2PM: How much of an impact can Jennings have?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, March 13th
Gary, Ramie and Sparky recap the Bucks win last night and ask how much of an impact Jennings can have on the remainder of the season. 

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The way V. Yes it is a Wendy's big shock yes it is a given the boy judgment day it's also a Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday presented by frontier motors. I'm running back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeifer and the former packer in badger running back Gary Ehlers and lots to get to this afternoon. Including at 4 o'clock we will get to our Kim and avoid judgment of the day. The Packers now taken a backseat. And that FC north will also hear from Brandon Jennings spark his conversation with the now again bucks point guard. Coming up at 348 and that through the afternoon starts is with some bucks talked out of Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday and with some Brandon Jennings thought how much of an impact. You think he can really have down the stretch here and don't into the playoffs 4147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Bucs fans in all this deltic last night sparking watching Jennings almost put in the a night with a triple double sixteen points twelve assists eight rebounds. In a 121103. Memphis grizzly or win over the Memphis Grizzlies people are so distilled again a sub part weekly say he almost cried. Seems as the Jabari goddess and and Brandon Jennings all play together but let's try let's try to put in the stand nostalgic feeling outside. And really assess the situation out and asked the question. How much impact do you think Brandon Jennings can really have down the stretch are you standing up 414 with 79 natural fifty already library is bred dogs are my presidency you don't know drives at 1 o'clock or seven. FM the fan he really is wearing. His Brandon Jennings who may. I was gonna win last night in the fewest the first athlete while the first basketball player to put under armor on an all yeah that's right that's right. Anybody who is him and man who was other news I always forget. I'm but there are still album and they were the first ones to get under armor going in basketball men and all kind of took off. From the air but he was one the first wants asylum themselves. Tom. I think. Number one that no like this big deep breath you take the dread settle yourself out area got it together. I think the first thing is you can't expect him to put a triple doubles obviously from 9924 Mazar is just not happen but. Everything obviously what while forum. He was playing really tired it sounds like a based on what he said after the game to media in the locker room. I'm still able to do that. But looked in eyes. First of all in my opinion. I think he's a better distributor of the basketball and Eric Bledsoe is a from the point guard position I'm in you can really tell that with him Ryan that second it him. I Zeller Parker sterling brown hopes he held together as a unit. He only had one practice before stepped on a 40 with these guys that's it. So. I like that sterling brown gets interviewed at halftime. After the first half. And master LeBron and his eyes get to be about as big as golf balls are Ras night. And that he said he was to bring energy to the second unit in you do sought that's exactly did you get the ball we go. And that's how we want plans like you get the ball and gulp. And that is some of the they have not hat on that second unit really all that Motley definitely haven't had to rod went on. So it adds another dimension and then. You talk of adult adult. I don't each you don't go addressed here he can and I'm were dumped. You know I don't know what you were scarred. For him and make fun hearing you've been okay. East and oh yeah and don't even care what he's making he's not been an out and won't. Jamaican prime viewing you parlor and wouldn't have been as mad about her but got spot which he's making under battle in bright note. I would agree OK so. When he gets back if he gets back oodles islands and got aggravated but it's now or. I'm not I'm not easy. So it comes back then they get arrested because not equally broad you know what's on the backcourt against starting. And still like article off the bench and provide some energy it's a good up and before this team when Brandon Jennings. All different elements I'm sure the botulism and attending contract what he wants to move. Everybody on the radio post game in Milwaukee Bucks to a child yeah Tuesday. So chuck chemical or I don't know bill talked about it shall. They. Were talking about our post show last night. We able last night talking about okay triplets this offseason but Malcolm rock Star Jones is back next year at the new arena and what's the the Hillary line trader but once so let's not. Oh no it's not fit thirtieth digital fans that are now once and that has been for Bob Walters liked. Totally totally independent India Avaya Brandon Jennings OK IRS outbreak jedi was so good last that the people like we did this guy Melbourne I think what what's happening as I I think people are questioning. How good blood to really as a mean between his turnovers is four shots. Billy run out of whoever I think you'll just have questions Bob blood cell going forward with this team