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Friday, October 20th
10/20/17 The Wendy's BIG SHOW 2PM Hour: It's Hundley vs the Saints on Sunday - what are you Confident, Concerned or Curious about? Plus Mike McGivern with some high school news. 

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All candidates that want these big show live for us outside the B lawyers for athletes that are. About it that night spots cup opener against they can't ride a Harley-Davidson entered the fourth state probably law. A long way speeds Sparky vibrant a former Packard center right back Gary dollars in. Lots to get through this afternoon we'll get it this game at the Bradley Center tonight coming up at 3 o'clock but it is a big saints football Friday's. We got all your football Friday fixtures for you this afternoon at playoff time and high school football talk. We picked up my giver. At 248 top casting the godfather fantasy football he takes your questions. At 4 o'clock you can start reading those right now at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big fantasy. And obviously we'll open up the fault lines for you to get your questions into the got father at that time as well Ryan would. Our Green Bay football it's batter he joins us at 435 all that plus your chance to win a thousand dollars at 4 and 5 o'clock here. On the Wendy's big showed us listen for the key word of the number detects the cute and you'll be entered for your chance to win 1000 dollars but we start this football Friday as we start every football Friday. Asking which are confident concerned and curious about. In this weekend's Packers game they take out the saints at Lambeau Field get it now the conversation at 79912. Feet deep you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. And it's got a new twist to it this week Gary nowhere Rogers that's Brett Hundley under Sutter. So last year and this is always tough for you. What are you confident about going into this Sunday's game you get an attitude 79 netbook that he's. Yeah you know you turn it over your mind about his team try to feel like okay look at his team what were you confident. About this football team gears. The new launcher. So you'd use grocery crazy or the picture while you're gonna shore all the the group plated car marketers are while. Are this is what acutely you do the the problem that you have here Romney's can these guys get over that thing over. Problems there Iran is quite frankly you saw that runway there Rodgers went down I thought it was angle reports players. Also thought it was going over well with the coach Hughes are mart McCartney. Change. You know a little bit away there that he went about doing things I expect here's what I would feel confident about is that Mike McCarthy now has a week though. And that you were here they cane lane if features. Brit Huntley it would and you know if so round is partly the news yesterday that partly. It's like remember the rip to you yeah. Overseas rid the org they've won or who have it was too want. That weren't here you are better than what randomly write I don't know if I don't get these guys say the only didn't neighbors there around. But we went to war that dealt with the flow through to watch it but I go to your relative on now. You can actually do it ten to fifteen hours ago there goes that. The new winner fare well when you go we we were 21. So I I do. That being fair you know Callahan and get a hold out route so you know that that what you think shakes out that Mike McCarthy. Half the game plan in place through to help. Partly be the fifth when it. So that's Richard confident you have Mike McCarthy have a game plan for airplanes right out of Britain currently under oath by her as the sound bite. And because there's a lot of moving around as we start the show at around remote but he he just played a clip talking about. The fact that the game plan is gonna be much different they're not gonna change much that I can take anything out of the playbook. For Brett how is that just that just coats meat so that the saints. Have border prepare for you think they do pared down a little bit. With nowhere rockers and it's that are well. Because these guys your roots what you gotta do what Wendy's through history. Right so yet it is votes beat me if they're someplace that probably probably well the rotten. There's someplace that rock that would logically right all right all right I'd better write a write it down but I think. I think you know to me that's all I I think when you look at that there are a place. That. That hopefully will rub that I mean even even if you go to the rabbit we had a huge debate yesterday about right about right who should start which it. There are some plays that that probably within an overture that type Montgomery's to a that. Better then. Eric Jones so. Yes votes because the low. You can't but it can answer hears about the actors today are that you got it. I think you Greg Hartley on the market. Especially with the opt out it helps him. Seven well if the Prius. At 1057 at the park he would be about. Right now it goes through touchdown pass with at least. At least he touchdown passes. Or worse or was there with our art we sure throughout the last Montgomery don't drop that well. He had left him aka drop that ball. Which is he's a competent guy. Talk about life there that he has brought him. And involvement. Yeah I don't know Jack Reich are ready to work. God I I had a coverup are papers are likely to rise. Hey it is. What about a great payback. Right being got a I was like web there was that