2PM: Who caught our eye last night in GB?

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, August 17th
Wendy's BIG SHOW 2PM Hour - Gary, Leroy and Sparky react after the Packers blowout Pittsburgh, score 51 points, and even score twice defensively!

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When he's being shall serve on the high. And crashing around a fancy Sparky Pfeiffer. Jerry Ellis and pax are all favorable like Butler returns today. He's in the studio kick off the shelf running Mac laggard in this morning where Barkley where he'll be back on that morning show on Monday. And obviously be a pretty packer every heavy showed today taking your reactions from what you saw last night and at Packers game. The start off the show we'll talk with Adam a cal Leo right now. Tentatively scheduled for 448 that all could change based on what crowd Craig Counsell decides topple for the game tonight so as of right now for 48348. Or ride would remain football inside of an agreement pressed the exact and wall stock would Mike Garrett high school insider. Of course scoreboard show underway tonight 23 reporters saw a different games 23 games covered. Each and every Friday night here on the famine might be different as the host and now hall of fame coach Ron Davies from seventh. Starting at 7 o'clock tonight here I want a phi seven FM defense he'll join us at 535 preview. That upcoming show this evening and tells Reese got reporters act the first restart the Green Bay Packers to. And your tree cesium who qualify as a big win. But they scored a bunch of points 51 points on the board for the Green Bay Packers. Our last night in getting your our thoughts. What you saw last night in that game a sock and Gary just before we went on the air. Asking him how post game show was last night Gary said net hunter reaction last night. I'm the post game shelves so Gary how what was the prevalent. O line of thinking less and post in shall from the listeners. Whether we use short look at the Packers and saw last year I. And it's still the prevailing thought or they would do to be deeper. In the 3 o'clock our blood. Is this all about defense. It's all of our work this Packers defense words go look like where do they have no players we have no play makers. You know is inspired over what you saw. We're. Tomorrow wiese and Williams and Josh Jackson's are those of prevailing thought. Positive news is cool wrong. You will love him. Dew logo emotionally he deserves it. I think is that. He might hear you right now I was earlier afloat or is this short term outlook I know is. The offers of and I think there should be for me there should be more portions about his office in London for his to really talk about right now. They they didn't Murphy didn't look good last very well bill didn't look good last week are every bit. In our view about your RA I think that solidifies you over and left tiger and I think being you can put Murphy where he's supposed to be. And right tackle. But when you gotta have Murphy left tackle. Or burial at right tackle or street direct tackle. Not a very good offensive line not at all. Archie are look at. You've Allard and I thought it was a boy was wearing the playoffs only used a brace on his double. Last year I don't think he wore a brace and these guys he's got to be JJ a lot brace on his terrible huge breaks. Are on a dream Islamabad about though Sunday actually in Nebraska woman media guys are neighbors. Go like huge raspberries. Orleans global. Yeah I know where that Somalia Tinto. And this is left elbow. So now we're geared for you know breaking it down. You and you wanna portion Joker owl and a round with that left our chief. Are you really got used that left him. From the left side chair. Makes cents. I don't remember him wearing a brace last year. So maybe we just. In realize we GAAP we did talk to ball wearing a bra strap usually Ahmadinejad and amidst now know we missed that. So yeah I mean back could be cause for concern obviously go for itself. So the first thing everybody is complaining about post your shoulder was that was what these trees the defense is what they were all complaining about. I saw you tweet out still waiting to see the difference between these two defense isn't it between capers in Canada. The two mile winds kick start the game. Read it right to remain just that proud to play third star rookie quarterback. Who's Jimmie third string in the fourth string guy who has. Second year player correct so that's gonna happen Josh Jackson interception housing of one of the pick sixth he looked pretty good in the game. All say is. The defense of lied to me. The days won't forget that regular five outs are tar about the big guys up front Lowery. And we'll pursue and had us stop. A but he played that well there weren't in any penetration you and I just got done talking yesterday before that game that for this defense to be as good as it can be Dak. Broad defense of blind. Has to get penetration in have to play really well four to work I did there was no Daniels but. What the guys or out there you still had Kenny Clarke out there you still had willed person out there you still have Lowrie out there. You let guys out there may or getting any push what's what Laura now that I saw at least yet I think. Look at it and I'll break it all the way down economic Cuba a lot of long runs of the middle. The chickens are you see a pair