and our our fine if they decide move on this point but. But that besides that behind us I am I going for the rest of saint. Jennings probably need to get deployment tonight. Are going forward and I'm night's work because you know this is gonna happen and that's where he's Fiona from outside and things are falling left and right and he's in that group. I mean just plan out and see what happens at the end of the game. The other thing is. We talked about the samples came showing them this first time around with with a box Gary all the pressure of the world was idea to me he was kind of that guy that had a score had a serious had to kind of do everything he wasn't ready to eat at score for sure. Now this time he can be more of a distributor he can help and other ways he doesn't have to be a score every night or for this basketball team to win. And I think that's a huge deal. Huge deal. And then you look at the fan base in Milwaukee. When he was here he was lobbed in the beginning right. That's a bad one right that a fan base spot on the map by the end people were fine getting traded because he was talking about you know bigger better things whatever whatever. Somebody goes to destroy. Blows up the Achilles or whatever ad really was in the same after that came at Washington wasn't the same was just never that that's saying that. Then he goes to China this year now he comes back. I think this fan base can really help Brandon Jennings. Get back to where Brandon Jennings was because. Based on last night we'll see how the crowd is on Saturday when they play Atlanta. Standing ovation in the way that you'd comes in the game. While logical if you ports are ever at the BC Wednesday against Orlando he booked us something similar to what he just dead yet. But my point is he's gonna feel love really for the first time since his first. Leaders in Milwaukee. That very well could be what happens in Milwaukee a Garret you that type of law of and momentum from a fan base. We can do nothing but the year and a sample what it Euro reliever you get booed before you walk out of the bullpen for the brewers don't just. You. Only destroys you sort of thing it'll play a big part in this too I. Yeah I'm excited obviously no question about it and he could be huge boost for this team they need of something and less of a post game show mayor Mitch is that videos. I think I've heard he's many Bucs fan smiling calling and the post in short like a month. And it's true her body was Jack last night like it's like you're felt like it was it felt like Jennings rookie year. That's kind of what it felt like like everybody yeah everybody I know it's a house calls this was happening we're anticipating signal is gonna happen seeing what he was don't look like he came out it looked like that you're like. Well all right all this this is going to be better than we thought it said he was tired. So you're already look like fresh city ready to make him the backup point guard. Well really because you're abroad and I mean he's really still the third point guard but that's not a problem and I can be the third point guard right now he is the back a point and you said about twenty minutes a night. One minutes but if he gets hot. Let go just Rodham Nolan Nolan that meets with Bledsoe and Jennings in the back order bride and and Jennings what ever because you see him be able to get hot and carry you when scratches. Gaffe by six Israel must shot. And he's just Phelan it. We have urged those in Jabbar can throw a browser ever given an opportunity really to. The Jennings. If you like Adam he giggled and he had that whole little bald swagger stick for whatever that NBA. Dot com to weed out after he hit a shot you see that I needed yet that there he is a lot Julie I'll say that he so much you can hear. When he talks he so much more mature now I feel. Then he was may be when he came in obviously being in the league now for ten years. 28 years so I think he's figured it out a little bit more and understands his role been humbled Knowles ash are getting bounced out of the league he said he found himself in China. Like he kind of lost and supple on the quickest was sold out he could get healthy he could it be the player that he was and he thinks he's finally back to where he needs to be taken for the first time. You good. All right I'm good operatives that last night that you throw cold water on this and destroyed me out here to be honest with every time I got to say about summit. Yachts and you do not and I said last. I needed by a top about 230 and are well until round usually slow down not every time just with it's it's an unknown reason well a lot of love excite probably go to another. Ought to be a street com I'm ready asking the question how much of an impact on do you think Brandon Jennings can really have 414. 