there yeah the grass labarga. That's that regrettably it out. What property it is. I go to work what Gary said to Obama carved out of the game when he's gonna put him in a position to succeed not believe that now. Maybe guys go to position as what he'll have a man after the five week every two full weeks of being able prep with him to get him. Really really couple what they're gonna Google for the rest of the season. But I think they've had all week hunley was that they're out of off day. With McCarthy gold over game plan negated or to build them more than they probably did in the past which is good. Now the play calling that's different that's still getting comfortable with bowl. Bolt to each other throughout the course the gay men who likes to do what in certain situations in the game that's. Going to be there at the chemistry and in building that report. As the season goes along. But I think he's got enough offensive weapons and while the saints duplex and they go along get hole. Just gotta feeling Bakhtiar blogger places are going through well. And a double play well we'll see because if they don't play with it yet. Good he could be out for the year just like Aaron Rodgers and they've all the play is they don't have anybody that can protect. Us via. Be without brittle the anxiety out cards he realizes that I think everybody does and he knows he has to have at least one of the tackles that apple but he needs at least one of about. So you're confident that aired right that. Brett probably will have at least a touchdown passes yup and Sunday's game against the saints. But. That's with the condition that they're blocking for him. Obviously right ridiculous ready quarterback Bakhtiar it's like a plate to for sure. What are you confident concerned and curious about when the Packers take on the saints and they 7991250. Is a great essay. We almost never says when it comes to Mike McCarthy is game plan. I'm confident that Mike McCarthy Gordon tried to establish the run early on in this game dares you to try and beat those running backs and give the states. Something to think about and if the saints up so now's the plan for. Rather than just planning on I'm trying to beat Brett humbly Albany gonna try I think to get aired Jones at time Montgomery established early on in and at least have the saints thinking. About the running at that respecting the Packers run game. As as the game with the law. We are great gains. To see that if Eric jones' surviving. We're nearby I think it is. Kurt you're right that's what have to happen got to have a ground game. In order to slowdown are passwords so here's what you are looking for army in this game if you're new launches felon now strings and draw quality law. Right that and that's it that blessing it was to drop like your especially at all. You gotta slow him down they're gonna rub those blitzes are and there are going to be sending you know the house after at our bread Tom later get behind the defense or front row some of those screens of those draws sharp and give them oh just another something to write about art is right now you gotta think they have their ears pinned back. And they're gonna trap throw everything they can aren't currently at our level at a tournament. With you what they can do authored two days ago run it through out there they're not to me they're not as dynamic but so. No I can go right close but but they do a lot of stuff. Where is probably you know partly on his game that you can if you. Because replica of the traumatic he the one or two. He's on the list. Those 10. Well that's what he was in college we don't know what is it broke what in college he's on the list view at those issues he given a first drop it. Which which leads to leave when a guy's door and and there recently from Third World for a member wouldn't. Going into his into his last year at UCLA. There was Heisman talk around radical element I think it was the Heisman favorites Erica that they don't see a couple oh yeah and yet and yet a couple bad games and never really delivered a lot people are expecting from in his eyes you're used to play but there was that type of buzz that Fahrenheit. Right around this guy and it'll be interesting to see what what Mike McCarthy has done in terms of molding him. And the last three years while he's been backing up their writers will be confident concerned and curious about when the Packers take on the saints Sunday 7991250. You get tweet us at 1057 FM the fan I'm confident. That Gary's going to kick back and have a meal fuel acute over the course this coming weekend. Yeah I think there will be in order in my misstate it. Yeah I had a problem last. Those last. Drama sorrow so. You're like me or your problems are all right Mario border okay our government brawler in order to level. I went down breeze one monsters. Aren't garage. And keep that thing full well new view and one and a woman who lived there. That new few days like beer. But where. Alcohol by volume. Is pretty great calls wrong wrong and I know I'm trying to do your work watch figure. That's a great thing about making your own beer is you can make your heart you wanna make it. Mean if you look at them make that light beer which one will be more wrong about volume make your own view you can control that. That I waited out. I outages due to my oh my good friends over at northern brewer may help me show me how to do the right in the brocade is there. And they got the group kitchen right there. You can do in note in those classes every charity for free jazz coach or your friends got to know him or