of a quarterback you lose all three of his targets and come back to number one. A lot that was alignment there are lined up along a lot. Especially not think they went to rookie at the root authority is accused spirit. An image of anabolic four straight times scored. And you can see if you freeze frame there was nobody lineup in the middle Leo it is a gap was wide open last week credit. Course a lot of Dick linked up but and this particular. Defense. You know I've got to see a lot. It inside guys breaking through they weren't how these Gaza City to come outside and get to wanna ones but that's. Our house and the first game. Or stuff. Yeah let these guys get used to would go play against Chicago. Run and they re start. I'll eat everything we angers your meal yeah. Without let these guys. Who's probably Edward. Iran is every reason they're wrong as well. It's a new office coordinated cause heart god is running the student will go lower than it. So would you why young guys if you want me to an arm. I'm good enough learn topic on good enough to learn to separate. Things to beat Clinton Allah. And attorney and a so that you guys Teradata. Just turn it up going to a strip though it at whole U law and rain. Rain. It took over to close the doughnuts and on the vote cornered allegedly. Or not Steve had a bottomed out and give new warm up room by that was put. He's confusing these guys now he did say pitted disable week interview he said I'll love and whatever but I'm a dual more this game. Because the raiders ride out the game to his maturation. They're gonna do everything goes like I gave you game plan. And are you see more. That's why it began July. A run in practice. But I read this in the game I don't want them you confuse you started school and. Experts on the meego. On. That this whole thing. About well you older zone blitzing in their struggle in a pickup is only a and his team practiced console bulletin for the last several good opportunities for offensive line. If charges against Saddam. Straight practice against it that's what got. Sure the Baltic it was all blitz are sent OK you're a rookie offense blood. First time and drive and see much of a okay. That's alt dot Donna was all let's. So don't tell me kids any gab what offload and has Lofton had sent a broadcast while another road strike against is all blitz and he's showing what Purdue on our watch one. Except but it's really been practicing against the last 23 years 45 well warrant and Matt law givers is big animals these guys Murphy's tragedy and those are just racetrack. Every now zone blitzes what is now all of this thing. And when you don't deploying spur don't you know that's gonna happen even if you don't quote Jane Blanchard have been rated four. So's not all the same but. This year the moderator for bird clearly they worked there were and a they were not rated four at all I mean Pittsburgh came out from job they came oft boss blitzer and me and did you. Want to be big it really last night now a bit put up to some points or ought to move on defense but. Are offers was. On dated during evening trader either last night offered some. New put up. Thirty something that has poisoned that that little just like quick slant how are you wanna call it. They eight double lives that. Amanda was not what you said another thread about it or is not quarterbacks just playing golf the wide receiver just catching the ball and run away from guys. Now what from crew are all that that ATR strike isn't out of the side like I missed the tackle and he was he went for the ball right stupor. Remember you gotta put your hand around a ways. And it Devoe but sometimes. When you make a play like major race and in most plays they're hooking ago and you're just take it. Are those cup played their coaches don't notice gonna happen on a card that says your just catches. Fifteen out where you can make that play. It would be hard to keep anybody. Out of wanna make America. Because now all you making a play its traditional protester hit Butte taking its house. It'd be hard to keep him about the feel if he's been doing that practice in the game. So I just hope they give them opportunity. Because he's really making me young guys that bag. We think komen. Com or a bit and force raining camps it just didn't play in house that's. Is used for him be a more polished and then. They always figured big school is the U volleys. Actor plays this kid has been ordered our credit almost plan javy. But leap frogs everybody's more polished he should be ease she did opportunity employee is rumored to. And if he makes it to and if he's a fly here you know like. You put him out while I jet jazz would do their best adore special is negative and then it is going to be the fourth receiver. Matter of fact Steve got out about this house put together a package to bring all out. Yeah I I don't arc around the garden get a package together quick Tsotsi next week we wanna bring animal. Rangel. Conroe will bring him. But I put a nice package as he gave him. Best if he makes it to where do you did you very reduced rate rises for their press not good. Give him Michael Jordan prayer rugs I hadn't thought of Pennington. Australia. Are funny dude we used a Steve awfully late in Jordan's like me to straight now can we admit it and we're just trying to lose you know little bail out earlier net. Brian Roy. Writers for the bra. Which is that your