2PM: Brady or Rodgers?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, January 22nd
After another incredible AFC Championship win for the Patriots, the question needs to be asked - is Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers the best quarterback in the NFL? It's not as easy as you think! Then, BREAKING BUCKS NEWS at the end of the hour! #Gamechanger

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On Monday. Running back an awful lot of wind speeds marquee fight for the former packer and badger running back Gary Allison whose new word of the day as substantive as we heard. That is what he said it substantive. I don't have it might cause that's my clubs and it's. Pretty sure he didn't. Eat this stuff. Mike is by club bids the other side is right still over there can you play that David Stern's cut that you just played a near update please. Apparently this is Howard is there at the show instead on net debt is it is Monday we'll talk with some. Have been. They be overly exaggerated the precedent or something to work on that that. Haven't been discussed publicly and also. I'm will keep you guys guessing for a little while longer he certainly working on things and and that it would I'll say this it would not surprise you if we make a subset of move between now and and. Thanks for. I don't know it's hard to hear at the exact pronunciation. Of what he saw it and it broke a share I mean if that's already uses it makes sense for chair I don't I don't feel like arguing with you really talk with that a McKelvey. Our Milwaukee baseball insider coming up at 335. But you heard him there is say let's just say that. They they might make a significant move and that significant move might be signing Yu Darvish after multiple outlets reported over the weekend at Amber's made. An offer to the freeagent thirty year old right handed pitchers spent last year. With the Rangers and the Dodgers. Which leads us to ask you the question would you rather have Yu Darvish. Or Jake Gary had a 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan because those are the two veteran pitchers that the birds have been weak link to. And in various rumors as the hot stove it starts to heat up just a little bit with more rumors floating around the last few. But the last week or so that there have been. All offseason long. So who would you rather have your Darvish or Jake Gary had a 414. 7991250. You can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan arrow that we've heard any reports that the brewers have an offer out to Jake Gary had a Sparky but that. I think it's almost safe to assume that if they have an offer out to Yu Darvish they probably also have one out today carry out when she says I'll I'll carry on them and saying out from the little. Really we've heard them there and arrested two got to view this the first team we've had heard. That has an official offer out there to anyone these top three pitchers Darvish. Air yet or Lance lent these are guys that you word of any team having offer to anyone these three over surely. Tom Null. Well so specifically at this three top pitchers were sitting here covering up or pass the middle of January at the catchers report like a month. And the top free agent pitchers this is up first offer. That's glob public that we've heard about. Is the borrowers of all the team that could be interested. It's a blocked number we heard multiple rumors that is X number of teams grandson Jake Gary header into an energy carrier not offers Yu Darvish but offers no. So well. Then another team that's it on Yu Darvish that really want to that is. The Minnesota Twins. That's all modern yet. So how crazy is that you got to smaller markets the brewers and twins bolt then. I'd wait which very well may be I would assume. The highest ticket it I don't and left in free agency the this year from a pitching standpoint. Yu Darvish now how much will they give him. For how Long Will they get over. I don't. He didn't pitch all that well the World Series. As CRA was like creates something last year prior that it was more like 3334. Throughout the rest of his career. Any time. You roll the dice out of pitcher obviously it's more dangerous than a position player in my opinion. From the standpoint of possible injury to and noble possible injury to a shoulder. And how that could possibly screw things up long term for the rest of that contract now. There are you know Abbas abilities I could hurt a Major League Baseball player as well but. For the most part it's heads to screw things up more I think for pitchers and it does for position parties are sighing as the big money long term deals like Eric Hauser probably is he gonna make you regret signing an ideal is my guest. Going forward one of these guys very well make you may make you look foolish. If you give them too much money over to long a period of time and I think the longer this has gone out the better it is for the brewers obviously because that means are so we all think. But these six year deals that these guys apparently want they're not going to get. And odds are they're probably agony get five year deals all of this ends up being a three or four year deal. That's not an of the world stuff it really isn't a for the Milwaukee Brewers I think you can see them get the end at twenty million dollars a year. Or whatever it may be it's probably me more than Matt. Otto Darvish or on an area at a I would assume Lynn will be the third and as far as pricing OC maybe more for bullying other two but. But they've made an offer. Very well may be just David surge saying well look if no can do anything got sort robber out there and the rest of you guys wanna make an offer all start the