2PM: What can Prunty do?

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, April 20th
As the Milwaukee Bucks head into Game 3 of their playoff series with the Boston Celtics, what should Bucks head coach Joe Prunty do to jump start his team down 0 - 2 in the series. Bucks fans jump on a chance to sound off on The BIG SHOW! 

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Avery trio on the when these things show. The packer hall of Famer. And the franchise. Tim Allen you know him from the plains farmers league baseball post game show an awful feeling about the ideal is the day of the day that just are good friends of the Wendy's big show as we meet up with the post game show about once a week during the baseball seen another render in this afternoon did. There is no doubt about it you have because house or my favorite media people ball terribly. There's an Iraq to roll hall of Simon and you musician yup not so market's okay. My favorite guys on the guitar Tim it mixed it thank you. In the guitar today isn't all bring a guitar with a you know nicer Edward do for that yet as I got you got a lot of talent a couple of songs I got made up here so when I'm in to. Elect the guy who should be in the in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is telling Timmy has a lot of talent up outlawed. Yeah. I think it's good that you could you please say they get the ball tomorrow the shortcut to girl was what you did. That the goods store front is now you get the shrapnel from at least it gets denied the team's and then that right now a man and 23 phone fives unavailable even trickles down narrowly here you. It might just trickled down of the guys log in speakers at you know you can pull three threes that's a nine North Korean Brothers. Indicated they'd. Love Boat we're the only reason that unless they offseason. Our reward about their barometer Rami broke my phone he's not here group tax non LeRoy you. I was at Laguna tax you have only it's fully capable young group to look at my fault. And I'm working out this morning I get the attacks and promised Medicaid throw me achieved it was to you and right right yeah throwing any topic some set up the railroad now open and all the guys guys all right I don't answer it and it's like. Stops. Mid Rami just stop. It's just like tags and it's very dark screen of do. One moment there my opponent you'd ever see the group to experts are. Is the fault not my I don't know tax break your phone got a virus you gave me a virus yet again if you admire obviously have a two guys you know how technology where isn't how would you would have to have there was work and find you they are not that he's here. Yeah all those sports those who do think it's a sports talk show lots to get to with you folks between now. And 6 o'clock including Ryan would our agreement football insider we have a lot to get to with him in mini camp this week Aaron Rodgers drama you got in the draft coming up next week schedule just came out so. I don't know if we have enough time with Ryan went to cover everything. We're gonna need to cover also talk with our Milwaukee baseball insider. Adamant calvary coming up at 448 after the birds bats finally. Woke up last night we'll see if he thinks that will continue out of the gates though wanna talk about game three between the box. And the Celtics and asked what would you do tonight if you were pride tee and sometimes we will laugh people off for their crazy stupid ideas. At this point where the bucks are relatively new. It is too crazy. Or too stupid walk around you dear to diet. If you were Joseph prod. 414. 7991250. Treat us at 1057 FM the fan literally no idea is too crazy out letter attain. Any thought and you have about what Joseph prime. TNT and I've been repeating them over and over again here on on the show the last couple days. 93% of teams I go up too low. You know NBA playoff series go on to win that series the Celtics in their long and storied history I have never owner who will lead. In a playoff series and the box and there are long. History but never won a series where they are down though to their strengths of our and it absolutely against the wall old news they can only be. Pushed further against the wall if they go down 03 but they are firmly against the wall and. Those numbers don't make any difference in this game tonight it's it's a game tonight you say anything crazy. How how about every final lightning rod find whoever it might be I don't care if it's bomb maker. It doesn't matter to me you find them so you're gonna have to. You're gonna have to do some. Now game planning here are getting people that touch is getting people the minutes and you go it's not and that's all you can do is that's so crazy. I don't think it's crazy. Go with who's the hot hand now at. The problem is nobody. Topics yeah autism Middleton a socialist Robin did for like a three minute stretch there to Jenna Jennings had a little a little run there who drew but I tell you last night Jason Terry armed with bill Michael's it is though is you guys the always excellent that I'll tell you what about -- I would Roy that guys now target and fired never getting cut off my team he's going to be part of this organization if it were up to me. That dude knows what's what and and he had said some really insisting things last night I I highly recommend people go on. To the radio dot com happen and listening to that bad interview last night it was. He said hey man it's time to go did this just timed a goal cares about of block out all the noises time ago. And he did make reference to the crowd and I know we're gonna talk about the crowd later on rom is that right. Yes about 335 okay did talk about the crowd but but again. And it's gonna lay blame on on the Bucs being terrible at the feet of us here on the fans but go ahead does line up at 330 my guess you guys have something to do them you know that you do but play everybody tonight until you find the lightning rods that. That would be sort of my crazy idea. Yeah for me I think you're I would definitely Bledsoe come other ventures they'll come out the venomous to buy a part of a must Renton. And led Boston react to that and see where you go project plate. Eleven or twelve guys. In that thing about it is again attempt it's all circle back to partners is seamless to us was been in a new lately. There about can be watching how do you handle him in the first game fifteen music means and I mean it just feels like for some reason he just two quick hook