2PM: Has the starting rotation for the Brewers exceeded expectations?

The Wendy's Big Show
Wednesday, May 16th
How impressed are you with the Brewers starting rotation?  Have they exceeded your expectations?  Sparky says NO

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All along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. And are true former Packers Gary Allison and LeRoy Butler Jeff for a lot speak. On the other side of the glass what was that or a bike or a repeater and use it. This I this moment ago like music and in either aren't coming on the show. I killed and about the show that you does that standard obligated to. Just what's fair to expect for Maine new Bucs head coach and we have some news on that front that's coming up. At 235 is the king's reign over we'll get to that coming up at 3 o'clock and should we have seen this government in the Eastern Conference get to that coming up. At 4 o'clock right now wanna talk about some things. What what what just happened against them. Is random clapping. Are they random clapping and he's outside America aren't happy Zeller is he's an element body to get your floppy hat you know you are inside now you'd take up ahead in the glasses. Oh yeah. Oh. That library name idea. Undergo a tree I don't know that we can say that. In the states what to talk about some big bat that I got yesterday we're talking numbers I see the birds have exceeded their starting pitching has exceeded. Expectations let's say you 414799. Full picture you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan I think we have to take ourselves back to spring training to really assess. What the expectations were for the spurs' starting rotation Andy came into the spring with three established stars in the rotation Anderson. Davies and just seemed they brought over from San Diego. The other two spots are up for grabs and nobody seemed too crazy for the guys who regret and that those last few spots promote. That's where we start a little while spray because true now since then come home one of the three guys you're number two in the rotation. Has missed one start it looks like he'll miss at least one or two more starts and wasn't pitching up. To hit the level that he did last year when he was on the mound for the rest heartbreak chasing Emerson wasn't playing up to his level from last year when he was on the mound for the most part and now he. Has missed a start. And may miss one more. So having putting all that into the equation and considering all that. Has brewers' starting pitching exceeded expectations or 14799. Both Victor tweet us at 1057. At that the fan Sparky you're the one who took exception with the yesterday. So laid out what I haven't exceeded expectations of what to do as a regulator Alpert for Madeleine and have to pass so I agree with you Asa aptly correct Jay Sanders it hasn't Richard laws lies yes. Now is missing sorry I am starting staff as a whole. I'm don't novelty every one a date Ito has missed not. He didn't start out very well either just like last year so he wasn't pitching as well as he pitched at the end of last year either shot seems started off horribly. And now he's come along very nice in Leicester four starts and buys exceed expectations. It chassis at this point. And another two spot politician I did agency Souter hasn't been good in the starting rotation he's going back to open where he belongs because he hasn't lived up to hype. Junior Garros another one that has been I don't up and down depending on what day he's pitching here what three formats arts in a row where they weren't winning he came back nicely this last are OK 51 in every three or four starts is great. I need more. I need more consistency than one in every three or four more guys that screen imagine that's on the last very long Gonzales has I'm not excited. About anybody in this rotation currently just he's pitching well. I'm off I have a lot of faith in him long term but he's pitching very well last night last additional blood and they could getting off as going against Greinke and that happens during Q. It was one of best in the game still has those games were he can pitch like he did last night so that he it was stressing you lose the game lies and the birds dolphins did. So for me I didn't exceed my expectations he struggled to get into the sixth inning of some of these games you don't get into the seventh inning when your pitcher Hartley that hardly ever got to go for. You have to go to the bullpen so thank god for a dominant bullpen they've. Exceeding expectations anybody have formal beginning of the year and they're the main reason why they are we're not at the starting pitching. Not they had in. Noble. I'm not talking about anyone in particular. Yes Davies and Anderson. Were not living up to expectations were supposed to be when they are on the mound yet as he walked into in this rotation to start the year until Jim you know and I'm talking about the starting rotation as a whole and you're starting rotation. Giving you a chance to win night in and night out and numbers starting rotation. Has done that. And I don't think that's something people were confident they could do after the first three spots in the rotation the bullpen has given you the opportunity now to win baseball games far more than sorry rotation where would you say the birds are an innings pitched in the National League. I had no idea into the state ghastly you've got it doesn't forget to take a gasket you seem to think that they have been going deep enough into the starting rotation yet an innings pitched. Because I've heard this all season long and honestly I was buying the narrative I'll say and the cameras weren't going deep into games relative to the rest of the leak eighth or they're seventh. A school or seventh in the league in innings fish at 223. And the two teams at the top you shouldn't expect to be in their class when it comes to pitching and that's