2PM- Bucks reaction after the upset at Boston in the season opener

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, October 19th
10/19/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 2PM Hour - Gary, Ramie and Sparky get Bucks fans reaction after a big opening night win over the Boston Celtics on the road.  Check in with our Badger guy Jon McNamara!

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Is that what he's a great show running throw back Thursday I'm running Mac off along with Steve Sparky fight very Gary Eller said he's not being eight TV's superstar he'll be joining us momentarily. All right Butler I think will join in the show health insurance how he's out today you know. Okay because people let me know these things before I go on the air American estimates are accurate let him like two minutes analysts that. Others LeRoy Ahmad today guys aren't wearing them district Polaroid didn't Ayman jackass and I apologize. Apologies. I said my apologize and I know our aim is here man. Plus you get to this afternoon temptations brain is out of the break out of their back Thursday we'll talk some batters with our Wisconsin insider John MacNamara he joins us at 248. And Milwaukee based basketball insider Gary wall full. Will join us at 348 your chance to win a thousand dollars coming up at 4 and 5 o'clock but boxed. Is where we start the afternoon after. Really. Exciting way to start the season yesterday Sparky one away 100 over the Celtics and of course any discussion about the Milwaukee Bucks in the phone lines. Wide open to you to talk about this bucks team it's 7991250. Or tweet us at 1057 FM the fan. It starts with the honest and 37 points in his season debut thirteen rebounds and just forget battery through in. Three assists as well that's nice start and MVP campaign. Averse Corliss an MVP like in all I know. He struggled to get going in the first quarter had at least one bogus call against them on the call charging him in jail and on which clearly stumbled in that was ridiculous. On Gaza horrible call. He gets double quick falls on the poem that was thrown into gold early in and we came out in the second quarter that's when he picked it up a notch. I'm in a way he went for the rest of the night. You know you talk about. A calm down as well last night. And he gets super excited I mean you watched that game I don't. I know everybody else not but if you didn't have a box score or you're keeping score of the game at home of people do that would the NBA games. And did not feel to me like he had 37 he just never felt like man he's having an unbelievable night tonight. The one thing that you did notice from the jump his aggressiveness. Way more way higher than last year I mean he came out I was like dude I'm thinking this thing over early and that's comedian and this. And he wanted to insert his will now for me. Remain out. I wanna see if he does is consistently. Match wore on that right now he honest are you gonna be able to do this every night can you brain that type of aggressiveness and offensive and every single game. Because that's what this team meets. There's no two ways about it no we can call you selfish it was a cup after you because you're taking too many shots. You just got to go and be aggressive and if he's aggressive like he was last night. This team's gonna win a lot of basketball games and the other thing that goes with the tube. After the game out of media talking to Jason Kidd. And by how great count as well as the Dickens like men. It was a good first game nearly got a lot of about a good hour and expect us every night from days again. Are from young artist. And then went on to say that mean till rebounds he could have missed a couple guys wide open. That he should've passed the basketball team that he'd get himself there's still areas and room for improvement for a medium a perfect night by any. That's just me or does that seem like an I'm not knocking him at all does that seem like Jason's kid coaching method when it comes to be honest yes. Like he's not he's gonna he's not he's tried not to inflate his ego and get his head too big even on a night where he throws down 37. And whatever else the numbers work he's gonna go well it was great but it's is there was this and there are there's there is that there this. That is a huge benefit to be honest it's a huge benefit. They Q it is all about this what. It's just really is because it's gonna it's gonna make honest wanna work harder and making honest wants trying to figure out how to get that perfect game. To tell Jason Kidd I knew into Iran not I did everything else posted. That is why are you wanna see that continued growth from Yasser and then Marcus Johnson on Twitter last night we got a picture. Saying you know you asked puts up 37 point a double double. Points and rebounds and most guys are just beat Chela in the play and relax and on a flight home. Not this guy and you see yeah honest looking at game film from again with coach Cellini gone over situations in the game I doubt he was involved in what was going on. Always working. The great ones do always working and tell me all this dude is unbelievable and I set it last night. I'm with said right now in in maybe this'll poll showed Allen said I'm gonna say now it's different. When I when I was grown up. In Kenosha filled with Chicago fans everywhere in a hurry up to that last inning or two I did the whole thing. Last night armed. Michael Jordan came to Milwaukee to play the books. He adds in a blast from the browser and adjusted. T Michael Jordan play for the bulls like that you hated Michael Jordan I did I'm not stupid I knew how good this. Fired up I hate the fact that he BR team but I also knew how special was to be able to say and I saw Michael Jordan play. And I think. In people's need to start realizing Wiki on this whole special yet. Doesn't mean