7991250. I think that was a very reasonable answer Sparky. And I black got makes you you do. W about it after a short break we're from Gary and we'll hear from you next album when he's facie. Full screen Brandon Jennings just keeps coming because there's no defender Stefano to stop the penetration. Seniors and so all like you know kind of like a bit choke. You know not just north is caught ailment that was caught my interest and try and so whatever I've just. Going to do my job played harder and it. The highlight was courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin the first of sixteen points for Jennings off the bench in his first three appearance for the Milwaukee Bucks. Twelve a says state rebounds to boot a near triple double for Brandon Jennings in his return to the Milwaukee Bucks asking you how much of an impact. Do you think Jennings can really have down the stretch and into the playoffs 4147991250. Where you can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan Gary said you have mixed emotions George. How come over across roles last night run OK I want cross rove well. American Google my name in ways to carry the host American Idol now she's a judge how can somebody get me up on Twitter seat press a solo okay. It sees as one ally reached speaker and Luke Luke. Countries want it appeared. Gone. Does that nobody misinterpret that that's a good figures stated that he does. And negative well at all that the good thing. So there's. Yesterday. Eager to see American Idol that it was on last audit Stadler or plasma for nine completely forgot about it. Washington. New video. Of the moment came on the books on fifteen minutes. You need to beer minded you don't and wanna know what I did yeah okay you don't wanted to add did you duque was not happy remain what did you do. So you know DirecTV you can record so many shells a wants and things like five shots yet her. Well we had our normal things set to record which are normally for a Monday night and I have the box automatically set to record. So halftime of that game. I turned non roster racers or whatever for Texans need to watch it like to my computer right now it was like eagle five. At which point I realized an American Idol wasn't up high enough on the priority muscle and not all no tire first quarter all of America. So that's the only the second hour of American Idol last on much that's a fundamental right to change American Ali philosophers are really yet there's an ABC on demand Logitech that I am a direct it's in the one thousands. Under our TV yet now that all the shows that are IB we saw the second are going into the first okay sirens go. Stalled relayed to the box yeah Soviet your stupid little thought. I had to go back all of Lugar running I had between the department and its. Brad just took all my 200. So I had to go unloaded and record. I don't I got back to the letter. Yeah. And now. On Sunday and Monday for a okay. It's it's located here on the way way. What yeah. Who is out there are they about what is out there would have the good thing or pixels yeah. But don't. All agree. That. Mean don't you follow want trouble don't own it but then Brad 30. I didn't realize it was that close and texted me adult and I'll likely. Canada oh yeah don't work. Dugard and two more re. Going on. You. Feel. You know what. Mountaineers face and I don't know why you sign I don't has been trying to go to. You're looking at what. What does that will be passed. Everybody slowed. And Oslo the ask him. We are you do you don't occupy the same age and 48. Double. Yeah we probably don't. Rotted out all the cute and he's like a hundred it doesn't matter wolf worldly are I mean I know you're at Italy and Jai while he doesn't just let him. I know. He would Kentucky's beautiful years. Would hope. That. Who would Arizona that you're gonna use a you know if you want to know boy that obvious. It's an era. Assuming Italy and then he went to China yeah yeah Google glad you. Don't. Know if it Norton. But it. You are made it out and done you're gonna. You're doing what we've been to all of our fans to stop don't live right and it would Bruntlett to. You need to dance and there is no market. I doubt when. I don't think anybody wide Bledsoe back in a game that'll look I don't I. Do you have locked out like a lot of additional that I loved. Let himself that a bit and Jim Gretzky mentioned well. On the show last night at a big smile on his walls and a broad Jennings back in the game he wanted to go to that level won't. You gotta be getting me open. There was. Second clock you're not getting to rebounds probably and rebounds and 52 seconds ultra snow visited them. The call at all. Nobody. You won't you wanna go well oh no on Tuesday. Again Gary original threat to Eric Bledsoe and the dudes are attending contract he's not even here and. The rest of the season and tell you right here it is still can't play. It's UK Hugo all the clubs and what I it's probably is sparking coveted senate bill is still million U wanna. Bumper having you know some other way and two of whom are we making too much are coming. Yeah I think I was installing it now he's a liberal little things yeah. He would do that why can't you let out that happened I should take away is trying to take away nervous and you're right. About black book it's. So hopefully the Brady's gonna be let out you can hear you gittins. Yardage guards are gonna bomb maker army you've got. You guys are you jerk I have did you benefit. I'm. Sorry clicked. There I don't know whether it's through through members of that and as a guard Steve Cutler for our show and what are my court today. One of the ones that you thought about. But it's about your next game is Orlando they're not very good that's when tonight bitterness in his Atlanta on Saturday to be waters rallies are barometer incident in standing ovation. That's Saturday I guarantee is that. Com showtime. And that's Monday in