and if something happens defensively aware or another guy they get along a rope. So they kind of figured that part out buffalo meat again. I'm gonna change it. And that's what the topic is on the stick with it no mileage and you know when a mistake when it Brandon did his you're starting. You by Parker your start bring those other two guys. All the bits in just you have certain blood so bless those come out the bids yet he's I'm sitting him. And just to see how I go they can be put first 34 that is it though rosier just how improvement. Plum awful a bid to refute me away some and I backed it up a little bit let's see what happens when Brett engine is without additionally things and that apple. This especially did not on the you know break Ryan a little bit they can get the proper people the ball so. And I take that back to Parker for a minute and I think this is let. All the things he said a couple of days. I think that people really deny here. You know you know this is a direct quote he says I'm human I was wrong repeat it I'm human I was brawl. Go on forward public try and be a better person and be a better man. So I can help my teammates. You don't normally he would have for media to let you go to want a guy upset when he's not client app I I want him mad world yeah. I wanna see how good he really is can is. I think if on Joseph prior to I don't know if has come from a tough out a mandl played his. On the office here on it is if he's in the dog house away but it really made people think that. You're not player warn your best guys sect you know second overall pick he almost like the laughing stock of the MBA. You can get out of that tonight to show our people list. I'm a planned the nine dollar and then I'm starting. Animal let him play a little bit and just seeking hemming us can play together and militants if that can happen. Well no way you can come from but the stats are real when teams are down all too but it just makes me think it's him that. Dole's stats warn these days can be changed it maybe they're due to change and maybe you could step up and something about it. It's wondering why being. The coaches friend has anything to do with that gators and win a playoff game. I just I think you caught part of read that had a censor these collier coach. No and I going to oh and you know you got the play league where you'll have you hate you have to be civil. I think that's what's at a working relationship that's what's expected on a on everybody out a hand up you product like to supervise your balls these to work. Still got to be civil you can go and rant and rave and every camera but. We're trying to win the ratings gamer they're trying to win a playoff game. Put the best players on the court. That you think are gonna win tonight's game regardless of who would as a regardless of whether it's you just go. I think hot heads of its lineup of who's gonna throw this out there and yes the answer yeah. I doubt it ends up. Re branded that is not Jason Terry my prayers are bad Mohammed Al baker had Tyler Zeller he didn't hit it. I can't don't yeah. It doesn't matter how we both are all up and they got a apple may now because I don't think there at the wrong buildup can lead to nowhere about his qualifications they'd been there and I think they're not sky. I'll be hungry to know what you said that you emergency Xena saw I guess since prisoner now I know you guys already have been. I mean I don't know and it. We're glad I was having some fun with that rather than a year where you just have a lot we're not we're not gonna let you off the air for and that's just didn't know that you have. We're asking what would you do differently. If you're Joseph prime. And no idea is too crazy for 1437991250. Can treat us at at 1057 FM the fan Mike Tim mentioned you can hear Jason Terry with bill and Steve Novak from the Milwaukee basketball our last night. You listen to it at fan on demand at 1057 FM the fan dot com that's presented. By John Paul's Buick GMC highway 100 in Greenfield or at the radio dot com Matt the official near home. A 1057 FM the fan download it today to listen to us any time. Anywhere worried interview why would you really does I didn't chest take here and I will go it was a good players and an ID it was enlightening to me and I've I've liked Terry for for awhile but. It it really solidified he'd be a part of my organization does has he gets it. And he talked a little bit about rules that are and that those relationship how much he really in my eyes as if he wants the state of play involved. Directly with the NBA because he could have a career in media tomorrow if you wanted to know says time to get physical send a pop them in the know there is saying that Kenny Smith is interviewing for that next job on TNT and Kenny Smith sleeve on call and I'd SI Jason Terry right in there is that good I put him right there on that desk right away. In no data without any hesitation whatsoever he circumvented the Jabari Parker's stuff we've gone the coach K and do in the round about action have codes K go to Jabbar even which I think is just ingenious. Concordia college note on this coaching is about this was going Alban ya what would you do differently if you're Joseph prior to 4147991250. I have no fear go and are you too we'll hear those right after this summer when his Vick as Jason Terry last night on the Milwaukee basketball are this is the Wendy's big shots asking what would you do differently tonight. If you're Joseph privacy and no ideas too crazy we're not gonna call you names are not gonna laugh you off the air we might laugh with you we will laugh at you for 14. 