2PM: Cubs got Yu, what does that mean for the Crew?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, February 12th
Gary, Leroy, Ramie and Sparky discuss Yu Darvish's contract with the Cubs and ask if you're buying into the new look Cleveland Cavaliers. 

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I'll wind speeds marquee fight very nurtured former Packers Gary Ellison LeRoy Butler might clemens'. It's on the other side of the glass with the yet to be named in turn. We got lots to get to if you between now and 6 o'clock lots here on a lot to get you what these votes between now and six rigging gone now. Now that is not correct English as a Bonner we have quite a bit to get to if you retreat now and 6 o'clock here. And we're gonna be all over the map really try to hit out all the major story on the world of sports. We're gonna look at these new look cabs and are you buying them that's coming up a little bit later on here in the 2 o'clock guard we have some to worry about when it comes to Jabari Parker that's coming up. In the 3 o'clock armor and and it hit the Yu Darvish signing from every angle that we can hit the Yu Darvish signing from starting with just asking what was your reaction to the cubs. Signing Yu Darvish yesterday 4147991250. Ian tweet us at 1057 FM the fan as a brewers fan. What was your reaction to your division rival. And your main competition in the division. Signing the top free agent pitcher on the market the 31 year old sons a six year 126. Million dollar deal to go to the cubs. There is an opt out clause included in the contract and performance clauses. Can push a deal up to 150. Million dollars Ken Rosenthal. Of the athletic the first to report. Sparky what was your reaction when you first heard that the cubs sent what do you mean now on. My reaction to the cubs. As a cubs red or my reactionary and what I would look Howell I actually a plus one because you and I were all commenting and I texted. Britain Larry I what we we phrase refers we'll face times we face cuts. For expert and know we face time. From buy food I've found there is confused about the difference between FaceBook and live on the space on my. On I I elements are not as good as but these are our exchange survive thumb as a cubs fan I like the move I don't love it. It will probably be a bad deal I'm on the back end of it the last two or three years but. If he helps keep that in contention for a World Series for the first three or four years of the deal than it was worth it to over pay and overpaying it's a luxury. That the cubs do have that not every market and that the brewers. Don't necessarily have because there's a bigger margin for error when you have a larger potential payroll as if the Yu Darvish thing goes bad. The can make up for a by going in signing somebody else or trading for somebody else so as a cubs fan I like it I don't love it I said all along a what are rather head Jake Gary had a but I'm happy that we got a front line starter to add to an already good rotation you saw the report the day approached area yes. One area so I don't know exactly understand Reza report quickly so it's and you didn't read it not that thoroughly now. Earlier military and exhibits of the sort from a given dollars areas are cool on that and Ressa thanks. It is very edit they seized in more than Yu Darvish he has got to be kidding himself. It's six of one point five wasn't good enough for Ariana or should I say Scott Boras then he's gonna be still sitting there with the seasonal. If he thinks always hear him more than that there's is not a lot of teams out there right now wanna pay that type of cash. Mujica idol was one album OK fine. Now you add the whole deal of the brewers the according the report five and a hundred. That's that's typical stuff there that's what the owner of that team has done he gave the exact same offer or close to the same offer to sabathia at the fielder. We don't ask us lists we've. This is thought we would like to Munich conversation of flooding are canceled that we are involved that you know yes we're gonna make a pitching try. Try in parentheses. Trot I ate. But we know we're not getting bumped but won't get the fan base can brilliant more PR stempel has. Thought it took a lot of sticker because I know what the deal what they offer lots of apple went all that we knew. From the beginning was they may not offer that's all we knew we know how much or as for how long awards for what the deal was nothing so everybody buys NC okay the brewers are brilliant play on this thing and and you see what it was you know like I'll well. That's that's typical mark offer which is why I hate it still more lock you up to realize the market size your ring you can't expect to. Make some type of dodger ask offer. It may be able to get in on these guys you're older market comes back Q and you. Can get him for the of the the price that you ask for. But in wanna pay that did six years on earnings 15 or whatever the heck it was 123 wood. Escalators or any LC can make up our 150 million dollars. Now opt out past eight at Busch in the burst respect that he may have opted out after two years now and then like Milwaukee won back on the open market so Brett the burst and got away with it from that aspect aghast. If you wanted to get out. On casino wanna be your anyhow nor Minnesota according to all reports. I'd. Do what they that it does do is that it puts them the brewers farther behind this division and Al instead of being. One good pitcher away from the clubs now you're too good pitchers away from the cubs. Instead of being yield to good pitchers away from winning the NL I think now the cubs have to be looked at as a favored in the NL they sat audio I don't know about everybody else in baseball but. For me out in the cubs now are affair for the NL and it's not only do you have to contend for the the division the best team in the NL is also routine you have to compete way. The thing that makes the deal little bit easier to swallow for me because I've said all