2PM: Who, or what, do you blame most for last night's Brewers loss?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, June 12th
06/12/18: The Wendy's Big Show, 2 PM Hour - Who does last night's Brewers loss fall on? Ramie, Gary, Sparky and LeRoy discuss on The Wendy's BIG Show. Plus, should high school athletes be suspended for smoking cigars?

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Oh yeah Wendy's big show. CS and the Wendy's big show. Your little boy judgment day number I mean an awful lot whiskey Sparky viper and are two former Packers Gary Ehlers and and LeRoy Butler it's also a tribute Tuesday. Fleetwood Mac will be bringing us out of the break after their original guitarist Saturday remember his name passed away this last week. And no descended on the show yesterday that we would just we missed it on memorial Monday bring you a tribute Tuesday with. Fleetwood Mac Greene a side of the brakes will also be checking in with Seth Everett. At 3:35. At 3 o'clock was the Roy's guy Kobe just low key putting himself at the LeBron Michael discussion is that what you're doing with that quote that I read out the air yesterday. The slipped past me it's celebrity dad after I got out here that I'll let you know you wouldn't. It doesn't go with Hillary at this time but we got to start this afternoon off talking about last night's loss to the Chicago Cubs and Paul Washington are you do. OK we got I just it just count. About Rodman and read Stephen first who distrust. So today it was and why stop loss challenge yes I was inside that he had health fair right in the brewers' wives one. I tend to three. Okay cubs aren't as their head hash at wives who rake so poll question should be cool score more in this series the brewers wives or lovers husbands. Are they are the wives played a whole series where I don't know idea just what game right I don't know behind this can match ten runs in the series. This sounds and again they've got to they need eight more in the next two to match what they did one. His wrist and they've always done nothing for the first time in announcing their during a two benefit RBIs. Witches to help. Grow the game of baseball on the inner city putting up parks are providing providing equipment to our exciting stuff yet kudos and are yet to respond to insult the cubs and the brewers lives kudos to all of you but we're gonna start off you grow. Athletic. And you what are my like my girlfriend mom who has seen no evidence of it could pick up you had this. So it I'd never played her to Dave what I'll mud upon I never ticker to a batting cage of this. She's a great golfer and also the regional pretty good golfer what he did. Oh just sit. I've never I don't have got his bid argued don't have the sample size to honestly answer that aired. Well I think that's odd most honest answer I can do about it that's easy to move that would mean just come to decode out of I don't have the sample size to give me the analytics on what. I don't know and my girlfriend and that's bond should let me very good I don't know if the Everest are. This afternoon this given the boy judgment day just handing out judgment right off the bat and asking who is last night's loss on 4147991250. Can tweet us. At 1057 FM the fan because emotions are obviously riding high around these parts any time. These two teams meet and when you lose a game like numbers loss last night. And those emotions are riding as high as they are people want to point fingers and I saw a lot of finger pointing and on and on social media I'm chuck in wake clear this morning people are upset with great counsel for pulling junior gare out too early. For not pulling Josh hater early enough for not leaving Jeremy Jeffers in long enough for playing Matt Albers at all. People are at mad at at each one of those guys that I just listed off individually there's no reason every match Josh at this point sop. I great reason I aggression I agree 100 cities in the united Jerry Jeff received did a perfect job. Dad and see a lot of blaming Jerry Jeffers there's no reason to blame Jeremy Jefferson may be I misspoke a little bit there but. People are upset people want to pass around the blame Sparky where. Where is your finger reporting this afternoon after a 72 loss in eleven innings last night. How mad last night I texted you practiced him around both a winnable Garrett seventeen pitches. Out of hot. There I was not a big junior gave us enough as Sampras because again for me is don't fives you know one run fives. July and let him keep go home if he gets a guy. Five gets in trouble the next and anything go get a hater but there was no reason to go get later in the senate I know what he's doing. He's doing what he does and he's got police heaters he'll pitch two innings I'll go to court and able won't close it. I would you don't you've got to the top part of a lot of that point so you're setting hater up for the second half line which should be easier. Pars a lot of for hater the next two innings so I get the velocity me I just. I wanna see starter start to all of the longer and for the brewers scored six innings like if you complete game for the starting pitching staff so. That in itself was a major cows and get pitched really well last night ought to see him go longer. In Gary and I talked earlier. My journey Jefferson I'm sure that's what he'll talk about but. Him only pitcher when he did make much sense to me either if if the whole philosophy is pitch multiple innings of these guys so I don't quite understand that either. Is far as what Craig Counsell is doing I'm not mad at Josh Ater a nom mad they put Josh hater and you know Josh here. Gives opera on what ever mean it's gonna happen I'm not quite sure why he wrote Albers all the way to the five runs android Albers to. But I'm assuming after he gave up a home under Rizzo causes and a game's over we'll slow and finish it out. I'm