bidding. If anything you've ever played. Fantasy baseball an auction style draft. That's how I got to see this whole thing kind of flight out right now. As far as you know you dominate a player than you thrown out of bed and they knew what everybody yells big forum which you really have no interest an app player actually thrown out and everybody else bit. But it from a brewers respected that may be what's happening here yet we have interest we know we can't get a similar to what they made sabathia the offer you think born out under. I think this is the brewers say OK well start debating. And let's see you jokers gore had an. Rally on Hubble were sitting a sitting here waiting to get one of our guys that we would really do want because nobody citing its old Darvish Marietta -- off the art. Sobel free agent pitching market is pretty much at a dead standstill. Until these chewed up let's come off the board. So I would say is by David Stern is this story this -- I've faced nerds like what they get no doubt about who was here right to date throughout the goof off the field and do we what do tape from the draw the offer to sabathia they knew we wouldn't take right for at a hundred right they knew they weren't coming back for that matter right but they did it to tell other families and we try and so this that would Darvish I don't know what the offer is obviously I got a feeling it's. L four at all on grid or what ever it is was that a 425. Year. For Anaheim where Mickey Wright and right now. Fonda. The so if it's if it's soap or and that line. They know that's probably not going to be enough to get the deal done but it sort out there a hole that everybody else starts bidding on this route to keep them off tomorrow yet to get everybody else going here. He made eleven million dollars last year. He's jobless to do but he's going to be 31 next year old dolls. I got ya just give me guarding him yet horses are out. They're both thirty once they're separated by his daughter and on this if some people run. On economy in a note on number I don't know baseball yes I mean because a number you know bond no area I made fifteen point six northwesterly Victor Chu in the government eleven what was seniority of these two GO you want Cory you're last season's Vieira go career to reared you Irish Yu Darvish is 342. Jake area's 357. Anything else you would like to know. Denny is running mate last year. Last year area you want ERA ya 353. Yu Darvish 386. Get a rough first half second half his bag in the movies back in dominant form in the ball for 31 both at 31 years old area at a born in March Darvish born in August if months matter to you. Steve you think it's will be more than 25. Or an Irish. We're about area you know probably. He was gonna happen I think is and again I'm just going off on what a veneer and I think it's gonna happen is it's gonna be a shorter term deal so excited getting. Five or six years maybe three or four but that they're gonna get way more per year to make up for right the last along the security right itself. OK maybe we would have done when he finally here it's sixty year but yelled a lot of deuce six a year it's not gonna cost you 32 or 33 year to do after three or four years that's my guess of how this is going to work. Could be completely wrong maybe ought nobody wants to pay these guys big money because of all they are you Bert Stern's when he was all of us. Where was at the toy drive and he talked about looking at guys more in their twenties right that we're coming up and why signed those guys are guys past thirty yeah it's a different viewpoint as far as how you determine how much value they have right because again as you get older your body breaks out whatever the case may be eaten. Especially for a pitcher that's fish a lot. And the other numbers that you'd like air. For enforcement and mental that the phone numbers amend the comparison between Yu Darvish and Jake area at a Darvish. President can't do both we are in no no we united and both these guys are urged our area. Maria yes innings pitched last year Ariana Ericsson and Darvish had 186. Jake area at a 168. And Els if you Darvish coming off of Tommy John surgery the previous year earned. Dollars that comes yes. Tommy John Thomas the Thomas yes. He had the Tubbs Jones surgery. That that and it's clear Mildred and vowed to get deals never have to have that surgery twice Steve. I don't worry about it as much as you did probably 1520 years ago. Seemingly nowadays everybody on the Tommy John surgery at some point in honor went to Arizona with regards. Now. You use that old. And they got me to average yeah that's right. From the parties does that scare you off the Tommy John surgery two years ago yeah. I don't like that was caught on and on to. Scared she's orders. But when I'm full arm surgery back trust when you think that a full year removed from it worse or. Rami is always a stronger long ago. Oh I mean John. Did you means I get myself on like tigers. Can I mean meg sixties. 380. Mosul career what are. You can log. Of course. How much. Steve. I got a story of a play you tell you that but that's America. Breaux. Of toilets and the he played for baseball but yeah outplay us dollars Cleveland yankees. This is actually in 2015 net Darvish and the image answered we've noticed is that meaningful seasons since that this deal. You've dart urged cubic Buren play. Sort of wrote. These message here. I don't know when did you have certain collective marry our god is being caught on all of a sudden he's going to be your you right into the right. Yes drew his left arm I would care as much. I don't like either one of these. So you don't want either one zone and that's specified answer to that of yours. Otherwise after the break okay. That's a valid answer if you don't want either one you can say neither one do you want Jake Gary had a you want Yu Darvish none of the above. 