the nationals and the where the cubs the cubs as being members class either an innings pitched their thirteenth right at 209 during the war arsenal gas transit yet. While I understand how you think exceed expectations based on how about the cubs starting pitching has been. But I that's got nothing to do with what sure because look it's got absolutely nothing to with the and the reason that cubs it's me you're thank both teams got much every night I watch a lot of teams I watch a lot of baseball. OK so you watch the nationals and much of the cubs in the brewer not as much what I've seen so you watch those two teams in the most yes knighted in night out yeah what's the burst because you say your for the birds of its audience a cups. And I believe so you watch the brewers. And you watch obviously your team the cubs watchable rather watch it once seemed not living up to expectations mile long shot and having a bunch of overpaid hype. Right now currently that have had the Rangers who Darvish and so forth. And I do have a positive and looking at the brewers go and they are nearly as much talent as this cubs pitching staff learn about the talked cubs' pitching staff. They're doing better than a lot of stats who have mortality but that doesn't clean and they're doing what they're supposed to be doing because all the teams are doing better than what we expected them to do the question is has members starting pitching exceeded expectations are so you know and any number that you look at says yes. They're middle of the pack and innings pitched the middle of the pack in the RA the middle of the pack and whip. Nobody nobody would even put them at the middle of the pack when the season started everybody thought that this would be the weakness of the Milwaukee birds. When in reality. They've been one of the strengths of the Milwaukee Brewers are the reason that the birds are in games. When they hand the ball off to a dominant bullpen in the fifth sixth and seventh inning night in and night out and party took part of the reason that the cubs have. Haven't been getting a lot of innings out of their starters is. Yes they've been to supporting them and performing that great. But also Joseph Maddon a lot like Craig Counsell believes in using his bullpen and using it heavily and and not letting a pitcher. Go through a batting order for a third time unless he's having a really good day. Craig Counsell isn't pulling guys out of the out of out of the game every night because they've they've run into some trouble or. Or their pitching poorly he's birthright convertible print on purpose no he's a good did you see what edit his idol he's going to what gives them the best chance to win date war. Shorthanded last night and they had to do what they had to do last night. And it cost them. It did every new. Logan hasn't pitched all that much yet go to him yeah official visit that game last night. And that's because why because of the way you're going about your business. Now I don't know what everybody else is open looks like. The brewers are blast to have relievers single multiple innings tonight and what not united out but can go multiple innings when they come and they don't have a bunch of one pit one hitter type guys specialty lefties at all these your face a lefty and then he's done and go get another pitcher. That's not how they're gonna roll that they've got guys like Jeffords single multiple innings hater can go multiple innings. You've got those guys which makes it a a different scenario I guess for this bullpen vs others and he's not over. Working the bullpen when you look at it relative to the rest of the league again the middle of the pack members starting pitching is an innings pitched them. So I don't think he's taxing his ball better overworking them relative to the rest of the league because bull pens are more heavily used. And Major League Baseball and when he eighteen. I think he does have to change the way that you watch this and has brewers' starting pitching. Exceeded expectations for 147991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan Jeanne. Those were eager thank you. I'm who's hard on both of us out as radio like on it lords are you know you start a new. But his overnight means at all Rabbani yesterday I know. What are their credit flesh you know I mean I had I had I do this is doubly so I had time to prepare. As good. Of I'm prepared an argument is about a lot larger and and the facts and evidence that they've wanted to back it up with and people didn't feel good today and is now. I don't get nuclear or bonus right here LeRoy. Car was of course completely forgot who has birds starting pitching exceeded expectations that literally just ask you this at 4147. Dodge Nitro figure you read that right now you want and go 1057 FM the fan not like an answer it now you and yeah. I mean because what what we talk remarkably. We needed me to start new commitment to start they do need to senators still three yet another process. How I really don't think so before she's just aren't outside right right there lawyers and receivers. When he admitted to preachers where for more pressure like. And we do and how all these guys who get picked up about his premium. Was adored. Is yeah I mean I figured you thought something that wars. Maybe the Achilles heel at his team coaching they exceed expertise. They're preaching about. And I don't know you want starting pitcher and bullpen. And starting rotation although it would just double blow for yeah. We knew that was good bye and thank you I'll even exceeded those expected that the R&R two are good score yeah. Which is renounce Phnom well as a couple people. Well they probably figured they Robert did about and not you know talk like myself. And there in the day and even the ball well yeah. That's that's assault is going to. It was starting pitching was as bad as we all thought it was RT coming into the season and the lineup was doing what