death. Last night Fuzzy thirst and below are for the fourth incursions grandson and his name is Rick Hertzberg. And Torre got last night. Kubel role is is shares we've always want it. Sure. At a news. She ultimately. All things equal moral here is we've always want to they just as outrageous ignored leads his passes. He wore shoes. It's no big catch him now you I don't want to say Arnold of the forty times all right just saying. I'd test is way more products. For sure. I'm thinking maybe it is taking orders bill passes with the ball rod is daylight there we know he liked to world. What is rookie wide receiver does Rogers like. Okay lacks a coma but they did. You know you have a kid yes having kids you don't like Kamal Hossain. Mom you are your favorite system on the Nokia some you'll never come up to you. His favorites are to not take top Graham and crude rope those are his favorites I think I'll I think you may like numeral better than laced then he likes frontal Allison does point. Yeah that's crazy that I got to appease them. I had no idea just is is just had no idea or garrisons picture was facts I I just. I think you look at that game last night Jamal more again. I do is get an opportunity he's going to say the wagon out to him he's going to get cut. And then it's gonna be can he make the practice squad that's what were heading towards the gets he's got two more games that's it you're a fourth round pick. They cut fourth round picks and NFL are the draft that happens it's not unheard try not to let the dollar my theory says. Outsold Gary Arnold Gary changed much either he's really tout. You just say. We're talking about more idol idol saying yeah. If he if he gets cut he could burn you idiot Dick de by another team doesn't get your practice squad he could hear you make it look really stupid. And others in London who has got hung up that you be wouldn't take archer that you just don't see. Q dropped passes gave me just. And that lineup proper media and your playing for now not drafted Q so after. Mock election. So I hear god draft doesn't work out of them today. But. Trevor Davis has to play he's gall. So it is some spots available. Because if you in closing for me just take the game is two guys to me is Selig they're trying everything possible put on the major team. Not I don't know they well. How much memory and Iran has to get those two guys Dolan. Every day the spores returns and everything and give your I don't think yes it is it does yeah they should be doing everything yeah. But it given guys an opportunity also turn a ball over as you do suddenly not supposed to go. They're saying you're hurt and you just you're shooting yourself in the foot couldn't give them every opportunity and it. I don't if neither one make this team on phi. I am opportune it's not gonna bother me they're deep enough at running back or that time Montgomery can shoot and kill you. The top Montgomery idea that Gary has RG motto backfield receiver all that and are you going to limit they're not in attempting to do that let us. So it's playing Joseph film was it to run the football will too will you told us that. You said they're gonna run the football more. Would you set to report it would tell them. That if I 'cause. That's right he's not going to allow that to occur. SE or I would think that right months QB who I would I would think Aaron has warned star Joseph Philbin Dow. Joked does it run the football time gotten out you guys go to Baghdad Baghdad. The running backs or not they're not healthy. My restoration timer gummery. It is for sure we try to put some space between your Ian Eric Jones now I have. Issued his goal neighbor Darrel in our third down backs Politico. Did they ever get a quarterback Theo. Killed and killed a DO TSA. Fuel. As best worst and killed yeses or you know. He's Garrett can do to another and he's he's he's now. He something's not right with them. Orman is don't have the right spot I mean I don't know. But he's not as low as I thought he should be Steve who want to go for our reporter go ahead let's go to John. Join your first a little while some of them for. Joseph what you got on up Obama gave us sniper John. Guys Beaumont stage you've got network fault blurred. I want to talk to lead worried beat. Lulu Lulu lately anyway. Load. He's gotten. Jobs. You won't talk all bark you want our political. And I got to be honest to goodness. I didn't. All right. They are. It is simply could possibly do in literally yesterday I don't know if you remember we know flights could do alone you. Are extremely groceries for a month or we will tore world. But we will do grocery store or creed and all I do I'll love you got so much you guys haven't cracking jokes but let we. Gary don't know anybody going to be. Yeah. Go to college he had not been set for a good. Wolf good to eat and calling to our drama gonna love him in my hand wind blew off him. I'll know what they're trying to be available around looking until we were delighted to I'll love you so much how close are not to be afraid am born rubble pile mould no word remembers that well built. Who remembered I love you too. Used to. We that. She'll also be a lovely Georgian route was where would you be as ago of course. I real minimum US and that's yet to be a draft luck and I'll be all in line. Why. Won't go forward. And smile oh really slow improvement. Usually elements grew smaller and there could