7991250. Can tweet us at one alive when you're on the phone FM the fan the royal would start Brandon Jennings and Jabari Parker and and sit down. We can sit down Eric Bledsoe who last nail and Tony Snow. I get a taste of everybody just like Jason Terry just said right there in an offensive spark off the bench or defense of and a lightning rod and and the new go from there are needs ride that hot hand. They don't afford the luxury is Robby pointed out the numbers with these known down 02 in the series. You don't have the luxury of waiting things out and go with what you believe as the the real strength yes it's almost overnight opera. Let's go to the phones at 4147991250. Jailed in Waukesha you're on the Wendy's big show what subject. Hey guys about it you know can't begin to enact here I hope on that wave or make my point about the team and I hated that. They actually give some thought that gate and area of the neck had courtship that scene because. There's the guy that note from the inside out what it happened the last couple years and I think you would be a dynamic coach as well. As far as what I would give guys I I definitely have to disagree with couple. A B that are being archived Ari I did I would I would under par at all at this point I think. Yet he he had made the story about him now. And you on a after practice yesterday I think it hit the nail on the had he but I don't care how many minutes but what I care about wins and losses. And fortunately. You know if I'm Jabari whether or place for forty minutes the first thing underneath you and I'm gonna watch that on these cents. I mean Al Horford get the bought the wing outlets in person that you backed down fully welcomed all their way up next time. Yet he can't get over the top of the screen on Jalen brown Jalen brown at the brink. Ops team won. First two minutes for the fourth quarter unit that jump shot and you can't act and defense figured I'd get an open doc okay Jabari that's the issue. I mean you might be counted but you gotta do education you're you're you'll understand that one game that they're not about you individually. And so I think that you know when he came back from hip injury there at about a 4830 game stretch where we did not play as well we did what out of he's got on at all there's no denying that but it kinda like we recording him and he recording not. And it's obvious that there's a break up at the thought alpha and so if that if I'm Joseph pride you know like keep my job for nectar or even be considered the Jabari experiment at this point it over. And LeRoy more than anybody I think you should YouTube you've seen it firsthand. You've got guys that are talented. But for whatever reason they don't buy into the team concept. They have horrible body language they're just not good for that team and you've got to move on from those guys and try to understand that culture. And chemistry it's very very important. It it it's let me ask you Cecil let me ask you this real quick and then the Roy jumped at. Are you holding Eric Bledsoe to the same standard should he be benched. I what I Arab and set well actually just sent him home because he's doing as much he's doing he's giving as much effort over many more minutes. I disagree I I the air what they'll at least completing a very good spirit about our players and I think. Andy about what it but media Europe or so I people let soak them. You mean Kardashian and possession out he may not make always the right decision offensively I think you should I'd much. I'd like to infertility are but at least see him. But it's pretty back got he got by you know completing the dashing and that's how. And what I don't yet when he got the badge he doesn't have a how on its head and not the last guy off the bench. Not even anybody handshake not happen again not trying to get your teammates involved you know. When Jabari on the bench as much as when he on the court it's all about Jabbar. It didn't you hear about LeRoy and read his comments now I don't care about. Don't object that is guys that go to bars the bars pocketed pit guys' fault but he. A total two point young players to make mistakes and at some point it at some point across the brits don't think. And so yeah what happens right now for me. Are they want most time you're 23. You'd think regulatory agencies Dylan you don't grow up I mean. And for this guy to go from at least when he ate when that man is our regular season now eyes when a big boy step up and now. And a bit I don't get it I've never have what we can you hold there about to the same standards as far better about not notice things. No we we can have a conversation about whether he's a building block and a foundation for our organization move to Florida but that's not what we're talking about right now right now it's it's. Hobby we utilized Jabari. To get a playoff win tonight. It is guesses and wrong when lacks the artists and always in on the back what if what difference finally collected him whatever at whatever this was the exact time it clicked for Jabbar and I think it's worth taking a chance that it might have half what he had to lose right read the damn nothing to lose nothing to lose at this point. And when I first came up with this question. My initial answer was can TS frustrated me more than anybody in this series and my initial answer was benched Bledsoe and start Jennings house right there with the Roy but then. Out I'd I said to myself. Your not being consistent just like that last caller wasn't being consistent because. The reason I say you get Jabari Parker in the air at this point because exactly what we're talking about right now which is you got nothing to lose at this point so if I'm Joseph Prodi. I'm pouring out my five most talented players regardless of defense. Regardless of of of app for what ever we've seen from here from from this beat up until this point. I don't care. I'm putting out my five most talented players and it goes back better have a quick hook though now. No I don't have the time I don't rock whatever it takes us talent but if they're not this goes on tonight this goes back to what I was saying yesterday it says to Sparky. Who is who agrees to some degree with how the bucks a panel Jabari Parker in his minutes in this playoff series because of the way that he looked. If you get the best version of shebang as Mohammed that your gonna get. We'll probably get it's a good Parse a good part the menace that Jabari would otherwise be getting. You're still not winning this series. And you're not that's it's not enough the best show about as Mohamed there is. It's not enough to win this series you'd need the best Jabari Parker you can get to win this series you need the best the Odyssey and get to win this series you'd need the best Malcolm prod and you can get to win this series you'd need the best Eric Bledsoe you can get to win this series and you need the best who's that they're not all gonna play their best. Tonight I can promise you that they're gonna look what you're gonna lose weight doll guess all our. As you can win basketball games when three of the five current or past no and then the other two come in off the events for from. Shot in the arm. Out go Brockton Bledsoe Middleton Jabari in the honest to start. And aunt Thelma and all those guys are getting now at least thirty minutes to every one of them is getting net at least