along I didn't want the cubs to sign Darvish or area at a to a six year jail because they are in their early 31 approaching 32 years old both IQ just that's our job but the ego the the amount of money. That he's he's gonna get unless he hits all the incentives and if it's all the incentives and it was worth it and I'm assuming right but the amount of money in terms of the annual average salary. Was less than I thought you'd have to pay to get Darvish or get a that's some sixty years a little bit easier to swallow the masses I thought it would be at least 25 million this is an average of 21 million year yet and some aren't. This popular mind and it. Okay we're at one of the worst deals ever in Jason Heyward because ya wanna worlds yes. If this dude sucks. The last three years of his deal what you went worlds are totally worth it. Oh absolutely wanted to do it because your he had won one. I mean I was mean the same feeling. This time with this guy and that's essentially what else telling you we're talking about the birds signing Yu Darvish because you Sparky were saying that Arizona a World Series and I know but adding to adding Darvish and another Frontline starter you said you thought would make them the favorites the favorites to win the National League go to the World Series along if you think it makes you that good. That you're gonna at least go to if not win a World Series in the next few Myers. To grind it out right at the you have one of the parts in house or if you had gone on Sunday Darvish. Then that it was worth it if you think it makes it that good that it that it was worth it overpaid because. That's the way the market works especially. For Frontline starting pitchers you overpay because you think that they put you over the top in terms of giving your chance but he join at all and. In the grand scheme of things here and I I read this earlier they have the cubs between Hayward. Yu Darvish. And Lester 345. Million dollars committed between three players gone forward and stinky stuff. I. And if he wobbled baseball apple luxury tax our place all this fall install and it's coming in to play this offseason with the orders wanna pay as you luxury tax. It's still our main. You look at it this is not this is a tough deal here. To talk deal any which way you look at it and if you're the brewers. Do you just say OK well maybe you'll do it through trade then maybe we're rocketed to go through free agency in order to get this done. Because if the numbers are similar for Lynn. As they are to say OK so if he gets what 21 million you said over six yes. 21 many are receding grassland six years now. So what's he again. For a little. I've at gap pride about eight by about twenty million year. I would think. Actually no maybe less because Jake Gary at I think is the next domino to fall is the next biggest prize on the tree on our zone. He's probably gonna end up at about twenty million year however many years he ends up agreed to I'm guessing you'll find a five year deal somewhere. For about twenty million dollars here's Sonny go down the latter even further land got a yankees don't want this thing has Dartmouth you can't might want it but he's not gonna get it because we didn't think divers were I in his eyes as I disagree with this notion you never know and I found a unanimous the unanimous opinion seemed to be that Yu Darvish was the top prize on the market for a I had to take Gary and I would rather head. But all all indications are that the top prize on the free agent market as far as pitchers go with you garbage so I think. General managers are smarter now than they used to be and it's a lot harder for Scott Boris two walked in room. And drop down a binder full numbers and say here is what Mike that's worth because they have their own budget binder full of numbers they don't know here's. Which it's worth the general managers have all Scott Boras is formulas and then some down so it's a little bit harder for him. At the negotiating table. That he used to be so I think Jake Gary had a probably gets about twenty million year by around five years and then Lance Lynn falls in behind him are probably eighteen million a year for around four years. And you'll see all the dominoes start to fall now that the U think you would think. That the market is is in motion with the signing of Yu Darvish that other dominoes start to fall but that's where is gonna cost if you want the brewers. To go out into free agency. I don't I'm Andrew get one of those guys I'm I'm I'm a bruised loading because the Yankees to do it all time. The sort of the Dodgers got big market is a lot of money. It is go by a lot of players and I don't know if he equate to championships but it I don't mind doing I don't mean and there's got to be don't. Mean Disco they got to get used you don't you don't give up used to play. What was your reaction when he heard that the couple that you guys at all to a six year 126. Million dollar deal the thirty hands up in the air there goes the season. These sainthood they overpaid for a men it's gonna blow up in their face. Sparky said it's pride about you that it was about what you're expecting red and that he doesn't believe that the brewers offer. Was much and offered all to begin with 4147991252. Tweet us at 1057 FM the fan how you feel embers fans after top rival. Takes the top prize off the free agent market will be back right after this he get in at 4147991250. Lupe Fiasco kick push go to the part of well Sports Radio auto club 70 run the fan plan all the hits. The Wendy's big show I'm running Mac on what is this along with Steve Harley buyers are all new this. One that's coming to this rotation I didn't I don't I don't Friday when all of them there have been a lot of there's a lot of news on the right now started earlier last week yours aren't like my they're my last M Mondays are usually last week we had some new stuff in the rotation and irritable a classic rock for another is still not there's still some good stuff there's still some balls I'd like