and quickness more Marquardt and beat writer in America and especially there in the in the slot like you said were on the middle of the field yeah. If he loses I have to step. That's that's huge stir his game and I mean we're talking about the difference between being successful in the NF down and not being successful in the NFL is tenths of a second it's literally tenths of a second no matter what position you play and so if Randall Cobb loses the have to step. If it's forty goes from. And what it was when he is coming on account. 44. Through forced to perform for us to look at August our numbers are. This is an illegal by the if you want a full forty coming at a 45 right before for six when you're a fortunate few if he feels a 4462476. Huge differences are huge difference for a wide receiver and illness that you he and 446. As part two with his best time right. But you know he ran a 451 miles capture. This is the way it works. Assembly is and that it's more. To do with Brett only being the quarterback volume and it is a natural you're seeing regression of enters the Randall Cobb better. Where in Rogers come yeah I mean. Very there's a certain degree of this Sparky that's that's a no brainer. Aaron Rodgers is gonna make any wide receiver looked better that Brett Conley is that's I mean that goes without saying. But at the same time if on the Green Bay Packers. I am start to think about restocking the cupboard at wide receiver Jordy drew Jordy Nelson Randall Cobb are not the players that they were broke a large part of this regression if you ask me. Is just guys getting older guys losing a hapless that injuries take their toll on both. I think the large part of the drop off is just these guys progressing getting older inning young man's game. Now that's the quarterback sucks that's that that's changed the quarterback can't of these guys open nearly as good as the hall fame quarterback before him. Mark my words. Aaron Rodgers comes back and watch during Nelson come up with ten catches him like 150 years something. When Rogers comes back and ran O'Connell well will obviously get back into it as well are a cop I grew Randall Cobb I said last year. That has to be Randall Cobbs last year I think Randall Cobb has taken a setback Jordy Nelson come on shore and else. And he will be filed and Aaron Rodgers looked at again what you're seeing is we talked about this in the past. You take wide receivers on this system of the hall of fame quarterback put him on other teams and watchable by disappear. And you're seeing that's exactly what might have happened to wide receivers in this wide receiving corps had David bush. What another quarterback instead of the hall of fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers at best is what it is I I'm not worried about Jordy Nelson and all pumped Randall Cobb yankees may have taken. A half a step back or whatever else we saw that last year we talked about that last we talked about that at the end of last year about whether or not he would trade Randall cop. Whether nob and had to cut Randall Cobb after this upcoming season. At the same conversation about Clay Matthews. I just think Rogers comes back all the stock's gonna go away. Why receivers and get back in the groove the way they were with Rogers and are off we dealt not a run that play. May suffer a little bit there won't run the ball as much but as far as what receivers go. I'm not worried about Jordy Nelson and all Randall Cobb I get doubt that that not George. Do you think that the drop off for Jordy and Cobb is it's just them dropping offer is that the bread on the effect 414. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. The drop while we're Georgie in this win Rogers come back and Roger can search from Gaza. But the drop off George's. Changed your gear and cause you severe begin in press guys Jordy Nelson's when you start seeing him now moving past guys. To me that's a drop off. The work what they can make up for. Aaron Rodgers throws that back shoulder better than anybody in the game today may have their connection Brittany running game today. Where he can give up Oregon and certainly passable Rogers put that thing about shoulder. And he makes them to biscuits you can government for I think if you look at Gaza were silent. Join us and maybe to best go about reversing that can work asylum outside of his courage Carter. Sparky Chris Carter and repair the body you're right Jordan while it was just such an idea Jordy Nelson is 32 years old. Of their guys guys like you guys regrets at 32 years old in the NFL rosters and I mean that's secrets will Rogers immaculate he just won't. You'll be productive without well no no I don't and our our offense like I already said you know what I just past your prime real guys are known are what you are no don't be so extreme spartans are very. The telltale sign you off horrible quarterback where you're you don't but the till till sun and it would just talk about the problem we agree which is horrible or I agree with yet wanna call it horrible but it does have a quarterback what we're. Every conversation wanna be extremely calm horrible do you think your numbers would have been Dallas Rogers a quarterback that shot. Are just showing you this you're just jealous fog as well I don't know about privileges fog it's one thing its arms and Tuesday. When you see him no longer getting past DB you know bears or drop. OK let's who have problems that problems are not out artists like rapper is good to have. Obviously everybody has served us. And Ariza Sparky can attribute some of the drop off to the fact that Brent on the is sorry on the