it's doing. We will be talking about first place team would be talking about a fourth placed team and they wouldn't even be close. You saw that Davis times have you talked about it going. Spring training says this we don't get anybody else I'm OK we're paraphrasing of course you have asked if you know he's had a lot of people. And national guys as well a while when you're going to overpay some of these guys. And we talk separately Monday and serves her well you know. Robin have jumped out and out on a ticket on the codes are bad side. In divers are nor'easter are are good there's going to be able to Bruce's decided overpaid and I don't think it could I mean look into don't want a mall here within days or reviewed commute a lot of games you gonna win especially you know when up against a pitcher like. Great knowledge that they they exceed expectation. You got David scratch and Hitler wouldn't going up. Because we do a book that I that I started pitches all. And just a matter run out there you be. Keeping close. We'd be all right special all these injuries Haley got. More people on the DL and I've seen a long time got the attention to anyway when this guy come about when this guy coming back. It I think you are these all these doesn't seem to get caught a big names you know be named. You know big named. M and as you just need to god gave you an effort. The bullpen and you on avenue tomorrow but that's a bit better for why they don't wanna just cater to see have a lot more. Now I that you got to wait to find the right role formed you know. Cap puts up good numbers I want him in the starting line up so they really wanted to upgrade starting. Not a starting rotation they got bigger throw in there were pretty decent names of us keeping with the debt which are about agreed on that. And to see what happens if you can win games like this great persona they are you most are score 56 resin ball average. As Bruce starting pitching exceeded your expectations for 14. 799 cult figure you can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan in the Wendy's big shows back right after this so. He pitched beautifully I don't know any you know through seven innings strong. You know really strong Harrington really that the ability like you've gone. Com that was that was us then inform themselves. That's correct council after a loss but a strong outing from Joseph least shot scene last night in Arizona those two get underway with the finale of that series coming up. About 230 Tim Allen bill may be Tosh Middleby in the complaints farm fleet baseball post game show as soon as that game is over also at that time. We'll get into what's fair to expect from the new Bucs head coach in some news. On that front as well right now we're asking you. Has brewers' starting pitching exceeded your expectations for 147991250. You can tweet us at 1057 FM defense. You had your numbers yes here's an example of group. Now an and I don't not everybody Ali gave one number about it hasn't pitched. Now he said he are there in the Middleton yet but I do our exact number Edison their middle of the that's. On somebody's got their thing of daylight now so I'll be able like that does that quality start other people think. Judy call quality start because it's like a four ERA if you do equality starts right. So everybody's got them all but let's just say for the sake of argument a quality start is considered a good thing. Okay mom I'll wait Miley at one quality start out of two before he got hurt the first and only out and he had before he got hurt was really. Jane garrison had seven starts he's had two quality outings and seven it's. Justine has had ten starts he's the only one that's made every start in the rotation his time there he's had three quality starts on attack. Jason Anderson. It is 500 which I think is pretty got a Packers are to quality starts I don't know what the league average is but four of eight were quite such for Jay Sanderson. I did Jerry's just awful Zach Davies three of six prior to him getting hurt. And Brett suitor 07. In start to Branson or not one single quality start brag or Woodruff had two starts zero for two for Woodruff in quality starts. And then Freddie Peralta. Are also technically. Did not reply saarc is like page five teeth hurt. But otherwise he won six sitting right otherwise he would have had a why do you want more. I mean I'm not one to dismiss the at the quality start of the plastic much you like that's that I just think that jet to put into context and when you're talking about the birds and their starting rotation. I think that more times than not Craig council's pulling these guys before they can't get a quality start not. Not because they're not pitching well. But just because he has better options and a very good apple may be a best in baseball in your favor yes going forward even to nudist like. Tax me don't mean you can tweet too I guess I'm not gonna see two girls I'll taxi it's actually like okay. Just I don't think Cheney's book I don't think any sport right now. I don't read it every angle that you weren't important right now Archie and watched him now that's a different thing I agree with the way Craig council's handling. Starting staff in combination with his with his relief quite fortunate to debate whether he should run or not I what you do is situated so what if it wasn't as good a bullpen just as you would stick with this guy I can do that a try and remember to do that let's go to Wayne on the east side you're on the Wendy's big show what's up went. Yeah I was just bring up you're talking about how many innings Ers starting staff that it's I think in a rose to 33. And surrendering eight I believe in the week. Really that true indicator there would be I think the brewers have played more games. And most see we have another you know such editors take innings divided by only gains have been played. Antsy were they ranked I didn't do this but it's got a