2PM: Was the win for real?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, November 13th
The Green Bay Packers snap a three-game losing streak by beating the Bears in Chicago 23-16. But does that show Packers fans this team can still be a contender? The BIG SHOW breaks it all down! 

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You're former Packers there Ehlers LeRoy Butler steamed Sparky piper under the weather might clemens'. On the other side of the glass in that club. What you got there might hear from Soldier Field out nice. These little bears and it's like the the rollout pet and things and night and I've not seen those before but does that night callers are free partners like is there and that is what. Support the troops or something. Why does it yeah think so it says something about sure and I think it's as we still saw it about. And then take waters in the program make life as a program when I yeah same hicks big number 96 and off the woods thinking yesterday I Canada might I don't know I don't know if you're here either though because in my is off well. You know look. Bought the money 115. Seconds into the show go to your supportive of a Bible thumping blogger you amused that you know I don't. I don't want this but we're and that's why don't be here that I know I don't sure I know you have a dumpster together throughout fraud. The tent for ever and today a look at it by hats sells like as cubs' season nine and put on a cubs had. I almost never were bubbles that kids who wants to represented that. And the bears got crushed yesterday as that's not a victory Monday for me but that's some adapt your head hang and more that a while you're there don't let them put Amanda Beard had real arguments are feeling. Spunky Rambo I'll root them out. No no premiers sitting in a minute ago Michael Evans is talking trash right now. God knows exactly. What I expected column after 2316. Win for the Packers over my bears is the only show Regan talk about it with two former Packers gear in the Roy are here to take your calls thoughts comments questions and observations concerns about agreements and then 990 victory at the break you know also tweet us at 1057 FM the fan in the Wendy's bit. Mailboxes dolls opened live at 1057 FM the fan. Knock on to get a fresh batch of greeting old cooler at laurel who's weak and his bitter last week a little chunky. Tomorrow the emirate gaffe but it's moved out of the through that little and look emotionally to politics is 2360 went over the bears it in the tasting good and Muirfield and now I'll buy two get in on the Wendy's big show at 7991250. Tweet us at 1057. After and the threat yet about the Packers are up by two in the all time series does the first time since like. The seventies I think that they've been up by two full games on the bears in the head to head matchup. Yeah. GE your thoughts on the Torrey three boxed in when yeah slugger is wrong all right I'm a little. Rule. What is and. In different sort of kinda. Everybody different. Griffin things happened in Russia that would happen you know I called. In the. Didn't look better or for seven and a twelve if he did it yes do you look better absolutely do yes it was a people don't donors staying in the number of folks like on calling it a million. Because that's would you do you go crawling home. Number I'm listening to that that I want everybody. To call and you you people. They don't like McCartney wanted to fired UV you feel about it you're fired you he was at Wal-Mart Murphy ago as the people on camera and do you. Tweaks I've actually. At Gary dollars and he's that and then it has been. We have John ramming. Do you really he growing LA yeah. So I didn't I don't think it's on this oh yeah I have time and joke led to dig into the problems led right right. Right yeah yeah I mean it out of here nobody here that element of orders and a master. All over McCartney is called Joost I don't jar my body call good morning. Jamie yesterday. You know it's. The Packers. Have the jury. Room. We thought Aaron Rodgers. They use they cancel. It. So that's you know. It's it's now did you at all McCarthy's quote there. Understand how being revealed that he is to move the life. It affects everything that she's known as the edit the San Francisco. Is thirty. One pleaded at a billion U yet. The unite now you start would pack the Packers Arctic is all that they're better than the bears even without hurting Rogers. So and his stuff is this. There patrolling no I don't know. Talk to Wear out there like there. Obama are the bodies coaching staff are on me as well blue shield of the on tries right now. Amid that it won't out. Adds that it previously yeah and I the last part RJ brio. RJ embryo is a big odds maker guy berries. Are you rate of packer thirty bears' roster. In four ball mine is in rock and also picked it bears didn't. I don't know trailer park ghostly. Obviously obviously it's got its rotation time now that you install. Partly get better then just uploaded. Marathon will be a preacher Borg here. Dual blah blah courts and bottles 6 o'clock you and bill Michaels from garrison plowed Cole yeah we're the bunt him over here just yet about it Edmund no yes it included in the right now monitor yeah among them can be I guess. Told him that back shoulder throw rubber doll. Look like there are. It edged out here do not know London Tuesday on the run that looked that was an errant round that I believe that bill Michael's mobile. Bill Russell right there. You wrote Greg and I just look up where you got there it was off a roll you career yet. Are they doing net Angel in the past before that on third and long. Yeah where they decided to go downfield also and Aaron Rodgers type thorough job and I don't know yet. Drop the blue collar and mouton dropping day and don't want them