4147991250. Tweet us at 1057 FM the fan remember the talk back feature on the fan happy to hit the button. These 32 voice mail including who you are recalled from will play it right back right here on the Wendy's friction. Highlighting the once he does during the new year on animals. Night no met your game played this January. Then Thursday in both of the giant diet get the finals and allowed it need to clean it up I. I can't put it up for grabs let's. 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I was initially skeptical but time and again I've seen it dramatically reversed even long standing pain problems. Doctor Neal Pollack is a board certified neurologist and a fellow with both the American Academy of Neurology in American academy of disability evaluating physicians he is greater Milwaukee's leading expert in April therapy. Just let yourself to do this pain treatment chance. He can contact us and the notes yeah call 4144537784. Cuttino lucky teen clinic. The exaggerated the precedent or something to work on that that. Haven't been discussed publicly at all so. We'll keep you guys guessing for a little while longer certainly working on things and and it would I'll say that it would not surprise if we make a substantive move between now and and thanks for training. Right now he's the ultimate substantive and I don't know man move. I don't know does that make sense David Stern is due smarter person to use the word that does that make sense rather than viewing armored Alan do you WMI default of the board from. Thank you very much appreciated the work the it is something I have noticed that it's not the right word for that situation. Would've stuck with me. Bull a lot of political science not English repair period more alone and being. Oh. Favorite toy it's a fighting word. On whether you get do they does this day to you big into your big toys. Are you asking you right now would you rather have Jake Terry hatter Yu Darvish after reports over the weekend. That the Milwaukee Brewers have made an offer to Yu Darvish 4147991250. Can treat us. At 1057. FM the fan their true definitions for substantive. Having a firm basis in reality and therefore important meaningful or considerable. Having a separate and independent existence. Sentiment. Subs to miss is that is that what you think if okay. Exits the club's move. So did bids are. The definition of substance. Substance extra mail. All right what did you what either of these guys Gary forward for seven and April if he. I just think it's going to be tumors where Steve is an old 25 million that is their best start. To me that's too and we don't know the course with almost there about I'm just. I'm not race that kind of money. On these guys there's not going to be fun tore it probably will once or maybe loved ones and make thirteen so. It probably is right there what are these guys and yeah it probably in excess of forty from Communist Norwood who waited missed I was gonna go well it is. Don't you think of that money goes out there one along would have signed that contract already well. Point five million now so well because they want when you're six you could argue well what not even a steep jump at the first. What's remarkable don't and that's exactly correct. Me duchess the first offer not sit back and work. Guitar and wouldn't that result is almost certainly. I mean don't you dual arsonists are now he's got. If you twit army got there people are today Saturday when people are tweeting that Stearns. Probably meant substantial. While others would receive the audit or tweeting out well yeah doesn't add substantial write such guarantees you might of substances such. So abstinence is not a word. Did you look at urban dictionary and know what we've got a world where you where where you can do is take a distinct dictionary dot irregardless. And oh. Okay well I used the real dictionary. You guys think that these erode anyway. Because you think the money's gonna get better and I think. Even the money or eight years and is there April unleaded is I don't know even torn as far I don't want either one of these guys and maybe. Don't want it. How long it is right because again it's not like us going into their age 31 season you go on a six year deal retirement 37 no thank you. I'm out so really what you got to do I I think it is looking okay I give you four years that means. Your pitcher at 313233. And 34 year old season and in your free agent right I'm OK with that I can get doubt I can live through four years. And whenever the number is 25 or whenever they're probably a little effort by the instructors Debbie the age 34 season. That fourth year right so far I doubt that once we get past four years I don't care what the number is I'm out I'm not doing I'm totally out. I prefer three so you watched thirty million a year. And I'm not going to carry any anything so forget Jake area but it did you garnished if it's Yu Darvish and he wants three at 2728. Whatever. I think I get dialed that for three years missed it before that was then I was gonna come back a little bit it's still Milwaukee. But like we talked about last week. And keep harping on us at like Robbie said there's no guarantee they're gonna spend that money on payroll but. Every Major League Baseball team is getting a fifty million dollar check this year because they sold. This company that they don't ban digital so. From that every cut every team gets fifty million dollars. Now is our gang guarantee they're gonna put that in a payroll or put