there is no guarantee how one can do to be here not there's no guarantee now man there's no guarantee. And oh there there's no guarantee that he's gonna generate huge opening night win and he he does what he doesn't yell talk about we don't know how long he'll be here because we use look at ticket sales for box games and everything else and everybody's got a reason or excuse for everything. All I'm saying is I understand not everybody get a forty Google books team I Anderson I fully get it all I'm saying is if you back to little kids. And that you are being NBA fans or basketball fans trust me they wolf thank you for the rest of their life. It ended game and I compared to something more recent when Dwyane Wade was at Marquette. I went to several games. When doing it was a Marquette because you I knew. This terrible I don't Colorado all that often in Milwaukee you know especially not necessarily a Marquette or Wisconsin. They were selling out the arena at the rallies and our game in game opera market and a ham anymore forget bill happy how light Dwyane Wade and the honest don't come around that aren't period even way where market nobody knew that he was going to be what he was in the NBA when he was a Marquette which he knew he was a special college writer for sure that he was a difference maker he wild you know matter what. Whenever you go see him. You really want in one way shape or form or something he did. That same thing when this with an honest except at a whole different level. Want that one donkey threw down last night on the Alley you palm. Ask operations that was stupid I literally jumped up pop account. Right that's a stupid stuff so. That's all I'm saying I am I gonna sit here and I don't work for the bucks nah I like that I'm just telling you just. Appreciate it was a guy award that a guy tweet out last nights are Hillary appreciates what this kid it is east so young I saw the stat yesterday did you realize there were ten players. Drafted in the NBA last year or this this last. This last June this couple days ago this draft strike unless a best damn months ago. Ten players in that draft are older than. And yadda you don't do that yet jays in his fifth season and I still can't believe it today. Gases this is his fifth seed I know dark ten players in the last draft that are older than yeah that's crazy. That's insanity in them. Jerry and there's a lot of other things talk about to read this as your post game post game your chance to talk about what what you like from last night's game which he didn't like from last night's game. I the big show post game of what happened last night not just all got stuck it can be but it doesn't have to be set 147991250. Or 14. 79912. And yet even touched down and the other superstar of the night. Hansen. Oh man that played well no that's an at a few knots. Hanson played no no no no no no no don't don't. Also Middleton no anti something no Middleton no two and that you know just usher sang hot Middleton in the second half of that game when they were actually I think it was at first and second largest second and I can comment. But Milton allowed to be point forward Middleton again. With Brock did on the bench and wind yeah I was on the bench like Gallup adult or come off of the ball. They need a middle to do them more not enough they will but I'd like to appoint Milton in an outside guy I sell short. And I don't let it happen. Shot volley point to remember her ass and I got Rashad Bonn is not my guy Gordon Hayward for not being there no not occur. And that's the other thing about that game. That team was so jacked up often that that that Gordon Hayward video that crowd was jacked up AO reported up Adam. So you knew they were to get their broad markets jobs and hold it like a champ. Because he said they're not matching energy and effort Boston right now I wanna here we go. Which as I heard that last three years. And many said which was a key. But it's because of that video and everything else let's see your boss can maintain this level the whole game or they retire guess laugh. They tired out. And the box continue to play away in the box defense stepped up and play even better in the fourth quarter we need to World League address again they've played big big moments. And got some stops so. That also as good sign for the Milwaukee you still haven't touched on the dude. You ciller selling my short holes like I don't know how I think here's a place that you know what no but I don't viewers really good place but Malcolm rocket. We had a really good night last night I don't know if if writing quite this level all year long. But if you don't draw 1516 in night broad and that's going to be a huge difference after this bunch talked about this guy. Not pass a color us pretty Don what now. The name detached I was really good. Zero free that's no. Silva who Delhi. Probably hiding go to donated I want to Wendy's no Matthew delve a dove dog Matthew Della dove big man babe I'm tired. Give the man his props and I did give that man is prize Lara I said no matter regardless of how much I may not like Matt adult adult like he had huge. Shop for them tonight I am like Matthew doubled over either totally got to Milwaukee last both games show more divorced examples show week so that was a shot and I. In Iowa I'm Doug you right now for yacht as the pass the basketball to real. Every hit that shot agnostic and that's out of real time just passes the ball. Woolsey he's entered what he's not too too is that degrees that's for that to five but such a six match seven. Bench play is so crucial in the NBA if this bucks team. Is gonna get where you want them to get into Q and you better get on the daily trade all right you better get Delhi charm that right now all right I'll get on whoever strange scores in Sicily off the bench and right now that's Greg Monroe and Richard New Jersey. Wish