that you Russians think it's got pages and how long Newton based on brother on the old stuff is still emeritus mixed in some new stuff this is. I was asking wanna start that was Lupe Fiasco kick and that's not a bit I don't know I'm not as a tribute. The cause life out now and they fiasco is still alive. I'm not miss out on is alive and well doing 55 work what was your reaction to the cubs signing Yu Darvish for a white guy or seven dive that 1250 can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Sparky was not surprised and not buying that the brewers made a real legitimate offer to the top prize on the free agent market and says this puts a -- behind the eight ball in the division out about you 4147991250. Dan in Waukesha about that paid Dan dance on the Wendy's big show hey Dan. Ignited I'm glad you look at the only actor 50 I've been around. I don't want to have somebody but it would behind it might be like hold you back out there. No real intention but that you thought they wanted and what are we welfare but that one didn't call you want all of you forgot who you're well. Now ahead now that you you'd. Think the I love your brother that. I disagree it. The market we all agreed to a market where did not what we thought their battles waving. So the brewer stepped up there would does he see money and see what. Our CNET that they take it and say no we do it. He's not I don't know what exactly what it. You. I ought to god we don't teams in these conversations. Asked about at the funeral you know it's on and that's not and I may come in reducing a preview. The Packers. Yeah but you think is the backs Honolulu. The fan base light bank you know. Note all the way you cut if you give them that they'd go down on the you sound young themselves have been would decode our you know Zach but my thing is steep. Descent. Did like. Stars. Hit about go to with mark guys I have read now I'm doing. Am I gonna stop know. But I'll let you know that. We offer what we go off when not don't do certain things when I had a market sat and okay. We don't draw about three million people and what we hope 02 and a half million people. And we will compete we showed that last year we can compete. Will little will bit album on the million dollar pay zero accuse each they over 340. Million dollars. To me I think you were that it annual intention it is bright you have you weight behind me whatever you whatever you paid for every okay if you got a trophy around Ottawa yet you got your well. Monica rattled by it you make more money you know gare I don't see that all went out at you just gotta be you know. Let me start and you're name is there or course and what your reaction. When he heard about the cubs sighting of Yu Darvish 414799. Celtic you're treated sent 1057 a from the senate. While. Can you elaborate on that that was my room okay wow are a lot of money in a good way or bad way. While old Jews surprise wow. Lotta money and that's. That was a lot of money and then you start looking there. You know start thinking that baseball really isn't fair. Their baseball really and the like baseball like really meego. Salary cap which. Got a soft out there. In the because. Pretty much it can pay anybody they may want in the brewers are always going to be left out even if they made the customary the Prince Fielder offer or wherever it is you're never going to be in the game. Not not give our market experts like Chicago or New York. That is the yeah. They're never going to they're gonna have to try to win. Basically by doing it with beer draft well. At the development. Mean that you're supplement some other stuff like. No the last month or so with the arm to pick of the wearing guy by. They long term in mixture is structure of southern amateur mistake and that. It's really tough small market teams. To really be competitive and compete. In Major League Baseball if EU's so call larger markets really want that player you have you can get that. The Internet. The playing field is a little bit more like a little bit more level than it's been in the past because you have the luxury tax. Which I think a 18090. Million dollars is a threshold for the luxury tax if they go over that. It's gonna cost you an arm it's gonna cost you almost double whatever contract he signed after that so. Teams like the Yankees and the Dodgers reportedly. Stayed out. On the Yu Darvish signing beta or the beating I should say no because any any contract that they would give him what to take them taking their over the luxury tax thresholds. With the cubs have working in their favor. And what works against the brewers since there in the division and as their primary competition. Is that the cubs. Hit and so many draft picks as far as position players around the field that they have a lot of guys performing at a high level. On rookie contracts right now that the big the only the only big money that the cubs have tied up is like Sparky pointed out before Lester and Hayward. And now add Darvish to the mix because they have all those other guys on rookie contracts this signing didn't take them over the luxury tax they can still. I know which are about to say they can still spend more than the burst yeah that's obvious that's the bottom line right. I'm priests to stop audits from X the instrument scenario where they hit with the win Don you know. It's quanta and Donny and into this then that would numbers you know you don't want them yes and would you say they when he got him over. The brewers a thousand money they're disappointed. Offer mourn a trade that had nothing to do it exactly right it is still doesn't matter. It will. What what occurs say they offer morning trade in the rules were willing to do that I mean I did not want their which studio. Derek that's where Jacob Zuma saying if you look at the brewers and ergo will remain are being a position all we don't want him disease and we can't be in a position. Because we know we have developed some employers are we well we can't just be given away players. So that that