2PM: Have your thoughts, feelings or series predictions changed?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, April 23rd
Gary, Leroy, Ramie and Sparky breakdown the Bucks wins at the Bradely Center over the weekend and ask if their play has changed your mind about their chances to win the series.

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Awful long way Steve Sparky my friend the former packer and badger running back Gary Ehlers and LeRoy Butler. Will be leaking into the studio a little later on in the show beating up the computers are gonna make it works these card slot virus my dad we'll talk with John grandy Celtics play by play announcer coming up spent 305 set severed our national baseball insider he makes his weekly Monday visit. At about 340 and we'll talk with the voice of your Milwaukee Bucks the radio voice that is Ted Davis. He joins us at about 405 in modern a lot of penalties going on instead mail us down or why that's firing heavier thoughts feelings and. Or prediction changed when it comes to the Milwaukee Bucks in the seven game series. Against the Boston Celtics 414799. Full victory can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan understand my good buddy Bartley was playing this little. Montage the route the morning today on the truck and went there just aren't there is there a silver lining to any of this right now they're Robert orbiter. Oh no I'm not going out on the limb by saying in this this season is over I need to say it yet. I just want this season and home on got to just. Can't take anymore of Louisiana I'm ready for this buck season and if if I didn't have to watch it for my job up I would watch the remainder of the series on makers should be in the G league next year. I think about. I didn't hear it I all of example look at the class Joseph one I didn't hear the beginning of art. Sparky is there is there a silver lining to any of this right now they regard orbiter. Almost over Barnes me are putting this montage together that was Sparky there are all let's. Yes I'm well needed it to a prominent you know. Here you know what though. I'm man enough. To come on this radio show to go on the airwaves don't do it. I'm gonna do it would you let me talk first before you do something poker and let me tried to tell you talk you can follow him just let me try to help you. I did let somebody talk me back from rationality yeah yeah dog Jack I have talked. And while some of the heads of rationality taught me back cuts and partly our. Idea but listen we did the show Friday night and after that game Friday. I said. This is different than Toronto when they blew out Toronto and I came on the and I said there's just no I don't see how they maintain his energy level for the entire series. This is probably gonna zap on and it's gonna cost in the series even though it was a dominating performance it was unbelievable. And the reason that it was different was because the amount of basic Cali the Bucs have played with they've been playing well like that in three years. The last three years we haven't seen that from them at any point. So did this much that we saw summit or is saying make one of them playing at the end of the year I'll make one bit on the forehead and some not gotta hurt. So that was an unknown going into the series that nobody. Other than I think one caller there was one guy he callables game shall try and afterwards who said he called for Don play. It's a okay I'll give him credit outside of that. I remember anybody else golfer bomb maker to play 2530 minutes a night for the boss he was gonna change the series so nobody saw that coming including plenty or anybody else Jason Terry. I'm give Jason Terry some buckets he talked about it on there's not watching basketball that Saudi Jabar Parker had to step up in the series and then Jabbar Parker obviously. That got it all what are to waste going to Fries game trying to gonna say Adam said screw you you lot talk crap in the media fun you consider wash okay. Two driver will point which would have been the absolute wrong thing to do. Or he could've played it a make Jabbar earn his minutes to be on a floor Jabbar played really well the last two games. For me. What I said. I was done watching this team. That's true wasn't that was dug supporting the team of that that's Bart parts off. But I'm here to date structure for your team Huckabee stuck that is that is a very important distinction which I and our enemy that is not what I say and I asked Eric gets up cheering for this team what I said it was. Outlets don't have to watch this team this year meaning I'm sick of watching the same old same mould all year long. Once it gets the all season and we get ahead new coach new coaching staff is to bardo what was finally over with thank god. You can get a decision made their and then see what they do with the roster. That's what I was looking for Duke's I was sick of watching same old box because that's what it's banned for three years same old box. These last two games this isn't the same team. I don't know what happened the other guys but these guys in the same now. I'll say it again I still don't know they can do this in Boston. Made their body snatched by the monsters through. Space jamming it DeMarre shall there got their bodies back right arm but definitely is Jeannette played this fiscal in Boston now. You know you had the momentum of the crowd the energy level all of that it was awesome and I always tell people just look in the almost consider our. You're you're here are used his record are you were taking the heat so. You're just saying you're just done watching debacle there's a need all these watch 62 game every game you watched are your law it's the same store saying some into the playoffs they took us isn't aren't. However is airing you're never sure you were cheering on cheering for the team. All I ever says that he's done watching. Watching this plot the we've watched all