that into something else I have no idea they may take data put that in the spring training complex are billing. Donna marital earned editions and Ramallah the doing of spring training complex maybe that's where they're gonna put the 59 I have no idea. But if you are gonna take that fifty million put that towards for payroll it. That pace for like half of them that half of the contract of whoever you signed here. As far as top level pitchers he'll as far as people on Twitter right now everybody agree with with Taylor Gary for the most part time says neither. Our van berg says I can probably don't agree with Gary out again on this but neither notre carry out a noted ours and anything over three years. As we all know offer seemed already before plus that's adult from me there as well. AJ says they should resign either of those clouds broadside of thirty and overpriced trade for archer from a raise or that other kid Cobb. They're gonna decide top. Cobb is freeagent soul yeah the last beside him and that's another guy that's at that next year once you get past those first three counted on that second tier maybe. When is on the second tier two I'm not sure. They live fits better with that the brewers in the other two guys gassed me personally but. If their big guys at their LA and is waiting for those other two dominant inside ball and then you'll see where he slots and current salary I mean Lin has had really good success in the civic. Results from that perspective I'd feel pretty comparable having him. In the rotation going forward now Darvish obviously is a sexier picks and strike on a bunch of guys. And you know what he years and nothing is actually really hasn't seen dude all that much I mean he just got to LA right. So he hasn't been a nationally very locked I think that's that's a bonus pop for the brewers who have irrigate Yu Darvish in this deal because they hitters. And again it or CSR to a certain degree could he hasn't seen hitters either party's advantage pitcher in that situation Ronnie when you're coming from the American League to the Ann Arbor is fair and skittish about. Signing free agent pitchers and overpaying for free agent pitchers because the Gypsy upon. Yeah probably part of it is more at the other part of it is age I think going back to what sort said originally which is on the other side authority. You know it gets gets all the differ yes if he if if Darvish was 2526. I don't think anybody would. Would even bat an eye at this just delighted and let's go let's go. I don't think anybody worse the Bible because he's going he's 31 season we've had the Tommy John all that other stuff I think that's why people get get skittish about this deal. I think both guys are. Are worth them. The money. In terms of the yearly salary that they're looking for in that twenty to 25 million dollar a year. Mike any more than 25 that's that's out of the question for either one of those two guys in terms of in terms of yearly salary that's not happening. The only thing I was wasn't reread of in terms of signing either Jake Gary at a or Yu Darvish was signing a contract that was too long. You're always going to over pay for. Top notch pitching at the back end of the contract. Anytime you're giving them and a big deal to a guy. Who's in his late twenties or early thirties who's a Frontline starter the back end of that contract is going to be a bad deal. For the team that signing. That's that's the reality of a buying pitching arm in the major weeks and if you're not going to develop year old pitching. Which is the riskiest thing to do in terms of developing prospects. You have to go out and by pitching. Now the question becomes. Are the brewers. Players in the playoff picture for the next two or three years. Because that's the years that's the usefulness that's the shelf life for Jake Gary had a right Yu Darvish before it turns the other way before it starts to go really. Go bad for those guys near overpaying for. So you have to decide are you in the next two or three years. Players and contenders in the playoff picture because once you get into the playoffs OK anything can happen. Let let's let's not get to something else okay so you're right and that brings up. How long before they're content to grab and McKelvey on our next hour at 335. I'm Josh hater on hot so weekly tonight with Tim Allen baby Tauscher at 60 fossil lots of brewers' top plug in another burst topic coming up today at four clicks of your brewers fan. This is your day. But we also other pork from Jerry crass it over the weekend. That the brewers our closing in entree and he said he heard from multiple sources around baseball he doesn't know the other team has a bit and it's not the giants. So they're working on something else plus you also had numerous people saying that they want Lorenzo Cain in a brewers uniform before this is also a nut. And you have numerous reports to mingle Santana has that got us probably gonna be on the move and that's why they knew would go get Lorenzo Cain. There's all kinds different stuff going on right now. They need a second baseman they need pitching obviously. They need a lead off hitter but at some point to. I all I'm saying it's all pretty jacked and excited right now. Based on everything we've heard the last 24 hours Ronnie that they're not gonna sit on their hands and not trying to prove this roster. I I don't know and we'll talk about goal in four or whatever but. Let me thought this dream scenario IQ now. What and I set I just tweeted this at somebody out on Twitter too. And apple hop hop hop hop after it but. What if they sign Darvish and treated for archer. Then you have. I'm really really strong pitching rotations trying to