2PM: Can the Brewers keep up their current level of play?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, May 15th
Gary, Ramie and Sparky ask if the Brewers performance so far this season has changed your expectations. Plus, host of Power Alley on MLB Sirius XM Radio Mike Ferrin joins the show. 

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The essence of Wendy's big show. Yes dancing Kim and avoid judgment day I'm Robin Maxwell blog whiskey Sparky Pfeiffer the former packer and badger running back Gary Allison. Is that the start saying hi to everybody as we came out there might Clemens other side of the glass along with intern knots I'm running back off. What what do you know why it's easy all the rail the show is opened it today. Have you tomorrow there's been careful not to look I'll cancel them until. Abbas told us that in our last meeting that we wouldn't be doing it anyway as you know plus he's real or are you asking him yeah. I did like two weeks ago. To look at every day woman yesterday were pretty much every day and friends that you about the in my hair flip I don't know what I. What would you call that flip careful about not just like us yes quite like you know the front. With jail. Colby but some gel and it you should I noted that what are you how to do it putting your hands right through here in you your chances they get a minimum security at the -- ever. Now it looks funky music only seal lying straight lines now I used to do that my brother made fun size up. And the latest out and I don't. So let me tell me is on the rise the month we got to get to review retreat Dow and 6 o'clock booting might pared most of the power Alley and MLB Syria's sects are our area does pre and post for the at 235 and the Orlando Ledbetter our old friend from the mill walk. You journal sentinel now at the Atlanta journal constitution hill tells what he knows about Mike booed and holes are who we found out as one of two finalists. For the Bucs head coaching double talk about those two finalists at some point throughout this afternoon. As well out of the gates we wanna know the poorest 25 and seventeen at the quarter mark. Can keep this up 41479912. Ticker you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. Not doing a mass market the quarter Mac the corner mark they have 25 wins if they keep this up. They have a hundred wins I don't know if that's necessarily what we're asking is that we're just talking about this level play. That they've performed admirably backer of their forties against the what if they keep this winning pace they'll end up right around a hundred wins. At 25 and seventeenth. Which marked the 42 games into the scene that I could drop guard. That they're doing that well. And we're gonna grow a few instances yeah. The moment don't Roberts about the brewers. For two weeks now how how bees that make you that there are nine in plain now well it would odd games that now. Well in Oklahoma don't groove to it no question but also really got authority to go. We wanna do it because we have gotten. When you're abroad and if you run. About. Two weeks they'll all be negative but. What is now. They're only negative if you implies some sort of meaning or answer in the questions that we ask this is something that I'm constantly trying to stress to our listeners. Even if the question sounds negative wait for the answer. Because my outlook out number is has been largely positive this season are you and I yeah. Our spark. Our listeners are we do get the fire Darnell Coles calls we get the I'm sick of tired brawn called on we're we we get the when are they gonna go get a real starting pitcher calls. We get those. But I think over all their points overwhelmingly. That that the reaction from us here on the show and you out there at 4147991250. Has been positive hasn't been positive. For the most part. There are things to nitpick at there are things to be negative about. But I think for the most part Bruce fans and we hear on the show and the station. For the most part has been positive when it comes to our answers. To these questions that always negative on the set wizard asking negative questions but recent don't think there's are being positive. Out of the what I'm saying is I don't think there's such a thing as a negative question we're surety wait for the answer maturities. She read your Iran are wrong announcement of course. There blog here. Be positive gossip about. But that's a negative watch. I don't see it that way you lie you look at semantics love Ryan brought to the court. Not if there is no I don't quiet them. But also urges talk with those ads for God's. Law for science question Gary RNC in response it's. It's all right rush Garrett go on forward. For the rest of the month. Russ a month or ram wolf pitched brewers topics you're gonna phrased the question. Don't know why don't know because you're right because that's how Tim does to hide when we post game shows him thinks. A lot. About the question he's gonna asked in how its sounds before he asks in there is something exactly what Gary is saying. But you can make questioned some positive or negative based on how you were you get the same question is changing the wording you're just watched him bite