here didn't it different roster different chemistry new coach let's start over get to Jabar don't want overture to free agency does what happens. Never at all never at any point. Not ever say I'm done chair for this team not would've thought a new team that's what bulls won't know that's extreme new team. I almost ice not sure from I TE that's that is too I don't watch the same old bucks man tapped knew what to same thing happen. In get excited to watch it happen again next outing as I watch it again tonight. Let's say. This team here is not the same team we watch for the last three years. That the physical stock helped to Parker was playing defense last two games. When that happened in the last couple of years when he was on the floor. Baker. Icrc love god maker my favorite interview on the team maybe the last five years and it's not talked about everyday I had the opportunity. That you want from applying to coming out and went out of his mind. Because well as a player. You got a lead on a court to bar spots is where was this during the regular season. If you play like this during the regular season this team would've won fifty games. During the regular season had thought plate with that type of energy and that type of intensity level. Aunt and attacked the basket and attacked in held the ball you know when you're on defense and block shots hustle. We have that all year but would have been much different. Budgeted it at nobody saw coming so can he do for another game I don't know. All I'm saying is dull it's two games I didn't see coming and I don't remember anybody other than Jason Terry dollars a night saying. That this was going to about to happen in Milwaukee that everything would change style of play would change. Guys that weren't doing anything and a series will come out of the blue off the bench and look like they should have been starting Ol Todd and I got peoples are drawn extension of what its next game you got it right on. Okay we'll see laugh it's going full so for lovers. I tip every team played like this for the last three years Jason Kidd never what do got fired. Probably would child would be assumed gone. At this point and they would've won around in the play house by this point have they played this physical. For the last three years which they haven't they done it for two games so let's not all act like everybody saw it coming. Now those of you that are the glass half full. And could give me a reason why they were gonna winning game or tune in Milwaukee other than mullah told court but couldn't justify anything are now. Coming on the radio to guide it was going to happen. That's why you do not Powell but you called didn't like our eyes as if you're positive in your wrong and always gonna say a word you if your negative in your wrong you're gonna get hammered. And that's exactly 110%. Troop. You guys got the part went or get excited about doing stuff like that god bless. There's only one god that it caught in Australia but last week. General and we to a madrassa that he might add as it is and Jalen Steele goes people's job coach there on you wanted anyone yet it's the rose only guy I noticed is they don't that is enough. Joseph Robinson the bucks actually after games he said there were both at home I said okay you work for the books correct my dad tax me is the same thing yeah. And I told him he was just getting old and crazy in the your your knots yeah so of course ID crumbled most. So forth for seven and a twelfth is reduced overall culture I guess about. The books came over we listened. What are the same could Wear it really wanted to worries for me and after all about the Jabari high. After rather than you heard your honest talk and and we had. Jason Terry he he talked and one of two things can happen in which I never see it either. These guys in the face of adversity they come together and Gaza game and they flips. That's what he did or. Pages debatable the tank there are Indian. Managers fear you felt like. That Jabari talking and maybe. Has something to do with. This assessment team is. Over the weekend. I think maybe. That major bar look within himself I think a lot of the guys saw that we saw the Cheri no basketball. Did you forget about. Other ways. They should point. Yeah it is coming down. Thank you know last of the game just come down on the break they keep pools over the remote picture next to Bledsoe. Bledsoe did make extra pass to brought in little fourth quarter were three. Well you know I have a long. Even Jonas is going 0104. If he does it to law. And Malcolm Rogge and blah blah knowledge that it does pick the notes oh let's go to Asia aren't driving or urged all over. They know urgent government one extra. Do you for a bit bored by that you are actually. More port to me they're actually share marine. The basketball. And that's war to me more than anything else. This is a team review what she's team likes do you have that we all talked about is that we think these guys genuinely don't like job. We think all of these guys are. For themselves reading these guys are selfish. And all player with something within minutes there. And the shirt of the basketball to being caught me completely. Off and that lovely me a period of arises. Really how they have gotten back into. He's been incredible the one. So have your thoughts. Feelings are predictions on this series changed large 67 books OK so you understand what that. Nothing that happened in the first two games marriages are way off the books are. -- Sparky and your thoughts feelings are prediction on the series changed my. Prediction was Boston in seven and I said it was a coin flip at the beginning of this series without carrier without Gordon Hayward I'm not moving off my traditional with one on the rodeo. So this plays out that nobody's gonna win on the road in Boston's gonna win seven Boston wins tomorrow walking wins Thursday comes back to Boston Boston wins game seven. The other