your money. Right Von roll. I'll Wear that we'll see if they get two or another guy or two to go along with. Tell you right now man you better recognized deli salads are Isabella now that they got a signature he did what Delhi does he annoyed people Eddie got a new markets are barred skin early on in the game if he would have got killed Jessie what depth to market Smart would that didn't get big bad John Henson was there with his go go gadget arms to push markets roared back and away from element over some clown on Twitter yesterday. Well for the game. Of the box should not spend the money and Jabari Parker went instead to go after market Smart without no. I about jumped through the computers so. Did somebody did somebody also treat you last night that I got I got a whole lot of interaction on Twitter. Well golf FaceBook that shell was rock and since we treat you last night that. Brockton and Middleton are better than calorie Ali capability to pump their breaks and a few things that was it. Was that the yet was they eat and I sent him the Michael Jordan mean that's a stuffed it gets some help is he needs about. If you think that Middleton and bribed and are better. The carrier me. But again high res big problem as he does not consistent. You know he wants to be the superstar he wants to be the guy that can run his own team and be that jobless. Throughout his career and it's always been this way when he was in Cleveland. He's just out the mound you don't know what Ky really you're gonna get on a given night he can't figure out how to play at a high level every night and now Boston really needs him. Jalen brown. And Jason Day and for the Celtics and their problem for the bucks for years to come out of field. Other two young guys I looked very comfortable in the NBA already Jalen brown could have a break out your this year because all of that Gordon Hayward injury. He really got. And don't forget the Celtics are at the Mecca. On Thursday next Thursday now we know tonight they're at the Mecca for that game that's our way and that game right will be there for the big show of from two to six but that. That is gonna be another game now they want via the same situation as they were coming up by catastrophic injury the night before at a fly home and all that. But goes into it the bucks that will be playing your former raucous crowd I'm going to get that going to be the I'm going to take aim at the Mecca. Are people dressing up likes like seventies style. To mark the fifty year anniversary. Gary and any of his own career away from the seventies Gary's got food in his mouth or not just a rabbit try to throw down to uneasily in his phase and ensure it to the show in the next segment so I'll. I'll ask Gary on the other side. I don't wanna be the only guy dressed up I don't wanna be that cute I'm not dressing them in seven he's garb now I'd just a bunch alienate drugs. I mean somebody please post pictures that but I'm going to dress up you know you should Wear that Bobby artist teacher. With the number eight on yup that's got nothing to do with the throwback night at the baca has got nothing to do with that he first saw daddy didn't. Incredible. Yet got to do look at Bob report is in the eyes and know that you shouldn't mess with that dude. He will choke you you're lucky you only got your phrase broken and you didn't get choked out it's the same Democrat. The same situation where I say out of mass of people at that test I must report now so it's like wrestlers. There are some dude yeah look at you can see you there are bright. If he comes audience it's a media you don't oh. As a matter of fact it's at that whole thing started because they were battling for the starting forward spot right and it got testy during practice instrument as xetra. It got me glad Mirotic I've got you know what did you start yet. Lets you do you could starting job I'm all right you do your man I'll I'll be OK best of luck. But right now the focus is on the box and a 108100. Win over the Celtics in the season opener like Sparky said it's a post game post game the big show version. A box post game 799 topic here you can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan thing he'll. Darting in park place Bert place to go the F friends or family coming atop or maybe you know pavlik for a little getaway but not really leaving Talbott. Find somewhere to go as nice cool and nice hotel I know markets global tells his abs sleep love staying in hotels. Any hotels good enough for them and this hotel is top notch they got a perfect. Situation for banquet facilities among the best of the best great place for business meeting or hose your next event. Indoor pool the warmest water in the world whirlpool beautiful work out facility to plot a great restaurant and award winning shot out hours in the park restaurant happy are Monday through Friday. From 3 until 6 o'clock Thursday LB tonight Sunday and Monday football games tonight 75 cent wings three dollar tabs in a six dollar menu. Plus I'm Thursday's seven dollars from burger bottle of beer a doll domestic beer. And aside I don't. All kind of great deals ten night at Al powers in the park restaurant you can hang out enjoy all that food all those great specials while hang out in the northern pints Bart. Prefer new Blair's beer bar. At flat screen TVs huge flat screen TVs up in their great place to watch game and a beautiful outdoor patio and it's evil oil right now in the immediate dessert. How about a chocolate beer cake with brought to you said what. Chart of beer rich creamy cheesecake and a pretzel crust in Blair's beer. I I it's yes give me that gimme some of that done yeah dapper desert country of everything else like to watch in the game and literally speechless right now you said what yeah then he'll didn't darted apart placement it's not balls near Twin Towers and audible book you