hurts him to as far as Europe talk about money meant for the year listen if strokes off for the cubs. The cubs quimica four if Rick go south for the brewers is a huge judgment for the term Milwaukee it was absent or hurt them way more. They're a tire rub every bit is just. To me ages will show me the plea of via all Major League Baseball is not equal so. The brewers are gonna have to do in a different way that they've got to judge ruled in in in pic of that they get. And they have that really have our own talent and they really have that group coaching at that trouble lay at a minor leagues which is stored on some of these. As necessary some dark it's empty I literally tweeted out. What was your reaction in the cubs Yu Darvish signing I put asp argue radio says brewers even farther behind now. I don't maybe mulls the mellow thing I've ever put out there in regards any quieter about as most obvious answer might well I'm not sure what response is again but whatever this is what it is distraught after. I gates. Jeff who says while shocking reaction. Did you how to watch Darvish in the World Series in horrible. The cubs just got suckered. Stearns Knowles door this year installs name right there took dervish is trending gallon. He'll make a move or two and a crew will make their run. And Jose president. Jeff Jeff if you're judging. Players on a sample size the smallest to post season starts but he just got out of the evaluation business also true what he also wasn't good in the policies and protections right now he's at a post she had problems but it has in general he has struggled and absolutely but if a guy. You know carries you to the post season and struggles then. In your mother pitchers to sort of see that area from Matthew went on then you I'm 50 for your who you're the fourth preachers. They got cantata laster Hendricks and they signed Tyler chat would from the Rockies this offseason and they have mightn't Mike Montgomery is enough to be a fourth or fifth starter handle on it. It easier for him for. Me I should see it that way but if if we had the bad outing. In film which uses its. Him be a better pitcher gonna come rotation because of hit it out army but in some rotation Uga had a protection. You can stop me wood four wood four game losing streak Euro a proper. You mean mr. Yoo then a big money in this beat for him now that course you're always a pleasure to have that kind of purge where you're at the. All we want honestly I think he might need these second or maybe even. The third best pitcher in that cubs rotation at this point this tribute aren't in town and anchor so would you people don't realize is there's even if this dude is a choke in the post season which he very well might get a bill that does. Didn't change the answered the question what does to us in order to make the playoffs you either have to be wild card or when the division what's records are. Asking you the question is the same question I just what was your reaction in the clubs you are resigning. I said the borrowers or your brother behind now. Doesn't it now is her daughter's pitchers on the regular season he shows Joseph he's been able to beat might be worse he did last year. Then it doesn't matter because you're losing what a bunch of games you are winning the division and not your ballot with a one dollar jeans are spot. So for me. To change anything if he sucks in the policies. Bamako fan's perspective I'd be nervous as far as. Economist guys pitch. Gains in the post season and win games in the post season if you failed policies and go make getting a heck a lot more difficult the CNET dot YouTube. To the World Series and one of the policies and pain that I when regular season games paying into an apple season but mob and sample. Which is what we're looking at work out how we gonna win this division how are you gonna go to the playoffs. This makes it more difficult based on what he does in the regular season. At the end of the day. I think if you don't think you one matter. Brewers hitting is so good out. To obscurity. Myth seven guys it when Enron fixed. So they are they can offset. This by hidden. Right now it's Jason Anderson. Zach Davies and Julie's shot scene Nelson and then it's either Woodruff guy Argo. Junior guerra suit or back of those forward you get to a adults. Those other three and what do you have running Chicago. As far as zero sergeant yes. You have while. Pick the name Brandon got and there are. Right now I guess it would be Darvish can Conor and I during its luster in childhood. And Mike Montgomery can Beers six starter candidate got name brand we got generic and we had the same thing well eureka and here we go I'll. They're my notes right out of my winter travel months it doesn't work the same way I imagine you are on I had to ask you question again you're all I got beat didn't you notice today. Yeah I just I can't all be read to you noted name that collapse somewhere as they know are happy to name L now thank you for what you thing. Did you say he got a brand you pay old faithful. They got the very. You get the same result of the news as a reader do you go to new scenes and penalties that result LaMont as you're colonel John chase as I was saying that your take days and as well we're. And I had about ever to come when no. Com lower paid top four starters in 2019. Assuming they keep Qatar. Will be great two and a half million which would be which will be more than eyes agrees started. And corrupt top four. Were you at 71 million more than what most raised rosters have caught up the raised some of the borrowers. And yeah I mean volatile. I stand there and honest and it brings you just talk about baseball in general war teams are spinning. Still a lot of dough in pitching. That don't we just about pitching tomorrow. The other thing we're just mean the rest are averaging which are tomorrow. Global call to. Four hours. It Chris. Is like its stars and panicky will continue decide the good deals in the possible but try to New York or were commit on the