Cleveland on ESPN. That's of the game I wanna see Jennings next. When the your brand Jennings as you put him in a national gay nine times out of dead he's gonna tell you bring your popcorn love to see what we got. That's where I want to see if this is new Brian Jennings are old Brandon Jennings if. I'm real quick before we get to these phone calls on the bus Canada back to American Idol for 12 you wanna back to American to get his hair reminded me of some than. Last I've used treaty while he was watching American Idol well at this trade came about and I responded with I don't know what this means anyone. Gary's three greens has tagged Kerry pay the Kerry Katy Perry no fantastic oh yeah hash tag American Idol. With some remote gene that at a bunch of people are even though at the is that the American idle mode you don't even know what that is what were you taught what does Katy Perry nor fantastic go. Ahead of Guerrero. Came out. It was an aha. Here come June below me okay. And so few of the this advertising time are so she. You better come up and then order a half the K try this girl. Now from computer film of all that's when she fell. Flashed everything. It was. He's like a pot of right below. That are available more than that one yeah. When I got behind everything. Obviously over the right people you got quieter and grab. Right a little wooden right. About the unit orders at all yeah you about the and hash tag well over there who are. These guys at my. We were pretty well at the right you can see that Robert largest mobile. I think you've all heard me on as an owner and yet these articles from the political. You'll legalistic and not mean to you know. I. Know sort of part of the border evident to me. Public gym bag do you think branded cities can really have four good for his seventh on the left and it to a lot of Jordan could traders at 1057 at them fan I'm not I'm not gonna rain on the drug I started to do with Gary sparking corrected me and your right I'm not gonna rain on the drug yellow iPod Griffin's rambled on like I had my way it ha this week you know this nation who you know he worked intensity now via. Brandon Jennings. Is being tweeted about in Kansas city's. Chrysler in Kansas and yeah I think that trees from last night I think that just resurfaced for some reason modern day Sony retreated up I thought about that last night and he's. And contending that city trending on Tuesday to go to ram on the north side here in the Wendy's big show how much impact you think Jennings can really have Graham. Well Paula bet big because that you know later. I think the other a committed and you know the very what would you it was compared to you know to Britain and let one and that would go to the Y. Game in these happening. He walked into. Moment cookbook so I want to in my truck I automatically. And now what they all the guards at the book I put him how things really haven't that's. When he's driving your right no not in his right. And if you re not credit because he got more. I mean who does in the vessel clarity here articles I mean having hit capital earlier a lot of people who I think he can score you know like this. Didn't hear it knows about how he gets it in mediate a couple price probably it's going to be a crisis that. This column but they've got his timing is about time. We. All wish list below to go to rest for the continent where he and I'll go ahead. Call it art I wrote out this fitted up being going forward it will be interesting to see like when they play competitive as he show. He can hit the test about upfront where the Mecca of all American game it's an airport and the fifth is being played okay. He political order in the village of our local cap lead in the compellent. He showed he's more. Like. I always think that. I don't. And that's always look are the hot shots. Right yeah oh yeah they've only got to say it's at today yeah you ought to start to look at your name is our hearts our guard. Really Brennan and with the first one. We forgot. Are those from Kentucky audience wanted done jokers. Manages one that we forgot he was definitely flashes come on high schools. This year Edmonton player I don't McDonald's all American Idol I don't want to met one on one that I've been given to. Yeah had a since well yeah but don't great why could that they weren't real sure did sort of think no. I'm. Playing out more this week right now in the C. I want him that he got dark legally here. Meet stopped. Read. It even beat. Auburn does it make him a better basketball player. Yeah it's anger okay. Publishing bag do you think breaded settings can really have 414. Seven died died told the deacon to read this at 1057. FM the fan Sparky conversation with Brandon Jennings last night on the post and felt like if you miss that is coming up at 348 here on the big show I just asked our. I'm going under that's in terms only got to do is ask you this they've Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday brought to you by frontier motor cars on south 27 areas that room. But that show you how easy it is to buy a quality used car in Milwaukee just go there and Tom eight and again equality used car here in the city of Milwaukee and they they know how to do it because they've been doing it in that same location. For over 44 years and when you're in one location former 44 years. You're doing something right let me tell you what they're doing right they believe in fair prices superior service in treating you the customer. 