be Smart and Donald bell and Wendy's app to date him here's the duty digging get a Dave's double with. A hot and juicy beef along with small Fries and a drink for just five dollars but you have to download the Wendy's apt. Take advantage of his great deal at the whole lot of delicious Wendy's food for just five dollars. Download the app today when your at Wendy's don't forget though for for Ford's better than ever. I got eight different entree options along with the nuggets Frye and drank all for just four dollars. It from favorites like the doubles that that's my favorite junior bacon cheeseburger spicy chicken go wrap and many more. Available participating Wendy's for a limited time dot in the game from last night questions for Gary right to former Packers. Now alliger time to talk Packers Steelers from last night 414. 7991254147991252. To sell one of my seven FM the fan there is a good player there. You know the offensive line that held their ground for us you know it's our big Kia passing games have no line all the down. And I just haven't done I'm it's a testament. And keep you flip on the money I fell as duke and then. I caught in turnaround in this seem much much much progress that is an officer on him on the Golan via sold. Short. Yeah its been kind that is you know I'm planning on finding out testing limits. It's. I. You breakaway and pitchers quarterbacks turn now he. Realistically and yeah I was just trying Scania safety net giving him suffered two way go off of them and my reaction just taken inside the middle and north added that is as Altria just move on and hit provinces on China in the story. Oh you know there and it. The chance that. It seemed like you Didier tried to play the -- and try to get out in front of it and you know after he missed. He didn't have a chance to come and attack me because the way for the blindness and. Very young. 82 yard touchdown reception there in the second half for the agreement trot Packers white water native Bob quickly. Becoming a fan favorite he Sparky Pfeiffer former packer badger running back Gary Ehlers and packer hall of Famer. The safety LeRoy Butler deal. In your calls on the Packers Steelers game last night taking your reaction thoughts on the game any questions you may have for both of these guys 414. 7991254147991252. Week to sell 157 FM the fan let's go to Jennifer Jones junior missed a closer to them of the tumor to America. Gentlemen you're talking that it champ. All while mom and we've got you can't out there. You'll offering Whitman. We you golf wrongly. Well the eleventh place in the eighth time Wisconsin left handed champion pot wrapped camp. The owner Mike company bill Kaplan. VR WI FA it was a state champion and and not a guy we called debate. All. All another vehicle drove it you know Gary and 375. Yards are forward that would not we are on kriegel. But that's what helps you. I asked iron a group of rabbi Heidi Aussie optical a lot of modems allegedly. I had that group reliant. And hey I ask process allegedly last so we heard two totally burned you got a little truer to you know make it through a room. No green in one on the par fours we have to take you. On you Jason usually is our final game was all that's when I heard in that moment on insured may be looked at him but this guy I. I don't come. Lyon France unknown. Don't think so are we still got do it they. Oh what the April Whitewater I want cool roll for two years in the report he played. Division one in Illinois for one year so you don't have recruited to a big on school don't know what you're doing. I want to championship that's off. That's correct it's their current championship on a little the little and the thing about it is. It was pretty good routes I mean he runs and 452 more forceful. 0451 but these long Strider he's got it and he runs great routes and I think his biggest attribute that he's got a feel for the game could a lot of receivers. Caught out that was probably their lack that right on the sideline or a lot of receivers were turned stepped out of box on the sink in the bigoted defender was still there he didn't. He turned law and you know we still another yard or so just served an appeal he's got a good feel for the game and you're gonna make this team I think. He's on the telling them. Game on board navigate cut easily going to be gone I think got Trevor davis' gonna be on you have to be available and I don't all the end goal Yancy make teen wolf creek markkaa. I think yen since you are now. And we can't have they can have you to get struck by lightning we need to next year in the trend or check out the ground are. Championship at the golf ball. All you guys go Wii units. Note all in all the finest acting. We reloaded. It area I told him. Our big deal are going to charity event and if you don't bring Al east champions to clean and our. Allegedly. Way to resolve to you know I'm on the play out grew conviction on the count every stroke. Our group XT or won't make you. You better. You can do better. You know why didn't they about it he's got clarity. And the golf. AR Christian to be televised evident on the Fed to Merle is precisely the Janice we were well for a nonstop all got caught Trevor Davis and each use same route before and even god can I get separation anymore and while we're adding content 88 as well rob car loan rate hybrid experiment should be. Over hash tag bluff. Year this on the tea