years. In its terms. Wheat for a. You had to note that account lean toward. Improvement. Of your roof Brando but. It just puts in perspective for me now an overture by. It puts in perspective. Really where you are a small marking on how are you have developed your team. David Stern is almost have to be jeans and what do you last year and try to. Keep it going in the year I mean you're you're just you're up against the new year. Jimmy every move you may. Every decision you made it is a business or if you look at some things at least in the bigger mark on his money. They don't know does have a little bit more. Whereas certainly on every single got a little. But Kansas City. And he has used you know you may you have vote. These teams I'd. It is also impacted at all is just talk versions hearted. It may be debate clause to me and one animals levels. Level. Well because you don't like societies. And on what you have from I get. It's like this guys is just tonight. When or guys levels you know is not only physically to me up against now was not level results that you declined and would not level because the more money but it has the money is Gilead argue. Volley ball in his primary use I go get a different. I'd give forget what can I get album by the Apollo probably presumably a gold animal that don't guarantee that it doesn't ride it really doesn't. Bloody sure now what does saying yeah. Saying that god one and you don't that the government general argued that it Ratliff got that as you well obviously it's that you do have more talent. That I accumulated birdies you were the more the more often and I'm going to Wear black eye on and I just want you can. You all parts. You have like dot. I nearly bowlers like I mean our guys love Butler is a eleven Robbie Mac claw back your verbal. Warning. Mean in government problem or yeah. You know that you. If but it never give what is it that is the reality values of the they're wired I had lied and I grew if you on the minds says you're. I hold up the IM ET let me finish I'm I'm good then I got every tee no win every year there okay it's been the American word upset yes. Right. Yeah I don't believe that Robert Iger. With them what you say about the mindset if you go in thinking you lost you already long ago and I never do that. Doug you right now I step out onto a football field and we're stretch ever get ready warm enough from doing this right here on you know in this yep what you and I look and I look around there's ten more to meet. Look across the field there's eleven of you like guys back on the bus. Oh yeah. It's not a good competitor and we know you're not gonna do whatever you get enough NFL player right there is maybe not as to out I think they can. That's just me and you don't can you name they can't make up there in the favor of the other again that's a betting since run arms and a belief system. That the broad and had them as talent but they outlook and plow would what they had. Given out based on what they got one pitcher. So Marr thing is they go into it and all that season's over you going inflate. In a matter on the -- rich do me a new look you dive to remain that you can't buy it when I want me you know vice Versa. When I get their money you think you've got to perform now you have to put. And this guy based on what. I know what Jeffs is in opposing the two time he bit a bit too good. You'll be key data. But if you pay and have like these days but a postseason. If you're not coming down in opposing you know why you give mama. That's. Wanna see that you guys again if thing that I have won more World Series is worth it. You guys view that these didn't. Trauma. I don't ahead of that learn on a that you didn't have the last hours of talk about this more in the 4 o'clock hour we come out around the outside of town ally China where there is where the brewers gulf area Jody you talk about I try to hit man to try and stay in contention he's gonna have your children and low road America can be of the vote is now and I think he doesn't. But since then. Jeter is not a good enough. They are good okay and him and me are. Bomb fevers up to me who is 20 god does not let me. Okay has allowed a final. And are still eats at Butler Butler is against eleven jet Janice's. Taking eleven were about zillions of them and it hit the bank at present we can't catch and I'll take jam. To. I know he wrote like 65. U. Right now. And that. Yeah accident that it would have been out my Brad like they are already got called UT. I guess at what impact did the divers and where the viewers go from here. Blindness coming up pretty poor lie to mobilize. The spark you don't have to be. Rich don't need of Yu Darvish money to do some nice for your significant other this Valentine's Day do you two days two days aghast. I got left and wind to have up times days in two days that means most view will be out shopping at about 11 o'clock in nice Tuesday night try to figure out what you're gonna get at Dickinson. That was gonna end up happening. 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And unity keys in that's. So I don't I don't involved yes. Art and sorry day if came two days to get. Y percent off your purchase up to what I dollars a more go to pro flowers dot com to date. And use Michael Sparky and the special codes box and check out to Santa persons we need today asking about. The special codes Bucs want to jacket Sparky SP a RKY and the special codes boxed. To get 20% off your purchase of 29 dollars or more that's pro flowers dot com and code Sparky. Jake Ariana during an interview with Jesse Rogers of ESPN radio about a Chicago. He's still hoping for a Dexter Fowler like return of Jake area that to the Chicago Cubs when spring training starts. Now that and is here with a smile announcements that happens with Ted number. While dot Fowler signed a one year prove it deal because he didn't find what he was looking for on the market. To price the Boller Boris. I don't know if he is an online are gonna be with porous. Gonna let anybody