locate or Hollywood aren't agreeing. Where Gary is the matter is that Trent Lott speaker there what do our listeners don't and name and you right now he I think we've we've watched this before. Here on the show that the state should. I mean a YouTube video gears appears on the fourth straight show. Back in the day if you're at. With an. You were a lot it. I watch the clip but even there. You talking about watch your weight and get an injury right before the Packers. Are they aren't able to work out. You're talking about getting down to the right way he's that you want to be around content that's there lately at all. I'll real life. I. That played all right are you normally sure yeah my last week and throughout the ghost during the Prague. A big bag. In short they have me like that Hayward report card. Entry. There. I'm it would be go to over it's all right here were the that it would be. They aren't that it is a shoe yeah worst part is. I thought you got through what is. And I putted up to. Our favorite places of beds FaceBook page that grew at a three edited out like I tagged you are pattern other Iran and Solder. Your Odyssey young Gary dollars in fresh out of Wisconsin. It's rookie year appearing. On the the fourth drank a soft spoken young men with Gary Miller yards yeah. That's our which sparked Margaret cable router where paired. I. Think one year I don't like that lives here. Right definitely right up reduced net. Right booed brought it forward right hope. You'll might or. Stuff anybody wants to see that video. They've both got jobs let one of 57 FM the fan or follow me on Twitter at Robby is tweeting a young soft spoken Gary dollars and trying to stay at ten in his rookie year with the Green Bay Packers fresh out of Wisconsin right now woody can't. But it concerned and curious about when the Packers take on the saint Sunday's 7991250. Three deaths at 1057 at them the better to stop out out and say however right outside the Bradley Center out of the box home opener tonight. At the Harley-Davidson entrance at fourth and state. And we're back right after this on the. And so a lot of little autos instrument and it was a Smart dude and he's he's he's really Smart and so this is nothing that we had to slow down and being formed just kind of figuring out what makes the most comfortable back there and South America throughout the week. Installments. Development and that's and we will be just kind of hidden in will be like you know what we government. There's Packers wide receiver Dovonte Adams. This is the Wendy's big show on a green Pickens a few here Wear department thought their IDF. We're concerned is that sent the game plan is what it is really do what we do. Aware when asked all things fair we like here we are accurate things are we don't know what you do every week based on the opponent. I I take it in occur a couple of different ways aka. Install the things that we know that we like for Hartley rising to your roots everything that we know they we can do right. So it's semantics really semantics. When he talked about dumbing down the playbook right they're not necessarily enough to die down there it is tailoring it right to him hotly. They may be added more plate that maybe George W never seen Rogers do right you know. Because it's workaholic. It's Tuesday so. Yet you know war at New Orleans your permanent on no I mean really that the Packers got to have the operative. In. Really if you're trying to scout now. For example if you look at some teams in college who look at more. Are relevant to report something like this where is right. Something. Will run in the something go wrong you know poster art for majors. So you're you get a good feel. You don't really have occurred right now we're the Packers want to do what are now. McCartney have a plane and overall play and on there's much doubt as to what we do not running. There'd be some base today but often there. Don't know what I'm electoral. That's the Wendy's big show live from just outside the Bradley center at the Harley-Davidson entrance fourth and state. And asking you which are confident concerned and curious about. When the Packers take on the saints this Sunday 7991250. Can also tweet us at 1057 FM the fan let's get it calls out green dale and Tony Tony you're on the Wendy's big show what's up buddy. Again. What the company got two comments here I I love is confident. Are almost wasn't a little bit earlier bill Mike golden key also like yet. He'd like B hip hop should be a little more cautious and so should McCarty. Well what they're saying like currently set I don't care what people think colonel Carol you know we're gonna do our thing and I do like get spiritual competence. In his job the Eagles playbook. And you know quote on the field do it like that appear they're preparing for the sole life. Well that's why I'm broke confident debt. That they could win some games with him you know Khamenei we're just gonna have to see one other thing I like to say is. I really like Joan. And I'd like to see him in the air or not too because I've. I've never seen up acrobatic years they can like get around and light peak and it has been at it quickness. We haven't had it for a long time. And I really like I like him to win. I think it's going to be a great book game and you know thanks. For the call. The aspect where Rodgers could really help. He's probably right now if he's in pain hospital then they went out picture from the consulate that surgery. What has it right to keep it really help Brad on the outside the obvious football aspect is due and all the other