nature as we oh well I'm very negative. So when I phrasing inaudible it's got come across negative and by nature why is very negative about life you're sure I'll. Yeah yeah. All right I'll let your burden on you are not sure yet you are meant to argue so. So that's more along the lines were Ronnie is gearing is probably the most happy positive guy amongst the three of us who died five years. Just by that. Lets. You said. It's pretty positive to myth of not. Rock I get an alliance to do with the delivery route to yeah. So I think this is so what won't have Gary. Come up of phrases or questions for next couple weeks and let's just say Archos I think he's a 1% correct I think we'd it does come across negative when it. Iowa I would agree yeah so even if you look at our social network all are. FaceBook style why I could prolong that I don't and our show us the people know right the people with their responses ever got all the more rhetoric that we. About the root of negative is this a negative or positive question burns 25 in seventeen at the quarter mark can't keep this up 414. 79 natural fit or tweet us at one point 57 up and fit three into from. Natural okay. I mean I mean you'd use that a hundred wins Estrich and. They've played about forty games. They play a 162 and a season. They take the forty times for. And the winds within that forty times for. Tell me by math is wrong but that's a hundred wins that's on that's the pace that thereof right now. Okay well the pace the cover on. Not need to get there are running it's all right they're not only becomes our game out right now the 899 probably. Pittsburgh is what saying. Cardinals are probably saying they're all over 95. Comes Perez is what comes at a bunch of rain outs they're not even at the corner quarter mark yeah but their 21 wins so far yeah. My met you multiply that by four that's 84 wins. Olivia again what about the pirates are at 23 everybody's close and tartan or cardinals are at twenty to hear rumors. Brewers when he thought. And in the don't comment. Inspect them. Filled up we get about that dough margins right now I'm sure. Alan Miller Park definitely. Absolutely did its Gaza yesterday what was that they're averaging thirty to nine. I don't think the twins should have been allowed per game to build a stadium without putting at Belmont is that out of the bench and about how about him playing baseball right. Stupid about it over his heart is still a brand new stadium. In Minnesota where it. No problem. That's Megan Iceland's government but the intractable of all for baseball under clear bright eyes are beautiful love the sunshine again that yes or body is but 400 million dollars spent another hundred million putter charitable work that I don't know. And a Major League Baseball has a real solid argument and whether or not a team does that the question again is this. To actually answer the question. Burris 25 and seventeen at the quarter mark do you think they can keep this up and we're not necessarily talking about the pace of wins vs losses but this level of play. That they've been because. I mean you guys tell me if I'm wrong I don't think anybody. No matter where you started the season that is think in the brewers' 100 games are. We know we care about where I think that's that'd be funded yes. Yes reform group. Mean. NC it is the NC has come and I'm. I think when you element 88 at that maybe if I nominated by the lowest went. And predictions and you really don't have your you know there was that stood out there that it would hit 22 most territory disturbed when you preachers. They've used 22 pitchers this link to predict so far this year and Kim. And as a juror para you bring up the roles of asthma once again. It feels a lot like throw last year. All. Although it seems. Not so good but everything is still going in there for you. The results at the end of the day death is Torii five wins its court order aid agency for right. I mean you know we were little upset about homestead images here were with the two with three yeah and illegal rolled into. So far so right yeah. 45. Arafat. Now Norman and June now. Six it's now four they won four out of five on the structure in a flurry Colorado on the Lama flatteners. We questioned myself. And Arizona is a really good baseball to first place in the last slouch burst past them for the second best regularly. I was listening to the game last right in my garage. And that come in at and a man and a half ago. Margarito. And cigar. And and extra neighbors here mark got a new neighbor. In order yet the bombings I think his view LL ING look at the show ball eggs volleying heated you'd be a part of yes yes and job. These fire part. And Mike is his name and I am thinking about going to make a. I think there at the big show. We should did the chill out there aren't the fire front over that job. He wants to tickets out to fight a fired a no no no there at the airport Romeo and we take the big show. And do a due to big chill at the fire station out there at the apple always at the airport fires. Sixty about a go entertains and firefighters the other the other here and and Robert are human too we can cook wrote. Roberts is in me you know to stand upset after the show up gotta I gotta