to a one year proved it right but that did happen. I wonder what I mean and as a man. That's an Ollie grant to be a 120 yeah Tony 150 yeah he should jump on of 1250. My god yeah that would be some lawyers and do day. Yeah Emanuel wanted to battalion they excel Boris believes and as long term deal as possible with as much guaranteed money as a moderate a third to protect yourself against injury yeah. Make sure you can do all we can get it. When about what are ring to meet. Is like signing six years was art gallery. Right may. Oh. Add at DJ caddy a novel. Look at a quick break on the other side you know these executive moves the cavs yeah on the floor still Sparky does it is nothing at finale don't don't do that we have to go right now that he's gonna go on for like to do what I ask you say to a guy at all. Shut up you my anxiety out there done that. Really great break on the other side we can improve some can be read a bunch from last week him abroad suddenly looks happy will last will discuss next on when he's big yeah. Yeah slash. Now good afternoon for the masters he's WS SP sports updates studio hum Mike Clemens masters he's walking shop the largest leisure retailer in Wisconsin. With over a million and a half dollars of inventory stop and check out the great deals at masters he's walking shop online. At the masters he's done come first on the fan and you die Irish headed to the cubs a six year deal worth 146. Million dollars pending a physical. And the fans baseball insider Adam McAleese tells us that this is the second time. In the last six months the cubs assigned a Major League starter. The brewers had that it talks with the last was when they picked opposing Quinn Donald. From the White Sox reports say that Jake Gary had to turn down an offer from the cubs before they moved on to Darvish. Pitchers and catchers for both clubs reporting this week to spring training in Arizona. MBA the Bucs host the Atlanta Hawks tomorrow night at the Bradley Center. The bucks winning three out of four on the road trip after beating the magic in Orlando 111104. Over the weekend. The hawks picked up a win at home being the pistons won nineteen to 150. Wisconsin losing 8372. Outta Michigan. At the Kohl center at coach great guard to get people sort of come back with a team that's not gonna turn to roll over. That's gonna make foul shots. And can be pretty efficient offensively it's that the steep hill climb eleven and sixteen this will be the badgers first losing season in twenty years NFL point five year old Johnny man's belt tells Good Morning America. He wants to return to football itself says he's clean and sober. And in the Winter Olympics men's hockey gets under way later this week at lucky admirals Bobby butler's playing for TV analysts say. Nine other former admirals are playing for some teams competing in the Olympics and bulls host the San Antonio Rampage Wednesday at the panther reunion you know that game here on the fan. I'm like Clemens and sports Radio One 057 FM the fan listen to us online at 1057 FM the fan dot com. Then and when Paul was either unite us from. That's almost like the new guys you've been here and so what George on a bad question don't just run into a and then threw dust him off the bench and Jordan has these were escorted points his composure was great. Played so much poison. No those controlled them when Emerson Electric and rolls a lot of them don't. Those resources moved out consult wolves. No resentment. As they are very pleased LeBron James. After he won 2199. Victory over the Boston Celtics yesterday after they made a bevy of moves before the trade deadline last week are you buying these new look at his 414. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan here and talk about some of the new pieces George Hill he started at point guard twelve points. In 21 minutes for him Larry Nance junior five points off the bench and 21 minutes Jordan Clarkson he had seventeen points and 23 minutes off the bench and Rodney hood. They also cried for the trade deadline last week he throws in fifteen points in nineteen minutes and they knock off none other than. Who most people see as their main competition for the Eastern Conference the Boston Celtics and easily won 211099. They dispensed. A carrier ring and the gang are you buying these new look cavaliers or 147991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan GE. Don't know what the government round now it's one game right so I don't know how you anticipate every day. Wonder if you NBA games on the weekend and where lying in a moment ago when used human is laid out to mean a couple. Of restaurant the winner of the minibus remotely. Guys on nominees for that I machine Largo would have someone do you know arming to. So cordial and alleged. The idea I mean you know what you don't you don't remote. Controls the game. And and that I don't mean to derail everything writer but now since you brought it up here and whoever gets you up. You'll see in this. Cold as balls YouTube video that Jamie Foxx is doing I shouldn't fox Kevin Kevin Hart is doing on YouTube calling balls as intolerable I got Paul and I spice I think it's sponsored by the market the link. But I do want to do that are involved in Dallas and Atlanta are all they don't snubs and not to migrant wallop from all through boulevard mall once hilarious he did what lakers and what are your adult K two but Lamar balls wave on. So are you you thought they sit in an ice bath yeah like a locker McAllister are crap and Kevin are like. Hates guys. I'm like you don't like CNN or whatever prior to gather and do it pretty fun couple of that that they have a juvenile. Well Sydney and co water ice peregrine inaugural round they grip and just sat down and apple net a grown man to lies in. All you are now into another Brothers and as income you would be by Kara hotel in their route that you like this week. But we just went as log on degrees gusts are able roared to a days. And yeah they're real good. And apparently it would Williams