crap that comes along with this position. Is Rogers is the one behind a hall of Famer Brett Favre that was a lot by the fan base. And nobody thought anybody would ever be as good as Brett Favre dot not right. I Gary. Huntley Tibet situation tighter Rogers where nobody's giving him a chance if he's got Aaron Rodgers they're ready to give up on the seat because. There are guys and they're just like they would would Brentwood a lot of it was coming or something like that. Erica I think it helped him deal with it the mental side of things and how to approach it publicly maybe Barrett then. Anybody else dad because he's flipped through it himself. Sole goal is throw them all. On my. I was actually with a couple people last night that said they should trade and now they gag if you fall awful. Season Scott brought back and watch what packer football anymore as Rogers is out. To divert the closets in the last night that they've brought we're gonna watch much football anymore is adamantly any. And regulatory apparatus on I've done do you have a budget people right now that make their season's over if there is no wire rod back. While I agree that there backboard suitable. That is not me to take it to the playoffs it would correct. I guess they have to be healthy ordered it do that I still think they can get there and was tried to tell all these people last night. First of all he doesn't get. Wrapped really during the week so now can we get wrapped all week he has been a part of game plan at all year obviously apart game plan. What it really didn't know. It else on this week you really get a better idea of policy mr. a look at how good he might be that first game after the bye. And that these next few games he looks awful and this op that's what's all screwed up. That I would say okay. Maybe cause for concern that this may be dull a long gold thing if it's still a struggle after the bye we kept they have two weeks to beating the other trying to figure this thing now. About it about bottom right to say that I could because conferred concern from ads I thought that's all right Google based on what they just on the public. Three fifths of the profits of forgot. The gifts are very good vikings defense and all you're making excuses well maybe I am I'm just argue. What I know. Those are the facts of the situation. I don't. Think he. Bill Garrett who locker room much here here. About what we think are ya that group hug if yeah and I I've been listening to them. The message. We Girardeau Mo wells that we had last week your divorce law would go mark. That you Borg were. He was saying that this. We that some of the mark. Don't count out. All our goals where you're you're a year ago we go play like that and I heard hardly say some stuff similar to my car. McCarthy witch don't you know pretty. Got a great job. The off mobiles circling the wagons or know what hit his players to believe it worked. We are what you are we done we've seen that come marble raptors go that's. But as it does a great job would give those guys to buy it and impairment him. Are really comfortable with the best that day of that week and I think almost audience out that they must hear well what we. I got a tweet here from Chris Klein a few too it's actually says. I'm confident Rodgers won't get hurt this Sunday. Cue the laugh track and he says I'm curious if and hope. Probably will be able to call audible to adjusted defense of pressure. That he will face Chris says he would allow him for all doubles per drive Gary is there today. Do they limit the audible when you have a first time starter there. I really don't know me at all levels arm if you have to I mean at today's at a value almost have to get your quarterback and they freedom I think. I don't know if you live all of I think. So what you what you do Rummy you go where. You have a game plan. You'll say. Are. We can run this play your game no matter what do you figure that blocked supplements do. Or McCartney could see in his ear of Rutgers played no matter what the truth that you were right. A lot I don't know he says you can only have to laudable three audible for order. I don't think those type of thing go go on but I think what does go Y know what does go on. It is if you. Prisoners from Europe were a couple quarterback. Out today run right now. Eddie lacy. To me if you've had lately. Is one of those guys where you're probably happening corrupt court. It's a no matter what do you visit Cuba we got to run regulates the honestly I think we. See that happening Green Bay in prime help the anyway I've got video lately he's got a gay. It's over touch is an old war world war reduced to make it work. I don't know. If joneses that got a we're gonna from a temperature. On Sunday when he's confident concerned and curious about in the. And sent it. Appeared just ran our answers that were eight. And it tonight's opener between them and the game and it's so again not an attic jumpstart outlawed here for Harley-Davidson. You can attempt to jump or Carly if he wants it that they're birdie birdie intimidating now got sick for small. That both are pretty intimidate me but he says that what they got all role doctor that they try to knock them out there. The secret to. It. Well. You're gonna fall report. He's got bad a bad shoulder and got us out I don't know. Yeah I remote part of our. You're a much better shape and they'll. Started part played super replace Rocco is OK okay marketers. Yeah and right don't it would go it they have threads or that we cannot negate it's out. Whether it's gotta talk for maybe negate this