thirty minutes okay we'll see when your guy goes to firm fourteen from the field and final launch and I what ever you're not winning this series unless you get the best out of your most talented players and those are your five most talented player thought that makes all I know maybe Boston under achieves tonight. We think about that to Boston's a well coached team. They might under achieved tonight there on the road now there are place okay Boston's a well coached team unlike this one and Marion pine. Yet and they don't have all this drama. You might get pushed around with that lineup that I just that I just put out there because it's just it's a smaller line up an Italian I have to but yon sun Horford which is a matchup I don't love. But I think that's what gives you the best chance to get out and run and it puts your five most help to players that puts your best scores out there. And I think gives you the best chance to win and put those got put all five of those guys out there for at least thirty minutes you can't go eleven or twelve deep in a playoff series. Guys that he used on Tuesday night against south they well about the human to be used. All twelve. Guys that we are right out the maker got one minute to get all twelve guys end up playoff series Jack has brought find a cease trying to find the last always. Anybody can they get to be a lightning rod or get hot if they're not out their for for more than five minutes as a sound crazy. Everybody has to be. As physical as you have ever been in your career is that a crazy idea it is it is physical itself. Go to sounds good fit here it's. Those guys man in in in and think about it at a particular time. They got to make this thing. Just about Vienna in the playoffs. You're at home we're talk about it crown later but Lott is Gavin you have your defy role now as for some reason. It's a disconnect. And it just tonight. Argument is solid the guy who's not playing in that with the guests who are playing. In that that's they were coaching staffs supposed to do assistant coach is. Head coach GM all those guys got to cut treated dazzle on the floor would get in amend the debut at the to gauge it is to give all the minutes. As you can see on the status. They gather with the zeros. How they've got a problem is the guys that are playing they got to figure this thing out. If this is going back to Riyadh as they got their due to say dame Boston had to do box that ought to bring up involves adopted maybe you can go up and let yacht is Tuesday in getting everybody involved. And now you can start to see how to opt his commitment to slop off and just let them let's go leg just to auto three you via any make somewhat. If he doesn't make him you gotta get into a pick and roll is a go to the hole and it'll put him the last group LPQ please. So vesting case. You have to plea deal most talented guys out there is healing happens is some related sop to. If you got the most talent at which we all talked about the fourth season amid reported series. That we dug memoir in the mode the best talent may do all a little bit. But if you got the best in most talent. Of these two teams eventually you should be either in these games a win. Let's go back debts of phones and a actually want to read this tweet edited tweet here from Martinez is that. I would have coached 21. What all the active players tonight punch each one in the chest real hard to say go say that's it you call the threads but that they are already there QXQ does it falls are not. And I'd say yeah. I I like it you know what I've and another thing up dirt if I'm Joseph pro life bottom line up the side I'm getting on these guys. And and I'm what the message renowned K if we lose this series if we win this series. Probably not here guys you want to stick around. You show something yup just and and don't sugarcoat it don't pull any punches. Does not know what's really on the line here because. I gotta feel in the box. Are sick and tired of the driver themselves and ready to blow this whole thing up except for yeah honestly maybe a couple of other guys and a half the shows that I listen to use their mind does that banish them from the league let's go to top regrets with zero to what these big show it's up top. Failure door and Umenyiora thanks for all the years that you circle Green Bay and I Gregory what LeRoy I would have jetting. I would have. Bargain. I would have the other as. I would have Zeller. I would have Parker. Not a would have goes much starting lineup and see we can do. And all of that out days that didn't here's a coach that I think that might help but not against. Joke on the and everything else but what do you think of Kevin Mikhail. Is it that simple is just trust is an interesting in getting back into coach and I think his name. I think yesterday day before. Will be a good lens by. Because I think. Gary and re seeing. He thought about Larry Elder white area yet winters here on Larry Burns so. I don't know Larry Bird is reportedly now he has been connected to the box and any in any numbers that there is heard but. He does he doesn't want to get back to coaching he must get back to my office let's get back to running an organization running a president of basketball operations Disco right. Yeah so Gary was saying you know if if that's true if he does wanna get back into it. I wouldn't be the worst got a hand over the rights to yeah to run this organ I know and. And all and that's that they I don't know what's your view would you look for a big name like that you just goes who's more qualified. To do deals are. I'm going to the big name and I'm go some experience and has been through some trying times. I'll give this mails that I had a zone. Because he did everything up there. With these and put these guys back in order here it's it's just seems a little chaotic does that governments in the off the field stay off the court stuff rush and all that. It just seems a little scattered domain but again that's bigger picture and that doesn't really help us tonight. Tonight. It's just you've got to want it more of them Boston tonight. And whatever that takes in motivation I I honestly have sit down and I talked to Jason Terry and say dude. You get out there and you'd you'd tell. 45 people to read it it's buddies say that reside go over the headed over to Jason care half. I left I. I'm telling you know look I. Almost everything that comes out of it and I do I loved I loved the jet a deferred and we were I think the first showed interview when he got here to Milwaukee and I immediately. Yeah in love with Jason the jet Terry love that you agree to talk with Ryan would. Our Green Bay football insider a lot to get to with him that's coming up at 248. More of your calls after a short break what would you do different if you're Joseph prime DN no idea is too crazy 414. 