Heinemann a five iron or some Milwaukee we should go there and you won their towels and good boy America aren't supposed to do what I had my tour yes go to any firehouse I'll do the customer nobody got to give Michael board now too because we've got our rob. I think would you want to know creek gets the toy drive for he's got to be right in the hospital so we you don't got the ball but yeah there were too early start planning on the. After Thanksgiving blades firm pleaded Oak Creek folks we madrassa Roy cash donation to addictions that you're good at what a 57 a of the FedEx Cup. So he's got what a guy might Boeing's last night and you know why it's. Mirror and ask you this question for tides and keeps track when Matt Howard do for a break but do result there are about what boards I've goalie got a good break to think lug an art about it. Brewers' 45 in seventeen at the quarter mark and they keep it up. Not necessarily the win total but the level of play that they've been at their 42 games 414 you may never get to 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057. At that on the thread know you talked about Sparky scare you talked about the volleying and doing a firefighter show. What else can you talk about there is something else that Alia the the difference between a positive and a negative question at twin spark me where did you park news stating. All I want yet. Oh here we Grammy winner will you did you have did you protected just get the blue book. Which moved what test of what the book during college and you're viewed as you move it move it right there from the blue book value AM your arena that was like irked by. That was phased out literally while I was in college clearly that it became like an email computer thing yet so we get the blue book. And in college at how to fill up their blue book. Right now. Now it's a word count now they want like you know 250 word wasn't subject yeah. I've got these these days I must say okay. So those are big religion which right largely would you like. You're. Yeah. I do remember doing that that I lose the cards other birds 45 exhibited at the corner mark can they keep this up 4147991250. Tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. Jerry will answer the questions Sparky will answer the question I will answer the question and you will too in the Wendy's baser returns right after this. So Allenby you know the center field the Polycom. This yeah. Okay. This is a very good baseball game. To beat him or where their place so good start the series we know we did we do the job. I like courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin Tyler salad Dino with the inside the Parker got it. And Arizona last night. For is now with that went 25 and seventeen at the quarter mark. And they keep this up not necessarily the pace of wins is that I'd be honored wins and if you're expecting that by all means Dallas up. At 4147991250. But more. This level of play 4147991250. Or tweet us at 1057. FM the fan and the crazy thing about that is scary in this is happened a few times now with the birds salad you know. And VR. Words of both the playlist that are that all those dominoes well what's alligator was in the line up original. VER was in the lineup because brawn was outs they took breads from second put him in left field right and it VR in the game and he as a big game go look at the group fought. You look at the game wade Miley got hurt. He goes out Britain Souter. Couldn't it couldn't execute it over. The films I ended up being the difference in the day same kind of stuff that happened last year. All political gave Freddie rock to. He's gotten to be like over the teams that they had he. In Atlanta somewhere you or me. He's gonna. He's struck like thirteen jokers. Thirteen yes does them from home. Does the same kind of stuff was happening to the brewers last year. That Paris to stir up the Filipino you can hear him being cool is that the press box boy. It struck out shirking jokers. For all the exits to David's Bridal line if his line five and two thirds struck out thirteen jokers and walked soup. To joke and got kids. Consult with the one Joker was hit by a pitch right. We've got everybody. I love it and they did that. Young mop gear whom I would love it and then that you should be the PA announcer Lou I figure can't make this up on. Okay no care. Until my heart tells me know me well just everything about me tells me no. And when I say no is the under William pace. They're not gonna went on again announcing. But most surely would you cannot. You just can't bridge gone things going your way let me just get those things you you have no player for. The type things that are happening to the Bruins right now and they're coming out on the positive you can't predict that. Can't. But I don't know that I don't think they can keep this pace of ball lottery game. Well that's not and it I keep trying to clarify I'm not necessarily talking about the win total OK but they've played at a certain level. To get these Tony five win some have bounced their way like like we've talked about a second ago but I'm just talking about. The level of play. That's gotten him to this point a quarter of the way through the season that has them atop