week Errol buddy Kevin Ortiz who were with us that top this week it's there yup and you've got a bunch of people aged out at like you went up a deal to garden and park place I'm not a great time. But it's also. It's also a great place for this is bigger boats or acts that bet they're banquet facilities art top notch above the best. Why let's say at the anniversary party. Business argue lot of run the route they're gigantic Unocal dealt with any the mean neat plot there award winning cab rides out hours in the park restaurant. Happy are Monday through Friday. From 3 until 6 o'clock and ever football game Thursday Sunday and Monday 75 cent wings three dollar caps. And a six dollar body and it's Friday got there all you can eat fish fry. And then on Saturday's. Deputy prime rate and it's all crap. And it Sunday supper is back there all that style options fourteen dollars per person there. But rather new Bart northern pot regards beer bar and other outdoor patio that's good diplomat that. They Hildegard of Barclays minutes from now meatballs. In the Twin Towers that are all booked your room try out the restaurant bar. You. Are huge Charlie yeah he's got. He's got he's got what those three real please let me echo your strikes strikes yet he's got right. It could pitch well now he's got he's got it right. Right yeah I hope you're all right. Correct and I started seeing more and more strikes I don't like if it's in that those spikes are so heavy it's hard to keep up. And you start striking it'll. You'll. York. Way anyways so that. That motorcycle over their met after the ideological over the tried Joseph Biden again go like that man lack. Of them. Outage up all sort all three are just what in the ropes it's accurate here. The and that's the thing actor. Optical look about at about. The bottom. Never thought. That went on the no. If the saints the right of course if you have the country as he's right now. I think that's molded them motorcycles. I don't let us all I don't I don't I don't think it looks rental. Let's look at that it looks weird urge all voters it's I mean man that's it's weird. They had like five. They didn't like Gary got makes all the luck. That's right south. Records to be a big drew. People off. It. I've accuracy off right yeah yeah it through the air flow here. The road record there at the end. Of my element. Rest right now report orders for which it considered it done out there with the Packers take on the states that they said it will be between 1057. In the fan it's almost play up that high school football like we hear about that it 48. Or your cult the Packers this Wendy's big joke that's the owners rent. I don't feel like we've anybody over. Opinions on the outside don't matter. So we're not really worried about it you know worried applicable were to win game so. I'm sure they're their opinion won't Curtis thinks of himself on Sunday. As Packers cornerback Brent hotly. Well be under center this Sunday with a Packers take out Hussein for their routers injured having surgery on that broken collar vote yesterday this is the Wendy's big show. Live out here outside the people here's Bradley center at the Harley-Davidson entrance for the state. Stop by about saying I am running back off a lot went. Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the former Packard badger running back Gary Ehlers and asking which are confident concerned and curious about. In this game on Sunday 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan get to our concerns in just wants aquifers let's get in fill in Philly you're on the Wendy's big show what's up bill. The burger. Much. So. Look up I'm content. Rule. Rush for a IDR that you memory. Channel refer your general. I'm Cherie yeah. And it's gonna play that you can against Maria Conchita that world news. A couple of interceptions spoke with they had they had a couple plays. Not OG&E O as being forced stops that we may need you know five that this game. And in particular model at least one. And I am. Concerned about inherently involve oh I'm hoping that he did it. Charitable or at all. I don't know in the big east or allow our specialists. Hey I'm content that will win the game because it's the New England defense. Which is ranked 32 leak. You can hold true you know they went into more than one game we can definitely. Where. Thanks for the call appreciate the Jeep which we have a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers. And your defense of coordinator you call a game a certain way because you know you have the best player in the world regard on the other side of the ball can make up for some mistakes you take more risks or less risks. If you're Don capers and now you don't have Aaron Rodgers to sort of cover up some of the laws. And throw for the most part. Of Dom Capers career he's had. Brett Favre are partners in this team was built around those two got. Is that the defense kind of work off the office there that. That Dom Capers defense where it was good because of rotten because Brett Farr because kickers score a lot of points. Played in Dom Capers live starts scheming you sort of some exotic blitzes being its Olympics. Now you're gonna ask in his defense maybe to be to lead and they've never been the lead. Since since papers written. When he gets concerned about marquis he's. I'm concerned about their running game. Currencies outside increases quarterback covered up the running game but. Back to matter it's bigger become our that they've been honorable here lately since they ever Adrian Peterson eager to Alec over shouldering ordered being