football that's common sense and I'd be in it's not recognize that and I don't think an idiot some people might disagree. But your saying that. Jordy Nelson you could see him getting. Ten receptions when when air routers comes back everything's gonna go back to normal. He had he had writers for the first five games of the season yet 7064. In two receptions then lets it happens. Let's see if you're. He's he's 32 buddies had ACL surgery does but normally start to regressed at that point their careers and their 32 came in ahead ACL Saturday after a doodle while receiving corps there screwed. I don't have nothing in the cupboard behind the front three read but they have they have to Mark Adams at nothing and recovered after their top three you have Michael Clark. We don't know anything about Michael Denmark but it's does that seem promising complete re you have drug of all Allison a basketball players he hasn't done anything and we got and I'm not saying that you have to necessarily send Jordy. And top packing probably one of them. But I'm not saying epicenter either one of those guys packing. But what I'm saying is yet to get guys in here who can do what those guys used to be able to do and diminish their roles little bit announcing yet to completely restock and send those guys on their way that's not at all what I'm saying. I'm missing at the start thinking about retooling your wide receiver corps. Well as I I think that part of this drop off. Is just guys dropping off and not read only throwing in the football poker for part of it. Will say I don't think we have this conversation rocks from the quarterback in this team was sitting with ten wins right now do you think Jordan and having discovered are dropping offers it just read comics 414. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan of the Wendy's big show it's a throwback Thursday presented by masters these. There is boys Fleetwood Fleetwood Mac's only bring us out of the break now. You hear it and have the Fleetwood Mac's cued up the perfect dress I doubt it I think I Thursday present a masters this cast and the betting round probably. So you may you may want to. As conference and this tomorrow okay that's what I'm only net about Cobb and Jordan because I put it quite kind of you think common during health or drop an op boards and Huntley. And I put it at Margarito says top probably is but not Jordy he reached we intend to look at cops catch percentage and and let's talk. Yeah I can't percentages one thing getting how how what percentage of the plays is he getting open. It's done with downcast about that vulgar for them American up on awful. Well yeah that's from two or the quarterback isn't during the football remember what we have this conversation last year there's iris target. The last game now not a single part now and again remember last year. First have last year Rodgers was brutal and are basing his receivers putting its separation. Gary came in here it's a that's a lot of crap right I watch it will about isolation right there's a wide receivers that are. Annual Albany's enough don't Edwards right so later in the season what happened. On the ball ball got hot in the way they went so how again. If you're saying. There was guys open enough again about leveled have a ball thrown to when he wasn't thorough yet how is it inconceivable to think that these guys are open enough now and humvees out all the football. When it's a lot less inexperience is Rodgers he's not nearly as good as Rogers. And knows in the back of his head his rap about how those interceptions Al Walter well any interceptions. All of lady the more conservative and I normally what and I'm short McCarthy is. Drilling and who has had do not turn over the football take a sack whatever do not turn it over. I think all that plays this. Wanna get as many phone calls me candy because lenders coming up at 235 do you think. Jordy encountered is dropping offer is that partly due to read comics 414. 7991250. You can treat us. At 1057. FM offense we all know OK asterisk we all know how many is effective he quit. Quit dissent that's adequate Imus America's hunger away curator and gusty winds you implying he can't quit it's just that ranting owns. Now this commercial before the millions homeless now that's not my Waldheim had played on for the video this tells thought baby touch a turn off your Mike already let's go to they had a great senior the way these big show what's up there. They've managed to get my calls hello everybody right now. Not a lot a lot and then there's been asleep back there I did it can ask can you please not quit go ahead there wasn't on. I want requires quick man gold dust woman but we would Mac. It's coming up coming out of the 243 bright able running play and that's a gold dust will go would force about Fleetwood back to 48. Good. And drop out I don't give up resorting it's noticeable I think I'm trying to never believe they're about two years I have no idea what did you write a check. Go to war. Legalize every girl Lester before this started an attacker to pick up Atlanta and spot I mean we got. Oh yeah. And I think it is actually implant lost everything. A little into it looks like there's so don't worry about now. You are a little lower. Well I'd probably like Matt should not get back Ali. Well whoever the general manager is this offseason is go out to make a tough decision here because. You're gonna have to pay Dovonte Adams and if the general manager agrees that the rotting Gary that these two are not the same players they wore. Then he's really got a tough decision to make because of you say why don't want dog Canton