the NL central that has them a game behind the Braves as the best team in the National League. Immigration reboot rebuild republic are okay level of his play. Yeah and really while saving yep he's a level of play yes we camp as these Google now all the pieces together. I'm just assuming I was talking about Jimmy's house and just there. When he gets here. That at least should be another like 1213 with four depending on what point in the season riots here right. Yeah I mean and then because he's good he raised the level of play of guys around him. Yet they can keep to the level of play they can keep that sure most they've got they've got enough people that can do it and if they keep. Plugging in playing guys in the those guys are doing what they're doing it actual thing keep this idea in your opinion but not on wins. And Gary brings up great points market they've had their share of injuries they started the season with what we think was their best pitcher on the DL either him or chase Anderson. And on top of that they really haven't. Hit on all cylinders yet this season I mean we I still don't think we've seen a hot Lorenzo Cain or hot Christian eligible. And we know what kind of effect that can have on the rest of the lineup and other guys. Who have not yet I think lived up to their expectations offensively we haven't even seen this team play their best baseball yet if you ask me. Haven't seen you know many Pena to mingle Santana Ryan Bronx Lendl Garcia. Any of those guys well let him play last year. Trying to shock. Either he's now he's come on a Colorado Rockies series to mingle Santana now stated up. Many Pena starting the ball buttered too so they're all starting warm up a little bit still waiting on broad that. Yeah you're right they have and have a hitting and the pitching going to gather and they don't all of this why because this bullpen has just been dominant. And Andy you can continue to have that going forward. Why can't they play seven or eight games over 500. In each quarter segment for the rest of the season does is this road trip where we also okay we're gonna find out what is bursting is made of add into this road trip well. Are you just said for a five. You're in a position right now to win this series in Arizona who again there were on a losing skid right now big time are the and this is you know his old team we know Greinke can be dominant at times you know Greinke. You give up some runs at times seuss so. It's just seeing gold for the first he's pitched really well you've had two out of three in his. You're feeling really good about yourself going in with a day off Thursday and nine going in Minnesota take on the 24 coming back home. You have what your right there with the best record in baseball right behind Atlanta we're not baseball but the National League. Nobody I think saw that coming if out of told you what the CRA's would have been for the starting rotation all the different guys that were big in the starting rotation at this point. And all the guys that have been show up and down from the minor leagues as far as pitchers don't nobody would have thought this he would have been that good right now. As we speak it's just it truly is amazing I don't know they're gonna win a hundred games but as brownie points out they haven't gotten hot yet. They really happen and then. They're going to get hot. They're going to get hot in Gabor to guard had a piece today saying okay everybody that's out there and beat anybody we can shut up now. And I agree that that's the end of that conversation but AJ shows you that if you beat the bad teams even when you are playing that well it will all. Come back and really help you out at the end of the year even you do struggle against better teams. Because there are going to be so many games against bad teams if you sweet guys like they've been sweeping guys. That are very good the end of the year you don't look govern a whole week how hot they get them anywhere it's in beat anybody really. No but they beat the teams are supposed to be. And at the end of the day that's really what it comes out to as all comes down to Peter supposed to be. And then hang in there and and played decent against the good teams and that's all I have to do and they got a chance to win this division. If everybody else was division can't Cuba. I don't want to put words in your mouth. It sounds like you think hundred wins. Might be realistic might be that they could keep up this win and it's not just this level of play but keep up this when Evan played over their heads. I don't think anybody can make the statement that they've played over the pets you very. No definitely not. Maybe. Maybe. And it's a big maybe because I had a lot of confidence in those guys maybe the bullpen is playing just a little bit over the reds that series it. Ridiculous things it if even if they come down to earth so a little bit it's a great bullpen right no question but he do you think you can save the birds of why this can't keep up this. Well they haven't played a bunch of great teams early that's why they are where they are. OK fine but a lot of teams and will face a lot more bad teams press the year loses there's gonna be just the first and after the season. I answer