guessing that's what he's on I've I have no idea for short tight area like. That the way he handled the pitching staff but we just talked about this everywhere is to be critical when you lose again what Yale pitching staff so why should be any different today. Also. Arguing knew when he texted me last night your displeasure with the fact that he pulled junior guerra. I mean on paper looks like you faced three batters and got out of the inning at bat and Betsy and euro's accusing me in other people who buy into analytics of just. Looking at numbers and making your decision based on that. Yeah I'm almost old news that no you'd have to watch the game no question with a keen eye and know the situation when you're watching it I hand watching that inning. Junior Jerel walks the leadoff man which is one of the worst things a pitcher can you hear and watch the mean that Rizzo hits a line drive that happened to be right that Orlando Garcia but never any catchers Chris Bryant dollar per based and that Wilson contreras actually hit it. Over the walls. Me and Ryan brought made great I tell you this though ride brought but what's that tell us and order on me yes. And line up. Is okay but it's not your doctor the media order a doubt one it's all downhill. It wasn't like coming up and accepted for junior gears Demetrius Bryant drizzle that's all you had cows for her waiting for you and hobby by as an Edison Russell dot. Now that doesn't. You know worried about that at all I mean you're a big way bigger high hobby buys and and I am pleased the National League in RBIs that's why what's he and he's batting. Let's see 254. Is slugging. There's like five to wanted to sue Riddell has the guys on bases 286 yeah. Not portal two I've made that I think they have some stat I'll take that. For the power numbers provides up to break a record I think for the worst on base percentage slugging percentage that high or something like that their talent MLB radio bond. How ludicrous those big gets a little bit easier but not that much easier and I solid Craig Counsell saw panic air afternoon where was running into trouble and he was lucky. That bad inning can develop into more than what it did that that the Mets find that your takes you agree with Kara council 100% and that's why I didn't at the time and so. And by the way I forgot to mention one by the guy is getting more fingers pointed at him today than anybody else that's Jonathan BR. For the pattern outed the call and air he missed he missed the throw in from from Lorenzo Cain from center field. On a fly out when Ben's overs tagged up she drops the throw when it looked like they had bends over is that to writes a lot of people are killing just a minute throw yes. It was a perfect throw there was perfect throw I mean what I think what Ben Zobrist was taken there and it's a philosophy I believe Internet talk about off. And here on the shows that. If the balls in the outfield and it's gonna take. A perfect throw from the outfield a perfect reception from the infielder Angel and a perfect tag to put down. All pressed that issue almost every time losing to 95% of the time the throws perfect. He didn't receive it and put down the tag that was a problem and so bends over to safe at second and eventually scores the winning run as a son Jonathan BR today Gary is there or we should report. Wanted to just say this is not going to be popular for brew for it because I know you guys were calling you in the period. You wanna get all the artists are you guys won't talk about Craig Counsell. You know what I learned last night his body related question. Which you know what I took away from the game last night set the brewers and others. Players. Bill and the players to compete. Or they're not the players that they do now. They're in the area there an added level that they need to be beat a couple of years that no team no no no no when you still don't know beyond Yonkers is that they we've been watching this week. But what if that happens when you would you just see that team where you where you know you need to go to that level. I'm saying the players may not be here but they're not that level yet. You have. If you look here's what me here's what I think they need. They need a starting pitcher. Dead Craig Counsell. Can be called the whip that can go seven so he got to put his hands all over everything. And don't have one. Day they probably need a a a second baseman. Andy meter short stuff. All of a second baseman short start now need to be better and what they are now. And Iberia the cubs are clearly a better team to start. A better players. That's what opera and they put pressure on you for so long. OK who's committed a mistake. Who's gonna make that mistake hooters grew up. Mean that pressure just sit there and it just miles and mile and mount and mount and whom whom break. And we saw. And the brawl broke left. And so year. For all of us who thought they were they are army that they have made great strides it about yellows didn't mean I mean great. But. The brewers don't have enough yet. The guys that they have been but it could develop but right now today that you don't have enough. And I'm not the guy that's all they know Greg Craig Counsell now in which would you well over himself up to criticism. He almost has to be the perfect coach. Almost. Every single day. In hit just right when you go get a guy would leave a guy in who's coming in next to me you. He says he has admitted he more a day and was your what name over there. Joseph Maddon he regarded. He's working hard and Joseph Maddon. You know what I liken it to and LeRoy that yesterday you know what I like and it's you. Are all Chris. Is working harder than Agile at Alabama. Duo more or less. And that's what's happening right now and a switches off a roof rhythm guitar when I go to sharks you people. Analyst and head eyebrows all Borough Apollo. To bought. They