reminder Montana was a lot of go somewhere else. Woman you have to come to grips what why receiving cores and what you're gonna do about it. Because if they think of the problems of the agreement Packers of these to a loss a step or whatever the case may be. They have to pay Dovonte Adams and then they're gonna have to cut. One or two players that have been. Key contributors of this team for the last several years whether that be. Cobb or majority or Clay Matthews or blue whoever it may be. You're gonna have to make some difficult decisions. Releasing football players so you Quinn signed a Monta Adams with the cap and everything else that goes along with that. Do not would not want to be in that situation on the Green Bay Packers. If they are planning assigning to Montana and so crazy big deal they have to sensitive he is not taking while. I don't know this for short but I don't think Gary he's going to take a hometown discount staying agreement I don't know. And maybe he will majority made sense that he did I can't imagine Dovonte. Go back got delegate always wants like this go to Tim in great senior in the Wendy's they show its attempt. Pay as little more than. In. The Smart about it. I get everything what the offense. You can probably trade album may begin a couple veteran players especially since they'd be pleased but my biggest thing is Kenya please get some offensive line held. Like for like the last side on the right side to protect riders Alito they get hurt. Okay I'm not all there and I want I want it all on the final hole host and that's when Leno wouldn't you to hire ride and not talk we see it right normal part one don't aren't you. The dog and say you know two bogeys from office line Leo when you know your mountains and that is as strong. Talk about it you're you're you're absolutely awesome natural normal mind. Companies are talking about when you re decent quarterback you know what we see. What are. And I worked. And I guess that I write this piece of help on the offensive line. Well. All right. And the you know you and what it wants to go on all the mines bigger backyards. Okay. It is now in the Bret oh. There's said dudes got Melanie you're all gonna show wherever you go to call shows students to the meal by getting any calls and the Chicago sports such stations to calls and everywhere I know mine where there healthy. I even know where the I can tell you that there is a weekly on the Packers offensive line I think Brad blog as a guy that. Considering his injury history and everything else if there are sold that sprigs can be that guy out there. But of their Solon springs or McCray being out their right tackle that might be another guy. To try and figure out cap space going ahead now might be a casualty at some point but I TR should be a pro bowler. And Jean -- you should vote for Bakhtiar ignite go to FL dot com while your their vote for the right ball for the hall of fame as well. But at that for certain now. The rest of the line. I think the right guard as played as well as anybody can respect and Harry Evans since they picked him up I think he he's played well. The setter position I don't think is an issue at this point either in name. How the left tackle Blaine Taylor left guard the late Taylor thought as the solidly and left guard. So they're gonna have to figure out right guard next year now and I can be McCray right. Third take over for Avant because she's got a free agent that's a one year deal means what he might be your right cargo at Ford and I'm comfortable that that's the case. I'm at right tackle like I said if you're looking out. To save money maybe that's blog and sprigs goes right tackle they're gonna have to figure out how to get to putt I had was money. In the end that that that's just the somebody's gonna have to dole that. You know we've known for a lot honesty or it's on these guys short would Robert you're on the Wendy's big show its element. Our guys they occurred in my call. I have got a couple of comments but your first clue that their previous caller should have been in the could boring comment. On their on site. An interesting question for Gary. You know since you played is pairing possibilities. You could a majority in before mop a little bit and make him eat your kinda. And it is and a broken on upper PPP enough. But I think I've lost so that and I think that the cobble out of acting clearly that our receivers are playing as well it would. Yeah and side air partners here and now that you have. I think both guys lost a little bit and tortillas is still very serviceable. I think you got to elect cops go. But I really like to possibly exceed. If it's they would ever considered moving toward a tight end because we could go play a number appear that opposition if you could handle beat. I think that's a group Barbara I would never remove him. Best you do what they are you doing right now put him in the slot caller I think the slot he should be the spot where he should be changed your regular morning outside marriage should do. The Packers need to get a tie him. That they can depend on the constructs for. I don't think Jordy is it. I can't think of now time that a wide receiver was transition to a tight end and it was successful can US think of it into one example one instance that have. What was what was sure sure. Ms. tight and hold it was titled. I just a mile and game where. I gotta think about Iran I'm sure it will somebody. I'm just looking at average salary per year. For this year and who's making also wide receiver. Antonio routes making seventeen million average and this is a sign of most money out and l.'s effort. Sixteen