rumor trap restaurant bar to. It's. Historically great shows a throwback Thursday present about masters he's with the temptations are running Mac clock along with Steve Sparky primed for now Gary dollars and in the fold the baby Tauscher on the other side of the glass at two bucks post game post game. Big show stop taking your reaction after a big win to open the season over the Celtics yesterday wanna wait. 2137. Points free honest in the process with thirteen rebounds three assists you can get in. On the Wendy's big show at 79912. Figure tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. It is a throwback Thursday as I said quickly around the horn with our nominees for next week's throwback artist baby couched is the reigning champ with his nominee of the temptations. Would you like to hear next week may be tough charges a few different times and I'm I'm trying to get to talking here I haven't heard too Bach author electors in awhile I wouldn't hate that Gary Allison. Dole. Roamed well let's scroll. Force them. Low. Sparking. My art yeah it's the O Roger Kathy Rodgers Rodgers at Riverside next Friday night are you going to use on i.'s Gary. And they though. He's in his RMB group vice skinny joke go down by its Indonesia hecklers in an armed eager nice degrees on his own keys why not and an older guy old good old days older R&B guys are Smart eroticism. All right. On the world I am on fire and talking speaking there the last couple weeks. Have I just I got an idea again we should have like nine dollars and yourself. Root canals and Michael are. Yeah different categories. For Gary is right news right it's sports Dan jokers advocate Gary look at scary pictures of people with no name on it right we so that he'll look at JH daylight. Goes up a gear gives us the description are we write them down at all behind all the numbers and then listeners played games you've making gas and Gary is talking about the different that would be great degree night that would be outstanding. Effort to be -- Stroke back. At it. Give me ought to grow a mustache next week next week ago last. Lester back Thursday before Halloween right. Yeah and that vein Smashing Pumpkins they would receive an added there's Smashing Pumpkins would probably. So they're nominees to pot smoky brown has not says that that counsels during Halloween magic kingdom as Austin Kenny Rogers and and the Smashing Pumpkins think you're one of those are Iraq creature artist. At 1057 FM the fan and hash tag and things and big throwback. Is this last week tomorrow will be the last throwback before thing before before following economists and chair. That relies now thriller okay. That makes sense of them don't I'm not a bad idea of these are good I'm good with all these theory I think I'd go smoke related since you said there. Do you really thriller album just threw out just a thriller that program. I'm good at that remark jags it's a two box thriller about Michael Jackson Kenya Roger little Smashing Pumpkins go with one of those are your own preacher artists at 1057 FM the fan. But the hash tag big throwback you'll be entered for a chance to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to master Aziz let's go to. Joseph and rates seem near on the Wendy's big show what's up Joseph. How much guys. First but I'm Amal a non person jeopardy. Shut in. You bought and rejects. Huge expectations. I'll couldn't be more excited. I actually called because our I have a question for you guys. I'm going to the game on Friday. I'll quit my brother. Bought and you also loved Brock. And resonate so when you when you go to the game big show's broadcast or right there by the Harley-Davidson entrance. And a rise in her tomorrow will be outside broadcasting's stop or senate for the good looking got a long hair and the beard. Our doctor Arnold. Yeah I heard can't grow a beard was up. So my question is is were even you'd bought air but he also like LeBron he's aware LeBron Jersey. Joseph the ball screen a they battle that's not okay are. It can't all who tickets are there. Oh. I'll know Alexander wars were pretty. While snow is not easily knocked it down now now he's he's not a bush when he's abroad and there's a difference. Are we should you Tebow it's different if it's the cavaliers in the bulls in Chicago and he wears a LeBron Jersey that's one thing but if you're deciding. Player over. Hometown team and you claim your hometown team fan and you're not hometown team and their second when we're delegate today your second team the Bucs are his second favored LeBron dispersed I don't see that way. I I totally agree which RG all. That that I believe the auction become a combo port LeBron and he says all look bigger LeBron and I am of the botched. I think that's the way bested new way enemies and never used thanks for a card never used to be that way. But you know we eat geez I mean Brett Favre for I mean you start every we've got Brett Favre for no matter where Eagles. Yeah I think Kabila Bronson will be a box for it. I mean you see so many guys are wearing just. Yours so so you oddest throws down and he does not a done. Maybe over LeBron and this jokers in a jump ball out of his seat pumping his fist wearing wearing his LeBron Jersey yeah stop. None of yesterday's. Jonas wrote that a dongle LeBron aha. You get LeBron Jersey go aha. Do you stay in our opinion is drawing you better not yell out you better not yet out on you yeah you pick a side note bit browns got out there. Deere is before army. That's when we do it is. We I think understood now what the landscape it is of so when it matters and sports are not that way obviously Hala all these and all of these kids Steve. They're wearing and you know they're wearing different jerseys Rome is nice. Job announcements that we had to go back in time. You would and lastly award vikings Favre jerseys when they're packer