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As box point guard Brandon Jennings on the Milwaukee Bucks pick in same post game show last night after he won 21. 103 win. Over the Memphis Grizzlies in Jennings and as a return to the buck sixteen points twelve assists eight rebounds two rebounds short of a triple double what we're asking. What kind of impact do you think he can really have an archer for the bucks down the stretch and going into the playoffs 414. 7991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan thousand formed in the hallway during the break their GE some sort of technical glitch occurred and the 2 PM keyword. For our thousand dollar signing bonus giveaway. Did not play lucky for you. You guarantee you they're in a car in your office it's good until 3 o'clock so here's the 2 o'clock keyword you're here on the big show audio eight UD I O audio. Text audio to 72881. And you're entered into our national contest for a chance to win a 1000 dollar signing bonus courtesy of the fan that's audio text. That to seven to 881 message and harassment likely to test drive that's a legal and next test 1000 out to. Third audio my good friends and you see audio video audio medium came out. Did that yeah. To do what we mount pretty gotten the outdoor television. Well weekday dated yet you don't do it and here he set there and watched mounted the outdoor television cool and struck out there working. Take it off to sort of thing so just beyond what his record in a lot of ways your mine. You're you're live in eleven. Know the life I want to know now you are no I don't know you're live in the dream via your live and live in the Mac laughter Youth League pitcher what's gonna happen. What. Well it's outside. You'd get squirrel the new TV what our hope and I. You're in there. Ought to go ways insurers. Yeah that's good I'm good took on it isn't that expensive they have to ensure it's the TV. Oh my god. I'll never be able to afford that ever it's on your homeowners Rome. All I would. I got anything going on the question via homeowner I'm not adults don't you check on that I know because I forgot a degree it's so it would have been July when. Sewell and you want your record up to. Sort of mid to late last night at US but I citadel at this morning and ended allowed them to make a mental note. To make a note note forget a mental note I did the cult ensured that art looted JJ at west Dallas the other way these big show how much of an impact you think Brandon Jennings and had digit. Who worked on our pictures and technical. I wasn't nearly as exciting as I am now. I've been looking into law Sparky EG not to reveal that earlier. Credit dropped injuries rated go to Wendy's. Eric in Selma and aren't you see out of all messed up there are rated by Nadal. You're really in the. Are you guys Brandon Jennings do because they're so that power. I am Brandon Jennings now but I. Is motivated. And that's what you need we need to score off the bench and obviously QB. The big thing for me indices of facilitator. And the most well as seriously as I received from. Or forward and we need we need somebody that can do that from off the bench. He's a scorer he can get into longshot to re all. And if I were Eric Bledsoe like I'd keep my head on the swivel. You know because yeah he's gonna take days right now that they definitely pesticide is used to. Residencies in contract is no question in my mind. Maybe start off with another ten day. Let they got to put him on to this year and then see what happens scoreboard. They agree that we would do open GRR com I'm buying in right now. Appreciate the cottage and I'm I'm there I'll cults also Amylin ago there. I would sign him beyond the ten day contract. I think he can be a contributor for this team I'm not totally I'm not totally put brewing group doing the whole Brandon Jennings thank. And he can help them how bad these artists waiting before 3 o'clock to come back what do you mean. While isn't in the room assault Hamas out of his way and outside like I'm gonna went to he's done and I'll walk back I go volley my fiance. I'm not ratings got this brave dude I'm not for not telling you to sign him to a five year contract or nothing like that who I am saying is rob. Jim you can't really is today and a jury is about a third Eddie I'm not another thing is my Syria why should have my guard. So if he comes back and plays well these next three games because we're only ten days your soul. If he goes back and plays long and aren't in Orlando at home against Atlanta and then showed up in Cleveland. That's done in just redon wrest the air here you go and then let's see what happens after that. That that's I don't. Is he he mentioned Lewis in the everybody matches some about. Point five or ten minutes or whatever else as like if they play you five minutes I'm gonna lose my mind on the year they better not play if I meant he started life. Palm. I can sort pesky sale last night is on a fifteen minute limit desk which is stupid. But but they'll clear out whose records and Jack Jennings was supposed to be led by you know playing like one that's one of formats. But Jennings. With telling blood cell to stop following this he was tired and you wanna go back to quit followed fiercely Unita