point two million younger Hopkins. Fifty million for AJ green Julio Jones fourteen point 25 million the Marriott Thomas fourteen knowing Dez Bryant fourteen million. See some are nattering. He somewhere in the fourteen million dollars a year range fifteen. I don't know what he's looking for Steve me I think it's gonna commodity in new year of events are good utility ever Easter haven't he he looks damn good I mean he's. Mean you're throwing those little but those little little. Slant spoke little hitches. His breaking jokers mrs. Clinton does look foolish and music's most serve. I mean. You look at the average contracts total value of these contracts Antonio Brown 68 million where he got around and eighty one's gonna premier. On top wide receivers Antonio Brown yeah Hopkins money AJ green Julio Jones Marius Thomas does bright TY Hilton. And then there's a little bit of a drop off to Doug Baldwin he deserves to eleven and a half million or more than two and he's neck and thirteen so he's going to be around fourteen million year. And probably around seventy million dollar value. Contest they treated it again that the because there Edgar can't wait for light show to provide showed a borrow what I called you guys that left out because to be applied to you know it's I've skeptic about the he's Cherie becomes the saudis cheery guy sun shining mellow. Let's go to big blue in Georgia here on the Wendy's big show it's a blue. Well the only thing is all about a plot of this progression. I mean. Yes and as we outlaw them sorted definitely now. Cop. Outlook in the Jerry Cobb few years ago hello yeah. Our all of Copeland that maybe they would try to bagel. Double gored. And you ignore his rookie season we needed relief to. He of course you know that would happen. But Arnold the other thing it's got to look at our problem. How well Aaron would Aaron what a great start he's already wrote on the pocket but can't he get the second receiver progress. So at that point. They'll run it there Robert did they already broken off in Iraq and he told them he's got you know that they've been actually incredible what he's going to. Probably doesn't. The old gene makes the receivers better fit what they are because of that. But did you get a like. Monta is able this make app. You know he's got that these yet this deal that like for you get arbitrator ago. I mean that's what you got to look at. Now thanks for the call issue. I'm Tanya will will see how this whole thing plays out I disagree again today if Roger is on this team all year we would not be having this conversation. Because they'd be at probably 910 wins already. And there'd be no conversation about the wide receivers play falling off whatever else rod as you put up huge numbers Jordan would have a month to touchdowns as we Dovonte Adams. We may not know about these running backs necessarily still but. The numbers everything else the numbers would still look good Sparky because I'm not saying that and neither of these guys. Has any football left in them and Aaron Rodgers is going to make you look better than what you are under saying that there there would still be. A drop off from what we've gotten used to seeing from these from those two guys you don't think so now. Alcott yes I said that blaster with cal and I said when they signed cup they overpaid calendar. So that I've been on the anti combat like him for quite sometime the Jordy Nelson man wagon they stole him I mean he. He he went way hometown discount to take that ten million dollar a year deal Dallas where easy that he signed that and now. He screwed because obviously if other people around the league see what Rodney sees he's not getting another big contract that's in that noise so. There will be interesting to see how they hillside autumn wind is our position this offseason with the contracts for majority and cob up in the air and he got a three signed about it Adam's. The interesting to see how Ted Thompson there is Sparky voted to Weber is the GM. This offseason handles the wide receivers he has to be there much longer we get back this coming up Andy's 5 o'clock with Great Lakes drag away. Pickle and other people have said that about the Q club Wisconsin while shuts so fun people don't leave and family members electric temple I can't believe he's still there. Do you go about what's got to replace schedule your favorite sports actual pool tables shuffle board tornado whose ball tables were those like try to darts ping pong and more. The award winning fish fry on Wednesdays and Friday the four different styles fish filed how would all the extras plus live yeah. Every Saturday night this Saturday night is built I'm CNN. Built on sit and as your madness Saturday night to Kabul with Scott that late Friday happy hour tomorrow night from 10 PM to 1 AM plus on Sunday morning you got a new place for breakfast it's acute club ball with Scott and sorting and ironing amp. From John a French toast breakfast pizzas and higher judicial breakfast items at Q club I'll what's gotten sunny mornings. Each sunny morning at 9 o'clock also formed by cells prior partisan real personal VIP suite. Luck you pool table personal TV to mobile U club all Wisconsin too bloody for fifty Ford north grand view boulevard in Milwaukee shot. How Mossad the finite fore check them out at Q club. W I dot com nets Q club of WI dot com that's Q club a W I dot com or on FaceBook. Ayman Gary guaranteed two things coming out of the spray McGrath I'm talking Larry Harris to guarantees for it that's that's the first one. Former Bucs GM Larry Harris will be joining us we will have fun with them the second one it will