fans but they're Brett Favre fans first when I asked as we did that. But now signatures anger OK with it. No I'm not. Just tell you what it is today so you're not okay at this hour and our doctors are not welcome our fight and not at all but that is. How its. Role of these studies. I mean I see it ice from Broxton archer you but as you browse boards. We're used you know where jurors in women. Fifteen different jerseys. Of players what to earn them. You have what he's done a thing as a race sports. So now he's into. I've recovery of the it's not a yeah you stop electing George if you were all the stuff elect you enjoy home he's wearing Jackie page and he's winning the job. Her. Yeah no more but when he was in Jersey. Don't know what they all they know fenced in. When you're keg of the log on to them and they go where you live he says in the scheme go to him yup it makes. A student. That's crazy. How any sports star apostles I don't know. I'm shocked by the but he played all sports yeah yeah. Boxing does that word jerk he's your words you know gym shorts that system but the jerseys Jews. Stopped well positioned as a public airing color. Yeah makes jurors to stop I would try to say like if you're a skill position guy you play football like that yeah what you gotta. Wrestling big dudes will stay at a Jersey pays it is. We can't shopping network. I. You can yeah. Selection there are a big laugh when you walk into the door UVB two's I assure obviously you know what the gyms that it and you. Yeah I. But all those who do that I mean you're there alone plays here and there an American Eagle. Other one Errol powerful weapon Hollister. Yeah dollar prayer they are going through that. So. But you give back to what we're talking about here though we're. We're at the box and Jirga for images to where it goes international landscape of where we are are right now never used to be that way. By the did you look at that game last nigh eight. Steve nurture and weigh in here when they shoot 37 points ago. That was to acquire at least through some points ahead at Rio. And we drive a free throws he was eleven of thirteen of light hurdles was an air ball but eleven of thirteen at the lot and he hits the free July 10 London times again this is staying there goes your points up. They are right out needing a jumper right. There's just think as he's always going to at all yeah that's why he has at some point get a jumper where and their prisoners give their it's going to be something that is yours today. Dogging into at all. That's fine if that happens to be able to pass out blog and I got his shot and that's what they'll go the arms. Speaking of delays such a tooth after that. Sparky often talks about another kind of land throughout castle I may be castle lanes. You know I sell low ball and especially in my finger placed castle lays a racing got that nice north woods feel piles like you're a log cabin it is by far the coolest. Bowling Alley I've been in anywhere in this state. Not in close but it's flat screen TVs on every light north atmosphere it's no wonder why travel and leisure magazine rated and one of the coolest bowling alleys in the entire country. Plus a pro shop is run by US BC hall of Famer Lenny bush PB 850 active bowler still actually added one a couple tournaments in the last couple Beers. Gold medal team USA. It's different governors are purple ball late. Now there are under way already would probably still to every negated most are under twenty bucks a week. Ollie members enjoy free practice on Sundays from 10 AM 1 PM every practice for just two blocks again and plush cash awards throughout the year. They award over 101000 dollars last year revealed a ball 300 and games and 800 series name that's a lot of cash. The team to finish first or second place in their league get free entry into that storm champion of champions tournament. Coming up in May eighth with 5000 dollars cash prize on the line when there's a few of the red bandits by signing up for castle lanes. All league ball soccer team now got 2626331199. Don't forget. Also a five dollar bowling on Friday nights go to counseling dot com or check them out on FaceBook for all the tales. Experience the wild side of bowling castle lanes highway 31. In Racine Phil uncle and his crew do an amazing job. It's your box post game post game Wendy's big show style. Give us your thoughts anyone await 100 went to knock off the Celtics open the season at 7991250. Create a sad 1057 FM the manly or more from you when the Wendy's big show returns. How to match. It's primed for. Scenario it's. Now they feel it's an edgy non snow you're really gonna save room for administered. A little under the weather. You tease me they're a little bit and David just couldn't give a couple leery yeah. It's the temptations greater side of the break. On a throwback Thursday presented by masters he's not a snub you like Deere next week. Featured artist at 1057 FM the fan. With the hash tag big throwback you'll be entered for a chance to win a 25 dollar gift certificate. Two masters z.'s baby Tosh went with two pot Gary wants to hear the thriller album Sparky went with Kenny Rogers I'd like a hero. Smashing Pumpkins go with one of those are your own creature artist at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throw back right now it's the post game post game. After the bucks when the season opener 10 wait to 100. We're taking your thoughts on the win at 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan let's go to KJ. He's in west Alice now he's on the Wendy's big show what's up did you. What caught up their children to take my call guts you gave me now for the apps. Honesty part you piper enjoy major comment on the Belmont culture today. But the box that ice interview that our. Going out to last night's game a picnic sort of glimpse. To renew it in Peru. Milwaukee Bucks as