best in the division and at the best of the nationally and you have a chance of the the guest mean those two guys. You you put those two guys the other you'd have a chance that. At the division of apple like archer comes relatively. Inexpensive compared to what you're gonna pay Darvish. And if you're able to go dictator or whoever else to go along with that. I think if you in again this is dream scenario OK guys don't like kill me on Twitter organist but it if you add those two pictures that front rotation. That you get some of these other guys to come here even less expensive purchase a wondering at apple because I think the brewers that have to be considered. A contender knowing that your agent Nelson back about mid season bright and heads Darvish archer Nelson chase Anderson's agave is your five. That not many teams can stack up against that that that things become arrest right now you are seriously are threat to Chicago. Saint Louis Kathleen QB and ends up behind you after bowls to moves get done. They got themselves in a position with a big trade and a surprise signing were that they can put themselves right in the middle of this thing for the NL this year when I was getting at. Went out when I was saying are you going to be a contender in the next two or three years and it and best two way that this is worth it to do it I think they are. When you just came ashore more than Darvish. Are more than Ariana what I'd just ought pitcher. Does not put them in contention to win unless something I talk about all the time especially wildcard maybe but not too windy and it's something I talk about often when it comes to the Milwaukee Bucks but the brewers and in a similar situation re trying to build towards something. You need improvement from within that's something you're always gonna ask for you can't ask for every. Every bit of improvement you're gonna get an an offseason to be through trades on rob and through free agent signings you that you need improvement from within you need guys to get better now I understand there are exceptions the wild about the same like the cardinals did it. Most teams still need a superstar. Yeah I'll have theirs the brewers don't have. So. If that's going to work if Darvish becomes your superstar or arch her role however you decided it would arches that's adversary of the you have to get a superstar they don't have want at the position. And an ad position players right now they'd. Brought coming is that the and other side of his career so he's got that guy anymore try to shot with really well it looks like he could yup an all star player going forward. But they don't have that guy yeah. That's the difference between the box members I think as head of the box help their guy and a bird don't have. Let's go lots of. And I prefer Jake area because I look at the two guys and one looks like a physical specimen. And robbery and a little bit earlier than the guys are physical specimen let's go to Eric import Washington. You're on the Wendy's big show it's up there. I think they might cost of IQ but Rami you know or stop. A cop you're a mean. That 353637. Year old pitcher in an effort Burton got burnt in the past but. I would go it Yu Darvish. Easily I just feel like more elevating the years away from Tommy John surgery. And actually just started throwing a fighter and even though he was Tiffany know World Series by. Arm I don't feel like the brewers. It's the biggest ballot the brewers last year it has ran out of Beijing community and having budget or inning that in the years so I mean. The only means that made eagle area over him is because of injury it's dark spot. And that stopped their partners so when I'm hanging there's probably two pitchers are anchors are better better when he and I is I don't view it at the earth and all mean for for needy I hear it. And you know point point five million I think can do it and I think we should either. The current tech epic I think oracle foreign media over a little. All right I I would go Darvish. That's thanks for the call. I got a couple people lining here. With another idea. That we haven't addressed. Says couldn't agree more meter Denny's has and there's others that say the same thing side top air land. He saw he says side has got aunt Lance land some second soccer ties with bigger upside less cost. Large trade okay the price is right but don't get to splashy that you need a big name ace. What does cop it would do for you. Compared to an upgrade go because it's is that it's Lance land. Jimmy Nelson and Cobb chase. Or chase that top and then Davies is out which in the discussion on the division yet. I think so. But not as much obviously has not wish Anne Archer I think you're one of the front runners right doing which he talked about earlier a win Indiana yet. Forget just the division. So we'll wait and see we'll see what what the Milwaukee Brewers and that doing if you Darvish takes the off air if there's an offer out there to Jake Gary had a few might take it immediately grabbed the discussion considering what we're talking about before the start of last season and now fast forward a year before last you're like elm and it's. A new law here than not it winnable yeah. Yeah you fast forward a year and we're sitting here talking about possibly Simon I'm ditching free list. You know we wouldn't run in spring training and we just you know. People right last year Britain's literally from. You're right Lackey had this I think the brewers are trying to get the bill they were. Spark you know you're in the locker room and it usually you know all these guys write all anybody you had to read the name above the locker before he went up to a lot of these guys and ask them for