house where you don't notice the real fighter and never back Christian and uptown. A Christian he says nada let's do it right word for word that's doing this customers. Do like audio engineers. Thought he was against a Pro Bowl last you don't do is don't do just couldn't let him enjoy himself. And give him where he fits and enjoy it. They put out as pressure on the kids to have seed order receive an eyewitness went out to discuss. Just. Enjoy it he's gonna make the team is don't do a lot of damage and we show our mobile home blow. Up it was so odd spared busta put. Janice in that way up and then he got in play and in turn I'd have you returned owner and I he's in Cleveland. Dude it would local gas like you know said just let him do everything I'll work out. Enjoy it have and supportive. Let. Do is go to the if the biggest not you pay it back where you want it back at all. It'd keep that guy we want a want to let you discuss the white only black. Do you like Fuzzy. Well that's one on. Deck of the color. Red to bet that right. I wanted to brought down a little bit bigger units. I don't speak muzzle never let game but he does that color while while the other night white bass I'll I didn't annihilate you guys in your quiet married couple. But again teamed up to the right to not two but that's only because if my my thoughts on this thing clarify is. And a real white American superstar in this league for quite awhile I mean you know Kevin Love and they're giving Kevin love's got. But Larry Bird those guys I mean you haven't don't come at a Nash is Canadian so you could. Yeah Dirk is German I mean none of these guys cal Ozzie why Americans so here in the lottery saying no now they took even gens are here. Okay what were you drafting you're looking for role players that's brother and I don't care about that saw it whatever SRJ coomer logos robbed a modesty. Mild concern here Packers are receiver Jake numeral undergoing tests they and a shoulder. This would soon be the only thing and I could get in the way of him and a spot on the 53 man roster. You always sought a dub accuser were given them on tests and the one that was given the troubles when you have to push outward. Let the wind ads make sure you can play the way you put it out I make an out awhile I guess loyalty. It in by a Jewish custom strip that is a newbie. Elevate his team even if they put a multi UP to these into army to these health these comic 'cause he's done best out there other than Dovonte yeah. Well we come back a wanted to get into the Packers safety play by yesterday and get these two areas and LeRoy SA dot Omar Ibn that dumb argument that. I don't care about Morgan Burnett now than Steelers regardless they don't care Packers safety playing. Yes they come. Exactly my point we'll talk about that coming up next. And actually being parents. I didn't. Just a routine play you know you know first fifteen plays you gonna do it. A lot of different looks. From different teams so vacancy which adjustments will be. It just so happened first of that we got was in dealer and most times most things. Run qui game audience in the because you run a lot of blitzes and you know they got to give Obama a week. I just was aware that and I would just rated nickel plated him. But when you rein in the end I think this guy and the quarterbacks. That goes to the sideline this Apple's mind. Young guy. A little things that the human young. Didn't how to start the game off slow wouldn't give him easy ago. It was just that it's not Getty. The extra mile lawyer who's giving a lap at their expense of the rookie quarterback from Oklahoma State Mason Rudolph there on the pick six to start off the football game. Got the Packers going in the right directional type of the city's third but quickly. They impressed by how good he looked last time and I mean he. By football standards he's an older player and he looked like he still playable but he played really well last year they say for the cardinals. So that's the positive. Right I mean that's one of it last night defensively. That's one positive and that's what he brings to table you know what you look at I thought it picks the ball may have thought about Lara for a knew that picket of our same routing dumped it to the house. Not only that. You shall work now aren't so John Jackson her last but I thought Josh Jackson do that same day against portable lights. What we all watched that life into furious with the job of just comes in behind it. And does mean that but that's why you have to Oman there though he. He rubs off to the younger guys you guys come on Thursday's pre game. And they feel like they can say guys being in that they can do it too and that's why he's there I mean it's a positive. Reinforcement of why you have to money and a lot why you gotta burgers. Yeah cheers on the horrors and on this I'm Mon Els played pretty good last night to slot and he had a decent game covering last night most are us embrace it he's lost. I was very lean. Do. To veteran editor I mean I think that's where the ball. That's gonna start to funnel down the middle and passed a reason. When you talk say. Outside. Good now. There's going to be some limited spots available. These laws. Kevin kings of the world and tell you if you're not available. As hard to defend your spot. Mean I mean to give Rollins David and propagation. Rollins. Move back to say that the Cuban good safety