saying that because there's a year maturity. That was kind of ethnic communities that from the war quarter. Com you know maybe fifteen. A year ago may have folded under the pressure. Well last night you know it's never punched possibly Kyra you're in what is little. You know most of the basket. You know. Try to seal rarely take over the game but it is not propaganda. Maybe it would have done that a year ago for a fact that they're all intact. And play together. Opera actually indeed essentially gave me into issues difference produced in. Com you saw out of our maturity where it Malcolm Procter and whatever year he's been so secure by the way to save last year. Against Austin. In the in the garden there are so I mean. Bit there's a lot of positives I took last night I try to like do you sense session or quarter. And artist looks like she swallowed. You tend sound. Bar bills. Inside. I'm the guy is completely cynical. Totally transformed his body. And in the offseason and you hope that there's anybody that's been stopped and this year I said earlier. On this morning. On the radio that icing yet on us as a good opportunity. To be one of the scoring leaders in the abuse this year especially because most of these guys that were a top lap this year are. Koppel with other guys that are going to get the ball. You know Harden you cannot step heard the we're you know old guys that he has around him aren't so John this is gonna get his points I mean thirty points. Was not our I had no light evening at the recent mastery that don't use it once more. So I mean there's no question he's in a box but the thing that was so great about it outside. He was able to do so many other thing soul all out in the game absolutely. It's just. Yeah he's all reports. Our thanks a phone call for preacher cajun. Our question of course you know we're giving two additional load deeper tomorrow Steve. Bonuses quarter. Or you can ask me and be honest about let me have a series of questions. It is there a player. In the NBA. That's Marcy like I wanted to OC discuss. Several. That arm camera money to go see this. And there's probably several angry when the measures is. Was Dirk is derail one chair. February 3 direct it will more for me. LeBron wine I don't know Russell Westbrook for sure told. A room we'll go to analysts are derail it was a one for me. He is Oklahoma and he wasn't as well. Blow with Golden State hold Davis Muncie. Just the other thing of just Durant alone. Just didn't. Juiced and for me. Okay Westbrook. Missouri would love to live. James Harden is he Muslim yes. He's not do nearly anything and like our regular yet let me ask you this. Marc or Jordan mercy K okay so let's say Michael Jordan is apparently right critical yet right yet where are these other guys ranked under mark. The tier right below Michael. Michael's on his own here Michael is is so much he's he's the universe everybody else what are plant so what does LeBron rank. LeBron well okay. I'm gonna put looked LeBron isn't a tiered just below Michael along with guys like Magic Johnson. From gore bird bird okay Isaiah some yes here. Brought on the same tears going Brian. Always on the same care cocoa he's gonna blow album broaden. From a fan perspective Coble YU perspective of you don't know what you're gonna seeing he may do something crazy special Kobe Bryant when healthy. But LeBron siesta jungle we use our goal at four year. Bob LeBron James Rogers is very good first nine years of correct abroad and I'll favor best in this air all that's why I guess I'm just saying as well thank you to body your seat do some that brought can do it. No energy you'll gonna get it every night Colby. You do know call me as we take forty shots in the game and get a chance to get sixty to know what Cologne was gonna do any given night. I did for me at least. Rather we're about to get a Kobe Bryant for the bribes and and all you have to do is look at ticket sales abroad coming in town. And they're not even sold out do you find me how many times Michael Jordan came to town and they didn't sell out either arena whether it be the Mac or the browns and whatever we want Pollack. There's just did that sold out all the time and right now in the NBA. Going to Gary's point there doesn't seem to be as many but then you can also was mellow every owner and I'll now and not me no. But with LeBron. And comparing him to Colby. It's not as as flashy or as explosive when he died about some of things that Kobe did. But what about first coverage assignments ever when I started working here at the station was to go cover practice before the Bucs played the cavs. And just watching LeBron practice. And senior guy a that big that's Roma your two room board or beat that bachelor for and still that skill Gloucester were from. Is an amazing thing to see up close this dude was sit on the ground. In the corner by the baseline. And throw did hook shots. This city does but right there awarded hook shots from the corner of the court by the baseline. He can do pigs that nobody. His size. Has ever been able to do. Different it's amazing from other brokers estimate bookstore and doing business leaders now here and Hal Jordan's game. But he can do some of those things that Michael Jordan does that. That's. Size he can do some things that Colby does. That size. That stood for. When he if you ever saw a red card to a four ball. Like Bo Jackson. He's now. Who brought you very much cut promising projects and used Bo Jackson. Begged me. Do that he has found that. I bet that's odd. That's LeBron. Just a freak now you can talk about a deal and argue wore. Black. Well. It bigger. And just. Do. Julius Peppers and other free. Term. Debt jets. Right. And our first armor omen or. Users unbelievably and things you can do. So. That's why argued throughout these other guys much so you sit uranium shook yours and start opening