from the island its survivors through. I already know right just live there if it. You need. The deepest play better. I thought that you got three sacks Otto meet meet area well. The studio. And your for. I should be happy. A few. Why would you feel in different man out of do you how do you get the first win after Aaron Rodgers gets or how lost three I would imagine how many looks at him and he does it looks. Head and shoulders better than what he did before I know a little bit notably. Don't let other people federal and how do you feel that I don't get the more good. I know for me after after they were flavor. When these exports yet though they go and play is beyond me you were the underdog. And off they want wanna bowl. Look forward Marco. We want to enjoy this win right here you know. Baltimore's another one that they should win the products I said during the bye yeah I'm gonna use you underdog. You two were in air we're talking about during the bye week what are the Packers have to do to get into the playoffs and can they do it. And I said five more wins and I said yes they can do it and in large part I said yes they can do it because of what was left on the schedule. They have three had three guaranteed wins in my opinion even without Aaron Rodgers. Yet the ravens coming up next week right the crowds coming up in a couple weeks from now and Baird and the one that they just said yesterday against the bears they got a lot about it but president they lost anyone of those three games I need to reassess everything I think about the Packers organization one down. To ago. So don't I don't wanna hear that that the bears are bad tee here's the big did what you're supposed to do against bad teams that's very bad teams. They admit and they held on these are bad right exactly but it's still showed you. Mortgage teams that go with Iraq which as you'll see is currently. Get better. And that's a week. Robiskie yesterday right was an army on Friday right yes. And enjoyable while what you take Hartley orchard. Although the ball the rookies you're not seen it more but it Robiskie is a more tell the quarterback and I don't doubt that he attributes he's got to go on a blunt about his arms during. Doesn't on Tom does god given ability just don't come here and take on yeah he's got to go Yahoo! go what I Joba let's look at yeah. Our attitude about it and policies that Richardson yeah. Which one won't Dornan. Haven't dirty Harry GAAP get a third yes just one shot. But it on the field if that thing I don't know if you have an analyst. I don't know Malulani you know. He. Used to explain it to a W including all that. It a little different I mean. You would different. The district gets some Packers they're good yeah and about right right right why I'm affect your Lugar wrote in my glory you're doing you know. Shape gators moved. Being nice to him please bird roots I'm listening go through Chicago stuff coming out Chicago. Been removed him from John Fox is terrible and should be fired. I found okay. Never wanna hear a coach should be fired now now you YouTube I Colorado. I don't know you and we never ought to have that conversation and so and so should be fired nine mount Everett everytime it's brought up on the shot or know about that. Bad guys not I'm definitely like they're not in those season at the CI mean it doesn't matter if they fired during the season or after they even if they're if they're going to get. Where they're trying to go on where I as a bears fan who like to see them go they needed different head coach with a religion and out there and they're not going that no they shouldn't. They're not going there this year Seawright is the firing him out accomplishes nothing right but we're just hang in there this should be the the final year in the life. Gives us some credit for turn it around it could've been they should probably be like San Francisco abatement plan. Okay the deepest play hard to beat Carolina team which is a poker for years ago. So it as a positive comment these every two quarterbacks you may see in the future of Aaron Rodgers. Some reason played mixed before you IDs to data can be going a breeze gets so the good thing about it is. People aboard I think not only that I think people wars. Complacent. Spoiled and everything to do every week you do as you are or terrorize our quarterback wish to win every game. But now I think the level love getting new fans may come in. People may start to Bob Hartley Jersey. People may buy ripped house you Jersey. People may look at Jordy Nelson say they got blocking and not brought to its on the sideline like most number one receivers he's not knocking over toward a bucket. He's not kick you know with the united. Don't want the opposite coordinator and a good bit under the bus they got just goes a block and what is supposed to do Dovonte Aaron. He takes all of blame last week when he could lay out the ball. D.'s look at things and make your team better not think that's a reason why don't make excuses he step of the one engaged supposed to win. And to me I think that. I know when attackers lose trust another fall last line. And do daylight already on. I mean it just it just an idea that I just let us that. Was sent. I think people enjoy being negative. No ammo. I'm gonna go out and then they'd let it not matter no. My purse and nobody yesterday and going again and it's about understanding. That nobody. Not corporate ones so. I don't think you let me is that people like to be negative not a single solo I think it's that our last week we're talking about weatherman. And I saying that they that not only weatherman but the news in general news network's nightly news and your local networks. They haven't put Margo I drew it up with CBS they made it easy motions to try and get actions out of you in the action