hazard pretty good footwork is not only if as we have good technique. Has to be further back. But they have that's a good system put on Google has his three wide receiver sets. Shock. Imagine don't Antonio Brown though yeah. One out to species were just him again right and you know they had to understand. And had a tight end. Eight Pittsburgh uses their tidy and I liked what he used Italian drag routes underneath routes it just gives him across the camera proper formation it was no. She got to cast a new logo efforts. I ThyssenKrupp were duo got through we need to know that particular about where you read Roger face drag yeah. Did you feisty guy ran across your face you're trying to decide. I'm Joseph who's doing this watching a new and an ounce and McCormick we have a cholera burst Miller out there that started off slow. And whose responsibility was that when an artist I don't know I don't at all. But it touted guy he's not a real look I. And made double edged never know we're allowed 21 to me I don't know. A organ safety play. And with that I got to hear from Tony that we don't wanna buy seven from the fan my contention this Bagger defense of the same last year the play of the safeties mainly Dexter. This team should go and get Eric Reed asap. Because I know fade in Auckland index none. Metz told each winning a 1057 FM the fan. All right get Polaroid looks let's I was hot claim there's no to Bryce. Well I career and his assess senator Reid and we all on its side and have. Pro Bowl practices there. Silly reasons. Clinton takes is go to a different friend from pirate now because in his last year of his deal got a over year he's in the position to be. All of to have the communications. I told him don't do that it. The guys up front and you don't wanna be don't. You need to lock in can do live lining Gaza and did a place in the side. Now let. You know Martinez Tuesday you just block it. But again their planners say he's a little bit more but now are most gasket or don't blitz a lot of them and I don't want somebody has to not think you'll see the next week. So I just tell the people planned it just hold out as much can't before you see I am really tired of red value send us for most veteran actors. You know there and their trade awarded tiger not a real swim boat. OK so what and has better. Camera eyes tour and have an IZZ. That's a different would have. All of our tackling is warm embrace. Just disarming this as a fan. Okay. When shelf and gay concerned. That's Hough went index may be struggling a little bit so don't worry about hot until like aisle we for a week five if he's still not making plays and missing tackles. Or one Uga is the missing tackles Barton but Michael's waited out there much time to socks and his team say where everyone but the corners they still can't tackle him. That is that they I think irritates people more than anything where it whether it's bright stock index a linebacker defense of Lyman a quarter. Doesn't matter who your name is. But when people see guys missed a wide open tackles that's what I think fans get frustrated. Would tell affairs it's okay you're frustrated but yet to put in context of the guy you're paid 2000 I don't want to tackle. And got his kitchen. Do you manifested Al ran out yellen like you never miss attack while no of course always gives bears has pitched but everybody's but I know orbited Google that. Back here about it you give Obama missed tackles or don't do this. But I. That's something that phrase Shermer. It would drive him. If you wanna own wallet again I think I used by a year ago another fifteen it would. We've had this conversation where and when you seller I seem bright to back in the day it was a lot don't know how you practice strike but now you go to practice today. Burns got what twenty some vs what Le Roy did back when he practiced it's different again. At these practices kind of worked against you know being a six attack Libya last year are McCarthy was like word is working on tackling this year this is all about tackling here Tuesday as a McCarthy said last year and training but the. To me is not really about that for them that they do work on tackling I mean they were pro tackle him and I've seen it. Address all the drills and all the players are working on that. But Dietrich at least he becomes down to lose. All want to a willingness to try to go do this that try to. And to me they don't Adam Jones opted. I don't have enough talent. Well that's you're saying right there that little worrisome his own ID for all now. We'll Mac will difference maker army Jersey's fugitives. If you just got one dot. You know get contagious. And you just don't tell Wanda. I think that longer could be over again. You have to light Google asked to do need a delight delight EU I we're light years in life you realize the sun records you know native because you need that got us out at a shadow. And cover back at a bank. Listen if and when the Packers. In another. Not every team as a group to do this anymore because in the exchange but if Oakland a patent. I'm glad that will fullback tailback. Affirmation that what. David loud and all that and you know. Lol tomorrow. We don't. The frame a black guy out of roaring you stop him. When asked. I mean do you. Man he likes Chela right that he got a plane to guilt browser very unselfish he wasn't necessarily trying to split double to mutate into a routine way