able to get to rip them. A lot tackle Armstead is back and he's helped out what's on the line a lot and run blocking besides pass blocking. That's where my concern is you know you're gonna try to run as actual fact it's these guys. Our you can be able to hold agreement Jack because of anger get stolen. That's an open up the passing game and that's created more problems optimist packers' secondary that's trying to get healthy. Right now so for me you can't having a glob there rushed for one point 5150 if that happens your immune a lot of. For me the concern is that is coming from you guys the way you've been talked about the last couple days. The concern would be Brad Utley turn of that football over and under that you can afford to have him be an a a gunslinger. Out there on Sunday game because you don't have the wiggle room that you do. When you have an Aaron Rodgers and in part the wiggle room where they're Robby is he's not gonna turn the ball over and I think Mike McCarthy's offense. Is predicated op that I'm I'm protecting the football not turning it over here and you would Sparky talk about the. That way yet to be fair. I don't know what your definition of gunslinger is Gary when he says guts like my definition gunslinger and you look at the situation. Seats you guys. Know what they are you think you could fit between those two you're I don't think that's brutal. I building readily concede the situation. I think that would rattle its troubled those interceptions go back to a garrison had a robbery defense case may be. I don't think Utley struck off the opposite when he throws the mistakes. His accuracy is in the best in the world and I think he still has problems try to figure out the that's they're being played against I think that's where he wanted to drop. And I ignored it that you were scuffling but that's that's kind of how I view Jay Cutler sought out get out there are strict he could throw it brought by taught. Thought he could roll it right. I don't that's searching that's right. Either way I don't think they can afford to the great turn the ball over here and you guys talk about the last couple of days it's not like he's prone to turning the ball over and if if through turnovers in the game's over and my eyes of the Packers threw the ball over twice they won't beat the saints on Sunday so Brett Utley asked to be very careful. With a foot tall when they take on the saint Gary what's your concern going to urge you. Your third JaJuan there's that secondary. Senator I played better when they're from groups are part of the air flow one played them we view it is. He's on the guy who's on the sideline I think he was considered. If can he was on the guy. It is not a prepared for his call for shoppers stop the racket ball right. That's not bad there aren't that good here they have absolutely zero confidence right now you know they have no properties. In a secondary that because you know what they gonna do you know you know north or perform well regret the doctor. They've been sort of particular unit before it got to give them. Which they they've got a plate bearing their properties right now. Is the fruit that not have any confidence at all that. Where you're they do you go. You know but still want to give him the rookie right ever seen it like it before right exactly you re pricing won't be. The office all this for him is relatively new and so. Concern about the backing it I mean date they greet through a fifty times to the right army increment Kumar has been hot if you're right they can do whatever they wanna do. But I think they know. The way to attack the defense is really is in this sector and I think they go. We'll save what we're curious about for optical aid at 5 o'clock let's quick get in might department. Before the before we had a break what's up Mike. Hi guys how to go quick thank you for you you guys were turned me on the young expressed some Abbott agreed I'm making good money. I saw. I think currently go to Paula Colin cap or nick on these guys. I think they're not gonna know what to do with him they're gonna they're really gonna pull him off guard he's a good. Good pocket passer is the better pocket passer than cap Burnett I just don't think they're gonna have an answer form I think he's gonna gain a lot of yards. As long and hard our offensive linemen can help him a little bit I think I think you both surprised a lot of people want to take two or three weeks. Just like it took everybody figured out tempered it I ain't gonna take two or three weeks for people figure on Leno would need to think about that. Appreciate it adult and that that meant but this isn't that we suck your happening he did not like there but he got an Afro. We're though like your particular surprise some people like you said I think you know that's been a question you move the park. I mean you move part of these athletic the mean I'll think he's that athletic affairs arising here Raj is better. Pocket pairs have obviously but I think you gonna have a few more rug because he is out again because shoppers greater Internet. Again we'll tell you what were curious about this game a win over the park there were two dorm room. We bring this back rounded Great Lakes dragway pick a lane to open up. At 5 o'clock it's high school football playoffs I'm notes that it's not some high school football. That are big and might get hurt after a short break route here that's that's not be partners Bradley's and partly it's pitchers work the state. And back right after this portrait Watson and the yes it's a Pickens at football Friday