they want is for YouTube turn on their their newscast that's what they do. Andrew and I listen and communicate I wish I graduated with a degree in communications. And a focus on media gotten. Then at the emotions that we'll get you to act more than any other emotion is fear. And anger here so people are much more likely to pick up their phone and dial 4147991250. When they're angry yeah. Because that's a natural human instinct you're more likely to act on the emotion of anger than you are almost any other emotion as not that they like it is not that they wanna be negative that's just human nature to. Act when your. Anger and with the president don't aren't the human right up front I voted 79 Nigel has it been trying to act you can tweet us at 1057 and in the mail Ryan Mike the rest of the guys that you know right there right now are. Someone leaves all right let me get my Brian I mean Barbara Bryant is right it is good is it legal right in Charlotte you're on the one is make sure it's up front. Arriaga notes that they are probably bought that that are. In the game itself everybody wants to be different or the sale and whatever but my question if they want the bears. That's I guess so excited I don't question we've gained changing reality what the the challenge. What if fox what they're challenged McCain and challenged that play. And what do left at all do you pick a car. Yes yeah globally run yes you us start to wonder. Who carriers. Why why why you ask Ryan what you mean after Ryan. Because I I don't think it's anything to get excited are foreign yet they mean there are a good quarter. But he played about as being the course record. A mark pattern of fourth quarter but that would thinking changing situation right there. Soldiers are Ryan you're here and I think your political work you mob what you're saying. That McCarthy would not sound that at all they were lucky to get that right. No no don't ask me. You can tell me what you think. What would rest let's Allred three. Preconceived notion. You would have been Jones. Right and I get technical I think it what. It's not being let's get you level at pocono and about a wary because he gets them both to target a fourth quarter were made and don't think it would it would actually Roger right. But again it's apparent black in them on the fourth quarter but he looked average for the first recorders. It means. Randall Cobb Bloomberg slowness dropping on the ability if it. More mentally than the average of guerrilla problem for its quarter. Gotta for the first drug. Now quarter. A war. On. They run for the bulls gave us not past 91250. 4147. And to a for what do you guys are watching that though when they had when fox challenged that replay yet. I was watching that before even through the challenge flag and not go any better match Kansas they're gonna lose the ball not early not only did he knocked it in the end zone. They're gonna lose the ball and he challenges this because that clearly came out of his hand and had them ayalon and once it's the pylon it's in the hands on it goes out of bounds that's a touchback. And the Packers are you ready to do what they say wait we don't have to do you guys think in the same thing now you said the pet the bears are about to lose the ball on the Chris I don't know all the game. Ahmad did Triton. He views on top these are all this humble astle and asked okay that I saw the satellite to Packers. About was talking oh was it Iraqi public so there are going to do what is it wait. Fox is going to the wheels of that black was coming out if the summaries they say without knew that evolved packet one challenge. Was so depressed about Rahm not very many people knew of it. The only way you probably wouldn't know and response. Most of the time in the bears press box set up kind of funny yet seen pictures from so you don't an aerial view relative food. So you don't have it. I know you have a good look yeah. Shall achieve these kind of market goes so go all the way you know this year radio lets you lose the radio and your year. And I don't listen to radio and right here. Of calls of other people. As I don't. Other people detained what I think and right before morning ever tried to now. You know stuff that don't want any idea I want my idea would be my idea on the same way. Other than the actual play by play of the game and try to avoided all I try to warn off that and is in play about Larry Ewing is a Wal-Mart news. So. When they shouldn't let bucks more prepared but don't do when they sit in the press box you measure a huge. People posted on the table huge sell I mean it was. I NG comic. Shop. Mo to turn around go. Will will go wrong Ruble Rome Chicago Bears that was the sentiment nothing against bought with news of Beers. Do the beard. Actually used drinker too. After that game yesterday and yet it puts the friends I don't know I'm looking at Greenville avenue. Where you can become your own room afterward you can grow your own beer as I get my green where you that is saying a blunt a money by brewing year old be your own mind your own soda as Britain she's making also in New York. Coach and about other locate or 100 angering them. Got a tweet here this from braided he says called shows a Gary to yell at you for what 47 I dropped him. Katrina so yeah that one of these seven these guys don't let the bad it's Aurora health care gritty goal Monday the only show where you can talk about it with two former Packers. So Wendy's big sooner back right after the. Green Bay left tackle David Bakhtiar is on the big show every Tuesday after they were made sure mistakes from the to improve. As we do from the. A division game it's important and trying to be the Beers it's important and we shall include bill should. Sexual trafficking it's. The highlights courtesy of the NFL on fox then