problem hindering. Fair point or more games so that's one thing that day on a break up I mean they're intelligently. Pretty quick it would rank it be curious. But the other I think there's starting pitching has. Not performed up to do you know what was expected certainly case Anderson you know snap. Aberrant suitors that and expect a lot but certainly morally yeah as Cuba. There you know but anyhow it the other does want to bring. And that's that's a fairway so where were where he he's saying that what he's saying that. Because I'd I'd I'd and I brought up innings pitched that. And he is saying they have more innings pitched but they played more games so Yucca innings pitched per start isn't what he's looking for a don't have data from im not gonna do the math on the board yes of course. He did say yes that they they have somewhat exceeded expectation maybe not to the degree that I'm saying are you start doing numbers in August gold yes but I would counter his number. With this number one of them are doing I don't wanna make the numbers I don't wanna make this a numbers thing but this is my Akamai counterargument to what he does that. He said the brewers have have played more games they're gonna have more innings pitched. Out counter that by saying they played more games so they've faced more batters. And they have the fifth best batting average against in the National League. It's number or more innings pitched. And they still have a lower batting average. Then eleven teams in the National League. Just say in the heart of the mug on us. Question Ronald Allen sent to your question yes because I'm seeing Kyle. Tweet at the fan and he says. It seems like a lot of bidding was at the rotation would be one of the worst in baseball right but these guys are giving the team in games averaging five point one innings pitched. 2.3 earned runs per start. Four point one once ours Gerri ranks fourteenth Major League Baseball which is average. And maybe I'll miss and some that but I think I ever sent it. I don't think Tim Allen Iverson or anybody else said that they'd be among the worst rotations in baseball remember those I don't know I don't know. I don't believe. The conversation on this show was what do they need to contend for the division until Jimmy Nelson gets back. And I said they needed at least one good starting pitching to contend and have a legitimate shot at a wildcard. And 82. To be the odds on they are to win the division that's what I sent right. Yes I'm escorted us up yes so but I don't believe I ever said they'd be one of the worst in baseball to begin with now yeah I think they'd be at this point. With Al Jimmy Nelson without another starter I don't think the record would be Disco I figure they be around 500 probably. How was what I thought they'd be around with when Jimmy Nelson got back with a starting pitching it out and may very well may end up at that point. Before Jameer Nelson comes back but right now again double play and is saving them from. Sleep right now how did I do how did you think. They are going to be about a 500 team at this point without chase Sanders hi what's. Exact offense has been the plural exactly my point that's why the offense hasn't lived up to their expectations. The the bullpen and exactly my important and that was Gary's point to double the wasn't dominant they'd be under 500 the bullpen has slightly exceeded expectations were white. We all knew that that would be good water to L I X I knew they'd be one of the better bullpen in baseball they've been more dominant and I thought I was sad to hear anybody say cowboy the brewers have a like double and a new one or two again and here I don't know so I talked about how good I thought the bullpen would be I don't think you don't want her to know I'm I've said sorry times now did I didn't think it would be quite this good. But a fat but to meet top five the starting pitching has exceeded expectations by far more. Then then the bullpen to dissect the starting rotation is what has canceled out. A lack of offensive production and we just if you in this position open as the reason why you're in this position at the start rotation both. But I expected the bullpen to be pretty good let's go to Robin Waukesha you're on the Wendy's big show what's up rob. Hey what's going on guys I I think Sparky had an extra energy drink today. No no but it's fun we're gonna tightwad that I TS in this morning that I was at stake. Quarter after 4 in the morning when we are out there but I actually I didn't have any energy drink as I wasn't sure if there was going to be a restroom to use longer standing outside for four hours. Flashy stayed away from was there a served. They add up Porta potty outside they have to if they're gonna make people wait for hours they got to have some way to people that are what you got on this a numbers throughout. Well I Sparky you just hit it on the head and I'm I'm glad he did say that because. You know going into the season I was one of the guys who thought they did it need to add another big armor and the big name and spend that money. I was more. Very friendly getting. Well a bit more consistency throughout the lineup that she witnessed you know you're more ball games because only one run games were we all last year. On so that being Saturday you know we're still waiting for that that timeliness and knows those clutch it's become a little bit more consistently. However. The starting rotation. In or opt for the bullpen can be as great as they have been. Whoever is running out there every five days and giving us 456. Innings. They're the ones keeping notes in the ball game keeping it close and the idea. If you're given a sparkling six innings giving up four runs to lead that that that's quality. And that's something that our offense should be able to handle. On a nightly basis more times than not. So to me. The the starting rotation has exceeded expectations. And I wanted to jump