799 pulled fifty tweet us at 1057 FM the fan in the Wendy's big shall be right back. Yeah slash. Now. The masters he's WS SB sports updates studio while Mike Clemens is your patio furniture ready for spring or masters he says 500000 dollars of new patio furniture inventory. Stop it in check out the great deals at masters he's walking shop online it master's he's dot com. First on the fan basketball tonight and that the moyers Bradley Center it's the playoffs. And Ali come back here at the box down two games to nothing against the Celtics in the drama with Jabari Parker in. Very honest very forward saying he wants more playing time and he admits he. Probably got to get along better with the job running. It's. Whatever that is dishonest out of Yemen has. It right now. My enough. So much box that are in Jason Terry last night on the fan we're down 02. We're at home we need our fans to come out and be the best they've been always here. It bought time tonight at 830 we'll have post game coverage after that brewers continue their series at Miller Park against the Marlins. Christina Ellis going against his old team the last night the brewers took it to them with a twelve to three win. Home runs from lots of guys including Brian Brohm who hit his 1000. RBI he's just not right behind robbing ounce for the franchise record. A special number for sure I think you know I've said many times that the biggest challenge in this game is longevity and consistency. And you can't get to a number like baton unless you play for awhile and had a lot of success. Read more on line 1057 FM the fan that come this update brought to you by coaches pub and grill on south thirteenth street. Serving up the best swings on the south side twelve awesome sauce is 695 for ten wings coaches pub and grill. I'm Mike Clemens and sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Was Saddam lives qualifies seven FM the fan dot com. Off the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler here. To balance that men with Gary and Sparky both out they'll be back Monday spark he's actually buy back tonight with the Milwaukee Bucks. They can save post game show after game three of this series speaking of game three. Rest you right now what would you do differently tonight if you're Joseph prime. No matter how crazy your house sillier idea might sound for a one for you know 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan too was saying there as I was turning the mics on that you got a bone to pick me in the right real quick on the back to them on what ultimately. For this new man no no that's Juan. It can't just security. Now before he joined has won thirty wasn't appropriate. He has dark and you know lunge Joan no I started my lunch at around 130. I didn't have time to finish it can I was doing stuff for the shows are finished it up during the during the last couple commercial break be a common occurrence there's tons of probably hundreds of thousands of dollars for the equipment he's earned it. Polaroid's got liver and onions he drove. You do a question that they asked the right question. They would know what do the right at rideau did actually. And there at least keep those commercials vasser Leroy Hood noted chew into a microphone. Asked that's what Americans do. Behind I know people it may go he's got to break us I hate when people are eating while the talking on the phone with me I'm like dude does growth probably bet it is done and yeah. I could have ignored calls I agree these films. For real. So that's not a great idea this year no one knows this stuff that you just had a column exactly is a rat on him in this in the -- at ten after one element of how my allowance now is not show it to now I'm running around all morning animal busy man that's a seat on court and yeah we want to dog him too and show crap we try to show just run out of time like every day the only time I get a bite to eat while I'm on the air ambulance if the brewers get to the twelfth inning while our cheap cars and knows that while setbacks just now I. And so well thought out. Whom should I had more life plant eating at two does a lot of people already knocking at the virtual brands threaten either Q what are and we wasted enough time on this let's go to Kapanen national bureau the Wendy's big chill of the Qaeda. LeRoy that he's been. Really like the common and it's like who wrote branch. Back. To. The belt I'd like to. So let's be clear about that good. Let's go now but look we do quite. While he's saying is involved two on the I'm just residing in the career suicide. Good I don't think that front ankle on that quote sheet that they're everywhere. He got shoved into that situation. And it show and the ownership. I mean one of the guys want to be in this celebrity's. Or edit button guys I personally don't think they know anything about professional. And I think you need. You are have been saying that he's saying it went to the guy who called what you call to go said he doesn't want see Bernie Marcus said. How barbecue yeah. And you get injured our image in the did you barge management's. How do you have a feel about that bad then all of sudden it's topic about just winning. Would be able minutes but I heard yards evans' little meltdown a couple of years ago yet some people are routine but the cold was it. And he was marketing and media. So every one that late but the point bought shares there are. And Jabari just used to being the guy on the court playing that's all we do it's just basketball at all they know. What do you do tonight. You start to bar. You do it somehow you have to get that tight end and let him keep your number one draft from probably usable but he's the highest traffic you bet and what although it. And all that was kind of thought he was okay. He was mediocre to above mediocre but buttons. And good guy. What you'll if you don't get the chance to show you that these are opt for the star. Wouldn't that be one or the other I mean she has not proven himself yet but he really got questions you know that would be that when he get is. Our than any get the minute he doesn't have to look over your shoulder you yank. Ayman -- and I agree with him