just don't have is that one and yet you're still. We don't wanna hear what witches or did you still artist and used in the rebuilt and when we thought we came into this season. We have said it. Will be. Until we Geneen of I don't say it is two weeks ago. Right now I think there what did you. They are. Without your race. So that's from our last night. So you geared you're not hoarding of fingered anyone person in particular or even the ball and her. I don't know you just say that they're they're just not there that I they're not they're not there with the cubs know yet look at the cubs got me and Brian you're hopeful bias argue that led anti Trojan defense all right buys doesn't lead and Alan GAAP responded to my analyst with 846 back down to earth and only that category anymore guess he did he did two days ago so sorry Kabul where sorry I got back. It. Got very mad about it is what everybody today I'll be punching bag at whatever user identity it is ahead. You. Know right now I'm a real simple step in a crisis Gary. You 'cause they need to direct aid drinkers somewhere and I'm standing here comes that so it's a that's finder and understanding my understanding is well I. There's oval I understand the emotion it's and I love our listeners so if it may be your punching bag today is going to be about is gonna make you feel a little bit but I'm here for me aren't. Borland for that settled at me I would assume that yes do you agree or disagree it's to an extent yes. But it for talking about last night's game in particular. You said about to have my stats and order and everything raise up and an arm. And yet. I. Over the here looking at all year. The brewers are with the cubs just yet talent wise but as far as last night's game goes. It just takes one number to tell you who's to blame for this one very simple number around and at the dig deep into analytics. Anaheim California debris that for you after right right now we're asking you. Who is last night's loss on 4147991250. Sosa. Were you can tweet us at 1057 net them the fan I'll have that number will hear from LeRoy and we'll hear from you right after this I'm Wendy's each. Can he Obama she bombing Afghanistan name plutonium out of this that Darren but don't do well yeah well I'm not gay dancers that's why Amaechi yeah. Yeah. Fleetwood Mac on a tribute today. Here on the Wendy's big show. Why are we paying tribute to Fleetwood Mac Danny true with the guitarist who joined Fleetwood Mac at age eighteen played on. Five of the band's albums died Friday in London at age 68. His death was announced by Mick Fleetwood on the group's FaceBook page no cause was given. My Clemens who is here with us yesterday he didn't wanna do this because he says that daddy to her way and was not there for the glory years Bollywood at a dated anyway and so we would back we bring us out of the greater insult African Milan. Yeah and we'll check in up at Packers mini camp coming up at about 435 here on the Wendy's big show right now resting your. Whose last night's loss on Johnathan BR Craig Counsell Josh hater Matt Albers. Lot of finger pointing going on today so far nobody sported a finger in the right direction for 147992. Over fifty or you can treat us at 1057 FM the fan. Let's I wanna change but I sound mean but you're right I mean what you're gonna say while providing you see which you send me yes yeah you're ride and I can with what you're saying I'm just argue. When I say it was in the heat of the moment last night Romney received my tax as it's amount sold that's where I was last night that's who I was blaming. And by the way I didn't I didn't realize this until somebody on Twitter just pointed out. Guerra was due up first the next Iraq and it was a and it was a one run baseball you teach to Santana I believe who struck out yet. I mean a pinch hitter I mean it's a game a failure so pinch hitter has about a two intend chance of succeeding but I mean they're not but he had a better chance to junior guerra. I stand I just for me out I'm going longer than my stars I've about had my fill those by the inning nonsense 172 pitches in your in six innings or go under the settlement I'm just. That's is more on that right now because we'll talk more about it 4 o'clock let's go to James on the south side you're on the Wendy's big show it's up James. These particular Michael I would say the key moments we're BR with. That's eight I think that turned the tables. I also reworked. Agility to a certain point. The Durbin are you know white county blown assault it's always dancing with the chess match and agency problems it was quite to the Packers need to get some Beers. They're never high scoring teams to actually kind of boring to watch. I also thought that it shall let you are and I did derby. Will be bringing people I just want to keep strategy more. What you guys fuel bought. That's that's pretty much. I don't know our thanks for the call I'm gonna I can able I understand he's a loss from guys like first I saw last and I didn't. So he's gone he's gonna girls Gaza is gonna stress every time he comes in the game but I. By the court and I believe fine before everything is said and done. The sold Josh cater to any staying. I'm numerous elements is alas it's worked up until now I understand I just. I just like your I think your breast milk and the whole deal I think one in new would be fine but India's if you pitched a one and continue to pitch in my back to back day you'd use them all right games. If pitching coming to any sound guess what not to go to tonight just like you can't use them you don't have. And earlier I know you're not you're not knocking Josh hater you actually came to his defense power segment of the show white guy but I'm just cannot just three of mind blowing numbers about just hater that were alive up until last night. It was the second hit he surrendered. Two left handed hitter in 37 at