stop. I'm really tired scared he was averaging like. 37 or thirty minutes a night for the herd. I've read plus he's played a full season ends. So far that aspect I can't imagine where is like are at right now but again now if he's gonna play like that's that's like say twenty minutes off the bench tonight that was a black. And then I'd nights where you feel a little play a little bit longer as you tell. I think they were to meet when he stepped on the floor and got the ball the first time and they why you tell the energy level picked up with some easy guy on the floor nightmare. You can bet your art but the thing. But you're right I mean I can comers. I can come and guys in the and that situation for that guy we'll see if that last longer you're everytime I try to edit out during golf yes that's your back and coming gold shall we heard about this but. That's beautiful look last night to perform like at some point it becomes routine that Brandon Jennings is back in the building the history of him already having been here. The people having his Jersey that I saw people tweeting or bring it out of the closet last night. Those nurses are going to be in that building again and those fans now are gonna have somebody else getting behind. That wasn't on T before so yeah it's okay. Way to solve the first Milt injuries you see around not a lot. I've ever seen one. Very view because is about you guys are yeah don't you may Jersey girls through adulthood you fan favorite inaugural Jennings a business is gonna re Corey last year year and a half years ago that's can be another's jokes we were old ginger across a sizable or last that I was checking our crew was to give proper credit and this is this is an indication of how carried away people weren't branded daddy's bed his last night. Yes so when they retire bred to jedi Dublin will be three Earl lebed three. And he went up three already that that's ridiculous to admire. I don't slow doubt everybody's load held out but out the other thing I'd message you're being Markel less eyeballs and show no. So she's all giving me crap from Nashville Tennessee. About how you don't want all excited I knew you'd be go crazy and that in Canada and and Yang knows he's nothing more than Anthony Goldwire. And then I would. Odds on who brings up at the eagle nobody. Nobody. Obscure what Boras. All I wanna ports open and it will cut it in our own. Would quit Twitter it's good to let you read about these books in Norton. People are right now but I don't know I don't know all of us are. Not all are or are they thought they. When the bucks went. If you boats. Hopefully all learn from god you guys you guys always mean you always broke it down I don't. Some magical happened to the book that if we get three people don't wanna crawl and you. And oh. Yeah. Do you Jabbar at 1 o'clock. Girl you know analyses now. Policy out wanna see my. They use liquid when all of the drama to the whole book twenty we have all all that. We talked about it for two. Of them good start and where. Do you mean that's. I cannot explain it but there's an out thing about the first in the sinking its on this team in practice it's not it Jennings on the second unit. Ryan with starling brown Jabari. Zeller. And then throw in the locker. I want pop up Alibaba is on Wal-Mart if they. Don't buy it on year. I'm down games ago. He's a better discernible so you just. Don't quite see the whole question wave are what made him better. He's make everybody in the zone better. Well it. A mix. He can wanna Jabbar right now its anti drop it was a year ago when you go to a camera work are yet just in from North Carolina. He treated as an iota Chris Middleton Jersey and include a picture to prevent you don't count your North Carolina. I think people loyal listeners. He. He. Gotta like five dollars all of a and so it's descent. Like you're so as to why. This. This is Greg herbal. We. Boston College you know you don't argue. Blogs to do we really. Thank you admiral. Packed both games shell Packers beat somebody. Don't react packers' zone. And I. I have to keep exploiting human nature do you guys he. Hurts low linger is a motivate her to action. That's just human nature that's. Unique I think I'm nice to say in this in this that in this sense I always say it's easier to tells them you hate them yeah it's tell somebody you love them. Right now I. You mean the first person tiger girl that you loved you while her safe for your loss and I'm not ours you all of them are what did your house that that's out of a done. I'm not your your reload from the week I was gonna say it'll only gonna say it payment on idol. Last I carry on idol. That do that got that got hit by next car and I'll always like to add a while on duty inch and his girlfriend earned yards they had caper cried each of the wish you had on a long year like that was aides say a year that's a case is that points at one. Absolutely you can watch her on on time added I don't know it was a very loving look through it was insane like she was. Had over him. Nevermind I'm not get into that state. What just happened to you please tell us about it from John and did she ears up and kick and ambulance are. It was cool all would call that peaceful woods. Your car. Are screaming his brow for a puppy did you vote I do. Yeah make your own words will help you admire them worried about right now we really