thing about this whole deal is. Tatum brown egg roll those two games. They they've Jalen brown that's a bad man specially Ted tape was ever been in the playoffs and had no idea what this was on me about Goldman wrote pals Minnie played Milwaukee earlier this year but. Not like at not that atmosphere. In the US or whatever you want about different Arenas and fan base is around the country whatever else. This year Iger Middleton on this Milwaukee's a whole place to play in the playoffs right pushing and maybe not so much. But in the playoffs this is gonna be won a lot older more sustainable crowds you're gonna happen in the playoffs is new arena economic. When we make it even louder I think you'll regret it. That crowd Friday and Sunday more awesome IAA plus Rebecca in Beirut hospital. System intact. But the east right now yes Fareed. It's fun to watch the front row yet far. He looks like they got a team answered don't know if some guys. Due east right now because she would often lose it's series. It's a win win for them they made I see it that way when they're young players. Rick artery where Gordon Hayward picture. She. Yes they're definitely more formidable challengers to the bronze thrown in the Eastern Conference and there have been in the past. Now whether any market not to knock off LeBron. I'm not there yet. Which Gary does for his seriousness and what's out. Cisco a look at the people are 447 and tortured and your thoughts feelings or predictions on this series changed 4147991250. Sparky I'm still gonna do what I had planned on doing get the start of the show and I tried it and Jane remind opera. And I'll do that and we'll hear from you Graham LeRoy Butler is in the mix in the when he's richer returns right after this yeah. Had complaints it's a hustle play exit you know one of those a lot of times on defense you talk about 5050 balls well that's that's one there. The highlight was courtesy of ABC and that was Joseph front. Talking after the bucks 104102. Win over the Celtics yesterday that even their seven game playoff series at two games apiece. After the Bucs were down 02 and asking you have your thoughts feelings. Or predictions in this series changed 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. I'm man enough to do me Copeland all do that. And just once a morning it to you guys on the phones first and check in with Marat on the north side you're on the when he's great show it's up Mario. Though you speech on. The clips. Our. I kicked the books to win this series in prior to order starting if you missed the round nationally. Most expert and people maybe in Boston. Thought the same way that the books were better can't even though records minus fiery and Gordon Hayward and and markets Smart. Here's the thing advance. If you look at out of books where he the last two games Friday. Still room. Yesterday were killed mom until the end of the officials. Start groups that have beer spit on in game which to me that but that's the biggest concern. In court tomorrow night's game. He was plotted to pinata has to grab him on hold an armed they're pulling guys jerseys on the fast break and get real official that somehow can't either. I don't know how they miss that that was inexcusable. If you don't ever it was that kind of stoke on talk about Pacino you've probably Austrian border tomorrow night in Boston. That's a lot of books won't have to just play. RD mine. Treaty tomorrow to overcome. Until the Celtics. What do you appreciate it because that's the only chance Boston Herald that the officials. We're down mode the books. And call sticky can't gardens files. On your obvious and and maker and power so. I would face. Islam to. That that one call and pretty I mean Tate was trying to file Chris Middleton. He was going for the file he saw a clear path that the group are pretty much clear path to the hoop for Middleton. He was trying to stop him and draw the foul and grabbed his Jersey do you solve the Jersey scratch. And the rep three is four feet away from the play how he missed that. Is beyond me I'd add that that's under represent enjoying again but growing old spice to the reaction yeah. The spectator. There are some popcorn and sit on the sideline but somebody referee you are hearing here he had a real. A lot of times I'll I will on the post game show. Who who anybody calling on employment rafts were all a winner or a loss because I. Sometimes it can be but most of the time it's not it's his fans looking for she's so what routinely employ low. I can defend the routes yesterday that was some of the more one sided lopsided rough and that I've seen in quite some time. And you're supposed to get superstar calls for yachts and he did get one late or he pretty much put his shoulder down I think he ran over gays and Tatum. And the fourth quarter but then later if you remember correctly. Yeah since they are fighting for position Tama holding them by the arm a one point and then throws off for. Paul nothing biggest ignored it and let it continue to play on AE it's just mind blowing how it works so. Everybody thought including Ronnie well superstars. When the series they're gonna get the calls everything's gonna go their way. I haven't seen that yet for Jonas number one. In number to hear what angle that we have not talked about yet Gary. Is the respect of the referees. With the coaches that are coaching teams meaning. Brad Stevens has earned the rest respect over the course of last couple of number of years being echoed for the Celtics and what he's dot. Joseph prime d.s and in term head coach. That doesn't have that track record necessarily I think Stephen's continuously working old's rep for Reese paid off for Boston yesterday. And now I think that is where Eagles in the BL. QB QB brow low ball low in UB brow. Some of same mistakes. The book from making. The Celtics were made in two. By you credited him more. Because some mistakes that are making. Was almost felt