because he's a phone call how how many how long has it been. Since we've drugs said well wait till he got us Middleton and Jabari Aldrin on the floor because there was some injuries and there are staggered he could get a mall on the floor together. Now you've you've got an opportunity to do that I like that call. Demand there. If it's not happening after a fair amount of minutes I don't know where those minutes are lie I guess who ends and really watch him tonight but. I liked that idea is we were waiting for this. Yeah and us that I told. You attend the game because of phone. I've since you've got arrested. If I was proxy auto exit I would make him put up a set up all play MLS just sinking ego if you if you're so good. Here it is go out there and a few it can happen if it doesn't happen is all on him. Book for him not get the opportunity and you know you don't get fired assist as I did. Doesn't make any sense no doubt he'll be an 830 tip off which is weird for a game in Milwaukee in the drugs. And the Celtics and sort of sentence pretty sure yeah our numbers are just not an alien a weird start time the and intelligence that wanna give up bad info and I think your us Friday April 20 rent yeah I think it is 8:30 PM central I was just. On the East Coast is coming and I so of course nine dollars especially with them that you know with these playoffs and allies to see I did times. And any time as the game started and so I guess for maximum. Money is great but I did that about Friday. To go I has Billy about this what time does water street gets hot in the eyes I've tendered thirty. Wrap of the game is brewing. To make a lot of money downtown is special to Bozeman. And you can have your earbuds in and listen to Steve Sparky cipher on the Milwaukee Bucks Pickens and post game show. Right here on the fence Tim will be back tonight as well with the gas front league baseball post game show. After brewers Marlins yellow that we'll have that for you often tell us Sparky gets non volatile one it's just taken a little bit of an issue about the organization the ownership that doesn't. You don't really know what they're doing I don't know man that's a huge beautiful arena down there. That is that is corral of a few players on this roster currently. That are building blocks I mean to say they don't know what am doing I don't know remarks and. They're still muddy and get varying. It's as. Largest for some people are just hung up on the fact that there. New York hedge funds billionaires and just those words rub some people the wrong how they'd automatically dislike that effect and into safe because there hedge fund billionaires that don't know about basketball. It's why. The bill. And about it but this team owner is a billionaire five and I billionaires actually know basketball but nobody does he's got a multi billionaire. 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So what is big show I'm running back off LeRoy Butler the packer hall of Famer along side and Tim Allen sitting in on the shelf with Sparky and Gary out. Coming up at 3 o'clock we'll dig a little deeper. And to the Packers in the NFL draft see if there's one position that they need to target and talks and Packers right now though. With our Green Bay football insider from the Green Bay press gazette Packers news.com he has Ryan Whitney joins us now on the great midwest bank outline how are this afternoon I. I'm guru Mario. We're doing well there's a lot to one pact from this week when it comes to to Green Bay Packers he is let's go back to how the week started and all the the Aaron Rodgers drama which is real or it's or its media fueled. What was your take on on all that Ryan do you think there there is genuinely bad blood between the two after some offseason moves that rubbed their in the wrong way. Where routers that he was the support of deceit or Nelson ghost which real I mean he tees and it's supported. I think at the end of the day we're talking about it historic. Art record breaking extension that come on now alignments and their two words that. That matter in professional sport not just the NFL money talks right so. As disgruntled as he might be about touring Nelson. Scrum it's you might be about out sent out not being there anymore. It wouldn't your stare at the possibility of signing extensions that might include a hundred million dollars guaranteed. Money talks so. I don't think it certainly doesn't have a letter she got two years on the contract from there obviously the Packers to different sizes and a couple years. He doesn't have any leverage to walk away and he's got a lot of money come into home I think that's really just the bottom line is our political player router situation ghost. Yeah going to attempt Odland let me ask you this Ryan I've heard a lot and rent a lot about this about how there's employee her and there is employee EEE. And an aunt and maybe in my view is a little bit differing from from most. I personally would consult with their Rogers. In some way shape reform however I do that privately. And tell me keep his mouth shut down and said don't say you're disappointed we're gonna agree to disagree if we have to win internally. It's like LeRoy Brian I mean. Wouldn't you want to consult with what makes your franchise guy feel comfortable like a Peyton Manning or going back years Joseph Montana. Once you want him more comfortable not to say that he's gonna pick and using tire offense. Once you consult with them. Now now now dollar note I don't. Resident nobody get it yet you riding hood man a man and I'm diggers and Buddy Ryan. Guy out guys tell me you wouldn't pick the now. You do is we're about as the and knowing Joseph Rowe. Because you don't need to stress he really does now that's a calm now I'll for a rod would answer he's agree all. Out up okay. I I actually greens are arguing unit that. I'll concede that there's Rutgers don't have an antidote. Izod the agency is very spirited and it's insulting. Not. Not in the way in the consult probably the wrong term because. Brian Dickens should make whatever decision. She thinks makes this football team better regardless of who is against it should it change job to do that and frankly. Whether that decision is the right one long one will depend on what will determine whether she'd keep that job so he should make that fish. Bought I think there's merit to actually move like Torino also outspent outward both those arcs. Very directly. Influencing an factoring in the they're connected to air rockers. That