bats on the season the second hit is allowed to London at Josh and Jason Heyward. Has been awful against left handers this year and it was the first time in the 22 games that Josh cater pitched the numbers did not win. He sometimes and we always say Gary in the writings say 210 ounces on top. Once when things are going bad. Sometimes they really just go bad like you can't catch a break things go against you calls go against you. And it's just hard to kind of reverse it and in this match up LeRoy against this team. That's kind of what happens is. You can't catch a break against these guys for whatever the reason this year. And I ask that everything was going well open to. Not out or miss I miss it especially in that I agree with and in June because although Margaret. AirTran junior yes. But I want him and doses up to 56 and that's enough. Because the bullpen has always been good up and today I did not expect for hours to do that and play the blame game. Is there a reason why. Does it make me feel good as a group. Well your team to win outlook and it to accommodate here. Big win and bragging about live Ryan brought it in now. It just damned old to really play ball and I thought he broke his reserves that's why I had the same thought. No. He still in that series. I wanna watch it a bit on Google it debt. Two tabs. Houses went to the mound. He's just a good feeling he's been read all. And when he goes out there and gears right yet demand a perfect game especially used these gas. Overly upset about. They'll lose it now won it eight we used he's got the you can play them again to get that every game you play to be the first putt birthplace. Still damn good to me. Under the plan these deadly got a chance. At that would add to bottom. Other division down there where. Cincinnati used to beat Pittsburgh and are these guys. So I had to do is get upset over one game. Now I want what makes it a bit more intense because we took it. It which I really enjoyed yesterday. Playing rivalries how much you make it you know build it up. I'm not bought at the Brooke plans. Support detainment of because people coming up buy tickets are not going there especially at this does America do what you want it cut back Toronto on the field. And I got it Walsh hater to start. So whatever you guys yup I'm bits meow based bubble rules it is good in Syria insists situations. So I want us out also should mean that willow and you don't Wear our computer do you wanna bother you don't our computer you want about delegates left. Righty I don't get all that good. Jennifer is being good now who you wanna put out at that that bears to prop. You note rose got to swing their bat matter relating to attack it changed again that we know. Investigators saying it needed to have who would've bruised and changed the whole complexion of the game once where the bad. And this is bad taffeta as bad stuff. Around shot on when it to this day. I asked him about this he had three. Episodes of either run and out whatever. Cab bother me in the as a player. Do you never you're never. In a metal awesome by the question whether or not aptly heartened that we're religious. There's almost Latin even Megan hall by. That and cheating. Really aren't into remote. Not easy to really get that now say it is a bit of front door and what we do for a living those are two things out of play with the you know what I mean yeah they got. Say I quit or doesn't try hard enough to say got somebody else present a guy cheated yes those are two things I don't play Wii unless I got a smoking gun. Right you've got to play hard could you want to respect your teammates. Just some. Mo Jo going into this particular game so I'll look to give it a free pass Steve. Get out I wanted to just really react to a bit different. But every time you check that game if you're not watching every pitch Acer like doing is still in the game. Those one trying to and we knew what I had a whatever you feel good about it what six and it okay great. Bring in Superman. Superman Superman. Hater Jefferies and A group. Enabled in that group. Just bullpen did you that I get a good chance. Or some lesser man. And I got to ticks. For somebody you know have my number our mission does either get a block him. You need do is pick you need each did look at a game. Its scope five somewhat to blame here to be honest with. But for the most part I'm give these guys at Tennessee may come back and house policy are mentally tough you are now. Can tweets that 1057 at the defense says blaming a baseball game is never Cingular and he's right about that any team sport you can say that. Offense did not do enough to add runs Perez let off the inning with a double next two batters struck out then that is that is ultimately. What it comes down to is this offense. And I don't know why for some reason brewers fans. It's what's pass them when it's the offense to let the offense was to blame for the entire collapse last year. The whole reason that the brewers didn't win the division last year with a healthy lead it was because the offense pulled disappearing now has its way and ask. I know but yeah. But usually when things go bad for the birds go over these last couple of years it's been because of the offense because they don't score and up front if I told the three new in this German everybody within the sound in my voice yesterday. That junior guerra and the brewers bullpen would hold the cubs to two runs after nine innings as you're saying they win that game. You say one meg okay. Got to score against the cubs until runs the cubs scored nine runs in four games up there. Dropped out of that good about it out of told you a day or to go wine with Josh Peter pitching in the 80 Augusta yet I'd say you're gonna wind energy to me yes. The win and that's an area that's good that only strengthens my case but the bottom the bottom line is. They just didn't score enough