an interview. Well this year fewer in the locker room like ten years ago you'll get to know a lot more of on the mean nobody how to use as it should Lorenzo Cain comes back he's seen in both Florida and some of these guys who have already seem. Boy oh boy again dream scenario but if you get Darvish Anne Archer. I think I'd figured out the mystery of what. Davis series was actually saying in that sound bite that we played about twice and argued over what is he saying substantive. And it means and the the in the way that he was using it there. Com here is saying possessing substance having practical importance fair value or effect. Well I just trying to what do we would have gone sustenance or you would ease the word that's not. Where it's. Own. LeRoy Butler has leaped into the studio which. Shortens this will be used. In regards. To walk on a when every other wondered whatever floats colleges and it's not it's not work with the dictionary. Patient yes is this in addition there. I don't dictionaries from. That means the bird man the men and when he got here. He's owed an added. He's got to my body got any info out into the dictionary well. Well they are as serious right now yes this is a foot. Google today man. And lord thank you and please don't let your good friends over at dealers and you don't look a little it is. Where were her friends at digital. Look at it of its late New Yorkers who broke through a blue mile road pricing their supreme hooligans. That Lhasa. A lot of stuff which means if they got everything that you want. Just call winner take a look at my group freeing Jean Marie is the owner. The Peabody has always there have been in business for well over thirty years ago from Spain jewelry he knows we talked about Odyssey in his. If you're shopping for some jury. You're another story you got injuries and I figured you sprinter mark. Am off all over the jurors go check them all the jury service service lately new location and Brooke problem I wrote and trust the national rate. Oh what a quick break on the other side James Jones a very Smart man isn't because he agrees with me it's the Wendy's operational be right back. Slash. From the masters he's WS as these sports updates studio Mike Clements masters he's walking shop largest leisure retailer in Wisconsin with over one point five million dollars of inventory. Stop it and check out the great deals that masters he's walking shop online matches he's dot com. First on the fan the brewers in talks with former Rangers and Dodgers pitcher Yu Darvish actually the Milwaukee journal says they've offered him a contract. He's six foot five and ERA of three point 86 Darvish with elbow surgery back in 2015. Ten and twelve was his record last year in combined starts for the Texans. Or in Texas and for LA we talked to brewers general manager David Stern's the other day. It would not surprise me. Subset of between now and this portrait. And I felt the Eagles have been the Super Bowl twice didn't win it. Yesterday though they've gotten themselves a third chance to return percent to weapon up on the vikings' three to seven. In Philly after the game quarterback nick wells said Doug Peterson former. Packers backup quarterback. Discovered. This has wandered out there's only Kosher food on the Texas and worked me out I was only worked up about one team probably buy it appears. Thank coach Reid in this photo realistic chance on me so and that moment so when this game for him and his organization something very special. Bucs trying to break their two game losing skid tonight at home against Phoenix now over the weekend now. Jason Kidd said even though they didn't have yeah honest there improving that we've. Played without guys before and it's always. And a close game we're right there we just have made mistakes. We'll turn the ball over or we can rebound but we will get we felt we got better you know tonight without some of the guys. Read more line 1057 FM the fan dot com I'm Mike Clemens sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. He's big show I'm running Mac awful long when Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and are two former Packers Gary Ehlers and and LeRoy Butler. To other people years this quick recap of to our conversation during the break Garrett things robbing people content thinks things from through our Persian. As we know nope nope nope no. It yes well yes. Yes they're pros and its of the last few injuries chronic addicts mayors of marriage it's of each day. In assessing an October or supplement dog today. Anxieties more widget doctor from Peru. Urged now he's version going for Iran now. People from Peru where are Peruvian. Naughty words all mean well. I'm pretty sure that I think is what he told me or he's lying to you about where he's from I don't know that. That he's Peruvian. Largely on the wall that debate he got a rolls lights on his ball what does that even mean. That too or is it next to the Persian rug. Wal-Mart. All of it Obama well yes but. Per Rogan yeah. Among that we don't. There. But man yeah there are only. Everybody from your mom and she got users go to Rome Eric Holder rule float a column and we know people widget for stricter we know people. May end there. And we know people in Persia and already programs warming. The whole. The slogans and Bob rob. When an income seventeen. Really hurt my brain did yesterday prove that he is better than Rodgers for him our question what to hold off on this he gets. Opened yet he got a new car. It's about it yeah Arizona. Arizona and all that puts everything on social media. And I don't know undergo leaders and. Cactus peaked. Who is that your son or your Twitter post says why are we not discuss it does