be Fleetwood Mac. And if they're back Thursday and I wouldn't presented by masri a product I guarantee it. I wouldn't that I guarantee it it's happening it's happened why it Daly tossed and power once again my apologies to get all KS or they're back there is a curator please don't quit. I will be perfect with the rest of the playlist guaranteed Wendy's big shall be right back with all that right at the movements very Harris who joins us now on the great midwest bank Allen are you were fed a Fleetwood Mac's. Sure why not. I mean I don't really like Dugard here and much but yeah. Yeah they're pretty great medical school medical schools. Especially I. I only you know about directors. I mean sparking a rock in about 38 copper what we know he know back. We actually we haven't given our nominee yet and we can go around the horn and include Larry Harris -- with our nominees great throwback players that you agree Gary actuary when normally the reigning champ goes first would you like to defer to our guests maybe a good host and Larry Harris in the first non tell Larry the real job I don't know why are you wanted to last OK can do that than G ego let me. Journey journey you know and it throwback there's that big area dollars and market. Along Christian songs Christmas songs is next week the last no. Now we'll have one more or a bag Thursday before Christmas okay so the area I'm not they're from out all right. Maybe couch. Are close was what sparked was doing but I want Leon partners Christmas opened lower carbon Alter our parents Christmas music and I'll let partners aren't. I'm and am I go with a track this last week. Am I tried again. You mean Jackson 5 you know what I'll go with the theme. Jimmy Jackson 5 Christmas cards for Larry Harris what would you like to hear next weeks or our our our our board crock you're okay nice are. In probably have been electing our Federline. Bing Crosby is is dead is yes and while that's a final his. His duet with David Foley is a is a great Christmas and Crosby yet going bankrupt and their boat didn't Christmas duet I forget which saw it was but it was outstanding and they nominees. Bing Crosby Christmas Larry here's Gary wants journey. Sparky once all Christmas music just generally Christmas music baby Joshua with the carpenter Christmas someone at Jackson 5 Christmas go with one of those or erode. Preacher artist at 1057 FM the fan with a hash tag big throwback. And you'll be entered to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to master disease Larry how stepped period in with the going to be back different. I won't say I think it's crazy or pretty optimistic two weeks as well wouldn't get my electric that's probably right so right before Christmas. Record tick on here is Boris. Hopefully by Christian mystic. Well it's not turmoil month LeBron. But boy oh boy yet is his wonder boy yet the rest those guys aren't aren't here but this went when you have a team like like you guys having Golden State as deep as it is does that give me use some leniency shoot to maybe let a guy rest longer than. He might need to otherwise and as an injury like this. I don't know consumers that I I think the biggest thing it's somebody. You know it's stealing a week or whatever any kind of injury I think. We're gonna be a little more cautious and we have been in the past so it step needs an extra day or two and that's what he wants an excellent. I like a truly a last night against Charlotte got hit again or is much older he felt discomfort he's out Patrick would call. Gold group. Concussion protocol. Would grow because in the right elbow to the head the other very he's gonna step you know two or three more days longer so I got here to yes they. Guitar player wanna come back ready to play that will put tobacco. I discerned the other day that NBA ratings are up in a big across the board I wanna say yes penis in my 32%. Or something insane like that TNT is up. All platforms are up what what would you attribute that to why the NBA's doing so well early on in the season even with the NFL still gonna. Well Sparky you know or even follow kind of I really think there are a lot of good young players but more importantly. Boston new York and L laced scenes at all. Whether they're playing well enough obviously Boston and New Yorkers surprise LA not playing well obviously that they wanna be. But those markets Europe which I think really drives our viewership is well one of the east the West Coast and it means. I think the entry list. You know Kyra going to Boston and Cleveland was down and Albert what went thirteen grows so I think there's and then you take you know like Milwaukee got August. You know Carl Anthony Carroll. There's a lot of young player there everybody you know Devin Booker. You know Philadelphia you know what he and another East Coast in a there's a lot of intrigue and a lot of different teams now not just the warriors and cap and I think that that's probably. Bright and viewership and to be honest with you Gary knows better than anyone probably net. In that room there is the fact that there repelled down so much. That people are just you know particular attention quarter ever and I think we're getting a little bit more viewership with the lack of interest and Larry. I I know obviously you've been involved in the NBA for how many years is it now sixty or seventy years. Along tore up our standard thirty here for a long time. But I was being sarcastic bay for the for the most part. Hey did you ever come across helicopter parents. In the NBA at that level of the patrol all mean I'm nobody obviously is at the level of Lamar balls bars go in the