runs and look what the look how the cubs scored their first two runs yesterday. And I know what happened in the eleventh and it started out the long ball well but look how the cubs scored their first two runs yesterday. Habib Baez. Draws a walk which he doesn't do him. Steals second. Force is a bad throw into the outfield takes third on the bad throw and comes around on a sac fly. Herbs and I was a base and I'm sorry and things are going bad real answer that's exactly and then buyers are lower then Ben Zobrist as I laid out the first segment of the show. Press the issue with the outfield and and with Jonathan I don't like that Jack can we hit them they calls for a perfect plate premier outfielder and your second baseman cat did you you didn't get the perfect play he pressed the issue he gets to second. Comes around on a base hit next at bat but small ball. And that's small ball was the only reason the cubs were able to even stay in that game blah and the burn is now it's small ball when its its press. You choose watch how many times any given year not very often. So that any starts against the law to this point that yes an Australian icon so now walks that inning starts with a walk and never happens and you have a runner thrown out at second the second baseman dropped the ball. Although those things are things that would normally happen on it on a day to day basis that in a baseball game. So mean to a certain degree I mats and a lot was the walk was blocked but that's lunches and when things go bad. For one team against another this is what happens you get crazy crap like this happen but it always samples if the. Byrd's sister for a mr. Bernstein. And then you can say that's the breaks and low blow. The cubs put pressure. On the brewers. To make goals mistakes either they make them or they don't you either don't throw was perfect or the catch is perfect and you make it. The brewers. They put so much pressure on them and that which you sought that the coach made the brewers do that. They pressed every issue in the brewers failed. In almost every single thing that the cove won it happened the cup forced him to do that that's why I say. Right now it's about talent and the brewers are not there yet. The forcing the issue and they force the brewers into making those mistakes. I think you learn from them because you learn from that I do you learn you gains and get better that the public have been there. They're veteran team. Review and they maybe younger than they bring new dotted. And the brewers are all the way and that's crisis ought to and we. All seasons. The brutal war those teams are all that away. On their way trying to be what the cubs aren't there and Iberia. And after pressing a what we wanted to and analyze analyze and analyze that allows you are alive. Craig Counsell analyze this packer game. While not random drug is right now which you can do that we normally do for a weekend as judge has ever passed on to tell you this. From my you can analyze all you want. The brewers are not there at the cops forced Bruins into making those mistakes than me sometimes you do analyze and I don't he would. You wouldn't bring a proud of them as flatly if you want and yes we do and sometimes do that they'll I've I don't see it that way debut and probably the baseball free agency that way. The cubs for the Bruins in the middle mistakes that I do on Tuesday. And then after pressing the issue enforcing the mistakes they came up with just base hits all they needed with a base hit. And they got the birds seemed to be home run or bust. And that's how you end up with two runs after nine innings yesterday. And lose their camp it falls on the offense whose last night's loss on in your opinion though 4147991250. Horry can tweet us at 1057. Asked them the next in line that coma should be in about an hour maybe an hour and a half you see them on that are these are different ultimately it is a team him though. Yeah yeah and when you're talking about is they're nine and yes and yet you will probably see each instance. As as a team game I sample Boston team gay I agree with you on the vicinity as one person and a helmet loose as one person hold that bet as one guy got a global at that attack imagine got booted job. When your part of that young express team there's just one person in that cardinal bossa and over your shoulder Steve's for effect that's absolutely right around if you look at for new career coming has been in business over 27 years of accounting that's been elicited ink magazine you'll America's. Is growing company seven out of eight years earlier and lot. 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And G express that count straight truck drivers if you're out there they need joke right now young expressed that job. Young expressed success dries them quite a quick break him more of your thoughts on who this loss. Being shown on an awful lot of misty Sparky piper and her two former Packers gear retailers and spam LeRoy Butler. I think Kobe was low key try to put himself and LeBron Jordan conversation with some comments we read on the air yesterday didn't dawn on me until after we got off the air. I'm pretty sure that's what he's doing waited to that the 3 o'clock hour right now we're asking you who's last night's loss on as the brewers. Thought the Chicago Cubs seven to two. In eleven innings 4147991250. Horry can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan let's go to KJ in west Dallas here on the Wendy's big show it's up cajun. AA everything principally agriculture is there a lesson for me it's a collective. Mindset of the brewers in the way you approach. Playing the Chicago Cubs. Robbie if you remember in your product will remember this. It it was almost a carbon copy last night last night game. I would game that they played it last year at Miller Park where they went in extra inning two run that game. And I think