signing him and already by Gary -- and and the release of the Genesis the car that hugged him. It from it's exciting to know that I learned from. As you're definitely room table of social media and how did you tweet out between it got a picture of him in the whole crew over at Hyundai west Allison with his new car media resolve cross. And this I don't think so now. It's like it was wrong group are these are ago where actually international autos is now a lot of concern grew by event. Collins they've all elected governor of the problem if you had a car dealership analysis and that's Steve Sparky IP. And I want my custard car car US Pargo out okay. Owens would get together look up yeah we'll get you and every major mood and it is. I want to start his apartment over. What kind of parity and execute so. Okay. And it poses as a reason for the move means it's known anybody caught you take a pitcher which assured often in Norris doesn't. Our client the American. He's taken this off again here. Hey wait and I'll maybe shaved it all off now hey that's nice if you're want listening on Friday. I think Gary had a Nikkei G exam yet so he had to bald spot did you arrays or did you from there ball. Our own he had to bald spots when I wanna neither pictorial if you will go. Of the teacher I clean it up and shave act just like him at upper chest to his belly button you're off. And head hair all over his shoulders and all over dominate. I just don't see why I say forty you'll merger it was just like Eric in the locker smiling. What did you dress up as maybe some hope are out did you go you show me the whole world must directives clean because we usually does on Friday and hair all over your shoulders still. Knowledge to this a ha maybe some of the time controller. Talk about you know shoot yourself and stuff like well back on an occasion right. I didn't realize I'm Harry. I chatted tea where's Hillary would do when we went in New York I tell you that likes Harry Jerome. You're very Joker actually do. What are I don't know were into it now what are you wanna know mis he struck by Leo I won't talk about Jane Jones and recruitment is currently the Sterger would. The hour it would look. Now now we're up against the break and I got a right. And that will talking about the work of these products right after this got me thinking. Career got you. Think in you agree with James Jones or don't ask for a while ago aren't price it's the Wendy's big show there is going to be wrong. Did yesterday proved Tom Brady is better than Aaron Rodgers 4147991250. Can tweet us. At 1057 FM the fan somebody essentially asked James Jones that yesterday. Via Twitter it was Antonio Sanchez. And try to tell you what his handle is but a think different tramp announced that it. Violate net CC code. He asked the appears he has eight at 89 Jones and TAF which is how you followed James Jones for not already if Brady wins his sixth Super Bowl. Will you finally admit he's better. Then Rogers James Jones answered very simply no. 4147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan Gary said before the break that you you're starting to lean. In the opposite direction of James Jones. This debate program. Let me just say your drums are yet to say that. Earth. Everybody yesterday meal won't work. For a book where have you. OK a ball. No Britain's got poked it. Post your mental me if I talk about the patriots. And the Packers they've got that if you meet. You people break up quicker between. The page organization. And the pact. It. They're broken both of them isn't. Any they've got the door to anybody. India for right now is in their mobile. Bush yesterday. Around all and I thought we went out. Grunt now you go about doing. I think bitter but they connect it's all right. I don't agency. Which game ads on pages in the outlawed in that's what you say oh. Over now I'm not a lot of troubles right eighteenth read application not all right Steve Marshall argued for provided to. They are just become a delegate to the term. Say. As a royal dropping but no phone call he's just there. I brought about a threw out the nets on you dropped an analog beings. I did I got these not violence in the senate time to be alone. Solo shows up Richard Doran says. First year. Think animal. Got a chance with get out of they kind of well. November all I'm ready go. Legislative that's it for Roger's gonna probably. You quick stat us in a strengthen your argument that a jet and I don't deserve to have the desire through their. I just gear that's all I base via abortion. Yet got on the numbers right now we don't get in there bombs from your view right now. Aaron Rodgers is probably one of the most athletic quarterbacks. Do what you do Tom Brady came dual air Roger's done. Okay. Rod came Hewitt Andre. It. And what's gonna talk oblivious to Tom Brady. Is doing what he does. At a higher rate in Iran does where you go. Does that make sense. What is it exactly that he does and Aaron Rodgers can't though it's not just clutch returned 24 so there are no laid down brought annual care who's on the field well I mean he's lost receivables. There has been somewhat. Now out carve out an entirely and be okay Mike Weir gonna talk Obama is tomorrow rocks and break ride on if you were bringing him onto your computer to rent right now a retirement right I agree. He is built between those two guys. If your what he dogs hoosiers. Unbelievable. They're above where. Don't know how much bill would give Oakland a week Jordan. I look. Margaret Court. It's true that grant you this as our people tweeting yesterday that they thought the tanks are more talented team not. On the field now. You don't think they're more talented across the board