got to go to lieutenant John after the break. We really are laid Barbara surge. At the assault the clock when there's got to take a break right at this party talks about the Q Cobo Wisconsin in Waukesha to club all Wisconsin well well. Now again the lots of basketball action on on this month. Pros pallid generally matter which got baseball icing on that right yet spring training action I TV all the time you. Nicholas got a great let's get all your favorite sports action pool table thirteen though shuffle board. Three tornado whose ball tables darts ping pong and more to come later this summer and other award winning fish fry and Wednesdays and Friday as the four river south of fish. Piled. And hot with all the extras. Every Saturday night was late night Friday happy hour from then give a 1 AM may pick cube club always gotten a new favorite place for Sunday morning breakfast. At 9 AM also above by soldier private parties and the book and a fast throughout the year bachelor parties bachelorette parties. Birthday parties anniversary party business meetings. Five people can finish your own personal VIPs leaked a report tabled personal TV. Access the ping pong and foods bought your request to go about what's got to 2454. Grand view boulevard. Waukesha just had Mossad by 94 check them out at Q club W I dot com or. Or on FaceBook and ST thank and how much do you think tolerated daddy does. Can really help public should thank you. 414. 79 natural that. So Wendy's big show at saint Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday presented by frontier motor cars on south 27 street. Talk and some box with you right now asking. How much of an impact you think Brandon Jennings can really have after he almost notch triple double. In his return to the bucks last night in a win over the grizzlies for a 14. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan kept Brandon Jennings coming up at 348. Right here on the Wendy's big show next chance to win a thousand dollars coming up at 3 o'clock here on the big show. Joining us right now on the big show's Jon and Sussex here on the Wendy's picture what's up John. They it was meant for guys. Are all currently. Allowed back it cited it at crow and quite a stir the pot are. You'll spot op he needed you and I welcome on a network outpour. At the but but yeah. Okay look at your ought. I wreck like he was now over on the side and mop or edit it not our. Adult let's not get it I got. Eternal by the Greek. Middle him and what oh and now. Arnold join you John you're not you're not buying Jennings on this team right now. No he's going to be your campaign maybe maybe I'll have a regular have a market they brought in some packed into a liability if there yet. You're gonna have what. Brockton mayor or defense or. Or black people but. Yeah I eat eat great that I haven't art or I I why they let their. I finally get rid of the bad at all I didn't have the speed planet are. Like on the bat well I don't. Orders or you're not. Our budget is. Right right I think he'd break back it's been very I. I I don't think I think it's at all. At Torrey and apply the second unit work is reasonable or otherwise. Played played like does this team plays defense go about stopping that complete defense is always defense. I heard the precedent on the path argue. That. No he's not don't play great defense you watching in my mind he played great defense last night no. Not he didn't run out chasing with hands up Paul's not shooters one new -- stuff. He handled it he picked up all first got and and whether or not how much are gonna ask you to do that I have no idea but not gonna get great defender. And it. What would you want him to do is running offense distribute the basketball keep the ball moving. And if he gets an over the shooting it keep shooting it until you get opera. That's a Republican. And goal from there and see what happens like yours that he Zeller a couple easy baskets yet another easy offered to bar did you bright dropped. As he's got used to playing with them. That's second year is going to be fun to watch it really does he make these guys better be just as he hits it. When he's out there Henson will make hence a better. And melts and make tens and matter obviously giving those easy lob passes insult for the Xeon Middleton medals and passing should be talked about more Aziz he generally get past two. I. No the thing about this is can he provide a spark in that locker room. I think he's providing it right now but again it might be a spark that wears off it's it's cool now it's new it's a ignored meaning guy but if that's sport gets you into a winning bowl coming off this yeah that's all you knew if you could roll you can roll it just announced this Barkley it's due. A nice 82 run over the next ten games and it may be thousand dollar fine. But it got double fault you written got you back and a wreck again absolutely tibia catapult LC let's get one more columnist and during talks in Packers is going to be Eddie. He's an Arizona Arizona vigilance up and. They also be glad I didn't hit it quickly than they did a great addition. Could have been yet he explained the page on those last night. They were moving the ball will stick and it wasn't stopping. Within days. It's all of the locker room and I did think about is sparking concerns. As he can do remarkable England guy. Owls while album that got