like W was coaching mistakes naked so they could do better. Because that's what one in particular. Was the entry pass to you are. They would notice what we're doing is it you know. And you if it is it really it basketball auto wah. Several things that maybe if you. If you've got to. You. Topic you've got to come across and give your perfect did you all know that. A ball was doing too so yeah you talk about respectability of the coaches. He's got a little product in its way to go but you're honest should be treated like a superstar he is currently used. I don't know when you are in the stripes like. Two eight got superstar calls his rookie year in the regular while we're definitely is in your book but when you make it. You're at how far bogey and you have to win a series no all started to up far vote. You coach have to struggle because wasn't today it would once aboard a doubt it would delicate Anthony Davis who vehicles or would it Alvin Gentry. Average interest rate where all my two weeks ago. By anti Davis and I acknowledge caustic. Way. Yeah but with all due respect I mean he score over 440 the last team drew holly scored over forty analogy is weak unstable but just got to have the embed Becky by a coach to right. I can you predict that far. Can I get this up not just now component has been weigh in on me since yesterday you go about it Superman Internet you are now you. Steve this way. Now now well what Sparky said. You go LeRoy was one of the things that I was gonna say OK so that somebody said to me this morning on Twitter. Out of wanna hear about your rooting for the box anymore the rest of the series because of what I said last week. When they're down 02. I don't I never realized how many people confused. What you want to have been to your team and what you think we'll have been to New York team you know what I mean what. You'd you don't get that Laura know. Why I sit I don't know how many jobs I said to you and Tim on Friday I hope Bob brawl. I hope I'm wrong with the everything that I'm saying I know you were listen you're hearing which were listen. Make you do it I want it. I wanted to be wrong. About the Milwaukee Bucks you think America still ought to be wrong about the Milwaukee Bucks because I'm still sticking with the chalk in saying that the Celtics probably win this series a star opposite in that series say in the box went. After their Donald tune because that's that's our rights Laurent yet. After they went down to us at the elements are in and I'm still saying the Celtics will win I hope I'm wrong about that but. What I will apologize for what I will give me Mea culpa for again partly that was playing this all morning on the chuck and went the show today spark is there is there a silver lining to any of this right now we're grab orbiter. All I'm not going out on a limb by saying in this this season is over I need to say it yet. I just want this season and a home on got a Cisco if they leave our. I'm ready for this buck season and OK if I don't I don't want my job up I would watch the remainder of the series on makers should be in the G league next. Now an awful one hour and other yeah it doesn't hurt. I don't as the. And maybe become so frustrating. They're in the play all I know and that's that's does just about to get too good then I. I now I know it can actually he's you're still my thunder can do this because it's no husband and I mean since he has added you know not part of that I will. Apologize for the part that I will say I was wrong about was I fell into the same trap. That I chastised Sparky for falling into that it chastised radio Joseph for falling into the chastised any bucks man. Who was in their camp for falling into and it was not appreciating it. Whatever silver lining there was in this season. And I said you all got spoiled there. Since since winter is back. That playoff experts a seasons and three playoff seasons out of four and a top five superstar young superstar in this league and new arena. Right around the corner how are you all not finding some thin. To be happy about pre spore. And I fell into it and I'm sorry for being a spoiled baby. When it comes to the Milwaukee Bucks and especially that one line where I said. If I didn't have to watch for my job I wouldn't watch it that's a crappy attitude that I had. Last week I'm not we're not my second prediction that the Celtics will win this series but. That that. Ride babies boy healed Zooey or our priority rights are viewed with that I took last week because being down 02 and then the reports from Jordan Schultz at Yahoo! saying that the box were frustrated. With Jabari and Bledsoe and and the feelings were mutual from those two players in their camps toward the organization. I just got fed up I got frustrated I went over the top and I was a cry baby about the Milwaukee Bucks how spoiled. And how is wrong for that and I'm sorry thank you but but his stats are on your side or because you admitted stance of Boston know it and marijuana. That's why and that's why that's why not moving up my prediction Welker Odyssey. I got my attitude overall when it comes to the Milwaukee Bucks and not appreciating the good that is there are no matter what else happens. And the rest of the series and really no matter what has happened already. In this series. I was wrong. For doing that I was just as wrong as Sparky was I was just as long as Joseph wasn't and I just as wrong can you speak for Steve why said he was wrong precedent that was a spoiled attitude to take. And and I took that same attitude and out for. Oh come on these airwaves to tell you that I was wrong for. Did you know who else are like that rosette packer France yes. If you you don't as the Boeing you know are watching you. Were like hundreds of thousands of tiger wins that one. In you know. You'll notice how horrid. Mean if you look at the playoffs right now running so and pins on August of so Republicans V. Portland blazers got to