portion of the overheads yesterday. The guys they plug and play with a sharply over. Like the happenstance things like we're talking about like salad Dino envy are finding their way into the lineup last are up Freddie pariah I shouldn't thirteen strikeouts like Breaux senator. Coming into game played Miley gets heard and hits a three run homer in pitches its aggressive people audience I mean you could talk about one game short but it hasn't pitched all Larry did your blog employer Leo. Enough the team. But those if you look at a lot like over the or have a battle buddy this is you look at all came in the day look at is partly numbers. I don't hear Obama these hours you're I know you don't but that's holly goals based on the other day called I understand that but did you have at least your first calling you do that you'll. But the Rockies made excuses of why he did that but it wasn't all bad it was all about the Rockies will ever Brooke still. I will point to me Gary Rosen. That's where you know. All as far as thirteen strike out at us external B and you could argue let's say dividend will be radio about a dozen strikeouts now the republics and I anymore Major League base I'm always. I like outwardly and when you political income ultimately humbly. I sit there. Irish is you never see with the burst. I understand you just don't see a lot. Other teams tend to get that type the guy. That comes up between 122. As another big to mouse complain about for fifteen years why can't we ever have a 2222 year old come up and just be really good. In state in the big leagues as a pitcher never happens. The last got to do it was guy. Nobody guy art was the last guy. You haven't had anybody since then that's a long time. That's damn long long time you could make the case that. The starting pitching has been over its head now right with the expectations we had four no in the CMR no no how little. This doesn't pitch all that well then he got hurt just as an as a whole double digit. Chip card gym god chase Sanderson he isn't the same Jay Sanderson last year that has not been the case. Chassis started off bad I he's page may be better than what he has less for five on tests up three RE lust for five so maybe you'll go just in the last 45. Souter no he doesn't even better in the bullpen and he's been in the starting rotation this point. Junior Gary had a nice little start then he had a rough stretch he bounced back last night which they desperately needed to get their bullpen some help. So he has been up and down at this points you get appointed junior Kara. So who who's that guy got to wait you thought might have been your writing about guy he made one start would like a stud and I got hurt the next start and how we had sixty BL. So you could tell only the starting rotation is pitching over the rats and I mean pretty horrible an eagle five to get to. So we expect in the rotation to be one of the best in the National League when the season started I think I expected chasing Anderson zag Davies. Today at least give me six on a somewhat consistent I was right about. Needing to. Go out again at least corn based YC. Based on navy's yeah baby more than what I know based on in general Davies didn't pitch well before he what got her out when Jake Anderson as an ageless and god Jason Anderson's done. Rob green you're getting also mean I'm not telling our. What I said that's not right. My point is our expectations for the starting rotation as a whole in the scene started. They've exceeded those now there are way too high they're playing way below where we thought they play. I don't disagree that there there will lower our reply well it we don't do that the rotation was gonna be this good we. That's. The host nation has been pretty good how are look at the numbers are due to a whatever you want things haven't been overwhelming and they've had to lead on the bullpen quite a bit I can't get too far. Okay to a race that's a good rotation as far as giving up runs. They hit they've been good they've been holding their own water and I think there were people were concerned that this starting rotation could hold reason why we can use the Donna tomorrow we gotta get Mike yes we get to that's Donna tomorrow oh. Who thinks that the starting rotation is playing over over expectations. And later tonight will be to Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck Joseph built by dozing at 730 start time to ready for game two. Between tempers and the the might fare in the host of power Alley and MLB serious sex Emery in pre and post game most Ford. On the Wendy's big show right after this. So why is great job running backs off a long way Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and former packer and badger running backs Gary I would say the Orlando Ledbetter our old friend formally of the Milwaukee journal sentinel now at the Atlanta journal constitution. They'll tell us what he knows about Mike brewed in all the one of two finalists for the Bucs head coaching job when he joins us just after 3 o'clock joining us right now. All the great midwest bank hotline he's the host of power Alley on MLB Sirius XM radio also pre and post game post. For. I'm. We're good we are trying to figure out as the birds