the state before that the decisions made today just wanna let you know this direction were you that. I just wanted to give me that courtesy. I can see there's merit there. Particularly shares termed earlier this week conversation etc. you know certainly not asking permission but. The keeping him in the loop east into the franchise error putters of the most important person in the building and he's also. That most talented at what he does in the higher the Eric Russian court record is is is more out its part is coached or prying Connecticut and Jia. Iraq is an all time greats so. I have a conversation before decision is made. I I think it there's merit there are so long as that conversation and go away at mission because you know the date. Brian McIntyre has the economy to make good decisions and he need to make them strictly based on what sanctions is making this football team. Yeah it is to mean almost can have it both ways you can go meet. If you're thinking Gaza diva you tell them that it's in play you're creating a monster that I only know you can feed. But my question. Is. Tony one as pretty excited about the new defense of playbook he said two words. Learn ability. And likable. Vice Versa so that's I think that's good. The play books and these guys should be able to just fly around because is not that you don't you know alarm. Well it they they need to be better than last year I think that's the bottom line yeah last year and he's he's got an ilk. If they're going to end and they exercise electorate there becomes a decent leader. And kind of the face that defense especially on the back and especially with more Burnett are. It got torn out and he's got to play better you don't play well not slashed yourself it'll be interesting. See what what makes on this offseason and and and what we've seen not just went kept reached a backlash here I thought. And it's tremendously and I tell you slide around he was really really looking good and then here app and it just didn't it didn't turn out that way. So what seagate start playing. I going to be interesting receive Ali does. Yeah out. The last from the guys I think you are you get ahead of I've been in that position you meet new coach is you ought to different philosophies. We have data about our own a couple of days ago he got a chance to sit out briefly. Was Joseph Philbin is all different so athletic caught him down so many days. You get acclimated which are teammates in new coaches but you have to worry about if guys don't buy into their new roles. Have you seen any I talked any guys who maybe you had a displeasure and has no role is too early for that yet. I don't know yeah I will say that. Especially this year last year CA isn't in the camper a lot more important east bureau. Data into single thing in the Osce and the it was sank interviewer what was a three years ago when they have no hope whatsoever as a sign roster. About I mean. I don't agree to spring program when that happens now. That last year they're learning too tight ends in the science and creation this year where Manning obviously on the world percent a decent side Mark Williams is back in to change their Jaime ram this is being uploaded to the such a big part of it so the spring isn't a whole lot more important work. Asked what we're or just have the option right now. Talking with our agreement football and SATA Ryan what do Packers news.com here. On the Wendy's big show going back to add to what you said about how hot Clinton Dixon and him struggling last season. I know it was sort of a four foregone conclusion. But were you surprised that it was a foregone conclusion and sort of just an open and shut case that they would let Morgan Burnett walked without any offer. Given that he's he's he's how. Important was this defense not only in his place but as sort of the quarterback of the defense. Now I wasn't really the writing on the wall was it started last year to track on the destruction ons sort around it ever since. That tech I talk to chances were were pretty high no matter what happened. That they would box more Burnett who's going to be too costly and in fact this is a market value in a drop and a lot. Below what what was projected by a lot of people by. Even still may not just chop shops they really like control right station to issues again that they can play a lot of snaps format safety you know alongside our planned next there's there's some options there's enough in the borrow them walking so that there are some options there. Stepped in it takes some snaps and more Burnett. Has has vacated now. They've been better they better hope that. History doesn't repeat itself obviously last couple years and like geez they were so they like I'd go they've watched them. Both of them become Pro Bowl worst. It's it's that that happens mortar Burnett. He's got a good opportunity now experts. I think he's he's going to be with a good team the Caribbean missing piece there that. That's secondary. It's he goes on that's a year its stock on the look good discussion from historical different perspectives from the secondary but. I again the bottom line I saw the writing on the wall a year ago when the church on sector around there a percent that chances were that. They would let more Burnett walked. I've seen a lot of Bob mock drafts that have the safeties going to the Packers with their pick whether it's there when James arming to Fitzpatrick. Given what you just said about how much they liked the safeties on the roster spot index everybody behind him. Do you think there's anything to that or do you think they're they're that happy with the safeties that they have. If they pick a state the F fourteen whether that leader would change to Fitzpatrick I don't think the pick and expect that they protect the planet. A nickel cornerback will really the role that was vacated by demeanor scramble. Both those guys. They're split opinions stock was some scouts believe that there are strictly safety either explicitly say he and then burst there's also police that that. That they can be a nickel quarter and you put him in the middle you are trying to dynamic criticism. The play making ability put him in the middle the action and to be a correction it and that's our package the census is run in the NFL now so. It really depends on what the Packers think of of either of those two guys should they be available. Mr. just in this to come to the conclusion that there exclusively safeties in the that that that opinion about their