head coach Mike McCarthy talking about the 2316. Win. Over the Chicago Bears that's overdue review I'm the only show we can talk about it. With two former Packers Gary dollars and and the Roy Boller any thoughts comments questions observations or concerns that did during her since that game get off your chest. At 4147991250. Tweet us. At 1057 FM the fan or drop a slide in the Wendy's in box that's live at 1057 FM the fan. Dot com I want to give me the phones during the break usually do phones and agreed angle Monday but will go to Mike in Greenfield now Mike your the Wendy's big show with summit. They guys than most of your program for a long time thank you longtime listener devoted. I just want to call me comics. I agree with Gary mean period got a great apps ration care Hundley. As a potential become you know I think some really good quarterback be given some time. The bears' defense now the bears' defense they're they're they're noted just for that their defense and let them they're fed up at a live and win. Good on a Soldier Field the weather conditions were good. Oh yeah. We had a few calls that probably didn't go our way or the bears' way. What does this writer is gravy train when I want assailant grabbed his gravy train is not gonna last forever. You know and sometimes you know during the season you're already have a feel of the seventies and eighties crackers cakes or will get little pissed of the last. Quarter century with a two quarterbacks that we got. Silk. A that they give Harley some time. Is quarterback rating I believe is going obsolete trending up or he's doing a lot of good things but. Either way terrific and then I enjoy the Packers that we haven't I'm not gonna be one of these clear whether people could get to the bitter with the sweet. And let's just give what respect our quarterback everybody would love to have the bears' defense with a really great job gets a good defense yesterday. And then we did some good things. Yet answer phone call my appreciate things listening Q listened to a Lebanese quarterback rating of one team. Probably partly to look at my yesterday's game 110 point eight when they went. In looking at that. What was the bears' defense coming into this game you know I'm not sure exactly but I mean it's a very it's been everywhere and he says yes. Mike got an anywhere from five to three. That's what you do the right definitely the right. So when people and and the first caller we have pooh pooh and the first segment Wallace the bears yeah. Well yeah but if there's one thing that the mayor has been good at this year before despite defense or improved to an even shutting down wide receivers number one while receivers. I mean our regulatory approval global boardwalk. The front room marchers problem throughout like you know it would ruin everywhere you go in and who poor if you want to but but that's what we're getting. How to play wanna talk defense yesterday. Now they blitzed him a couple of times you can see it. But I've seen Rodgers give Blix poppy is all up off the corner like that emits. You know hundreds of times. So a module a long look at our heated seat economic I don't know where I don't know what people expect from his guy. Like right now. Yes at all. He's greeting growing. Milwaukee Bucks in a disorderly about those boats and Stegall at the. But quick radio Joseph as the Milwaukee Bucks because they oppose gay joke as he does skims over it seems like it was over today. Seven died died 1250 tweet us at 1057. FM the fan let's go to Philly talked with Phil here on the Wendy's big show it's up Phil. Or are you. Yeah it well. But bad news this I like the true or. We. And you know people don't bet on it disagree or as trick. Is that the system this is superb and they are the better football or whatever it is my senses and technically. That that's life that's what I learned enough about Cuba. 11. Way to really really need my days. Yesterday. And that was when. On third down. Mike McCarthy usually is the conservative co. It hasn't worked on the ball. Because Cisco in. And an outwards and how it's so hot. All I was so happy about like me this place so what does that do going forward. Four or hot and warm carton and for the team and the content so content old the confident that would be different. Their own. I heard Mike Daniels. Little and he said you know he apparently was almost saw folks on the plane. Better. World leaders but that's a booking picture. I think it's assets figured things out. Morgan and quarterback and it needs as we gotta get him back. Are you Derosa getting in the gore put up so like it's been proposed. In the right direction. So that's. Thanks up I really. Let's does dig deeper into the street roared into that particular play OK it was a time out of whatever conversations satellite chicklet mis system. Its enemies system basically holy years or five played would you let a guy like did you elect is okay great. Air bass Chiming in on that conversation. Now. If they load to box at that people hate people. Hey listen. We don't run a stop and go outside of ought to have and it should be there. May not now some coaches may have a conversation had menacing you know we've missed that. The clock stop would turn it back over. Let McCarthy. What and he makes it. Is that you kid go to. Get in the box OK is there is relevant more that we want. Man to man outside. To load the box waives his right hard he probably could have got it anyway to be out was cute and art. And that the role. In the rain and wet. Was unbelievable. It was a fantastic kits. I think decades made about jazz a lot of money there because actually a team like mr. Or team today you know. Detroit at the rolls the ball a lot look at for guys like that now. You say or why didn't they don't as early as things that that they have to work