media but. You run across that in the NBA behind the scenes with. As they can calls you or whatever the case may be about the kids playing time. Even at that level. Never. I I can tea there are more low or bolts in the Stanley in college and then everybody knows about. The terrorist just aren't out of that larger just aren't outspoken often bars there's a lot. It happened every airline these high school kids. There are more Lavar ball aired in high school age you and dictate where they go to college or think both the pro level I never heard the court thirty. I I I've heard of one other player in the NBA. On that used to get the Milwaukee Bucks who had a helicopter father. On that used to bother the NBA if Bucs front office from time to time I saw blankets it was that are there now. Now but it's I I know I I know what happened but I just wonder how often it happens that's good to hear that you never had to deal with that no positive. No not at all not at all you know and again rarely now the NBA players cheek. So much apparent with them on the usually they're closers were in high school and their Alex. The college where they they take care of their parent that their parent or drive in the narrative like obviously extend the bark all right off the charts. You know it feels like Larry though the landscape of the MBA and then orange and you know downplayed his butt. It feels like you landscape of the UMBAs guys trying to come together trying to former team. To be Golden State your case you can Austria where some people who were Oklahoma City. Has been able to do to try to put team together to try to score some ports. How you feel about Oklahoma City and these are the teams they're gonna crop up like Oklahoma City and Boston out east. Well I mean again we we were very fortunate to kick cabinet. Certainly in well documented how we were able to secure him a mean. I think more gates are pouring it that maybe our style play. Is is more what people are like watching the viewership Archie. Were very popular on the road option very popular homework or popular all over the world but directory not only our style of play but our players and you know they accessibility each one of them that happens as. Great players and they are so I think that each team is in a different seat. You know each accused in Oklahoma City Boston they wanna go for Cleveland they wanna go work in her other chief like Chicago it. Atlanta Sacramento you know Phoenix they're building so I think. I don't know so much that people are trying to get the super teams but I think they're trying to. Acquire players that can compete at a level where are your best players are at. When we get into the playoffs and you know work the kennel where your which are seen yet to decide are we gonna rebuild and you take the east and west and completely different in east is. Trying to get as good as Boston is good physically and I think Milwaukee on its way Ronald thinks they're there I'm sure they're there yet all their taxes like out of its mind. Yeah it can keep it up you know you you've got a team like. Out in the in the west we've got Minnesota who you know acquire good player but the point I have got almost forty minutes and not you know how I look at 82 game period. But it let me their battle Sam. I been quiet I was ordered a three and twenty. Yet the bulls won the bulls are are are terrible franchise Larry they're not they're not a good franchise top to bottom that is a a bad bad franchises but. Or it's awful. So are you share for the better at what Iraq I mean he had that there they they both have three wins and were in mid dissent and and forever in December I understand Larry I know why no why I cheer for a team's. You must get hammered in that room I don't want at least it's much harder and boardroom and mark are. How often do that to our debt relief. Just maybe tired ever do that to you guys have a gracious host of Mahmoud. You know that actually that leads me that leads me to the next question I had for Larry. Okay. Yeah. So. The act which are silent partner there must between what I'm a total rebuilt she's just want to make sure yes don't you know what there. I'm all cool Q and for a total rebuild it wasn't beat up SoundBite and knocking it to you in the face like Baltimore. Total rebuild I just don't trust the guys during out of like packs in a like form and we need in your brain trust there a mall for the rebuilt but that does lead me to the next question. I can't remember in all the years but I've been watching the NBA. This many teens doing what the bulls are doing right now what the Bucs did a couple of years ago that complete hair down. Rebuild the model that that so many teams are trying right now that the sixers. Are finally seeing the fruits of have you ever seen this many teams just suggest giving up and and say we'll look to the future in the NBA Larry. Well I actually more more portly not kidding obviously I like getting on about able to Gary weir yeah you know the relationship he has with LeBron. Well you said there jokes it they are a laughing stock and people should be at the bulls but I I will say this I I think what's more surprised than anything it. I don't actually started it. I I I cannot believe in Sparky we'll know exactly what elective. I can't believe so many owners. And and and as far as the database step for biting and that yeah I mean do they truly understand this is a five to seven year plan I don't care rebuilding tigers to me. And that means you gotta get the draft right every year. You basically know what's gonna come and play your creator previous five years until he got to start