I was therefore if you tell him to not think enough. Yeah and they were tied him to win an extra inning and then also on the cart load opened yet and yet. The current yeah it and it looked like that you two or 33 game and then next thing you know we're like 93. On timings aren't. It's the way that they approach and G and talking earlier. When you your first this case in a bomb they. I I I realize something. That. There a problem don't have. Did the right mindset and they don't have enough pieces right now and what that tells me is that. They're gonna have to go back to the drawing board on you know right now they're giving out coached. Out played. And I'll talk you know when it comes to baseball if you have told me. Our crack it and we are going to be because last night with two Wal-Mart. That might not I. And of course he didn't happen but they have an opportunity to view. But they didn't play the small ball didn't think out of side of the box if that yell which. In that double it and try and give him over yet read. Hit double with no outs in finally on the bar. And if the reluctance of Craig Counsell. To think outside the box and the inability for the brewers to execute. In those. Specific. Whom you know plays that they need to shake. I'll bet to distance between the championship. Latinos struggle right now and the brewers. And getting that hit I can't nom I don't have the greatest memory so somebody can probably come up with it. Cameron the last time the birds had. A big hit like a game changing hit. There it was either tied or they were down and took the lead that wasn't a home run. Less done it to coats no just period. Last time they came up with just just a base hit when they needed a base in crucial situations this year again I don't have the greatest memory this probably happened in the last resort to return and I'm just not remembering it but I can't remember the last time that that at. Happen other brown. That a big hit for the brewers wasn't a home run it was just a base hit when they call it what they you know while the home run oh yes just a few I still getting guys scoring position it was a crucial spot and they just got to hit it does curveball in the outfield. But I've missed you tell me this absolute I don't know there's skewered and that because. This team may group allegedly hits. Big foot long ball special yeah. Oriental is that there long ball on us to grasp how the cubs and ask him about the same why by it. Mean for from from that perspective. I don't deceit and the cubs reason that you can't yell interest to have more contact hitters now is the whole point is the cubs have been like that in the past this year I don't think they're anywhere near the top of the league. And home runs but their right up there and on base percentage slugging percentage runs scored I'd like to the number they're just getting hits and ads and think they're a little bit better than they were last year because of that. And 0% for I don't wanna hear that but they are probably letters and numbers a little better than they were last year because of that was last two extra sampling Barron had two years. Yes just in general plastered in -- like this last year I don't think for very many stretches of at all I don't know ever played this wallet when their plane the last couple weeks. The way they're playing right now if the series keeps going this way could probably use a beer I suggest both earnings and if you don't believe me. With all all that I tell you about both hurting and how great it really is Anthony Mandela on the other side a glass he knows. About the greatness cubs all predate our ninth in the NL in home runs right 67 numbers are first and he theory which some bad but cardinals are third at eighty they're not reliant on the long ball by any means they've shown they can score runs without putting it over the fence and I think that some members would greatly benefit from doing the -- out saying if you don't believe me when I tell you about offering if you're not like Anthony Mandela and listen when I tell you. About how great both earning as well how about you don't try it. Where the much a Super Bowl champion Packers how about you go and party with the pack. Friday June 15 and opening beer import Washington. At Cole docked park from five to 10 PM hang out with Super Bowl champions William Henderson Santana Dotson. Dorsey levens and more former Packers and of course enjoy both pretty both for being beer in the ball pretty beer garden. All night long if you haven't heard me talk about opening its debris aircraft import made in small batches and I'm Tony there's nothing else like it. On the market a premium quality beard dude a premium quality ingredients only 100% natural ingredients and fresh spring water. Are used in the production of both putting and their three varieties available here. In the United States got their pills or somebody treated me a picture of themselves enjoying a pills there outside of Miller Park. Just early this afternoon tailgating has already started apparently. And it's perfect for tailgating is perfect for your backyard get togethers and your favorite beer garden because it's light crisp and refreshing it has a lot of great flavor offering for. As also great for summertime made with real efforts chair is plums blackberries elect a majority fruit Beers which provides superior taste many got the opening triple which is strong. 8% alcohol by volume strong yet unbelievably smooth and drinkable which is very. Very rare it's both bring beer Milwaukee's new favorite import housing courage to treat me a picture of your opening at Rami is tweeting. Well how about that picture includes a few Super Bowl champion. Green Bay Packers like William Henderson Santana Dotson and Dorsey levens when you go party with the pack. This Friday from five to 10 PM Port Washington at cold dot park that's both ridding. Milwaukee's new. Favored import what a great break on the other side. I don't know how I feel about the way some high school kids retreated governor I'm gonna defer to. The elder statesman on the Wendy's big showed all the guys who have kids on the Wendy's big joke not me on this issue when the Wendy's racial returns. Right after this. Name. Yeah yeah. Pain. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. OK okay. Cars spinning the win here on the Wendy's big show on a tribute Tuesday. I'm running back while along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and two former Packers Gary Ellison amyloid Butler. Should high school baseball players be suspended for smoking cigars for 147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan I shouldn't say baseball players and just say athletes because seven athletes at a Massachusetts high school. Have been some pets suspended from post season. For smoking a cigar after graduation. The daily item reports six members of this August high school boys lacrosse team and one member. Of the baseball team or suspended from the playoffs after smoking a cigar after Friday's graduation ceremony school committee woman Elizabeth mark cheesy. Confirmed the suspensions Monday saying the events Friday in subsequent disciplinary action. Our saddening for all the ball involved saga is public schools prohibits the use of tobacco products within schools. Buildings or at school sponsored events the Massachusetts inner scholastic athletic association. Also bans tobacco use the rules applied athletes who have graduated but are still participating. And turn him in games. I mean. I'm on the one on the shows those saying you know kids will be kids boys will be boys. A come down too hard on these kids but rules will be I mean the rules are as plain as can be and I would think that those rules are probably doubled down on when when your playing. Any sport in high school I'm sure your coaches and yeah athletic department preacher if not me I know I had to sign something. When I played high school football saying that you wouldn't consume alcohol or drugs or tobacco are out these kids did the same but the wheels. The rules are as plain as day. That that's not something that you can do and they did it and the penalty is suspensions of their suspended seems pretty clear cut to meet. How much you guys out their 4147991250. Can treat a set 1057. FM the fan area attorney first honest. I want to go to you first wanna go to meet first with a good. You and I have totally different views known these con and child rearing. Which I've noticed is that you're probably right every time that we do that has yet. You revert back you see when you as a key Friday. Not necessarily. You're not necessarily third time's my parents probably should have cracked down on me when they didn't play out. I see the mistakes that my parents made and and what it led to for me future and I admire I applied that when we have conversations like that but also I'd. There are things my parents say that other parents didn't. But some folks might disagree with that I say you know what. I think it's fine what they did and I turned out okay and out in some ways. So yeah okay loosely I. You is life experience whether it's things that happened in the past I think should have happened or shouldn't have happened. I is like experiencing when making these these types of calls on the show what you would like to expire it's pretty playing OK it's pretty plain to see the rules are right there I don't think that smoking a cigar is is the worst thing in the world for 1718 year old kid who just never graduates who just graduated high school who celebrate baseball's slowest cigars are often smoked in celebration. Tobacco's not good for your I don't think anything arming anybody should do it and I know people think cigars are safe being a mouth cancer from cigars so. I'd advise people to stay away from tobacco altogether but. Some now a lot of people do and celebrate I don't think it's the worst thing in the world that they did this but. The rules are plain as day. They are still members of these won't even say that baseball's summer sport. It's you're still a member of the team they're out of school you're still a member of the king graduated yet you're still a member of the teams say you're still playing for the high school. So he come down I think that they got it right these kids should have been suspended 100% I'm in agreement with the. So I think you're not going to be your instincts on how cool because you signed the agreement. Whether the and there's not a gray area but if there is a gray area will be the most baseball is in the summertime. And school is out and were these guys of course they have already graduate. But when you sign that release you sign that release. And even if you got caught drinking and to me it would be this. If you were senior. Stuff if you're sitting. It that's I hear that that's volumes for you. I wouldn't want to have too much that I mean it's sucks if you were seniors yet Georgia you covered by British senior. Yeah it sucks I feel bad for the kids but. When rules are that plan I think is a great lesson for those kids. When rules are that plane and you break the rules and and the punishment. Is that plainly stated in in the way that the rules are written. There's no there's no wiggle room on this and there's there's no negotiations on this this goes back to I'll say about Pete Rose. You walk into any Major League Baseball clubhouse. And there's a sign outside. That says that when you gamble on baseball now paraphrasing I don't know exactly outs were written but it basically says that when you gamble on baseball you run the risk of being banned for life. He grows Pete Rose new bet when he made that decision and I always pay that penalty and people are up in arms of price it's this simple. They send out the in disclaimers