on spark you little bits and he got a much and enjoy your they're. I don't know what he's talking to an average starter. But I'll tell you are when they're on it before the start working night you got absolutely kept to. He's got two quality starts first he's yet to quality starts and sevens and seven out and so far. I don't remember tube our. Starting with the numbers are parameters were right. And I quickly gave up four runs but the if you really had one bad pitch in the game and I quite so what council right now. You're gonna defector guy luggage Gary has a big fan base we have to Gary can be I got there nobody loves doing it it's junior Derek can be what he was two years ago called him that's a huge steal me that's one of your big name pitchers you wanted to add to the rotation. If you can go back to looked like he did two years ago. But again can he do it I don't know he's shown clips is that he's got that in him but can you do consistent you know I think you're doing. Why net. He doesn't he doesn't look like a professional athlete underdog story right in this in the senate you know he's not chiseled good looks like Q looks like you're in army got little gut. He does he doesn't look like he's in great shape or shots or juries in better shape than any of us again during I assure you you wrap that into the fact that he is the against all odds underdog story the guy who didn't get his real crack in the major leagues till the age of thirty and then took made the most of it manager press at this. It's a good start and he's annie's been. A good pitcher what we saw on twice sixteen a bit of mirage he'll never be that again. But he's been a pretty good pitch I do you know. What are human. But you'll never be the masters produce a matter of factly that we always gonna do it again but why do you say that I just well I've said this before and I think you've agreed with me in the past to meet. Guys us guys who make it going 022 guys who make it to the big leagues. Seven year for me on the South Africa when he got football season to get along much better. Yeah well I happen. Yesterday's spark is much more adored by by our unique style and our Gary something that he likes Packers she's a little bit more when he argues if he does. More than he does with me like he does during the day it's ordered the argue with some bad yet populist opportunities mark is the reactor on the so let's start out that's the brawl that's his job he's supposed to bring his post and I and everybody that's what is supposed to give you my opinion that's like they don't add to our house out here right no no no don't go outside he has that they keep driving K nuts not so it appears market I don't really are now that arsonist or Erica occasionally. Time to time it is to be much more asked a couple of frequently you don't argue kind of older than a short. You do Russell look at owners well we are you babbling consistent everybody and other significant other's nerves don't let somewhat remote to. Again. Did you. If we aggravate July work you spoke to a halt a ha you don't go only continued argument but sometimes my comfort is annoying but it's okay I'm like are you leave it there appreciate that I. The guys targeted view because of it the players. The bacteria that all. What do they have no knowledge that edited out only your overall white lie that now cross and really it's much Austin went argument. So if he can't hear you go now know and I'm not I'm not talking about arguments I'll do things like I'll do your product. Unlike innocent annoying to look like she hates when I singers she hey you know I mean you say yes all of you stuff like an innocent in an innocent way but I don't have you ever annoy her. I come to do it. Now I think you do day he would. His back now I don't know this that we just disagree on things in the way argue I guess is. Is aggravating an annoying like his way into other dignitaries at the same thing on the most annoying person arguing and who. And they you know and I did the most annoying thing about his arguing Stahl when it was can't put a finger on it as to why it. But you know. You're the most annoying person are you with and that's the most annoying thing about the way they Gary argues yells pulls out the I can't put a finger on it racked. If you can't really argue against that I. That Chicago yesterday doors and he knows he's done he's over there chuck and I got a game it had to think about this what I've learned from each one you guys I would love to tell ya. What you learn from each yes how are you just get a eight few minutes we can do that at all about it and never get this no. When you work in a cubicle next to a guy to check into a project wig you know nest had. That's at the like him but as things about him debt no issue as you look forward to it and you learn. And it. I just wish so just. I hit it can you tell those giddy go other articles would you blurred to reach one of us and say two minutes did you do it in two minutes oh yeah it trying to go we have two minute what and I. So Gary aha. There's two jets and iron you. Atlantis and did you know in the bag down. Just okay and your dues that. This little domain really a two minute and what they were alert and their legitimate if India with. Assays bargain for the lakers' two most intense one repeatedly spoke with L. That I would deal if you don't. Agree you're stupid. If you are me. Dude you're still no let up not I didn't have what I say it now uses. They didn't argue all the negative arguments start I did this other where you call Royce to demonstrate a good luck to you Matthews didn't go ahead. It is either way it doesn't matter. If you back to call if you write a row just believe he'll point. And don't move up you better believe knowledge and he's not. I'm really down you know Uga. They. You are blocked the job. So what did you gotta pick I've become a better person to argue back in at any tap that. A car you get