on they've got to work on with him. Is protection. Set to protect if you sit god listened outside in the slot went out and got him as I didn't even see him to late. The problem is yet to set that lie said relied Duma lowly Cody slated to the left. The back boasted a right now you can get that ball off or not you could tell you receivers yeah hot routes come. Slashed and let you and get all this out if you don't see why Johnny can't read him that I think Daria Hari evidence of the key ms. that. The bears' second uploaded via a sticky may have missed that I had about what to dictate. Don't they kind of things that he will get better at both quarterbacks had a problem when they see. Pressured they've got to recognize a bet. But if he can do that. Our fifth the decision making to their. Everything has come into his self the F a power running game now Williams he's a power right he's not I'll run anybody. He just I mean he ran allied Fuller is when my favorite bears the he ran a red over. I mean it was just the act you know do you guys think I mean that's gonna happen everybody really. Because Mike McCarthy in the game plan has shown a lack of trust and Brent coming and end the first two weeks ago. Do you think he puts to game and the ball in his hands especially on that third and long were hit Dovonte items on the side last yeah. If if Erin Jones and time Montgomery don't go down with injuries or do you think he continues to try and stuffed it down the bears rode with the lead. In the fourth quarter and having it bin third and long do you think TP gave it to Brett Conley for a lack of options because both of his. Top two running back got hurt I think that teach. A moment in my opinion no on the carted away. In all his perception of what he likes to do. It was a teachable moment and had a kid no I got you what the result act catcher. So don't don't let me worry you don't worry you'd just do what god gave you. And make it though I've seen guys always throw battle wide open passing got a little behind guys. You've seen all that but in this moment is a teachable moment I don't know gear things. I think you said you know we gadget here's a year just two plays we like. They played straight covered two and run the ball here to play. If they load the box. Leary's you like to want don't want us do it throw it won't whatever results. We're up I would not even led to our campus does a possibility each day they get this ball back and we don't put a weekend. Would not income conservative here I liked I think he would it did it regards it is the right name. Well we're gonna not. He has to beat at address. Route 38 times last week on blow. Yemen allow that was late in the game when it was pretty much over bursting through with birdie two I understand. I mean went when it mattered so he didn't seem to put the ball Brett army's hands before this week. I think you saw a little bit last week and because it suited him at a board steer for a 38 mr. Kerkorian. Abandoned Iran running in the first. Yeah of last week yeah yeah yeah I don't think I care if actors. I mean it may have been. And Robert Horry 38. Asked and Omagh and the Rio all debate about Hamid should throw it and what he should do regular practice and no. I afforded to navigate the pilot is a little. Orders options. Study with all his options well below drop. Though bad. There are any sort of the piccolo and how Medicare. Oh about bill is live aid to sit out. Hey man on a pleasant stick up only a problem I mean you don't have been Angela Blackwell I. Affect cats did make about dad as much money G may wanna add to his jewelry collection but just because he got a lot of money doesn't mean you should spend a lot of money. Round Portugal looking. I'm with juries are on -- don't look at my guys go back to REC if you look sound from back to Ari. I'll talk to team in the locker room after. And if you and maybe more realist. Play a little snip of that coming out and break we'll get in our fourth voted for sure we got becomes owner mark go to different juries look at that X lately and other. New location blume wrote atrocity and assuming it right there on the second floor. Diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds. And let you read jewelry jewelry jewelry. Joseph they got at all we got everything in these three Jean Marie VO you know you can you can find. If you overdo being created he him making got a Goldschmidt. On the premises. Culture difference jurors sit as lately as the location. Of blue moral bankruptcy NASA. And there we did is pleased cleaned out I was meant that the root out there are some air. Oh. A lot there to begin in chunks of pared its Aston 38 minutes into the show neither of you noticed I. Harassment feel like you coach and do and after. You think when you walk out all right you wouldn't know until it loses to like to add to see it all. Don't. And everybody vetoes did not have David how do you Elin and me has been shot after bad dollars. You have to trim your hair even if you have long hair and I got out tomorrow. I don't think you turned to another term that gets split ends he gets on eBay any guy you just gotta I gotta tell it all terrible here. You don't think you can split in Houston knows and everybody did split kids read this we would have done that obviously it's Aurora health care gritty goal Bud Day Daoud Gary has those with a zero split as lenders that. It's silly show Regan talk about that way there is. With two former Packers at 799 told they had no baby tweet us at 1057 FM the fan email lot at 105 setters FM the fan back out of the Wendy's racial beer. How much do you love your son still under daughter about it. If you're gonna have to buy presents the holidays coming up are they brewers fans they show how much you really truly do level holiday for back. That's right