sit with with 25 wins at the quarter mark of modern 62 game season. If they indeed are this good and if they can keep up this level of play you got your first up close look at them. Yesterday are are you buying that the brewers are this good second best team in the National League right now. Our entire did change me you know I don't know they're gonna we're under a bright bright. On yet I don't know there are some things that it was looking at probably gamble. Mr. barker were pitching is now CJ Anderson's going to be the next homestand and that'll. Help the absolute timetable yet for. Maybe when he's in the back in palm did a Democrat. And tall Serb breakage sixteen they've done a great job starting pitcher. A lot bowl and beat the top popular a lot of especially is pretty good. You know and I need to see more sensibly to see we're ready it will defense that's an older you'll defense was great I know. You know you earned runs scene they've been are aware of that team in baseball. Where we're even so arsenal under the sack. So I think it did he think the one that's gonna compete at division are sure that the tight worries. You know really we're Chicago Milwaukee Saint Louis and you know not to go to Pittsburgh due to keep up the debt debt debt not. I'll walk over to church. Sought on line a construction and so forth is it the spurs obviously have Ryan moron who hasn't played all the while got a couple clutch hits. While letting games Foreman over on base percentage weigh down average weighed down at and they continue to back him three when he is in the line up. Behind McCain and yell which slugger would you go with him in the three hole. I mean it's really avoid what are they mean what. He has our unity and declining star. That are buried conversation so it was and we think you may not be a player that you. War and and I don't know that one you necessarily need to out. A neat it's neat now you're a dog bite. And it ought to this you and I think it's probably to target Dutch auction action but. Yeah there were some of the soft side a side of it comes into play more so than those strictly analytic Bentsen and from being what's on our. It's labor picture best hitters and so mortar the you know I don't hear you want to bet. All this at first I yet because you're gonna get the most appearances over the course of the game and I will ask at that spot. So I am all in an at and plot went. Back to have a little bit and you'll chew it. When you make those changes that I made that. There that might be part of what curt council recently added. OK how much this is wrong is related party and how much it did. You double to cool start we so expect to be you know 83. Just beyond these percentage in the war to report sort with the powers there anymore. You don't take it can we. Bottle. I was listening view and urgent care earlier of this morning time Gordon Beckham who's coming up to play in the big leagues again in. We all the time obviously knew due to an MLB radio get calls in about everybody thinks they can fix said their favor baseball player in. Federal calling in saying about Walt brought needs to re do you know we slowing because of eight B in seeing you talked about back and coming up in him having redone his swing. At some point do you think you're too far along your career to go through that process. All about it and obviously western great chip operations of the deep it's thirty years old. Japan about Bloomberg and former course this corner. Workers were changed and try to get better. Which only about that immediate like racial soul like the tension. A lot of discussions Judy murky right. And Portia de or Regis College one of them. We kind of decided they did what we're. Talking to guys. Slug on the ground you're trying to get all the air. 0100 JD Martinez started. Went well and I'll. Repeat you don't like Whitney back. It would deal hitters that it was looking so I'm not sure and it you know. What do you want in terms of what captives and. You know what what we're trying to emulate I think raw was probably for product that. But I'm still under the right you bet so what we're dealing with these require no. A significant why not percent of our blog and still productive player here Buford are still do it. Iraq did he get beyond all seasons at this point because. A baby and you know certainly the back issues then that can't shoot but he all those things. But I don't know that you know are not swing adjustment. Is Ryan brought me so much. You know getting beat up beyond our Willie that it'll lead at this point C like duke and watch all Walsh reports. Want what we need to struggle we're OC. Approach it well I'm in Tibet and open it. And we hardly thought he can't yet and I'm your number one and you when you start seeing on wall but it really you know mr. Tikka. You know mark how do you feel about the west of resentment if you keep look committee deeply the Dodgers. Was expected to be that team and they're struggling a character. Yeah so I don't think it's quite strong it is and so what you're. But overall it's not been a lot of it is you know. Injuries to some of the personnel that's there already. You know giant bought it we're gonna get better recruited they got a little. And they