but he wasn't and want to actually Brad we're gonna tell him right. Run a bit jocular Rutgers was playwright year. Ron is back. What what's what's our agency audio video ads that look of it does is playing misses it on film session what was your most he would just wedge in stages. Were not act now for years. A in this boost they just took it as a lump Iran always on yards downfield and recovered five shot I understand that's wellstone were like you're looking and pushed back three to five you are. The first thing that's up this issue. They have yet salvaged. At. Lower level bag standalone two and these jokers the usual double team and scrape it off with a back for us. That scenario sack allow movement. Carrying the double team and scrape off to the back every day. You bet there's a geek Leo these guards instead of 07 full auto club average Tuesday. I incident at a game literally laughed what is going on all star and I have a. This is what I think they roar that coaches. Did you tell these guys. You and you should never be hitter. Measly. The undefined and you heard so attack. Just did again on the ground. So many got to try to get that perfect hit just get them on the ground. Train about EST every day did you don't need that you aren't just have to get him on the ground that's what you want to have Clinton that came through. In Dallas he would've took a 2000 index got a now great tackle opened still great Alice in nobody. Yellow Nevada. Know about tweet about it don't tweet about noisy ms. bright was at least affair. And so my thing is originally a year ago. You have the beard I tell all these guys. Just tackle. You ain't trying to hit anymore you try to tackle and he got on the guys count the same. And it just as I can tolerate it anymore for a are there other coaches teach him to be hitters mr. attackers. CJ into coach. And the U got to facilitate and tell guys what you want. Hammer and I did tackle tackle tackle not hitting. No no kidding is done. You play long in this league is be less explosive plays play the clip I doubt if you don't mind you're thinking graph called the Indian program. Not going to rule his body put in your face mask on the ball. The ball come out trust me when you just swinging tonight we got one out McGovern guy right knocked it out yet and come out when you guys come in doubt who he's falling. It's naturally you follow Steve put your arms to try to braced to file for sure you don't have Bo knows. But if you hit it in men is a gold Floyd led to god don't quote grow sort of don't Internet and it was their goal of the tackle Utah. Mega rapid cost sight and sound solutions today and get a great hook up doing good Alan there's times. 500. Dollars in these gift cards bottle honored I'll visa gift card did he take advantage of the package are monetized by right now starting in 99 dollars Monday to AT&T home fault. AT&T Internet. You get the NFL Sunday ticket at no charge an upcoming football season. 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Again all it Scion sound solutions break customer service and 500 dollars and visa cards. If you call right now if football the way you wildwood FL Sunday ticket holder and directed the ever out of market game every Sunday plus. What's games anywhere in your favor device called science on solutions to day at your 6754151026275415100. And have a chance at the 500 dollars in visa cards by taking advantage of the fact I just told you about NFL Sunday ticket are Mac reduce each season. And prevailing rate Ellis cancel part of our decisions like international games excluded remote access to one game at a time charges may apply call for details. To running back Gary Allison a packer hall of Famer. Inventor of the Lambeau leap. I called mr. Pickens say well Roy Butler. And it's their right here mr. Pickens is a fair the broad Butler also here with us targets or sports flashing your chance. To rename it thousand dollars coming up here momentarily. Coming up and these 3 o'clock hour will continue talk more. Obviously about the Green Bay Packers. We will also talk with. I limit the ball inside or ride in award. Coming up at 348. And on the other side of sports slashed. How to feel about his defense now after two games of what you've seen. How to feel about the defense now now again just remember these forces are taking. Calls and tweets. To 3 o'clock. We've done a full hour. Know Adam Pacman. I just push something out of the awakening to our partners. Yeah. Rose Witten. Those are real bullet from 1000 dollars and that you. You don't want to about the Packers. McDonald brewers. It's. You know this we do you know honor that idea where I was oh I luckily Thursday. Full disclosures of army years' old right it would not on the list to go from 233 right. But we did stop the Packers can I thought it was going pretty good luck but so that I just bombed the brewers are rumors continued you Packers at Torrey now Gary doesn't want to Packers you want to go to over here. Okay. Series and so I change it. We're gonna Jim O'Donnell wars I'd to ratchet it up we're talk about the brewers cardinals series how big of a series is this for you. And how many guys mr. codes and laws right where I. Games you think the brewers are gonna win this weekend. Against the cardinals and David Josh is tell me in my ear and he's got some good news and numbers coming up on sports slashed so stay tuned I use them.