somewhere. To build a lot you just look at look at Milwaukee right now just which are looking at development working out an incredible year probably can't argue in the top five. Of air leaky boats right now today. And what it take it from the time they got into today. And yet they're working ten and there on the right and I think they're going to continue to get better. But just how long of a process that is that so many owners and and they are saying let's do it that way back to me is arguably. It's only way and am less sure a large market. And I I guess you're not really a large marketing gold Steve. Unless you're a large market to get three star succumb played together some very tough proposition so you really are in a position on the NBA. We UConn really have to do it through the draft or through trading get lucky that somebody missed their analysis a book young player and then you hit it. I do it right I think of the pistons back with Chauncey Billups and at some of those guys where. Ben Wallace those guys were drafted by them they are raw acquired in deals and and ready made it all work so you can do that white org you can swing for the fences like John Hammond it would be honest. And hope you hit a home run and John Hammond said when he dropped him. No we're not going to be able to sign LeBron James so the only way we're gonna superstars we swing for the fences and hope we get one and they get one. And now they have somebody to build the drama now the key is going to be can they continue to put talent around him now getting Eric Bledsoe was a step towards that obviously going forward. But again you have a new arena. You're already near new practice facility I think there's definitely pressure on the Bucs organization right now to compete in the east may not you'll win the east necessarily this year. But deftly compete and he should be right there with Boston and Cleveland. Yeah or rob LK the other thing to add to that is. That not only edit content in owners had to do this you know wait through the draft and be patient. But they've also sold the fact that look we're not going to be Cleveland or Boston. Toronto. Washington a great turnaround and I think they will want to jump ball back. They're all look at those fourteen and look. Why we want him getting a leader of the seven we got no chance to beat those guys so much weight to LeBron retired and let's wait till Boston. You know who knows what maybe Horford you know. Is a good player is real or not and then will compete so they're buying into that thing and what. We find out in India and fortunately it sounds good on paper one or two years and then they're tired of losing an air are coming or no revenue and garner like you know we don't like this. They scrapped and here we go at it just becomes an endless cycle and it it'd be interesting because you know losing and continually losing it developed app. And I don't think those are good. Uproot the team and I don't think it's good for the band basically a lot of money. Behind this product in its in its six or seven your window before you're going to be in good it's it's hard to deal. Talking with former Bucs GM and now director of player personnel for the world champion Golden State Warriors Larry Harris here on the Wendy's big show. I don't think you're giving yourself. And and that organization you work for their enough credit when talking about. Why so many teams are going with the tanked and and rebuild model because I think a lot of people are looking at what you guys have built their home state. And going if if we don't have LeBron James. We really don't have a shot at a championship. For the next three or four years against Golden State so we might as well try to win championships for five years from now you don't think that's true there. You know what I just again we got very fortunate that you know we we know drastic steps Currie. And after three years we thought you know what this guy could be the real deal and then click are developed we got old rapper sat around and get great mongering. But really count all came together that when those streaks started developing and getting better it was acquisition above it would acquisition they were dollar creations in a trait. And obviously. Witness you know put us over the target Katie but yes the draft pick developed. Much beyond weak they're what we can ever imagine I mean I'm not. Continue to date that we need to step we knew clay and we need to write about we'd like him. We thought they could be really really good players think that the level all three of them when we Grafton note note. And but I think the other thing that we get messed it all this is. It's the acquisition of the it would dollars and shot livid that Andrew Bogut that. Negating not actually Jimmy got wanted to complain that so it's that there's a lot of going to have to go right in the draft but there are a lot of things. Acquisitions and export it but couldn't getting those kind of players in a creation and so by that what's applicable state critic you remember prior to that. I think we'd want you know twenty years in a row rather than one year when they had. You know they had when he beat Dallas Anthony ever and that. The word miracle a lot of lean years their ball. Are you guys sure come a long ways and you have Monty goes on and it hit a. Here we wanna keep that trade that really I don't I don't. I think we can do to help Larry yeah real quick well. Real quick facts about bulls or hurt you gotta be a president Ari market in the all right thank you looks good and click about a future in this league. Well and and again I think it and I was a