cutting four packs from the brewers include tickets to for the crew's biggest games in 2018. Plus and include marquee matchup against the cubs cardinals and Dodgers. And how about best you can get up watch for packed and they can pick out what games they wanna go to at a later date. It's just that simple go to brewers dot com slash four packs today and get a free knit cap to go along was that just picture they opened up their present. They seed they're getting tickets go to Ford ever Bert games they get in mid cap to Wear during the winner time. You know how happy they will be you'll probably get a big Ole hole Natal smooch on the cheek from your son or daughter right there on the spot. It doesn't get any better the brewers put a smile on everybody's face they did last year and they will this year go to brewers dot com slash four. Injury attorneys this is the way these big show on moral 57 F. Beat the bears in Chicago and we're talking about it all day long. Football team. It's a roaring health care green and gold. Present my Robert pack diamonds. I don't. Well let me play. The guide bot ER Packers left you this is the Wendy's big show packed I didn't catch it he's sort of faded off at that point. But there about their drugs tomorrow. At 435. As he does every Tuesday here on the Wendy's picture right now the roaring health care. Ringel Monday after a 2316. Win over the Chicago Bears the only show we talk about that win with two former Packers scary dollars in. And the royal Butler here to take your thoughts comments questions concerns observations at 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. After and the man in your emails are welcome as well line at 1057. FM the man. Dot com and take long for Martellus Bennett questioned become in this is from David he says keep it 100 wind as a win. Packers played better against Chicago both sides of the ball need to continue to step up their game. Question about the bad situation. TT that Johnson should of addressed it not leaving it for McCarthy to answer correct. But he's always done yes and I wanted you know to come out fix them to. But you didn't mean he les McCarty took take care all that stuff. Where goals I don't know what you can do about it. I would like it from Ted Thompson yeah we certainly heard from Martellus Bennett you know and I think we should play some of that little later on in the show via. As well maybe you get through tomorrow I'm not buying his story. Mil at Friday on Friday Els does sort of inventories grew a little bit and now I can't buy a story after watching go out and hit goals and and he goes I asked my agent to by that I retired yet. Until Bill Belichick dull ride you know which basically he circumvented the waiver to mark a waitress Britain. Thinking about it anymore. You've got to knew he said that a few teams called about it when you call before the patriots did call right. You know what you're right. Now the Packers aren't completely without fault in this whole thing either but we'll get more into that later. They knew about the injury. He said they each day took an X ray and gave it to him he has a copy of the X Ray Rice. They knew about the injury right so reluctant to release him with failure to disclose medical information. They're not being 100% honest either. Listen when they're from let's go to Joseph grace came here on the Wendy's big show its subject with a Joseph. Guys. I just quick thing I think you're a little bit of backlash anyway for them in the prayers are Smart being age after an adult football scene. You guys went on the road where business. I don't know what more you could ask the press only eat about a quarterback he'd eat biggest job and he looks heading Eagles better than what you looked last week. And in my opinion. He looked way better than Mitchell ski and then let me just brought that are there. So that might affect GE. I am a bowl Milwaukee Bucks brewers badger fan portraiture. At a fair weather fan follower who had the a fan of the bear that I'm liking it. Or are. I got a shot. Asia become longer control of phones they were had a what I would. You can. They got loads of it because they say they're vikings' bed while a whole lot apologized or at the next day here at the sailed through to get the don't apologize and mean your apology arm of the moment I would lose its hold on the early on this. It that they have about the it was just cares if you. Just to be fair if you're going to be highly of said he had a loss. While. Argue highly excited that they want I don't get that proves gears point people like negative stuff. Here's a tweet from Nelson has of that or a win is a way and it wasn't pretty at times but still counts the same number seven is getting better and better there's plenty to build upon. Bring on the ravens you can tweet us. And Noel is not does NCAA. And I NCAA. Because on the days are geared using. One win I mean one loss team is headed to badges when they started on all this okay they can do that audit 'cause I'm primacy don't go right all the bananas. Any list you don't think deep trust happy being Cleveland. Yeah they are the way to men let's go further you don't ended giants of Hilo did they got beat by a separate Cisco. So they even everywhere is a way in winning a promise to. That was an ugly ugly and a I mean way to win that game yesterday between the Packers in the bottom out and we didn't see anything Grady until the fourth corner route out those arrows on regularly in between the right answer. And it is always when Rogers yup. And the German to win the bears came to Green Bay on Brett Favre night yes you need to know the British and allows is so yeah. Don't rein in the short run circuit Madden and that would have pretty game. Known here don't yet. I intercepted on the one that made it 9000 bring it to the