inspire them let them so it's gonna get fired they need to blow them up right hold me not to Mittal Mittal but they're just gonna fired about Odyssey though with a if you were a few weeks in. A lot and Avery yeah I'd wanna believe they've had their run because we know. And be right there with our club do. Blew it out right it was Toronto. Only a one seed Vera tied 22. And it gives you. Washington and it and the way you go blue and all watching you blown right. Correct what do you want them loses I think one promoted according to friends right Goran as the and then here we sit with the books. Mean you said they should born trial yesterday engine that it was trying to move up and then they put together this year because their bench shot the ball really well from free. And they lost one of the men agreed they lost to injury now in the playoffs and l.s weather better players off the bench that's our. Obviously so and as far wall deal though. That whole thing with the train wrecked to begin with UN infighting going on while comes back plays well they are those that Washington throw a lot like the box where they felt. Worsens wall came cubicle he was playing well. And now they got go like the book. And your thoughts feelings and predictions change when it comes to the bucks in the series 414799. Pulpit deacon tweet us at 1057 FM the fan my thoughts. And then and I can't change. And has not that's what I sounded like last week. To a little appreciating the good things when it comes to Milwaukee among. Like Sparky with the Bucs win you win over what there's another thing that's a that's to be happier about. When it comes to the military runs through it does remain so well are you supposed to say. On Friday that Ozal positive what I miss like so you say you didn't appreciate the good things that happened in the first two games of the series. Because I don't I don't know whole unknown how. After the first of dancers who want more buster Winfrey here. There does not in the tea misleading you know what if they aren't physical assault got all this. All these people were predicting the future. Right and by NASA not not not specifically that there are good things to take out of game one and two but there're still things. To look at and appreciate when it comes to this bucks team in the season. And I forgot that office. That's one of them just say to back playoff appearances that. It's a good. All right there was nothing else Eric salt from that you say I should have been more so that its own. Early. There and we're often on relevant. I don't really care I'm not this year and I I don't know you know your dobbs is listening to a radio called how physical they were going to be. Movie dumb and I. I don't I don't let the moment I'm loving it I'm only just all of them voted not a week you've good a good these du Jamal you're doing and just. Don't know I know I don't know the home guy on Bobby if I'm only leagues I can't hear you know don't have your Mike and. He's been consistently well it's because he's always been about rappers like that and I said I'll sing a packer I know but I think. What are close to the Packers no matter as well below his dark alassane this year or two weeks ago about this bucks team forget the Packers now say that you two weeks ago about the box and I forgot. My own message you know I forgot what I was dropping like a guy out in outset dodger back out about my game and now I'm seeing another day. Yeah we exist Celtics went. Now the here's the question had your thoughts feelings question or series prediction changed and in my thoughts and feelings have changed a predictions there's dissent. The bucks so yeah when the box when you win at Wendy's they want their Yasser race that you get to win today at when he toy for our sorting participate Wendy's get either a free small chili or a free junior bacon cheeseburger with the purchase of a medium drink. That's at Wendy's the Bucs win you win so they went tomorrow night to take advantage of that on Wednesday as well. Or a quick break here more from you right after this on the Wendy's ratio. That was me last week. But still Sparky today just like these big giants game. You thoughts feelings or predictions about this series changed. After the bucks and even things up at two apiece for I don't forehand 7990. Pretty entry descent 1057 FM the fan I got to migrant Friday night in and I'll leave the show before even performed. Yeah did you intend give you mine and now also for anybody came out to see me at that show I apologize and come to the next job mention on the air and I'll pay for your tickets. Current I don't moon month I you have rings and not do very inexpensive shows. Let's go to the money until this happened and don't run for a second account for 14079. Born you can read dozens and go to Nevada seven. The failed let's go to the body it shows say your other what these big shows up about it. Good picture of you. No but I've noticed so now he's through he didn't. You're right you did you while players play Barack all. I think just by America but because you. Recovered Batman be and it's like oh well. So. My mom may gain is that I own. When I got about the current time helping out in there was not a jump shooter and error by right. When we post all air. Crashing down. Well I don't know there and do it in the courts but there aren't that. Odd that they could force. I know. Ya especially talk we appreciate. There about pass balls than a week. He got to park I was out as Garrett at the last few minutes to disarm. And as figures yeah there's Parker and get. Monstrous. And who knows the game so that's a great question down the stretch if it after one thing about Jordan. If they draw plays. For him to get the last allocated on a double troop you kick it out to somebody who rate issue as to be a shooter. Miss today's kid taped chat. Or Brockton either want to imitate Shaq did I would I would not his but those guys consistently. Rated