and and look okay. The actual aggressive too about Rogers. Jemaah Euro. Right and short on August everybody Alessio. It's for audit I stand understatement yes. Yes to using Jacksonville port town would say yes right but he got the ultimate. Uncle ultimate equalizer. In Tom. Fourth seven and twelve or at least they've raised better break. And you just decided this now while watching that Unionist it's now just now just while while you're talking Rahm cared. I don't seem to work pretty level where the old guys. Sure where he drove. The wrong no. I don't. You're warm. Wrote me every just say that passing lane doesn't mean anything. It means a lot oh. That means plenty. Yeah. Would and you are they'll rub you look at Rodman objective numbers. You go look at Rogers numbers in my in the beginning of the QB and our own. I. I mean yeah some of these big games Google. He seemed like he has disappeared or something that happens. So Gary decided just now just now. Charm just now he talked himself into a ditch. Now he's not be real clear about what we're talking about OK Tom Brady is obviously the more accomplished quarterback if both their careers ended today. Tom Brady you have to say is he better quarterback to have the longer Reza man saturates partner. I contend. That a fair and Rodgers plays as long as Tom Brady did or anywhere close. Cute but not the same numbers I don't care how many rings the ends up with an economic playoff games he wins he will be the goat he put up numbers and it and and if you're. If you're. He'll put up numbers I know it's not all about numbers you like you said your eye test yeah it's gonna put numbers on my test Rami. And until near that I looked my eye test when watching these games came supplement and I don't I don't see your authority. I don't see Tom Brady knew anything that Aaron Rodgers can't nothing. And if you're asking me who I'm picking to win in a singular moment. To winning the all can be my quarterback yards and normal to starting gate ya. We're going into the super ball whether C championship whatever the case may be your tolerate you can pick between Brady or you can pick between Rogers and render setter I'm taking Aaron Rodgers public. Because you can trickle in about you can take away Jordy Nelson in January to volunteer arms you can category gronkowski. Brady don't care let me have Brady. Rodgers struggles. When you don't have out his law when his bears got just just different army Brady. Last Wichita environment. Of sure don't even Gerald word ignored preclude an LP and that's. Liked them. So long one ports and beat. Brady rock for 147991250. Don't forget about the talk back yet. I. Talkback feature on the fan at government you hit the button you leave a 32 voice mail including who you are where you called the article on the ever read it back here on the show as your dad called into the show ever. It. I hope they've at the studio almost themselves up well. He was in studio. Now tell I don't know that. Only plays ever meeting your dad was that your son's rotting. This relentless ever meeting ended he seems like you'd enjoy the Q club of Wisconsin law which are. Right. This track that down for fish fry shoots darts that some pool that yes we have breaking news a boy. You ready yes Ager working asking a ha who check mark ha the box just fire Jason Kidd. All right so much for that Brady and Rogers discussion yeah that's real that just happened. Thing now that's real that's a thing. Yeah that just happened. That's the real leader Norton aroused April. They. That Pakistan a onstage Lowe knows. And viewers from reports from that. Antonio. Our news. Jell OK I guess we had thirty sound those phone finished the season yeah. But is it a go shop front you'll missiles in term Kotelly sources tell his Daniel coach bucks in Phoenix to help mark it. Would come America yes. Your reaction Jason Kidd how stunned as the Bucs had come there around his fans please hold on we apology 414. 7991250. Or 8071057. And yet few guys wanna talk about Jason Kinney an entire goddesses. We're hang right there with his reaction is this when he saw the job. I I guess we still have to wait for the details trickle out and I know your bit frazzled right now trying to process all this media like what I lucky to do that read about that he's club ovitz doesn't want to I got a taxing fired boom Arthur can only mean JC kids and I had to go searching. Laughs did you speak for Israeli uses about me now tell us is that they let me go dollar stuff now about for all these years I get a text but but. That's 209 that is garden that is just have happened long time so this just happened so you just decided. Tell us this shouted things that a spate. What what was I interviewed face airplay schedule your favorite sports action pool table shuffle board tornado whose ball a tonic darts ping pong and more phone market enjoy the award winning fish fry on Wednesdays and Fridays before different styles of fish piled. How would all the extras. But I favored football action I'd answer Barzani of the Q club would drink specials raffles for great prizes. Play every kind of largest he lagged at halftime all the conventions and so you think he still dark. There's also other also now sort of breakfast on Sunday starting at Nottingham and always up one place to try to parties. Video personal VIPs we were luster pool table. Typical about Wisconsin 2454. North grand view boulevard in Waukesha. Have miles south of I 94 check them out at Q club W I got John war on FaceBook. We'll process this you brought says this and we'll discuss that. It. JK I want to as the Bucs head coach were the Wendy's big show or 14799. Pulpit d.s are you get in and will be right back.