are guys barely out here and there you'll you'll you'll now be used to do you use. Ice did you use of coal. What's best for you and me. Enough to get all this stuff are now so much darker despairing. If this machine. And you put ice. Inside this machine in the and you turn it on and and you strap this thing to your knee has got to holes. And it. Below or Europe through holes in him massages. So massage you have ice massage that's basically and he pretty cool Wiener are not Nobel idea they gave us we're region had a free to cups. Number and trees and use of a sergeant wood carved in our rules are dumb all. Was dumb what are you an idea dharma zevil carpentry cartoons to bear award. Which users. Are you buying these new look can't score one for his seven dad died told they've deacon traders at 1057. At fed the Fed will discuss that next because it's already time for a break your alleged religious these are public here we spent the segment talking about how our area uses his knee. That'll be back right after let's say Sports Radio auto 57 of them are very. We don't talk about icing of the knees here on the Wendy's major area yet ready get into this can't seem yet they've not gone through the Boston Celtics won 21. The 99 after flipping almost half the roster last week before the trade deadline. And we're asking you are you buying these new look cavs 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan get in your own Wendy's friction. North thicker normally I'd watch a game while going tweeters out by jailed. Our. Do you thing up there will be detailed do you think Dwyane thinks he's got enough to be go Wednesday. Get everything he does who point to Wales LeBron LeBron. Do you think you then it's going to be ghost. I think this goes back to what Roy said earlier talking about the bird's nest that LeBron probably believes he can beat anybody no matter who he has around him because otherwise the already lost in this reminds said he has to have. Where he knew we can be with the goods orders what are traders. Why are you can be you were don't give us carrier c'mon I still available all eyes that I still think that when push came to shove and if he had to go to war with with those guys against old stadium of convinced himself that they can do it. Here's probably doubting it at the at the time but he would convinced himself that they can you really got there when the time came yet. They haven't known to be code statement. Now. I mean I like to move our Meehan the move was great for them they got a younger more athletic. I mean. But biggest you not talk about his earlier there were beaten Boston. To me wasn't really that that mean I know they've been out there have been the first liberal ruin them have been that big of a deal I mean. Boston. I think artery in in the class in the Eastern Conference and are waiting game in general idea on how they handle this little every look at the use. But it's near me now Ben Gordon Hayward you know. Many data chain don't play well as a rookie this year Horford. Is now or earlier Larry Irving and you know I started out hot this year oldest leader. And those are the nineteen. Jason to it and yeah ambulances. Is warning 1919 years old until the nineteen years moment of each one in March 3 until the nineteen years old there's got to Bigelow. I'm AB's and he. We're wrong we're there and eighties and maybe in March that more and more problems mean that. Take a mud. More than one. And under it could take care of nobody in a little while back. Your mother targeted. Me Eli and yours you. Moneyline 30 Rock OK okay get this thing back together they feel real dolls you are the only daughter that's why Jordan. Yeah as. Short as. It is going to be there there is pregnant and growing and build a levee as Hitler's order so they're not they're not good enough to be Golden State you say that rental market before this groove did you think that the Celtics were in the class of the east. Did this change that no the crew the sick the Celtics are still the last of these know that and we are what Toronto. And I can't match route to let's say tiger. Yet a different look about you don't want those teams. Just aren't well look at the blockages that move do. As far as moving them up or down in the in your words were quote world what our. Remove deal was put LeBron James a better frame minded goal and we east. And now he's happy to to a degree you're buying it yet that is easy and you look at what has moved it about your form one force. Evan 991250 Sparky. And at soldier doll when they did this and that guy gets an a plus for what they did and I stammer what I say that I still think his name plus move. You did you see. Because they're a little bit younger but a lot more out Monday no longer. Eight evade him play that kind of energy consistently they're gonna provides a lot more issues. For opposing offenses than the previous regime did wander around the for being old Edsel and they're really get after a lot better defense. Offensively. You're right you have no for sure second score necessarily but he's got a real nice shooter in hood who wants to get better. And is perfect for this George Hill is a reenergize conceal them like he wanted to play basketball the first half this year. I he's energized he can hit the outside shot he's playing play out games he's been that he's done that so that'll be Nigel better presence to go along with LeBron. And then you have Jordan Clarkson who finally gets a shot. To be that guy off the bench for this basketball team a winning basketball team that's in crappy basketball team like the lakers. And he's gonna get a chance to go show that he can score fifteen every night. For the cavaliers I just. For me and then you don't get into it and will. We act and we talk on Madison mark what is see he's a guy that's gonna be a high energy guy he helped the rebound he's gonna. Run at the rim thrown out loud and doorknob put backs and get out and transition has what is owning much more than that off the bench for a big guy