here on the land is great show live outside the V owners Bradley Center Sparky correct immediately went to the last Rick written Northwestern Mutual. Entrance at the Harley-Davidson display right re coming trying to jumpstart when these beautiful. It's the machinery that they have out here at the Harley-Davidson display out running back off along with Steve Sparky piper in the former Packard badger running back. Gary Ehlers and as big boys guys that we have all levels of football covered Korea. Not a football Friday including high school football that means our guys who it senator Mike big time we gamer we hear tonight on the Wendy's breast it would scoreboard show. Join this right now what's up big time use afternoon. Bryant he Rami I'm actually you'd be at a game there's admiral hockey night. So I know it's right on this are that Soledad it forces haven't you I hope I hope while Ron Davies is in with C New Zealand have shown up and you can call and ask you know what's going out with this hockey thing that nuclear. You know last night. Art and had I hitting lots and so we're at this place getting getting lessons at there was a couple kids where racy or which shirts. Oddly Heyman your football team and like yup if the market tomorrow can't wait. Bruce Ehrlich really is this story probably this year southeast Wisconsin right. Yeah I would agree I would diet I don't think I saw that come out to many people did maybe the guys out there orally that. But for them that to beat Oak Creek in NP Franklin. And win that conference outright and and still be undefeated. If it's not these stories certainly within that conversation. But were you surprised that walkers are aware of got to concede that they don't grow got that once you go there and in with the division. Yet division chief yeah I was actually really surprised to be honest with yet and I can tell you from target as the people that were in that CD meeting. The guys in the in the southern lakes conference. Kind of set this thing. Where burly intent will mine burly ten and water for all kind of hung together. And he wanted to stay away from having to play. Germantown and walk Sho west so they said Germantown up is the seventh. To play a walk show Weston may walk show west the two. And to be honest with you look in years ago when they started the CD meetings I've said this on the air a couple of times Joseph cook was my. Co host he said look we're football coaches were not like you when you pass while coach where this is ever really get political. And he got out of his first football CD meeting economies since man we're just like you guys. So it Burlington Waterford. And won't mind. Had three votes in that in net seeding meeting. And they set it up that Germantown was simply walk show west's net they made sure walks Sho west is on the bottom and they were on the top so closure. You call it it sure I call it political stuff but you can say collusion you bet. Pharmaceutical. Plays all recurring. Drama FICO. Yeah I know little about Beverly Hills country at all this year no and I've been actually both teams have disappointed me at times this year. Be honest who TI thought that Oak Creek. Had it she instituted to possibly win that conference home but I thought they would probably take second behind Franklin. Side I I have received handicap that conference all wrong with SeaWorld win it and and then mosquito as you know Kyrie you know came out and put a running clock and arrow had on the thirsty that late game and then have stumbled there told a couple of times. And so I I I would think was eagle probably gets that one and then it's institute to play receive world. You know what you talk about high school football where rat right now it and this weekend. Is there a better weekend of all football throughout the course of the year than this week it right here. I think there is actually spark at the next weekend or even level three you know wait when you booklet guy my brother Tim was flying in from Florida. And really go see a high school football game tonight whatever you got it well you know I'd I'd I'd pencil couple and one was the Oak Creek miscue your game. One was the badger canosa brat for argument that that be competitive. And to be honest with you and you're gonna laugh at me but we're gonna go see university school in green Gil Martin Luther. And I think I don't lack it to your basketball coach there that clip you know what it's invade my university school of beat green Gil Martin Luther. Once in the regular season and knocked them out of the playoffs last year and well in both keys really competitive. I yen level for a division four game. It it's hard to find what you think you're gonna be competitive games I think the level one or division the you know level one but what you eat to level two and three. Man I I don't know if there's better weekends in that sparked. Our Hitler with three grow quicker cattle when. Memorial would be awarded Mets know where my. It's in the date they play at home against east Troy. And they got to choose seed Eisenhower got the one seat. Or awhile so if everything goes you know as planned. You're see dead that that's again that a lot of people Avastin by you know white fish speak at the words are powerful corporate agriculture market kids care I saw them up close and parcel of our last game now they played wit at all. And I don't know whit goes on that the I think that the side of do you the with a conference it's that nearly as good but Eisenhower looked loaded. Load it. Top to bottom that speeds in size really good athletes all over