brought in war veteran who certainly are producing. The burden production last year. Well there are still not work such as agriculture and more a more gore. Or more Buster Posey probably isn't really bolster old Morton's agree so. And that's part of it. The Colorado really such as well and it's not a great offensive team and they're one of the straight down by. There'll coast and culture struggled on answered nearly two years and Ian Desmond who's not only about what society are or what Colorado. So I don't know that that's certainly news that's a great heroes and the index that some issues currently. That they're trying to work group and its side and an idea that we have all seen. Our Jeanne dot beyond what we with the exception I'll. Meet you would like a little YL. That's a big loss from them as an outlaw catalysts. But for the most part open and they've been the one bunch. And I think we don't injuries as well some actions certainly a mental side. And energy fortunate that he awesome I think. The overall isn't quite the same level what street you're on. Soon as well. Additional thought the National League is great overall. And durst it means you know I just don't think there's only nobody below hole. Of sin of the Yankees or Red Sox. I do there's a lot of okay to ease in the National League and Agassi who obviously help. I got to ask you this how are you enjoying having Zack Greinke on that club. Wallets all watch catch me you know Ole Serbs and am I thought he wore out you know against Washington last week was the best he's had each year. Don't Dublin. Such 94 were such 91. 92 but he puts us all where he wants to do so got a changeup he still gonna great slider to see got a competitor. Vehicle are out there recent day I mean you know he continues to get out and did you become more short terse in older he's used the secondary. But it significantly more the last couple years in a change and re. Working smoker or this is and bomb on the watcher and author of being a degree heat that you're due out at two runs off the board. How surprised agreed to see Jason Anderson do what he did last year and end do you have your reservations as to whether he can he can duplicate that consistently in the future. Well so I'm have been here for three or sort of chase are all are well what's been heard from a distance. There are no resort saw amateurs during the so called. It was little false start in the also arguing your all. There's nobody applauded you started we looked at each other actors to enter like to completely change like Bob Dole really catch. I think when you abbey and the velocity out of last year you know like the Charlie Morton and that's what appealed a really good secondary it's important. Great ball. Also. It's stop make I think that was a change says when you don't blow it was like. 190 where to open 99 are repeat it mostly. I'd like that really helped absence separation legal entities in all know so. Starter I don't know if it at that level to meet. Well best which salt sea and you've also been sort certain. In Milwaukee last year when it struck out ten or 117. War in just one. Rare ass all hands with high. And really really stir up. And that means is that they lost burst out in note one that. What do they want and also be back at some point this summer not that tricky and I'm back from. It's going to be really difficult to replace in the course of the summer internally. Thought that he did last year let that happen. You'll Woolsey went to see a string of strength that was eager to. We deeper certain describe it is. Arms stomach illness just probably not believe we wanna do it. Well enough now. And a what are you regain strength in seeing a lot Padilla mean at which are wondering edges. Solid middle of rotation starter. That is Mike fair and host of the power Elian MLB serious XM radio on pre and post game most. For. My friend joins us on the great midwest bank hotline if you're looking for is simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction. Or renovation moan call great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products since 1935. And Benny baker made have you ever heard of bacon they. Well it's not like something I'd be interest and and I of that tunnel that's true with six crispy strips of oven cook. Alludes to move bacon and a half on a fresh never frozen beef only Wendy's bacon haters where they're having a war to college old. You don't just eat bacon Nader you. Is there any more bearable the world well probably. But not when your craving bacon grab one for yourself and bacon 82 day and then of course you need desert gold that's why not. Ese small Wendy's frosty for just fifty cents this cool unique trait of the Joba or even Allen could be it was Buddha straw or even a French fry. Or even appease a bacon has probably suggested the other day. Artist user cookie assessment that to me a good coaches are old so make your summer special the classic frosty now just fifty cents each. It's why these big show talking lineup during the break as we do our running back while we are agreed. Oh with Steve sparked a piper and never will and the former Packard badger ready backed. Gary Ehlers nicely about football we don't fight nearly as much for