Starker and stuff. Areas that handles in the shoe bomb handle watching that nude shoot threes from six feet behind the three point line that day when kids want us. He yourself sentiment introduce Jack fiery. Now. IMac or bad it's okay we're going to goddess. I'm Janice right now is probably top five in India and away from Milwaukee five. Away from Milwaukee you were saying. Young I am going to see yon and where I learned you'll find out which are watching Arenas and we'll see how attendance of course yeah yeah. So right now with India and India. Not then after that you all are people out and I'm going to see scroll and the and a it's treasures he scored any data. As a young and jobless Oakland so that a Bob McDonnell coastal album you know what I mean is gonna increase road to guys that I've got to go see him. And the way to be able tell that his look at road attendance numbers for the bush wants three or four years Nancy what it is after this year and then you'll see if he's actually done something. You go about what's got to his grip let's get to higher favorite sports action pool table shuffle board tornado blew his ball tables are those electronic arts ping pong and more to come. Enjoy their award winning fish fry I'm Wednesday's can't Fries with explore different styles of finished piled up. But I Friday happy hour as welcomes Ambien when I celebrate. And rescue club. Coming up next Saturday night October 20 eleven bands playing drink specials in cash prize is the best cast him again that's next Saturday night at the Q club of Wisconsin literally party. Details on FaceBook to club of Wisconsin what are 454 north grand view boulevard in Waukesha. Miles out of our night for. Online at Q club a W I dot count pretty quick break. In each informants and and then. Play every game we have home. At all. Temptations Arenas out of the break Johnny throwback Thursdays is that in my masterpieces collaboration. With the supremes let us know we'd like to hear next week preacher artist that 1057 FM the fan. With the hash tag big throwback our nominees maybe couch. Reigning champs this week what with two pocked Gary wants to hear the Michael Jackson thriller album. Clark he's going with Kenny Rogers I want Smashing Pumpkins go one of those. Or your own preacher artist at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throwback and you'll be entered to win a 25 dollar gift certificate. Two masters these. I'm for the big showed a jacket with Wisconsin insider John Mack. Brian you might create a construction providing quality plaster Stucco services what how. Unsurpassed workmanship. John Mack America badger blitz dot com and normally we always talk football Jesus football season but there's a bigger story in football right now and that is. Not commit Tyler hero deep committing from Wisconsin. This week. I have no inside information on is gonna try and Siobhan right on this or not because I'm sure Don that has got a lot more inside information and I do. But I this'll shoe thing with the Tino and Louisville and all those other stuff. Dick Tracy Bermuda thing that Lewis gods and haven't rob Knight Jimmy and under armour school non him haven't played for Nike that maybe there was some push back from Nike for him to go play for Nike school. No they did a lot of this started in the summer on this when I started to hear about it about other people's all exposed this patient. On the aggregate and and whites only event relying on might just go there and talk at Tyler. A summit action need to act they saw on the east Asian about Tyler well that's an Scott and I thought in the summer Olympic news meat and or. You know in the united turned out religion information. On the exit Scotland was able to communicate with them in due course and is concerned at that time it was squashed it. Already kind of lingered with and what concerns. Obviously would would pilotless respect I think comes bouncing that you can stop. It's like in other schools on the big offer amnesty inside the state and in a compound aero. You know content of their bad I think credit Greg Gagne had a great summer and you don't you mentioned that you company's stock you can play in the ninth circuit. On the ideal struggled in the top circuit in the country on the quite against the top competition in the country got. A chance to be looked upon a lot of top programs now that summer school's current magic and the sinking opens tired UCLA. Kentucky was there indeed to other schools or skirts that are on the summer. I really think that he wanted a chance takes and that it would be recruited by other schools and I think there are other factors at play in a while that Wisconsin. It is pretty deep right now in in the backcourt. And I think he was looking for scored eighty in his mind stop to better and better prepared for that bend Wisconsin. How legitimate candidates. Adding that probably not exist in not a school. A lot of that crop up Arctic schools organs don't want school offer Kentucky and at Ohio State. You know object that seat and got more open up. Inciting gave it to about a month away so. I'm didn't have to sign them but I would imagine that you want summed it. Up a chance at least it or school actually it's now more. Sir you say Kentucky is in Iran. Kansas. Oregon and who was the other one. Ohio State level and other schools. And you know when when they first got released start and I was told that Arizona would be huge offer pocketed the wildcats' front. This is what what what does he like about Wisconsin. I mean how are you so much for for Tyler but I think you look in our crowd back on Wisconsin. It's an out of state kid maybe they don't go out. Is heavily in the dead now want to elect out of year. Now instead that you had to offer at that you know or after everything they had out secondly I think first it got offer. And that's what you think that's