as Goodell probably just give it to. And he got to be ready to take. Win lose or draw just take it would be better coming from you in his sets up moving for about you have that killer instinct take note did you. Let's go back to the folks 4147991250. Seth. On the north side you're on the when he's big show its upset. Along bellows and all our big box and I was yesterday it was called in and they bought. One like I was creep with that in itself holds so unfortunately we only went so you know what one game that was strategy nice game to be. It was electric in the grammys under I I haven't been to a game in a while and every player I was four under section I had no leads everyone was standing in last year in a little. And I would tell you right after that played as that we had like four halftime and opened. That was unbelievable that it set that apple I don't look sort order that we what you thought there's a file that we knew that we want to. It let me ask you this outlook as I was how's that one of the games in the fear the deer here. That place was pop in it when I went to that playoff game did you go to any of those games back then convincing quite. As electric or as loud now what I experienced and person when I experienced on TV but it didn't seem quite that electric as it was a few years ago on the fear the deer here. I'm Libya that was my first playoff game. The ball don't know what David. Just so like that among what was the episode opened up the view and our. It operated being a new game on Sunday in the all the weight or I could complain at all. You know the weather was beautiful group game on up and after it was rocket. All well and I mean I think it's I think the book and pick it up. So root for my buck in all the way to put it off your it's gonna to supplement that in in Boston and in. Are they use your archer is much watched it were yesterday and that you know all of that debris. New York you know what's amazing to run records actually rock album we do review shall. Do. Order. This important. And this amazing. If you just like stop and think about. I agree because we're we're live and too like everybody else. But we did take a lot of phone calls rupee was that it wants to books and who knows me I mean. Are you alone Joseph and I wasn't well there are a lot of that says that. OK. But it makes you. Stop and being the small sample size of those people that we actually reached that we actually hear from. Would you look at you with that at the brakes. Right because if everybody felt that way that nobody would have been at the Bradley says we talked about on Friday and it was it wouldn't they it was a so sold out and about we will necessary you know it is so old days house. It just goes back to something I often say here on this show people are much more likely to be vocal and speak out. When their pissed off than when their happy nobody asks for the manager at a restaurant is are getting perfectly fine service now do you I don't know that I and that's. It's rather than later complain about and the service and and go back to two years you write about it could edit one americorps to do that record. The front interest. Could we wish all dog does not when all too well. I will say well I never heard anybody. And this rate but we're just in passing by watching the former network I ever heard anybody say anything about front. But if you at a political leader when he lose don't get credit when they win. Heated embedded into a bomb maker get the minutes via while maybe the minutes put getting the star. And actually getting an opportunity to show something and that's because John Henson went down with an injury sellers are so right Mariette that's her yet. So. Thought this decision. Regardless and but. We give them a lot of grief when they lost Barbara say nothing to write in yet we will come honestly what are you know you're years old are really the kind of government that has a lot of coaches getting pissed off and take it personally when Jabbar said what he sent last week and operated at all and not played him at all. And that's a lot of people are saying Joseph prior to should've done yelled at a made terrible head coaches in the NBA. So you directed give Joseph printing credit for some things we never see thought maker if John Henson doesn't no doubt that fell in Joseph Prodi's flat to a degree we go to about affirmative. Thought maker yeah yes. Meet I'm sure he'll come up throughout the show. You know talk about changing contractors and on the veteran. Please yes but he is yes and the bill's record YouTube. Played. As what has been pretty bad in I would just talk into the girls' softball coach over them ski or ice who's. And they've only played one going. So far the seas. They're gonna play. A game every day's week. And they don't play at least three double hitters this week. In the playoffs I think start the following week. Jessica's name me the weather's been moral. Had to lay in a little last week it was coached down central high. He said he'd had only one practice outdoors this girl's name on there and search him throw me most of and just believe. If you let me throw this week you just walk around your house. And basically you assess the word and it's. Has there I mean because we had a heart one. Review each. Year that's your your roofing in a year which companies and not a single thing. Live out in front yard. I don't think yeah houses I don't know better of me eighteen years I think. If it is they've been great senior days that follow you you may need a new group. McGovern is over JT Contra disputed. What or how he sees them. Cracks and you maybe need a new paint job well my good friends over at JNJ contractors. And do it oh well I bet that last week in a big windstorm that we had and my good friends when a decent guys that work would have Bob came over and I got a new door India. It's enough for. God dog walker Rodney Leisle hollering you're gonna leak in. Guys that did this guy's no job is too small as they can do it I'll call my different outrage a injury card. Every thoughts feelings are prediction in about Celtics changed more 147991250. Treatise that 1057 FM the fan we'll hear from the voice of the Celtics John grandy joins the big show at 305. As many of you guys we can squeeze in between now and then after a short break here on the winning victories. It's like a great show on Monday. For the bucks even a series over the weekend with the Boston Celtics two games apiece now back to back wins at the Bradley Center asking him your thoughts feelings or opinions. On this series your predictions that is changed 414. 