but he could not pick you up. Quote to me being completely out of the lead something that Ukraine who could put it in that locker rooms where politics and I thought it was. Appreciate the call. I I think right now. On that Brandeis understands who he is and where he is in his career and he gets that I don't think Brent Jones is kind of situation think and that he's gonna take over blood shall starting rural carriers have on that earlier I think. Arm I don't think he's coming into these guys take over for Bledsoe does mr. Clarke are in the team for next five years when he charitable not. I don't think that's where he's that I think where you sat. Is that he's got a ten day contract yet to prove himself to either did not attend a contract or to get a contract from somebody else in the NBA order gets side of the rest of the year. With another team in the NBA he wants to be in India. I'm playing China for the rest of his career meets our martyrs made a bunch might don't get me wrong but. I'm sure a statute right I'm sure Brent Jennings that's not summing rankings wants to do belong full nearly lost stature in China he wants to give back and really get back to representing himself the way that he wants to be represented a vs how he has an average tentative. Represented coming off of that injury and if he is finally healthy which. He says he is and it looks like he is then this could be a springboard for him going into the summer to sign somewhere else that's not the market. I don't think Kerry was necessarily kidding Gary you correct me if I'm wrong. I think that was that was one side of your brain and go on memory of some here we does my dad's the other is that your brain is gone calmed down embodied. But to slow the stage there but don't. But don't just it just employ you don't don't don't call bounds just at just how fought for a day work week is finally growing I don't. I ran generations are just fought for the day discord warring abolished next game tomorrow. Against Orlando and plays battening called Thursday its final rentals we all suck and in dandruff on that. But for taking is let's have some fun please. Lot of virtual blitz let's mark these two computers any pressure out of a ten day contract at a Milwaukee. Cuba Tuesday presented by frontier motor cars if he plays like that. It puts a locker room to a puzzle operational project through. Scott Gretzky from CBS 58. Between the south. And the caption reads branded -- eggs the oddest. And as the C from captain Phillips for the dude sit instantly captain phillips' eye of the captain now. Others see that that's not out here is up. It's got crowds keep from Syria's been VA that's led to get three at the zealotry reference to aggregate reader that let's the well is nineteen hours ago that positive front door positive front the retreated it that's why they came across our time on. For those views are looking for the this has got rescues problems aren't I more or is that it armada of Yemen that would have been that much are they nice place to watch tomorrow night's games market Gordon on. We economy booming yacht express ad in all departments which magnifies the meaningful to increase their independent contractor base that you ever thought a lot of coming Errol boss now is the time yes Caroline. Our biggest hot enjoy young expressed deep stress free lifestyle but what goes out the radio and right. He paid for. Let's just a dress or ice and it right leg of self reported drops a Volvo board they go any good dispatched it in order to help out here because. You don't want you sitting in the same city for two or three days away and figure out where you're to go to make money next big open a lower freight. So at a point where seven dispatching there are extremely dedicated to get very personal. Giving drivers moving and young expressed got to make up your own schedule. As far as where your drive and local regional or over the road broad nationwide one week regional another local and other. You got to determine that yourself but don't let us in your old young via with the mural vehicle yards frazzled by altering necessary to become a successful transporter expedited for. There are currently looking for full time independent contractors could remember you art. Essentially your old boss right you're running your own day. Expressing you could find a meg yeah express dot cop that's JU and G express dot com. Yeah express success draws. Like doing it anymore glad what is it. I need to pay you to do it sharpens. Yup south got the dog and that's this is a cap and whether or not part is screwed my buddy and Gary. I don't know what Gary would do you deserted save money under his breath. It's that created trying to win these 1000. Dollars I got to do is take this key word I'm about to give you in text it to 72881. The 3 PM keyword. One of twelve keywords you'll get throughout the day and one of twelve chances you get two and 1000 dollars it's wrong STR. ONG east wrong. Texts wrong to 72881. For your chance when 1000 dollars and our national contest message and enter its may apply please don't text and drive that's illegal. An ex chest when a thousand dollars coming up at 4 o'clock that's wrong picks wrong to seven to. Aided one hit a quick break on the other side. Free agency is covered and go on before you know it and the Packers all quiet on that front we'll discuss nest.