idols you know drafting either one. They come to the conclusion we no wonder what James to come by and he says that in his formal interview with the Packers they they talked extensively about. What she might be able to view trumps from the slot mean slot quarter in the nickel. You know pass rusher from the from that position. That that was a lot of their conversation is the company like that conclusion that he she can't hurt either one of them camped I player. And I think they are possibilities at number fourteen. Ryanair they'd done what the skilled positions. Offensively. Because Vietnam looking at this saying in. It's it's obviously air rises but you know define days upon days the next stud wide receiver in the NFL and Jimmy Graham in the middle common slot. Could they either through draft or free agency pick up vote it. One of those wide receivers of a little bit of a retread of a sudden take the pressure off the other guys. I think there's a big hole number two receiver in the vacated by Jordy Nelson now. You can argue that maybe it would or innocent here that was going to be all showed that last year she she gets 32 he was not running relation was early career cheer from the from the ACL. Wasn't the same player anymore and with the cap. Hit that they usually get the Packers and age it makes sense from from a cap areas in importance the swapped to Nelson for Jimmy Graham imam will percent but in doing that. I actually and number Q she position is even more all I know that Jimmy Graham moved tight and he's really receiver and not in anyway blocking tight end but at the end of the date of tight not at number two receiver and there's a difference and I think they have to go up their address. I think it's day. Area. A missed opportunity in the offseason was not signing Allan Robertson who objects from the station that. It came down in his decisions of the payers in the Packers in those final two and and he got. You that there's there was fourteen million dollars averaging salary which is hosting an averaging a salary that the Packers. Detroit and in the train putt transition off of a pal all the stuff they have the money out Fuller. I I was a little surprised they didn't make is that they didn't close the deal went into it now crops I think that would lead this offense. It is I think that you're looking at a potential receive the chickens. It probably not probably not the first round although I wouldn't. We've been ruled out probably not the source route he's extremely unlikely but certainly by it teach you in the second or third round I think that's a real possibility. Is that what they success Joseph Philbin has when he was here. There's always put our big number I wonder. If maybe you can we can have issues and a couple weeks. Is Philbin on because that plays a Miami current data could be Mike McCarthy. And if he on the defense aside. Who would be. Make in the post play calls that cast of to me is very important abuse and that mentality of who's going to play caller. I don't know. Do we know. Where. The defense coordinator did he call his own plays or did he lay. Send it down to somebody like Don capers to be up to of stairs he would just say it saved in Baghdad I was single and two Baghdad's. No but that your object as a play caller to my understanding is that like a loss would be like always OK okay. I don't think that might McCarty have given up off as a play out of. They key ruling class of people asked did he tried last week care right to be right. He's never going back and I think Joseph fill most of the structure him look I bring him in a look. Hey look we've just throw the ball fourteenth street types which or run it. But I think he's deal would. Called it plays. I'm in that estimate of argument is maybe seven you can put in the back is you know captured just by and that our deals. Brian yeah I sent out artists are as well I think you'll children's greatest value to my in the Perseus she's she's got that that. We know might accorsi trust them and not only people destruction they are at least in the week but you do get it until mart and the cartoonist about it yet during the game plan yeah strong sees it that look bad people don't do this is doesn't match up well. And I think that Mike McCarthy really trust that type of input from job so. Brian real quick before we let you go any takeaways from the schedule yesterday positives negatives in terms of we knew who they are gonna play is just a matter of how everything lined up. Syria our Packers resort dollar post Mike might wait wait wait at least production game by game and I had them going or looting four games from week to week twelve really I think the sports such as games they have on that schedule. All of the week to week twelve that's that's an. Where where where where I am I am listen the patriots is that that segment. Rant patriot and a short recap Seattle which is rule and then going into Minnesota with those that. To meet it would have been in the fourth toughest games and obviously it's April when he it's we have no idea now. What kind of injury situation I have to opponents or the packers' a year ago we have no idea that Aaron Rodgers is only after year but. If if we do don't factor in injuries which might obviously changed thanks. But I'd go to those four games in the in the top sport and they haven't heard they're basically back back back to backs so. That back that's pretty brutal but the good news for them and I think there's a very real chance they can start section of orient the five. They ought to be it would that the closed the year well just that that of their strategies is unreal. That's our agreement football and SATA Ryan would find his work inside the Green Bay press gazette Packers news.com and on Twitter. Add by Brian wood I'm sure will be checking in with you. Multiple times now can wait for meeting up to and reacting after the draft I know appreciate borrow one and frequently write a report and perhaps there can't screw this and screwed the general get much more into the draft next week with Brian and on the show internal walls appreciate around thanks allotment Arctic air he joins us on the great midwest bank hotline if you're looking for simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction. Or renovation loan called great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products. Since 1935. And going great author and we'll start to get into the draft with few. A little bit more right after this on the Wendy's makeshift.