your ability to integrate different than you were when you started and she. Yes people wanted different when you see them every single day pick. Up lost your gate not gonna make me not like yeah. But he says the he'd that I McCartney saying. Graham you guys card and give them. Doubt it isn't you'll agree would you laugh about now the act love card well yes you go. 212. But if it's again those it is OK I've had enough. To spark if people. I know I have a rock I believe the amount that you believe. Right so that's and it's the doubt that'll accurate disheartening you know what else I learned from Arnold was that we're about Brooklyn sheets and how important she's guardian and denied sleep doesn't do it again I'll listen when he talks. You are low and they go somewhere it was a broad indices. And I'll sleep together for. We get to determine who's an end and them and I knew you had to totally get better be head to toe. Well we just can't turn our own smell any of your breath and yeah. And got out of the yeah. Had adored nodded to tell the answer is absolutely not I'm not sleeping in the bed with the angry logos video now replenish its comments are you an answer to provide rest and I did. And that's our government is now that we got the notebook is quite all right Greg just the spot going to visit to Minnesota. How it's yet to all adults yes they concluded his argument in two minutes precisely. And then we got into this nonsense about wind sleep in the same bed together. Just talk about it you only need to. Katrina time clinch a sex act on its I have a Brooklyn and see today are those nice luxury sheets that you always wanted. But couldn't aboard at least that's where I was and that's when I made the switch to Brooklyn and she dollars in a big believer in. A difference in seeds and one being a much better than another how much of a difference can there possibly be. Well I I bought it once I tried Brooklyn and cheating you should buy in as well its luxury batting underpriced. 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Mr. used provoke old Sparky a Brooklyn in dot com that's DR OO KL INE and dot com trouble codes Sparky Brooke let it. Big east of the bash itself. What's fair to expect from the next next Bucs head coach and we have some news on that front as well when the money's make sure returns right after this story is big show around him an awful lot with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and are two former Packers Gary Larson and LeRoy Butler cubs. Comes birds indeed backs under way from Arizona by their claims department league baseball post game show a much harder to do the little Internet. Plays Robert league baseball post game show presented by admirals hockey coming up. As soon. As that game is over what is fair to expect from the new Bucs head coaching your won 41479912. Victor you can tweet us. At 1057 FM the fan before we really dig into the question. We may soon know who the next Bucs head coaches as Zach glow of ESPN reported today that. Yana is a dead combo had breakfast with Mike booed and holes there. Hawks head coach right here in little Italy because of this morning probably yeah yeah audience and Middleton and Chris Middleton he just added. It allows it there are there that. He's now part of future work Howard and I would go to you know. So. I stooped further guys that was wise Middleton their agri view. But all we came over the the break is. He clearly is number two yeah I was going for it not to rebuild Russell's two when he when notre Jerusalem that's what I've got to observe a borders I think that's what. I think that's what they're saying and he's got an opt out after next you're gonna freeagent which means you their forgot how much you're paying this man. And I get ready a lot because if he averages over point Boise and and get next year is gonna make or one million dollars a year he's remaining as much jobs or more than on us. After next season so yeah you're so you'll admit you helix dot I mean that's just where girls yelling out and get paid. If you don't sewing elapsed yeah took less to be nobody could've got more than he did and he took what they aren't million less so you're saying further out you should take this on confused with Taliban and Al chatted. It's in long term I don't care what Sarah is a tip. But we've from. That example adding a good calls her majesty's went for press copper she's in town they did interviews in New York they bring a model it back to walking had dinner with his. Star player in the number two guy in Middleton. Okay and I'm assuming if both of those guys say we're good. At a press conference I'm so impressed hours announcement would come here shortly so we I text you now on the last. And Leslie fight off from Zach Lowe who clearly somebody from the bush is talking to you I've again we elected Jabari Parker contract offer so who knows when that's all about but. And lets you find out the scene is in town and having dinner with same two gentlemen tonight after they have breakfast with the oodles of this morning but providing rules or is only one in town are missing is not here. Boone older as the next head coach I think I think that's a safe bet at this point I would agree. Anybody anybody not on that page and as a Smart players. To have the oddest meet this dude sit down does he talk to his dude. As is whoever questions you may have gulf from. This all three at the seems to me like a final formality before you actually may be the official at the dinner ago. As a breakfast where does that change it if those dinner breakfast. Yet does. It was unilateral Hambrecht and reference for dinner which you touched on it at all today while wiles on crude number. If if to let me thank you are all luggage jokes and I you don't you know intelligent guy here but this the Imus say this to say that. Our I know was there. You know I love drama. Because both there's more there than in other horsemen opt