policies. No we really those rights are more with Gary in the Roy after the football scene right that you and I have right not so much with each other right now I'd prefer that. You're like what do what's worst about fighting with me either fighting with Gary the Roy because they know where I'm more annoying at all. Wonder. What. Gary says maybe if there exists or I could you do about it about it at my view it is I concede that it might be like and that's because I keep I didn't reject it with all these pesky facts and logic or reason our. Stereo. Down there and tell me I don't play fair nor reason. Oh you know what do you know I. No you know played fair because that's a big that you go to you leaders speak of broad generalities. Or you'll do me you know I can't put my finger on it that's not fair I'd. And precise I present facts to go along with my pleaded not present a line of reasoning. And logic to iron out my argument I you guys will just go I test store I can't put my finger auditors some BS like that mentally when he found out yesterday where you said you didn't have a reason why you yeah this that I wasn't sure why don't like gambling around sport product that's something doesn't feel right about it but and simply to figure but as we hashed it out we had that discussion guess what by the end of that discussion I had a couple reasons for why I'd. We we actually got to the bottom of it we got to my feelings. And why I feel that way he also got a might as gamble with that you're jealous that's part of it. That's part of it yeah absolutely what else is Hillary's pom for get a I don't remember any reasons does the memory I don't remember any you know now he does have many entertainment dollars that we said that before we addressed that yesterday to no gambling is entertainment you know I really don't imitating more than entertainment you probably should I mean I am I guess I can't have no entertainment dollars because I do put money towards fantasy football every year but. As part is set in the past I see that as morbid investment if you win consistently enough wedge in view which I do have what three championships in the last four years between my two leagues. I'll take that justifies you also not very far more money than I've spent time fantasy football over the course of the time that I've complaints that yes. Absolutely so that's not even that's not even when you're due to appear and entertainment dollar that's that's an investment while we heard Sparky wants Jonathan VR to lead off every game we are gonna talk about that assignment and it was babbling about and I told them that's not gonna happen. And he said because they're stupid and NASA know because that's probably not the best thing to do. And the numbers were yes and without the offensive article would you watts in what it comes to the brewers right. You Jerry doesn't want any criticism of the brewers until there under 500. Solid doors and turn our bikes just thought she had a pretty much everything's great with the brewers that's what he wants next subject right you know criticism a total of 500 the. Executed the Packers who win the division every are there Rogers and we are negative about them too throughout the season trying to figure out how they can win more how to can be more. Same thing you know but saps our brewers that we except the brewers are this good every year. So you're just when it's when you actually get this good in there. So tomorrow our swirl over free to the under five under milk. You don't want some on the shelves than a week overall well northern. I think. Why not talk about the Borough of under 500 known there and then we all know what happens when you do positive things on this show like Todd says no react I mean don't care is brewers and period in terms. You think they have what it takes when the world's. On the roster. As Karen pointed out NL doesn't appear to be all that good to begin with. So what else it Dodgers were supposed to be that team and the doctors are horrible right now the nationals were supposed to be that team and they're chasing embrace currently. The cubs were supposed to be that team is they're chasing three other lines of division I nationals I think your. Donald what. Like to the run they had I think it's. You might be right is coming you might be right about that you're older can stay at tonic for now Bryce Harper computers it's old Wednesday. They need to. Do most users need richter. I think that might be part of what's weighing on the nationals this year as they're rusher and we got to if we wanna keep breasts are around here we gotta get this season right. The future of their franchises resting on this season it's basically the position the Bucs will be and but Cutler Beers with the honestly not a must come to some sort extension before that but that's basically where there. The future of their franchise rests on this season trees in terms of whether or not they'll be able to keep instead. Give those bucks there interviewing like Buddha holes are today along with Messina this Antonio spurs assistant coach we'll talk with the Orlando Ledbetter coming up next a first let me tell you about Ares. Razors. 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