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan we'll talk with John grandy play by play voice. Of the Celtics on the Celtics radio network coming up at 30 filed let's get as many of you and as we can before then we'll go to our guide d.s and try to mourners on the Wendy's big chill it's update. Would go which are a man around to your point earlier while books sale is sport pure love life but are we in Idaho. That it looked oil to take me to play rockets are public. Yet when you make it in back to back years for the first time in twenty years and you you have. Back to back seasons with what was it 42 plus wins Sparky for the first time what brand and our hour long and three out of the last four seasons you've gone to the playoffs. And you have one of the brightest young superstars in the honest. And you have an arena on the horizon I was just saying there were things to be positive about to be happy about no matter how ugly the product on the court got. Racial angle is here in the prior art but it wouldn't try and want to get there. Are no they were trying to speed yet. So don't say yes or partial part you know those are all court both games are excellent are. If they play is their defense every Barney are. With a hole which back or to track. In our benefits than before into the you know with the largest box on the gang came off the ball contract look this thing as well as smaller people love and do well prior to block. So that much help are not war and got on running and got on all. Off a portrait in Prague in all children in front and center so proud of milk and put non rock at all. That would achieve which are so you've got it for. And a lot of people call it karma out yesterday but so would just won't allow. Ineffective in that state and Romania have marked my opposition want change listing. They were planet switching defense we are eight market Californians I don't like to blow arm. You know I mean it was one play where you got a little corner. He felt Auburn Hills memorial drive and got back. Well there are blocked shot in the path. That would have both books and so we'll play as a tool is gonna put the fire back in what this season could watch him play like it was a twelve individuals instead of looking is lookup are also what is books. And I'm glad they actually play you're gonna ask that. Article that. I don't actually think I guess slated to act as good Democrat I think it will initiate not they are checked. Well now. Yeah and that that lack of effort energy and focus. Has been something that's been frustrating all season long and that is another one of the things that I finally. Let's get to me in and pushed me over the top in my bucks frustration because Heidi get to the playoffs. And come on game two and show zero heart zero effort. Zero will against the team like the Boston Celtics through your more talented than. Coming into the season I still believe that they're more talented than them. I just think that 820 deficit and series is a very hard thing to overcome and I had back to Boston let's see. What this bucks team has and if we see another game like we saw in game two let's go to count on the northwest side you're on the Wendy's picture what's up cut. Yeah I go to court trooper Sparky arm. How many what he injury that some Boston. One guy. Now according Harry Karen Gordon Harris been out all year or so ball their star players are out from under third best player well maybe is debatable but. Market Smart hasn't played either there's a chance he may be back and there's a game seven. But he he was a pivotal player for them all throughout the course of the year two. Okay target direct question he's barking now. I'm wire they struggled with this news. I like our concerns. Thanks for the column well that the reason that they struggled. In games one and two is because they got into those farms where they couldn't score. A to a certain degree they had defense of lapses. As well both those games and they warm playing. How they've played against three or four against three of four they play with a physical style nature I think in game three it really took Boston back and they weren't ready for. I'm game for Boston was ready for. And it was just an all battle between both teams and drummer in game four neither one of those teams could shoot the ball well and Bucs were shooting lights. I purse Anders something like that. Masayoshi like 29% to start that game that the Bucs got we're fortunate that. Austin wasn't hitting their shots and threw up one Gary L arson was a 100% right ms. after game one I said. They shot 41% as a bag it was different for you and you screw that up that's again you had to get my shot that bat and Gary came ice and the dude. The leader probably more in this series outlaws insults they're gonna be down matching the basketball game two Boston shot the ball well. And in game three they shot it OK but game four they were they were very good to the ball. All yesterday but I. I think part of that was that missing shots I think part of it is the Bucs defense and health as the other plane going to bar park can say this enough. Divorce Parker's defense these last two games have been battered defense and I've ever seen Jabari Parker played a box Europe you don't. Not did. I don't