the field. It'd be interesting to see if that cap the memorial new bro and eyes and our team happens. It would be Friday November 3. In level three that would be a really good camp white fish day. You know even though they lost Hartford still got the one seed and there on the bottom half of it. So they've got to get past more Q Lutheran and that probably. Plymouth the liberal and west I think that's a tossup in on the bottom side you probably look at Nick Green Gil. Coming out of that site think that bracket is is the bracket I would wanna via. Where what city schools. That there it looked like they could be good they can make from north in this tournament. Obama you know I think out of all of them probably gave you would be the one I would keep my eye on I think Greenfield is probably looking past the arguable that. But I saw a preview and they've got some athletes on the feel like I talk to their coach last night. They can that be viewed team that. Man if if if you you know let them run a bull but they're gonna run wild. I think Greenfield probably has too much form just in ensuring numbers but to be interest is CPU can can win this game and then they'd play up Brooks central and level to. That may not scoreboard showed today but your obviously man on these airwaves throughout the week it worked in the area. No doubt to moral. You Ford are placed form of the youth sports showed pretty interest he showed Julie Chu my take. From furlough and former Green Bay packer William Henderson. Are going to be united we're gonna talk about youth sports and we talk about how important sleep this. Tom Williams can begin next weekend for event at Edinburgh store we're gonna promote that. But it Julie brings a lot of really good information and if you wanna be a solid student athlete. You know sleepers really important so Julie opiate for that. The varsity athletes coaches show from ten to twelve Ryan McMillan and I will be talking to coaches that win tonight. And we'll talk about their level to match ups so feud really like coach speak. Meant to more shall from ten in news which which you need to edit these guys are all lot of coats we could be going on that that show. And had faith in zone. For the first time ever run we were talking about a rodeo ministry. Why rodeo. Rodeo ministry got Christian rodeo ministry called western days that for each other right. No but they did they have vol altar calls during the you know during the right after the bull riding stuff and you don't altar calls what do you product so that what they'll do is they'll do some bull riding then they'll goods that get up and they'll talk a little bit about their faith to give their testimony. And they'll invite people come by the stands it. If they wanna come down and talk about their testimony they wanna watt except g.'s Chrysler personal savior so it's an altar call. And yet these guys been doing this for a number of years. And it's really effective it's only it's in Michigan Indiana right now. But when I talked to Brian solely said look we got her eye and Milwaukee Ruth come to more acute this thing so. You know I I attractive professional. Fisherman I've talked to boxers. I've toxic golf and hockey and I've never talked to anybody about a rodeo self. Should be interest in eighty emanate PM Sunday eight feet in the zone. Out of it a lot of guys getting bucked the route on both balls are probably calling for god or Jesus Christ in the and I'll cut off. I make that's great to have it all adds up I would you know what it adds upload I would assume that's true really quickly. Reports are working here at an inner come I worked for a independent sports marketing company. And we put out of professional rodeo at state fair park. And there's an eighteen year old kid that got he got knocked out cold he's got to pull the ball hit him knocked out cold ambulance came. Put him back in the ambulance in in in to aid started driving I steeper part. And he came to when he got himself lose sneak when they got to the stop sign he jumped down started running mates who were you going. He said damn fine ever have got to roping contest and I meant your fifty minutes so these boys are by his tough mistake yet I'd still be in the hospital Ronnie. That's a pair that's picked up Mike we've given our high school it's better here throughout the weekend. Right here I mean there way to express it lets coaches show faith in the zone. And he joins us every football Friday here at Wendy's they and I'll appreciate it makes you bet that don't forget the marquee Neary show for me tonight. Yes or Milwaukee there ratio from eight to nine home improvement that's might might real passion. Points with bit of home improvement yes that's terrible but your friends are rejected a contract you eight cents. And to look at it Ella no job with two smaller they can do all the beautiful win to move upward toward movements fighting. If you look for a new roof you execute to our bank has a review to remodel here it's a kitchen. Bad wrong. Building outdoor or submit ideas but don't know crypt where you go to Erica is up over Eric JJ contractors and rocket ship before note job with. Ball as they can you would be out here outside of the Veba is Bradley center at the Northwestern Mutual interest threat by the Harley-Davidson display. And get into this game. Up and up after a short break. Sparky is its right to beat with the air. It has made Gary tournament both the the audience the border over you got to meet with the boat over in Milwaukee you have that's that's not really terrific show right after the.