out of this year just by you or doctors got now. And I did donate due diligence dude they always take guys out he is there order candidates close to it. I don't think you sit him down with feared number one in two star players. It didn't see if he's just any candidate rap on this camera Baylor I haven't seen airports and the last report we heard before this was that it is down to two candidates who all their. And Messina from Popovich as staff in San Antonia. I've seen them Messina had breakfast with the honest are hurt Chris Middleton to guys tells me that this is this is pretty close to being. That being a done deal Sarah. That's why would I Odom and not have that dead legality. It would those two guys just give deprived because if he doesn't get the job. And you get a lot of bad press and so you kind of control you own narrative. Harris secret meeting with the gap it has just don't want to damper ask yourselves in just going get a manager if you're negotiating wouldn't let that out as it is they start now has. As bode ever had a job before his coat. What you mean as a head coach at geo political move ends August oh yeah I'm Sam before they'll help you know he came from so Popovich is that Larry one year's seventeen holds his first tab be an echo yes I liked it okay I like that was coaching your woes hit games. Him another chance. But it. Back to the players and Jabar if you're Jabbar what do you think. As as some drama. Why do you see your pitching advantage of their release are we just it was ridiculous items in any straight from ESP and tweeting about it and Wesley anywhere they have been there in Milwaukee. So barely got to make to him what a picture. Yeah aggressive from the breakfast you know us they rented out a restaurant people somebody had seen them yes some are not gonna miss Johnson Chris Milton walking to a restaurant rust out and I got a bullet holes or has but you're not gonna miss those. You Massoud host and taco place but isn't she so. I had the pleasure thank you don't appreciate and welcome to wrap to stay there about how this got a few more questions. Altria could just make of cover gimme some kind of answers. If there's series about doing this and roosters negotiation right now do we know who is agent. I am not aware of that fact things are already inside and out real good Rick is that they ago where they they would know we got to deal and I can tell you where they should have taken in for breakfast Wendy's if they wanted to impressed again. Now anywhere where both earning more flooding here is on draft. That includes capping Benelux cafe Holland permits you look at Joseph is a very close and to -- cafe central sports club Newport chores and the still house in cedar berg I've not been over there in that area but I will be getting over there because I love dog bars let us Dennis Ross still house ST I LT parts of it's a been seater berg. Anyone of those places. Offering Beers on tap but offering beer if you don't know is it high quality beer from the country of Luxembourg where is the number one selling beer in the country and they share a border with Germany. And Belgium so you know these guys know. What could be areas and it's a family number they've been doing it the same way at the same high standards and 1764. It's a rare craft import made in small batches using nothing but superior ingredients. 100% natural ingredients. 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And Greenfield of its wooden poles or anybody else what's fair to expect from the Bucs need head coaching your won will discuss next right after this on the Wendy's big show sorties big show. Rami Mac laugh along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and are two former Packers Gary Ellison. And the royal Butler developments in Arizona over the birds are taking on the solo home run followed a Travis shot two run homer Burris now lead three to nothing first inning with random Woodruff yet to take the mound and Arizona. Right now we want to know what's fair to expect from the Bucs need a head coach. Whether it's Mike brood alls or anybody else. In year 141479912. Figure you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan I hate to throw a wrench in the whole question allows him Medici guys when it is this don't go under can we. Accurately. And intelligently answer this question with Jabar Parker's status up in the air right now. Not. Not maybe it's surgery. But I'll tell us what's fair to expect from the Bucs did coaching your want to vote of 147 minutes to your boarding Middleton and that meeting and not Jabari I think that's these dogs where you siege of I tendered. And it was just not as just the superstar. No question everybody gets it when it went Middleton. Who's never been annals. And he's now part of practicing meeting of an opportunity. To opt out intrigues him for next season. Tells me and I'll assume everybody else that obviously he's too in this piece is not a bar. That's all look at in the out of everybody else you assembly. Prime. Not necessarily I think yeah it is while it could be a Jabar is just not town I don't know what I did and I were there amiga or BA could be there to make it could be that Dayton. They haven't decided what they're gonna do it to Mariette I mean a lot of it I think probably depends on on how the market plays out what sort what sort of offer Jamar c.s out there and if they wanna match it we're Jabbar future for the Milwaukee book is a premiere yeah normally I don't recognize not really up I don't think though that because if you. I think that because he wasn't at that breakfast meeting today that means that he's not part of the future it might mean that they haven't decided yet but they're undecided under bars future of America lets you know that as well. Right Kabila that. I'm a farm the marketing people to control the optics it just had yeah. And good arm were to your right. But says they didn't you have questions