kid and I loved making fun of your butt of the news that you look at we've got it out. And that's where they're gonna have to shell out you know I did little McCain is not plate he entered so people out of sight out of it. Very clear then market look like he's going to be good just got to get stronger really yard kick and then Garnett and they think he could be. Those great guy very out now you're gonna go get a cup 34 pick mean they're the number of names that are out there at all you are. I'm portrait can't match Ramallah but they're all you are and they're gonna be good players. And they're gonna change some terms so I don't think Chicago is really got the picture without being on the floor done a full year of where they actually the DN and over the course when works out of all outlet ordered a couple of they've got some key issues are okay. It's just needs look at reed when he annual player tenure in the middle Nadia but you're just December. I can't imagine what that gore is going to be like me that that is a brutal it's a brutal Strachan and this year that there haven't what's gonna trend are that a long long here. That is Larry Harris a former Bucs GM now director of player personnel for the world champion Golden State Warriors are good friend and frequent guest here. On the Wendy's big show and a star back Thursday nominee is a Bing Crosby Christmas all's appreciate it Larry thank you so much for the better. And are questioned yeah. Your your keep it league right. Probably LeBron James. Is partly helping the market opened. The funny thing about this as a family well Iran were thirteen thirteen and her only problem Brian just came out and said that he thinks people are taking for granted because he's seeing. These polls are what ever running Internet sites and retiree Irving and James Harden and and LeBron for most of these deal and I possibly disagree LeBron that I think people probably aren't taking for granted in the numbers he puts. Yeah you know what and I and that's why ask Eric that nearly a year. But obviously Harden are being nursed their record and what they're doing. But I'd voice said whether Michael Jordan whether it was Kobe Bryant. And whether LeBron james' biggest need to motivate and that all leaders who are beginning to an electric Irene says okay alma I got corporate or. What is it pains me to say that. Cleveland coming out. I'm time right now. That Brad Stephens will out coach Chiron Lou and all around him in circles and this happens if if and if obviously you know they stay healthy corporate got to be there carries got to be there if there or did they don't go out and they don't lose another brass players Windsor. He's on. He's humble lighter note. I I agree that if it'll be it'll be really it'll be good series are by and watched but stated they are because I know what you see played LT I keep a player he has. I never bet against LeBron out I don't care who Boston up at 33 Brad Stevens over there on the bench great code that that the coaches. They beat mayor it and since she's this. Tubular. Dugard at bear culture that into seven games Jerry I'm dead now. I'm Bret I'm gonna bad Brad Stevens all that we'll see what happens but we get employed you know I candles side that all let's do they are well. How's fatherhood just one last question we're all following is good man yelled yeah yeah you'll sleep a lot daycare brings a lot of germs that are ring gets a couple of that's great it's good stuff actually yeah ironic that bill. Can fix everything got better. Appreciate and both steal letter about where they're stressed this topic great bit weird a catalog it's pared down great midwest Banc America. To occur. You know the worst. Common sense you know since 1935. And had no. It's gonna be touched on the yen when near the market to buy build or renovate or refinance visit great midwest bank that come to discover the benefits of simply local banking right. Right front yard that's on a lot when your plan. And it happens after every score. You guys who have more so the defense scored some points and in the media and engagements of touchdowns two scores and school report to be right and tell look at their friends over Hyundai west's. They still have 0% per serving two months on both the log electron. The lunchroom. Yeah. Through. Which you have zero appreciative for every two months on both the Elantra and let's not get rebates and 0%. Don't Wear the Christmas tree. Oh it is load it would do it's can put mine up tomorrow they're customer makes clear DO opulent it is pulls a card. All the 34 introduced. There are coupons. From 250 I'm Butler. He's now over on day where to go. Coach it would be your friends out right now. And Dave Winston. Ash from argued frame. Dane Richards they're looking to me that and based or the number one. Volumes to war. In the state was this. West Alice in Hollywood under write off of ought. To dawn on me went on Harris called me from. Oakland where the anatomy and have an NFL team orders are in Phoenix he's in mug you know what I mean is team is a no they won't even have an NFL team that won't have an NBA neither. And eighteen on San Francisco while same thing Bay Area there on Bay Area is the Bay Area Oakland screw at all with polling and had a lot of that it. That's what this is going to be easy to talk about my bigger than three win season over not having teams packer for what now you can't do that. Your flight he still it's still a box and a while back I don't all right at that number that you and well Gary T sauber said well what do quick break on the other side the NFL too soft. It's the Wendy's big shall be back grit.