for. What you can can that take bridges to OC guys flock in. These PD terrorists because they give you do this that it can't take. But they think causes. You can go candidate in in the mall over calorie is legal has not in the Sarasota says it may be lead other people believe you can that. Take this if you do you don't do it and get punished for not. Speaking of Warner has group gradualist seniors graduated today from guys were pulled it Sierra. So reassessed. All the camera pictures which. He should be going to Oak Creek nature. Think people ruling like this the because maybe because kids smoke and Hendrick and before celebrating that literally in. And you know I kids are. Educated we're gonna do do is. I don't everywhere. And this maybe a little off topic I don't know about some of the kids were dancing. When you get there at below a diploma thing. And and teachers or admit to a stately. Borrowing kid off to state data morbid dead air and it being rare audio. Daily about the state or do an equity can't do those little right you know. But. As far smoker expression and so is little tolerance you can't smoke and drink anyway and you move out anyway. So while the parent humorous senior and you come cram an eight man it don't team suspend Nokia what did you do just smoked some. Two gears cigars and he gave me to celebrate the borders don't mean yeah green and I. Am in the third guy don't want to gusts 60000 piece. You can't do that gusts up to consequence. And Steve you go boy as that'll be school real soul special LO one. OK I don't know how you have to expect it doesn't see lag time ago. That's a follower low power and guys. Now we're gonna close naw I'm not doing that he's not a follower now our about it anyway yeah I view it that worked out yet and this is the thing. First and now I'm with high school rule is in oh creaky you can and taken no creek. Think bearish due to an underdog Syria. You can't do any of that stuff he felt read the students to cut that's ever that yeah right and a must and rock so now we're not about. Smoked cigars personal you have to be eighteen so you're not eighteen he should be in trouble and also his eighteenth as and cigarettes now 1821. Now. That's shrinking. Yet tobacco's eighteenth tobacco and most kids yeah. If I sell low post and doesn't mean that you can't turn eighteen I school like kids turn eighteen before the grass or do that it ever but as Ronnie stated look if this is the rule and you'd sign off on his rule. You'd skirted them do you get what you get it. Two vessels. So we're all agreement on this there are lots of girls and guys soothing remarks at an outstanding human get beaten Arizona and eat your other Wendy's big show it's up but it. Recollect and fellas you. I I like what Roy brought up who bought the edu and actors you know we protein pimping out there and it can sometimes be. Spiked with being an advocate don't know early Knoll are in an electorate tested. First Daniel Bullock are usually mark though they're they are safe. But is it art the topic goes I agree with you guys it's part of the rules that need need to follow rules aren't. You're eighteen and out of debt and a waiver and sign. But it kind of reminded need a little bit of being that I seen. And I again I'm from up north who got the bill. I don't know what they need it or anywhere else. I don't interesting you gall you win a championship are you all UN or speaking or whatever. And and you see pictures. Of the coaches in here. In the bar have a drink together. We're at school. Issue saying. I think that kind of weird. That it O'Keefe who you gall you have a drink. After the gamers something like that your you know your wearing things that represented the school kids can't claw and do. It that early interest I don't know anybody else ever seen anything like that. But not work or or even even to. 101 equal payment or you're gonna well booze it up with your school's out on. Shouldn't the. Appreciate the call you have seen that. The united name names now. NB OK if you did them all of that week as you you all of those there. Right Burr. Shoes were born yet. The cool prayer. Yeah political coupe auto or of the of their Brothers. Inclusive by us. Appreciative it's. If Ahmad for his first time as smoking Israel pairs Q I don't know why you won't be elected. That which. That's not good. I am 38 in to this day probably two or three is Saturday and actually drank is around my parents like to you know. And I wanted to appoint him drunkenness yeah I've had I have a beer here in the just have a beer but via tumors three times into if not maybe not even. Maybe twice in my whole life at a wedding here's something. That I drink it from about parents Robert and fifty. He's never. Not even at Jerry's wedding. Ring. Where were you Heidi for that gives you are feeling good that night down. Over all you'll feel you got Saddam. I know that now and picture right now most movies right you aren't you'll you'll you'll passion about the as the source of our life. Led muffled. But all the annual failure god Jeanne. And never. Got any help who by you located in room two while. Burger three guys over a normal rule look here are hardly growing Latin music will be doing. On our Father's Day weekend here brought from. There were brewing. Out in the parking lot server brought in the store. Everyone who were teens who received 15% off their entire. Purchase. We are also on lower all of our kicking Shuster prices. This summer as well. Whichever your friends are over at northern brewery located or how it would hunter agreeing to a avenue where you can become your home improvement. I think W his location. Try to put himself in the LeBron Jordan conversation with some job it's I read on the air yesterday. I didn't realize until I got off the air but I'm pretty sure that's what LeRoy has boy it was doable as you right after this on the Wendy's big.