right. I look at it up like a lot I noticed have a lot of star appeal that ought to start names but they're also set up. A whole lot better than they were prior when LeBron wade in you know LeBron leaves and assumptions still is is that he will you still comforting good. You have George Hill and hood. Is Richard a free agent but I'm guessing they'll give him so are you a dose to the backcourt. You gonna get that next at which a B a lottery player. To go along with Kevin Love interest in Thompson is still advance off the bench you still have Clarkson off the bench. They're set in a much better position going into next season. Where they were before would've been a complete disaster more than likely going in the next season with a bunch of old guys in no hope of doing much of anything wants LeBron leaves. I just I like a lot I think. They can challenge boss or Toronto in the east and possibly win the east again they're not eagle state. But and that they got a chance commodity east again bad I don't think get a chance to come and bodies before back Ronnie and I do some things you. Do it. What are stumbled there is no fool if call maybe he's on this one. Idle. For a life for me I don't understand. And if there is a respect issue or something else at play here they better straighten it out. Because they guardian Angel project coach for the rest of the. I'll say this. If there's more than Jabari that as a respect issue for Joseph prides he. And dagger and I have problems it doesn't seem like there is no this is the only is the only thing we've seen publicly to the naked I'd publicly yet cracked. That's why I say right. I would never questions such a thing to us boy I no reason to their playing hard for they look good. Everybody's buying into it seems like everybody's on the same page and then this dude does twilight nor is tech coach. For easy. So Anna let me ask you this I'm gonna obviously have my questions and I don't want overreact I don't wanna set Pete I'm great I'm with you yet but. We we have heard that Jabari Parker and Jason Kidd didn't necessarily see I'd that there was friction there. Now if there's already something there with Joseph prime. Not going all the way down this road but do we do we have to start to wonder. If Jabbar Parker just maybe isn't all that coach a ball. Stuff number I'm just asking I'm again I don't wanna go too far out there autumn I'm mainly here to admit I'm not labeling him that adds that right now that's they would know what it. I said I said his visit something that you need to start to think about it that lately no it's not. A gem I play different because if I've house labeling him that I would say Jabari Parker is not comfortable with I'll just let me out there. I think that it's with the same thing when you see what happened between him and allegedly have been significant and did you did and now already. A week off your knee surgery win as the interim head coach that you just got at a Jason Kidd was fired him and there's already an issue of you're not listening to what your coach says out on the court during a game when I got it would just a matter of okay couched. I have I have to start to wonder. And then they asked the question. If he's if he's on it hard to coach her on already. I and I love Jabbar. Arcades I love Jabari I'd history ever I treat everybody to say. I do not currently some kind of millionaire you can take the name off the back of the Jersey and I'm I'm just assessing the situation as I see. I can't be nicer of the gas a little reminiscent at and I'm not rushing to judgment I'm asking the question if it's up from that is that is in the back your mind may know. Could this be an issue down the road. Makers. I think is unfair to put a dollar cap he's never had these issues are. It is even put a question that someday it just makes people think it. Are you worried about how Jabari responded to Joseph project. In his on court instructions Friday night 414. 7991250. Can tweet us. At 1057. FM the event never isn't worried whenever you club of Wisconsin law which Steve's are not no reason whatsoever to call the Wisconsin all perfect place if you look ever saw that maybe a little bit. Burke from round Wednesday night many are allocated for the traditional goes sit down candle lit dinner and all that stuff may you're looking for this go out. At a fun night for yourself out -- superb example fume. The ends its offer something like this may be it's you. And the wife for the husband demanding and two and you're listening commercial right now. And you possibly if the watched the kids amazed at the kids and has been a long time since UN. Now what out of play darts at a couple drinks or one out and shot pool and have some drinks may have would you do you should do a lot when you were. Dating it's over the years ago which haven't done it yourself a long time. Perfect place. Q club all with Scott's a great place gets all repair a sports action plus pool tables. Thirteen double shuffle board tables three tornado food ball tables darts being bought and wore. Join other award winning fish fry on Wednesdays and Fries Wednesday's announcement that. Four different styles of fish piled up. With all the exit. And bans every Saturday night it was late night Friday happy hour from Ted you know what Asia may did you go about what's gotten your new place for Sunday morning breakfast starting at 9 AM also. I'll play soldier private parties including year old personal VP suite luxury pool table personal TV add access to ping pong and whose ball at your request. Birthday parties bachelor parties bachelorette parties anniversary parties you name it they can also all about 75 people are self. And those parties a book and a quick your 2018 Q club of Wisconsin twice for fifty Ford north grant view boulevard in Waukesha is a half miles south of I 94 check them out at Q club. A WY dot com. Q club a W I dot com or on face the rice says are just. Well I wanna hear your thoughts on this now when a Wendy's picture returns predator sharper.