you open it up to more questions or you can't say why do people think that they're gonna think that because. It looks like he's the number two guy in a founder coach. D.'s to got a mobile lit a yeah. What they and how what they do you have matches to get the job. So let's get all depressed confidence start to deal now instead of on this. Surprised. I don't get. But even with that question up in the air Sparky we can have a vague expectation for the first year head coach can't wait when it comes to the Milwaukee Bucks. Yeah I've been so what would that be in your ass. Starting its siren blasts them I don't. I don't there's no question about it first year in new stadium you've got deal was gives Ira plant your first round you lose again and how can we are planning. I don't care if it's Philly with LeBron James I don't care of its Cleveland LeBron James I don't care who's boss and all their stars if you lose the first round that's a failed season. I Tomlin just next year plants so. Everybody says well you go to Milwaukee. Outlaws or expectations any doing Toronto. Okay. So we'll see how he does little you know fewer expectations. As head coach of this team that. He has got a first round I don't care they went 5354. Games and they lose in the first you have to win the first round next year I don't care how many wins you have been you have to in the first round. I don't know if that's fair gene is a fair it is very unfair because I think you don't know what you're gonna have this is a huge if figured it recourse and we don't. You have no idea what you gonna. And I got gassed. Yeah OK yeah I don't Middleton so those two I go it's not going to be enough you know around it yes a beer and mean. You can go abroad to Boston seems to be doing all right this is not Boston. What does that mean could they got what acquire a better than honest on a team right now books are now Boston but I have a collection of players and their positions that induce me we don't. So we just don't have talent. So a lot of kids fault yeah we don't know laughs at me from Joseph is doubly to Celtic president did you want to argue over the Dow staggered that's are we to sit well eventually there wasn't that good an orange juice if you said Boston as a collection of guys that are at every position right. In your same Milwaukee to Dayton on any of your position I'd like I think you agree with that. Not at every outside of center here about it and that guy accidently killed people week. Do you play like definitely a good god I'm just killed four. Our image however they have a couple defense of stoppers. It would boss we don't have it. So are our advocates it's tough to say. That this is what they got to do when you just don't know what teams. I mean yeah. This team could be bigger break it up meaning that. Jabari could be Garmin Bledsoe could be going I don't know with a did that connector. But it has to fit this team could take a couple of stills back to backers before goals for. For mixture. If Jabar is back and Jabari. Takes that next step in his development LeRoy which I think you will I'm not not scared off by the knee injuries and he's back and he takes that next step I'm with Sparky. I expect at the very least a first round series victory in the playoffs if Jabar is not back. Yacht this alone is good enough to get to into the playoffs that the that would be my expectations. Until I see what other roster moves are made how they fill the hole that's left by the bar leaving if Jabari should leave. But just. If if it's this roster or minus Jabari. It's good enough to get into the playoffs or agree if Jabari is backed it should be good enough to win a first round playoffs here for a. Yeah. No don't put a lot of pressure on a guy you don't. Know one really knows a lot about is his second stint as. His coat and I don't put that kind of pressure on. Seeing coming and may take a year or so for an induced. Is this a lot of it down for guys to buy and guys to understand always kind of from god to listen to him not to want him out. And to get gas to get a law and like each other on and it takes time in May take a year or two for him to get his feet on their lives easier than law and I mean. So I expect it though. Just maybe begin to play out what just miss. That's that I expect if they Monday I've yet. Go Google coaching job coming here. You know probably ethnic. We don't know the idea ocean course rumble we don't know what the pieces are going to be I mean so you see if you're. If the team is where it is right now I agree with Steve. She'll win the first round playoff game with this team awaits its right now. As I know what that is sort of code. Politics and now say the coach was now not an accident and again go now. If your face embossed begin with Gordon Hayward with Carey. Night and if this author. People over and I could have talent not to overestimate who's down walk out. Has its doctors who rejected ram what's your goal is not. Tokyo and it's a they got guys during voting analyses know what's so if they got Boston. Say in the first round. They got calorie accordingly will these are limited amount. Not clear. What do you think is fair to ask you. You that your Boston in the first round next here and retiree and how little thought it. Word rip this to and it got where we've seen in the first three rounds of the playoffs. Yet they won't it's. Not there now even after bar is backing even if they you navigate Gregg Popovich unit they get Phil Jackson the coach out there. I don't think that there's an island. In what we're we're. The Celtics know about Vioxx. They're the seventh seed right spark etc. it through whatever they are trying to play Boston so we got to try to one up yet they got try to give up. They they wanna stay away from Boston not Toronto are flooded they were talking about. DeMar DeRozan. Try to move him today. So they they may be all done. 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