worst thing I appreciate you picked. Chris picked up a bit about there was an elderly lady coming on its net think he said and Brett we saw you being Brett. Wrote yeah these two million. And Wednesday and at start public beginning with illegally get. Well actually when we need to get a break and get Ryan would agreement with Paula sorry you mormons and they would bring now you can do in Africa with. Measure yeah that's what you moon and a will get mullet a gotcha coverage. He's gained back the gap mean in when I was proud of him about. Brett. Brett. Tennis I Avian. And dame but I once again. Will join us tomorrow at 435 does it make you mean Brett Favre I don't think that's but he. It helps parents were asked in the Mark Williams a long way for Brett Favre he looked good yesterday reality dog law which brought on ditto for the and that's what I've Rondo yes care. People calling in yet to hear of partly credit yes. Yet again Mike McCarthy credit. I got it won't drive the might drop if you like and what. Well dug their Green Bay football it's better right what Dexter back to your calls your tweets your emails at the top of the hour on the Wendy's big show on an Aurora health care gringo must. Inside info on the green and gold here how we all you do get the latest from Green Bay football insider. It on the big show every Monday Wednesday and Friday afternoon at 435. He and C insurance fund sports Radio One 057 have found an effect. These guys on the inside. Now here's Green Bay football league insider like you would almost man brought to you by PNC insurance and insurance agency for your home auto bore commercial business needs that PNC insurance dot net. Since that time here on the Wendy's big show on an Aurora health care agree to go Monday to bring in the guy. Who filed the necessary to point out to me this morning he's batting a thousand predicting Packers game. In which Aaron Rodgers doesn't get hurt his agreement football insider Ryan would howry this afternoon what it. We have a moment but my head now a square lately these and I haven't I haven't well who won that you know other than that the one I want soft summit. What is this week up. I think you got it at that you got to cover at the Q I think you'll continue. Your stretch what do I broke up. What do what did you see heading into this game that made you think that the Packers had a win over bears team that's been playing well lately. I mean it honestly it doesn't sound like most intelligent thing is they they had that this they're seeing. Is not a good football team we saw that the penalties. That the coaching from the sideline that the challenged. It lives. Really that simple to into the packers' late yesterday and they wanted to be curious to hear about it out of respect and and ultimately I I think is a down at the same page is strong arm on my Garcia on top shapers. Not saying it's completely without merit. But that's an a franchise has been a straight playoffs this of the franchise that. It is itself to be content thinking you're and figure out the biggest reason that obviously Aaron Rodgers but it is not the only reason and that they wanted. In here that. The whole matter going forward they had a course. So worry him. Here is are we giving audit yesterday well I was much word for you in our first phone call today. There's just bears. No big deal. Just are. Sure where your favorite the bears. I think they were five and apple favors I'll be honest I. I couldn't care less about which Brett. The biggest strives on accounts are. Do they do I'd look. I I think especially in this situation there's so much and so much that is hard. To predict going into the week. Which would probably not just. That last week but even this where there's so little known as such small sample size and there's there's so much conjecture and guessing. Look what took so that Pakistan because lack of samples so. That that's what it is that the points spread and it didn't matter much to me it was more organization statement is this organization that insults to be a contender. Good enough to. Of oratory from first or worse without one player no matter how great players in Aaron Rogers best player at all but most important position the ball. Bet that that's and colossal colossal lapse. They've got English now organizationally can do porn collection source of worse. If you're worst in the bears some players even canceled feel you're among the worst to report during that. They organizational sure they could. Yes I was rationing. We're where you've been impressed were what they were able to do not only does that but on top of the whole monster bit saga that played well all week law. Yet you know certainly our goaltender Marc coast that it SI is going to have him. I thought I had a chance to galvanize them because not only did he quit over and clearly did. If it was just that. That's disappointing you know what CNET. But it wasn't just that he then turns around and attacks them. And attacks one of their own hole buried here then duck pat it gently. Who talked to players inside that locker rooms where by one after another. All leader that you don't edit doctors get their best interest in art Assad circulatory Nelson accepting you know so comeback player of the year award. Thanks so packers' medical staff first and foremost at McKinsey and huge partisan that that. There's a certain ceiling of undersea search and awkward to bring them together actually and so that. They yesterday. But I also think as badly as they needed to win and they they need it went straight losses so feel like an eternity. That a little bit more more albums. But a bigger more problems or fortunate to see the quarterback elect starting level quarterback for the first time and you know it's. We've seen brow a lease for sixteen and perhaps quarters