know who got in his team's head to play this physical style ball I don't know who rallied the troops and indict us against the world mentality or whatever they got don't. But whoever did age be better on the bags a good job he helped save the first drug class for this team because that is how this whole series changes. You've they don't come out and they don't punch him in the mouth and played a physical style ball and continued shooting game for. And it very well may be over ordered out at least three want out of the gate made a best chance when was going to be Friday night they did. And I don't want to see they can do it again yesterday that same type of physical style and their war. For the most part cal was it was out of his element a little bit again in game four so he has to figure out. A way to get going and then you just hope that John has. They might have to go on the road trump brought this up on the post game show yesterday. And that is Gary got us needs a signature game here for them to win again boss and he needs and Anthony Davis type 47 point night. The got to put the bucks on his back show why he's the best player in this series and winning game for this boxed. Always dogged have you made in house shall balls are little I just don't know if you can do that. Arm onto and find out rule in. It's gonna have a tag team effort for the Milwaukee Bucks in order for him to give 48. And I say this in passing last week air after we're watching it. Some of these players every day as you start seeing some of these over your employers Simmons now. I don't know if you're honest is that guy and he's in about like LeBron. Now so there will be not fair to compare him to LeBron know about it the need us. But every Davis have I think has a better supporting cast. Debt was lends itself for him to do you force. The Jews feel like the books just don't have that. You know what I mean I I disagree this morning passed out a call for team yeah. The big goal if he goes out of the calls for one. He needs to drug and so burial for the Pallet Mirotic who's been an upgrade for them yet panel. He needed was fifteen or 24 from the field to a four from 315 to seventeen from the line. 47 points and eleven rebounds. And and it just only want things to excel he's part in the game he was big free throw as reverend. I inject a shot eighteen free throw attempts I don't think it's a lot of percentage and I don't know and he was fifteen or so I don't you're saying that they can even get those many of them yeah nobody wants war. Okay yeah after the all my god out of creating space and my point is for yeah. Mirotic catch and more cat and Andrew holiday would have 41 had their bench had twelve points. 36 and three was about Obama. Yes she is is not about the names it's your name now is is about how our team please. Together with their superstar. Did that allows images. That number low brought to give that number in different ways abroad can just go and take over. I don't know there is another guy. Packages goal okay I'm June 15 and Russell Westbrook. But. But when Russell. Global affairs and also does it. Now the team is assembled with them if you like their Luke esser president he is doesn't and that means that prices out Paul George and enemies at Melbourne getting shot. So bad happens though say in that time two in the they lose that game if he's gonna go to for ya do you think that it can do. I just don't know bureaus can do that you will get is that millions this week we can talk about. This the younger stars right now orders now where you see ya as equities from these younger guys coming in right now I mean as Russert before. You look at Boston Celtics right now they get back Tyree they give Gordon Hayward Brad. That team work with what they're getting right now with a young players. They're only gonna get better. The scary thought there in the east LeBron rain where what what LeBron has right now in in Cleveland. Businessman. Alassane not the military much. Is there a lot of it himself yes no doubt about that is that yeah is is not the brought the first army went to the temperature is not that bad. Britain if you look at teams around them right now they they're actually pretty good and is due to a for the first time middle long time Gary. People other than LeBron and his teammates can start realistically thinking about rails in the eastern coming. And uses a lot of you know knowledge on tell you one coaches got a ring but refrain Jean Marie. In you guys who we talk Obama time uses to eureka I mean he really honest. Loyal guy and you know and includes an apartment where mos ago I talked you were or that way. Any view looking for two to give the best price on a piece of juror are. I just tortured him are dangerous and so I'm not even really ask you go about anything. Obviously both walk in the door check what they got. And she is the best price to go cause I know what's going to be. Everybody has the jury can I give. Won't try to introduce you demise I think you'll he will be. And life long god did you need head count in your fairway for the jury where you'll see your friends your Brothers and he ought to use. Yeah articles all of them losers and this is going take here. It is to not as saying he. It is there's only your training so a lot of announced on earn a lot you don't have any. Is only for our view from the start all use they were donors that cable and name right yesterday. You aren't you a little younger. He can be your sister and I sure she uses a lot like you know Brock and our. And miles. But that's local boy yeah some like. Coach different audits every season lately and I created new location in Brookfield Loma road trusting their surveying. New new location in new. Burlington Wisconsin that is the. Jewelry slick quick break got the other side we'll see you Sean grandes opinions of this series of change the Celtics radio play by play mantras of Wendy's big show right after that.