and Greg Baird took over that job so on you know if you look at it more national if you look inside the state. He really didn't need backcourt player in this Tony and badly needed big guy's soul but adding you'll great. Well as well as a man and articles out. Gagged edit so I think you bet at an apartment in the backward. Do you think he's good enough to be warned on lottery pick. First of all this stuff that's out here don't want that to me you said you don't think he has. While I don't I don't personally think he's the one and done type guy that I think they're people close in that feel that way that's like it. Yeah I agree I just wanted to see if we are on the same page. It's CN for meat that's the thing here because. When you when you look at it from his perspective you could look at it and a lot you know. Cal part Kentucky boy look at all the people he he's put in in the pros from Kentucky it's aide Derrick roles and all the darkness cousins all these guys and he's from the pros and he can do the same thing for me right would you have to be at the same level of some of these guys and I just. I question whether or not he's talented enough. To be a Derrick Rose or some of those tribal players that maybe he thinks she's at that level of not. Knock on Tyler hero because he left was shot and I don't complains it was gotten or not. I'm just saying I just. You know they can tell him oh sure I can comment you have a chance to start and that if he comes in and they're like oh. Maybe is not a work out as much as we think it also now he's sitting in their. I just would hate to see a deal where. And I'm gonna go back to consensus. And say you know where that kid thought he was buried and he was asked and his father. Our and against a moving rock all these different places trying to get and trying to get a game where he feels he can new quarterback. I hope that this indicates that haven't to a trial here where he goes Amare doesn't play right away so many that's transferred to an all over the place. Yeah you know he he's stack up of the trapped in the country eat he proved that this summer on was falling out the minute you let the circuit. And I need to spend some time I believe in Colorado Springs practicing with USA basketball so. You and that conversation with the top in the country Rubin that now. About one and done talking about that 1% of the 1% now and it's Ian had that 1% of the 1% I don't think so but. Bogut and seeing it wherever you wind up I think we'll have success. You know immediately get it that test the water after one year I think it Baghdad it that would lie under development. You look at how you're. I've been watching them play and he was rushed and yet some to a game every year in. In every aspect of the game you see that year after year he develops some that don't do that mentality here or does so. I'd love to see what you could be after two years of college and it's that he's ready to take the job. That's saying that I hear it again he'd won and done that he'd decided on adding that people are close it and that's the only good deed that. Our precious and four ball record. What is the full ball bear Jews or Q he's he'll. Good question injuries right now you would you would think Tom you know they have eight guys outcome and the Maryland game. I'd get peavy this another game Kristian consider another game. As they alarm go to the backup defensive that is as well on the hill is is Alex portable ordered go out and I think you really expect. If you're worried about you know where the sea and edit because of the expectations. Because of the schedule yet covered up you know you fully expected in the bank and I don't mean it's got to go against you are out there and state. Potential to be in the final four so. Particularly feel what would be the injuries in this you know corporal went down. Either they would really got to scramble. Will mature humor accuse you. Horn brook. Okay. Yeah Iraqi. Yeah he sold you know I think what he's cable up against BYU. Now what he thought. There are accused talking about BYU. I think a big thing to only last two weeks. Is what you know called limited source from the valley is that he's he sets you know a security blanket for rocks or rock. When he's full strength in these LP is their best receiver. He's the guy that that makes a lot of mistakes and a lot of other spots so. It is what Galilee is hearing reports Saturday you know that are percent but he can have a huge correlation outscored one. That is John MacNamara fine is where did badger blitz dot com follow him on Twitter. At MacNamara rivals and every Thursday. Right here on the Wendy's big show there was not an insider yes mark what out of an effort got a hot and the go back to basketball OK the Big Ten are Eric Gordon is going to expand for basketball from eighteen to twenty conference games on Ford in the next next season. Yeah I don't I don't today at the Big Ten ED in New York. I'm its seem to be some that the company that all really was in favor of Bob Dole. I'm specifically how to sex god I'm not sure but it seemed to be on the call it. An ACC is gonna do it as well oddly in 2019. Allison did the deal Barry is here and get a better draw with conference schools and you are born to cupcakes. On your schedule from these other schools I mean it makes all the sense in the world to me from the TV ratings standpoint from an attendance standpoint. And makes a lot of sense I'm coming I'm. Our board. And John Matt Marek joins us on the great midwest bank outlined great midwest bank has been committed to personalized common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance the great midwest bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply local. Banking could Mike McCarthy do Brett helped me a favor by changing the running back behind him when he's big shall discuss next right after this.