now. He's had two good once in his first quarter they had against the saints their first court they had as a starter. When they're basically arms are on my coach he's cycle scripts and in the fourth quarter yesterday that sought to wipe all cable. He made some plays that that we're starting. Quarterback level plays the touchdown was mumbled the deep ball to the popular items was something that simply had not shown to that point. There was it was just the wind yes it was effective there was that there was some tangible evidence that the starting quarterback to play to that level. That I think going forward as something that that the locker room to duke it out. And there's no guarantee it carries into next week against two good quarter on sixteen you have to at a rate ratio. But you feel like there's there's hope and feel like there's a chance scored against the ravens team that. Defensively it's pretty good at Joseph Flacco as much more than mr. this Egypt right now and years and that's true reason netstat for. You. Margaret or. Yeah especially one who won a Super Bowl but it. And I wanna give back to the the running into power running game will Williams this seem like the people gonna say. Used his twenty carries for sixty yards were those some yards. That you don't normally see there are very effective I think it'll set out to play action. Down the line on these. And he's a rookie but it you know this guy you know was getting a lot of reps employee are hurt especially in pre season so he talked a little bit about the way he ran the ball. You know even when he was out on the upshot it had mostly due due uses past in India drastic of this game when he can view on and so. I don't think he showed. Until yesterday what what what was strapped to beat which were set down it'll powerful. Owner and he showed on yesterday. Side. Poor guy who entered and there's really no reasonable expectation to kocharian more than I'm mercurial sort forensic. Did when he carried out honestly. And handle it as well suited. I thought it was impressive and let's beat the street now this is the Green Bay Packers they claim they're all games and look she's got a number. There yeah hoped January. There's a reason why oh himself behind Darren Jones in the rotation and time Summers he's not the whole month stretch there in general has. He's not the matchup problem in the passing game. That's how Montgomery is. But she is someone that has the a very clear role in the run game and what your your your home games in Milwaukee Wisconsin in the winner. See you watch that downhill what that guy at pebble plow right over quarterback it's he's in the way between you and marker. Much decal or were you ought to got to trust to get your console to one might keep it. Jamal Williams what she does. There is able four in the Green Bay Packers won yet. Yes again as go into the deep is good and allow people wanna Dom Capers. Fired up the left we've blues guy like nick Perry Kim was some very good sag had three album. And then when it is time to step at a deep as David was able to do that I know people a look at intra biscuit with a 2197 yards but. It's like to me they give up sixteen points every week they're going to be in every ball game especially to discordant twenty's. So I know wasn't overly pretty good to me it was a lot of good things cannot especially we're going into the game with sex was a big issue. Or mosquito right now I have a bad seed and he's not he's not a a productive quarterback in this place I can I think what you saw yesterday it was the difference in playing winter greens and that's certain quarterback corps had worked. It's been night and day difference and analysts. In perspective as tac percent like to be about issues there since Don capers. So what's he says in this league is dependent on who you're playing. Cornerback position in the hypocrisy week in week out when they had their routers that. EU makes good decent look bad trooper Matt Stafford played that that money which you can make. Good instances of bad. I don't know attackers. You think that these shots I don't think they're as bad as they be here to the it's hot and quarterback and potentially Pro Bowl quarterback. I don't think there's there's a cure being here mr. whisky make it that's for the start either Patrick or medium there. Bought when you subjective for a week. Joseph Flacco there's not excuse the Packers defense to not have a productive today is written off and scornful. That is our Green Bay football insider Ryan would find his work inside the Green Bay press is that it Packers news.com. And on Twitter at by Brian would any joins us every Monday Wednesday and Friday. Right here on the Wendy's big show we'll talk again on Wednesday and I have complete and total faith with you that you'll stay perfect in games and Aaron Rodgers doesn't. If. Well well sure let's let's just go at Jason and. 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What you are annualized premium that you can do a man cave in your basement and the other half for the case solely about gaps are win ago. And market have our own little room upstairs and maybe want to redo your bedroom. There's. They can do the tools and when that you have a two story house if you are rich column in their collateral when your basement Newsome in there. Outdoor places rubbed all they can do that too are seeing them go out noise is complete with a fireplace in. No job is too small as they can do it all my good friends over at JNJ Contra. Let a quick break back to your calls your thoughts comments questions concerns and observations. For our two former Packers the only show Regan talk with two former Packers. At 7991250. Tweet us at 1057 FM the fan and the day after a 2316. Win. Over the Chicago Bears and an Aurora health care agree angle Monday.